Georgia casillas humphries shooting arrest
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What would you do if you discovered a man in your teenage daughter’s bedroom in the middle of the night? Most people would do anything and everything they could to protect her and the rest of the family from the intruder. That’s exactly what a Coweta County, Georgia man did when he came upon 20-year-old Keywontrezes Humphries in his 14-year-old daughter’s room earlier this month (someone the girl apparently knew).

According to, Ismail Casillas, the girls’ father, proceeded to pound Humphries to a pulp.

Keywontrezes Humphries
Keywontrezes Humphries (courtesy

Then, as Casillas went to retrieve gun, Humphries jumped out the bedroom window. And that’s where Casillas took a wrong turn. One he got the gun, he reportedly pursued Humphries outside, beat him some more, and then fired a number of shots at him as he ran away.

Investigators say that is where Casillas crossed the line, because Humphries was no longer a threat to him. Though investigators say they understand Casillas rage, Georgia law draws a line on continuing actions against an intruder once they are no longer a threat and in this case fleeing down the road.

As unjust as that may seem, the cops have the law right here. Every state’s laws are a little different, but given the circumstances as reported, shooting at a fleeing man is likely to get you into a bad situation in all 50 of them.

When Humphries tried to make his escape, he no longer presented a threat to Casillas or his family in the eyes of the law. Shooting at him has he ran away is a fairly clear cut case of assault.

This isn’t the end of this story yet. While the county sheriff has charged Casillas, the prosecutor may choose not to pursue the case. If the county District Attorney does decide to prosecute, Casillas may plead down to a lesser charge, probably a misdemeanor, and may get away with doing some community service. And there’s always a thing called jury nullification should it get that far.

Investigators have also charged Humphries with child molestation. They say he was in a relationship with the 14-year-old girl and climbed through her bedroom window.

For his part, Mr. Humphries is in a world of legal hurt. While Casillas didn’t hit him with a bullet, the sheriff hit him with a child molestation charge and there’s still an ongoing investigating into exactly how far the 20-year-old’s relationship with the underaged girl really went. A statutory rape charge, among others, could be in his future.

In short, it’s a good thing to know the laws surrounding self-defense…when you can and can’t use deadly force to protect yourself and your family. This may be a very expensive lesson for Mr. Casillas.

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    • She may have. But it don’t matter. Alphabet First Name should have followed his dick to another bedroom. Apparently sexing up underage girls is bad for your health and legal standing. Who knew?

    • The girl’s choices in this have no bearing.

      The girl is 14 and the man is 20. That’s either sexual molestation of a child or rape, if he got that far with her at any point. Her father would have been justified shooting and killing the man as he entered thru the window or at any time he was caught inside the bedroom. Or beating him to a bloody pulp.

      But yes the father lost the justification to use deadly force when the man was running off and away from the property. That’s a bummer, he was doing fine and admirably so until he fired those bullets off without regard for where they would end up.

        • Yeah, I would have a tough time convicting the guy…stupid, but no harm no foul.

        • Ideal example where jury nullification applies. “Yes he did it, Not guilty” ANOTHER example why home carry is smart.

          Go home and spank that idiot little girl and ground her until she graduates. But it’s quite likely she has 14yr of brought up stupid.

      • If your 14 year old daughter is inviting that “thing” into her bedroom at night… well you fucked up as a parent.

        • I just asked my (now 36 years old) daughter would she have ever brought a man into the house, I raised her in to have sex with him? She said first of all, I waited until I was 22 to have sex, and second of all I didn’t choose your house to do it in. I said why not, she said it would not have gone well for anyone, and I didn’t want my dad to go to prison. She knew that if I had ever caught her doing something like that it wouldn’t have gone well for all involved meaning her and the boy.

  1. Plug the perp in the house. Problem solved and message sent.
    He’s a poster child for fuck up anyway.

    • Gave him a really nice beating though.

      Should have dispatched him afterword instead of allowing him to escape.

      Another reason for ‘home carry’?

    • Seems like we just went through Georgia law on making citizens arrest. Wouldn’t he be justified witnessing a violent felony, rape or kidnapping attempt, to pursue and use force possibly even deadly force to capture? After all at the time he did not know his 14 year old had some kind of relationship with the 20 year old. All he knew was a adult man was in his child’s bedroom in the middle of the night. A father would justifiably assume he had the intentions of rape or abduction. When fleeing it would make sense to assume that the perp would do this again to his or someones else’s child. I believe that may be justification for shooting at a fleeing suspect. If I am not mistaken it is for the police.

