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Pompano Pat's DeLand, FL

“Police in DeLand report that two officers spotted (George) Zimmerman and his dog parked behind Pompano Pat’s, a motorcycle and gun store, on Sunday shortly after midnight and approached him,” reports. “Zimmerman, who was acquitted last summer of the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, told officers that the owner had given him permission to be there to provide security after a recent burglary, according to the police report. No citations were issued because ‘There was no evidence to support that a crime had occurred or was about to occur,’ Officer Jessica Mayo wrote in the report.” Only one small