      • They could have been best friends. Statutory rape considers that those under the age of 18 cannot make consent judgment due to their youth.

        • In Georgia, the age of consent is 16. It was raised from 14 to 16 in 1995. And until a little over 100 years ago, Georgia’s age of consent was 10.

        • Yeah, if non-lawyers could stop giving wrong legal advice, that’d be great.

          This is almost as bad as people who aren’t microbiologists giving advice on The Virus.

          AoC varies state to state.

      • But the father did not “witness a violent felony, rape or kidnapping attempt”.

        He should have been satisfied with the beat down.

        • But the father did not “witness a violent felony, rape or kidnapping attempt.

          Facts remain, His home, his minor child. He gets to decide what he thinks he sees and gets to make a decision based on whatever he thinks is going on. Within his rights to use deadly force.

      • Father fired the gun, but didn’t hit the trashbag. Unless father was stupid and told the police he was shooting at the guy, PROVE he was shooting at the trashbag. Worst case father gets charged with discharging a firearm in the city.

  2. This is how I figured it would happen;
    Why waste time and money and risk lives trying to confiscate weapons when you can just make an example out of those who use them in an attempt to demoralize the PoG.

    • you can NOT shoot a fleeing felon, unless he is an imminent threat. even the cops are bound by that (although they often violate it).

      if you bothered to read the article you would know that the dad was legally clear until he pursued and fired outside.

      • Laws written by detached, elitist legislators. ‘One size fits all’ mentality. So if a perp kills my wife and kids then runs outside, I must let him go as he is no longer a threat to me? Whose side are they on? So much concern for criminal’s rights. Sad.

        • Sam, that is why we have trials. And, that is why we have jury nullification. You shoot the guy in the house, you’re good to go. You shoot the guy outside the house, your on very thin ice. You shoot the guy as he is RUNNING AWAY, the ice is cracked and caving in. But, you get to argue your case in court. Convince the jury, and you walk.

          No, the laws are not “one size fits all”. The laws are a close fit for everyone, but the jury decides if, when, and how the law can be applied and/or altered to fit.

          You do as you see fit, but be prepared to answer for your actions. Twelve people will be very interested in your justifications.

        • Honestly I wouldn’t give a fuck what the law said if he’s already killed them. It would be vigilante justice at that point, and it would get Mideval.

      • This is not true, and not a good reading of Tennessee v. Garner. The SCOTUS was very clear to note that, “such force may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others. ”

        The rule is “significant threat”, not imminent threat.

        Finding your family murdered and someone running out the back door is a fairly good understanding that that person is a significant threat to others.

        • Amen! If the fleeing felon also has caused the citizen to believe that reprisal e.g. violence against said person or others to be imminent. If the felon says I’ll be back Mut#@ 7u(& then you are within your rights to stop the perpetrators flight by using deadly force.

  3. Sounds like the daughter needs some discipline. I get being mad but he didn’t need a gun or to chase hime

    • True.

      A bat, fire axe, tomahawk, sword … all would have done for a close quarters scenario like this.

      • I disagree with this sentiment only b/c then you’d have to replace the carpet and repaint the walls after you turned your daughter’s room into an abattoir.

        Catch him outside and then let the rain wash the stains away.

        • The dogs can take care of most of it. I even have an old one that wouldn’t hurt anybody. But if you were laying in the yard and unconscious, he’d probably eat you.

  4. He should’ve been beating on his daughter for her terrible taste. That guy is uglier than what you usually find.

    Daddy by looks and shade might be hispanic or Mideastern derivation.

    Girl you got lousy taste in men. I’m guessing this was revenge dating. For either mom, dad or both.

    They stupidly told her NOT to ever see this guy again. You know what that means to a 14 yo girl?

    • Uhm just because he is of a lighter complexion than your stereotypical African American doesn’t mean he’s not black. I am his same color and I am Afro Cuban and consider myself and other’s like him of Afro heritage.
      As far as bad taste in men you got that right brother. He is one smug ugly mojofilter! I told my daughters to never ever date a man with some made up ghetto name, regardless of the color of skin. I don’t care if he is blond blue eyed with freckles if his name is Damonquiviou, Gamarvan, LaShaun etc.. Don’t bring the biscuit eater around my house, and don’t let me catch you with him.

          • FWIW

            “The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American.”
            Theodore Roosevelt

            • First of all bear no mistake in mind, I do not feel a sense of obligation to explain myself to you. But since you started this, I’ll retort. I am a 13 year military service disabled veteran of the US Army. I am first and always an American. You see this rule of how you believe I am to define myself has never been shared with me until now. So I guess that, I didn’t know. On the other hand because, I am first and always an American, I can tell you to stick that rule in your ear. I can call myself a banana split ice cream if, I want to and it is really none of your business because, I am an American. I love this country and I am a Nationalist and an American Supremacist. So lastly when, I said Afro Cuban, I should have stated “I am of Afro Cuban ancestry Proud American by birth and service.” for those of you who got you panties in a bunch.

              • First, you completely overreacted, and took no time to evaluate the comment.

                Second, a snappy salute for your service.

                Third, a respect for the cost you paid for that service.

                Fourth, a comment was made differentiating between ancestry and nationality.

                Fifth, what I submitted is a marker of long standing, decrying those who retain first affection and sense of self as being of foreign nationality ahead of American nationality, i.e. Anglo-American, French-American, etc. The language is what it is, and being German-American indicates the first allegiance, priority, sense of self is Germany, as in “I am a German who happens to also be an American citizen”. This is what TR railed against.

                Sixth, presenting a standard of thought for purposes of information and analysis is not prima facie evidence of a statement of belief, or intent. TR’s speech is presented FWIW, as noted in my reply/comment. Neither the quotation provided, nor the speech is an accusation; merely a tangent for investigation, or dismissal as the reader chooses.

                Last, my heritage is Scot, Welsh, German. I make nothing of it as it means little to my daily existence, and the lineage enlightens no one, about anything.

              • Then sir, I stand corrected and we stand in solidarity. Also my great grandmother’s ancestors was from Germany before they moved to Spain, and married into Spanish families and became Spaniards LOL! La sangre de los alemanes está en nosotros dos. Oder man könnte sagen: Das Blut der Deutschen ist in uns beiden. However it is the red , white and blue that unites US.

      • Came upon a young back girl whose name was pronounced “Shi – thaid”, but was spelled “Shithead”. Imagine what her teachers thought the first time they saw her name.

        • There was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune named Jerkita.
          What parent with brains would do that?

          • Naming one’s child something like that demonstrates the level of consciousness or lack thereof. I want other none black people to know that not all black people are the same and many of us are quite refined and worldly and aware, and sophisticated. It is my experience that the only difference between blacks and whites other than the 1% of 3% of our DNA is psychological conditioning.
            White Americans have been conditioned psychologically different from Black Americans. When raised under the same conditions with equal acceptance and community value there is no telling the difference. I saw that first hand in England.

        • A friend of mine had a gig doing child photography in a mall. Parents would fill out a card with the child’s name, and he would call them when he was ready for them. One day he called out for Throne. After a few call outs, the mother came up with her child, somewhat incensed, and said, “His name is not Throne, it be TA Rone, T-H-R-O-N-E, TA RONE!”

        • “Imagine what her teachers thought the first time they saw her name.”

          My brother’s wife worked for years in a neighborhood non-profit medical office. Names were interesting. Sister-in-law claims they had a patient with twin sons named BoyA and BoyB. Seems the mother could not make up her mind on names, so each was tagged with a card: Boy A, Boy B. The mother claimed she liked the sound, and kept those names: BoyA and BoyB.

          • “One of the finest daughters of Texas was named Ima Hogg.”

            True dat; long before the Dukes showed up.

        • My wife, nurse at local children’s hospital, had a delivery, girl , the mother was sleeping so they put the baby in a crib with a card that said female. When the mother saw it she was pissed that someone had named her kid. She pronounced it fe mal e.

        • If they were smart? Trouble. Daughter needs welts on her ass and down her legs! Been there done that. I was mouthy. You think twice before you pull dumb stuff. Also make that girl become your shadow when not in school. As in physically standing next to you.

      • You do realize that there are some Lilly White assholes working in maternity wards who amuse themselves by encouraging unmarried, illiterate, teenaged mothers to impose these ridiculoues names on their poor, defenseless babies. It has an effect on the kids’ emotional and intellectual development. As to the esthetic characteristics of the child molester, he probably wasn’t so ugly before the irate father started beating on him. It appears that he lost some teeth.

        My suggestion is a negotiated settlement with no prosecution and mutual indemnification along with a warning from the judge that subsequent encounters with the young lady that result in castration shall be punishable with a fine not to exceed $1.

  5. Good for the father right up until he fired shots off into the neighborhood with the suspect in full “FEET DO YOUR STUFF!” mode.

    An adult climbing thru a bedroom window to have sex with a 14 year old is rape. Deserved to get shot the instant he entered.

    I hope the father’s punishment is light, his gun rights are not lost and his hands heal up well from all those impacts with the child rapist’s face.

  6. “And that’s where Casillas took a wrong turn. One he got the gun, he reportedly pursued Humphries outside”

    I disagree. Where Casillas took a wrong turn was “Ismail Casillas, the girls’ father, proceeded to pound Humphries to a pulp.” that should had been “…the girls’ father, had his gun and proceeded to fill Humphries full of lead.

  7. He was running away? I thought he was running for cover so he could shoot at me….

    • I’m not thinking there’s going to be any trial, no evil white man involved so why bother?

  8. Since the dood was not shot, who is to say where the father was aiming? An argument could be made that he merely fired off the rounds to encourage the romeo to move his feetsies faster.

    • Unlawful to be firing bullets about the neighborhood.

      Firing bullets into a rapist discovered in your child’s bedroom, that is both lawful and a darned good idea!

      • Killing this kid, however satisfying that would be for some people, would have been completely unnecessary. I don’t blame him for the a$$ whipping.

  9. Now this is a case where Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law is applicable. Mr. Castillo had direct observation of the crime in progress. No ambiguity.

    • That case is textbook perfect for the father being in the right. Exactly what we should all hope any father, any decent man or woman for that matter, would do upon discovering a rape taking place.

    • I hope that’s exactly how that goes, and aside from that horrendous trauma inflicted on that poor child, that’s a happy ending. Glad that child raping filth is dead.

  10. All I have to say is I blame the parents…..what dumb getto azz gives a kid a name like “Keywontrezes”??????

      • Ok, the assailant is running away and shooting at you, now what?
        The assailant is running away from you and towards your family, now what?
        This situation was brought up by the instructor teaching a CCW class who happened to the the deputy sheriff.

        • I am only talking about this reported case, not any other and not imagined cases. I do 100% agree there can be situations where shooting a fleeing felon, including in the back, would be reasonable and justified. In this case tho it does not appear to have been reasonable or justified.

          Al cases should be considered on their facts, the law applied equally.

          In this case what has been reported is a wannabe rapist beaten to a bloody pulp, fleeing in well deserved terror and not a threat to anyone. The shots fired at a time well beyond the threat and into the general surroundings without regard to where the bullets may end up or who else may be harmed.

          Bummer for the father who up until firing those shots, under those conditions, could not have been more in the right.

          Just the same, my hope is that his gun fire caused neither harm to any person or damage to property and that judge or jury will take that into account. Assess no more than a light punishment, with no loss of Second Amendment rights.

          As for the wannabe child raper, the law offers no adequate response. So we accept whatever the law can come up with for that scumbag.

      • Private person’s use of force in making an arrest. —

        1. A private person who has been directed by a person he or she reasonably believes to be a law enforcement officer …

        2. A private person acting on his or her own account may, subject to the limitations of subsection 3 of this section, use physical force to arrest or prevent the escape of a person whom such private person reasonably believes has committed an offense, and who in fact has committed such offense, when the private person’s actions are immediately necessary to arrest the offender or prevent his or her escape from custody.

        3. A private person in effecting an arrest or in preventing escape from custody is justified in using deadly force only:

        (1) When deadly force is authorized under other sections of this chapter; or

        (2) When he or she reasonably believes deadly force is authorized under the circumstances and he or she is directed or authorized by a law enforcement officer to use deadly force; or

        (3) When he or she reasonably believes such use of deadly force is immediately necessary to arrest a person who at that time and in his or her presence:

        (a) Committed or attempted to commit a class A felony or murder; or

        (b) Is attempting to escape by use of a deadly weapon.

        now when you wake up in the middle of the night and find an unknown 20 year old in your 14 year old daughter’s bedroom, does that look like an attempt at a Class A Felony, or an attempt to sell raffle tickets?
        you can make your own decision based on your own shitty advice.

  11. His daughter’s choices are a reflection of how she was raised. Dad should take a long hard look in the mirror.

  12. With kids being on the internet a lot more right now due to the lockdowns and no schools, the pedophiles have been chatting on the internet that “this is harvest time.”

  13. Daddy sucks…obviously his daughter was a free range teen. Pop gets concerned way too late. MY 14 year old granddaughter doesn’t run around with a 20year old POS. NO sympathy. For either one!

  14. The story is crazy but I can’t stop laughing at this dude’s first name, how do they pick du h names? Do they randomly throw letters from the scrabble until it forms some sort of a word?

  15. Either it’s a type-o or the intruder‘s name is really Keywontrezes Humphries. Reminds me of the pimp in Idiocracy.

    Upgrayedd spells his name U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D. The two D’s are for a “double-dose of pimpin”

    • While Not Guilty would be best. Jury Nullification only requires 1 person. Each time the case is brought to trial.

    • No trial. Court ordered shooting lesson for dad, the girl needs some help, and someone slap that guys mother. Oh and finish the beat down.

  16. I’d definitely acquit as if the glove didn’t fit. I’d really nullify but you can’t say that or else the judge will kick you out of the jury. Clear case of temporary insanity. You’re filled with so much rage you can’t think clearly. Since both of these guys are people of color, this case should be used as an example to create laws for cases of temporary insanity / incompetence.

    • If you are on a jury, never, ever mention jury nullification. They will hustle you out of there faster than a dog with a pork chop. Don’t discuss it, ask about it or discuss it with other jurors.

  17. This criminal spends too much time styling his hair like kid and play back in the day
    maybe he can get the prison barber to fix him up
    I’m just saying..

  18. Do not support Casillas. He gives upstanding firearm owners a bad name. Statutory rape is absolutely a crime, and Humphries should be prosecuted as is reasonable. But that doesn’t give you the right to try to chase him down and shoot him in the back. Saying that you should be allowed to kill someone because you’re angry is the kind of behavior anti-gun activists point to in order to justify more laws regulating firearms. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    • Dude, If I found a grown ass adult man in my 14 year old (child) daughter’s bedroom in my house and I did not know who he was or how he got there I’m going to assume the worst and shoot him on sight, We’ll straighten out what he was doing there and how he got in after the coroner shows up. I am in my own home protecting my child from an assumed threat. It doesn’t even matter if she let him in on her invitation. She is a child, he is an adult, and I need to protect her from herself too.

    • Actually I believe it was.” It’s OK to shoot someone just as long as the right people get shot”.

      • I always state it like this to non-potg/leftists/gun control people.

        “Some people need to be shot.”

        When asked/confronted by my statement I respond with “Terrorists need to be shot” “You agree correct?” “Pedophiles?” Even the most anti-gun person I have come across has agreed, most especially when they have kids. “Brutal Rapists need to be shot too right?” Females often agree quickly with their answers..

        Sometimes it takes some work to lead people to understanding, I’ve had to use the Cheshire Home Invasion Murders as an example before. The reward is that moment when I see they finally understand.

  19. He’s a black man that did something wrong then ran away. Why isn’t BLM protesting for him????

  20. I agree, sure the daughter being inundated with BLM, reparations and all the other bulls**t probably made the invitation. Time to re educate the daughter, and do NOT shoot him after he leaves the house!





    • Bull shit!!!
      At 14 she is just a child and has absolutely no autonomy/authority to consent to a relationship sexual or otherwise with an adult. A man has every right to defend his minor child from being abused, especially in his own home. The perp was a home invader as far as the father was concerned. He had every right to put a bullet in the perp’s skull.

    • I am glad that you believe a gun was not necessary but it would have been legal if he shot him in the bedroom, sorry to offend you. No, not really.

      • Agree with. Most of comments, but all of you gun owners need to learn the legal laws in your state when discharging a firearm. The law is clear if a prep is especially un armed and running away posing no harm at the time if you shoot you will be arrested go to jail and legal expenses may bankrupt you, $100,000 would be cheap. Many books will tell you how to legally
        Protect yourself before you pull the trigger.

  22. He was not shooting at a child rapist. He was doing Target shooting as the rapist ran in the direction of his shooting

  23. First off statutory rape here but being his demographics he probably won’t be prosecuted.

    Second has anyone other the myself noticed that Caucasians holding or aiming a firearm at demographic perceived threads are being arrested and the other race is being ignored eg. BLM convicted felon pointing a AR at a motorcycle driver and no word as him having been arrested, and several Caucasians holding or pointing a firearm at what they saw as a perceived threats having been arrested and weapons confiscated.

    • well.. they have prosecutor nullification. we have jury nullification.

      this is quite obviously a coordinated effort by anarcho-liberal/leftists in the government to put the screws to the white man and bring down white culture, take it over. like they have been wanting to do since the 60’s. don’t you think they would have wanted to do exactly this in the 60’s? now they can. and now they do.

  24. The kiddie diddler will be lucky if he gets off without Federal charges. Supposedly they met online. That usually involves “interstate communication” even if it is only the electrons being bounced off a server in another state.

  25. Option 1: Forcible rape as part of a home invasion. Put some damn bars on that girl’s windows and secure the entrances… for her sake.

    Option 2: The ‘little girl’ invited him in because she wanted it. Put some damn bars on that girl’s windows or you’re gonna be paying for a grandkid.

    I don’t know how many times gun owners need to see this play out, but you can’t chase someone down the street shooting at them and not expect to have legal problems.

  26. should have taken the mans hand and smacked the girl around then it could have been an assault and attempted if not rape

  27. A little icing on the cake. The 20 year old will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

  28. “Investigators say Humphries is known as Man Man. Because of his age and the girl’s, they are pursuing a sex crime investigation and more charges are possible…”

    That’s going to be a fun nickname for him to remember in prison.

  29. Jury nullification is an important thing of which we all need to know more and juries should be inquiring of the judge for instruction in this important principle on every possible occasion. That said, the concept of jury nullification is that the jury believes it’s a bad law and therefore the accused is acquitted. A jury nullification can lead to the law being changed.

    In this case I do not believe jury nullification is a good application. We do not want to change the law to allow shots fired at a fleeing suspect to be excusable.

    I personally hope the prosecutor decides not to pursue this man, or a jury finds him not guilty for almost any reason. I prefer to see jury nullification used where a law is obviously bad.

    • “Jury nullification is an important thing of which we all need to know more and juries should be inquiring of the judge for instruction in this important principle on every possible occasion.”

      Seem to remember reading along the way that jury nullification can be nullified by the judge setting aside the jury verdict and issuing a decision from the bench, or declaring a mistrial.

      Lawyers: can a jury nullification decision actually be negated by a judge?

      • A judge cannot set aside a jury’s not-guilty verdict in a criminal trial.

        However, if one juror elects to nullify but the others decide to convict. it presents a hung jury and a mistrial- in which case double jeopardy does not apply.

  30. At my home, varmints get shot for messing with the wife’s bird feeders. Anybody wanna bet one wouldn’t get shot for messing with the daughter? And, she’s liable to be the trigger puller.

  31. In a more just and reasonable world a person could not be the victim of a crime while they are committing a crime.

  32. Not to be mean, but doesn’t “Keywontrezes” sound like the name of some old Win32 virus?

  33. Mix teen daughters and young men (and dashes of hormones all around) and you can get surprises in 39 weeks that you really don’t need. One suggestion to help prevent such surprises is thorny bushes underneath windows of said teen daughters. Roses are particularly good for this purpose.

  34. I understand the law and ethics around shooting at someone who is running away from you.

    My own ethics are that once the threat is over, my justification to use deadly force ceases.

    However, on the legal side, I know many states, particularly southern states have “Fleeing Felon” laws that essentially allow you to shoot at a fleeing felon.

    That was the defense used successfully by a neighbor of a burglary victim a few years ago. He shot and killed a man as he was fleeing his neighbor’s house. The shooter was on the phone with 911 operators the whole time.

    Any insight into fleeing felon laws would be appreciated.

    • People that are still intoxicated from pain meds after giving birth, and who do not see themselves as a part of the greater society. Therefore, wile under intoxication they name their children names that further the sense of being an outsider and not belonging. As evidenced by when anyone (black, white, brown and yellow) sees that name on an application or voting ballot they will swipe left, even other black people will as well. A lot of us black people know that those names often come with a particular upbringing and influences upon the person, and most of the times bad influences and poor upbringing.

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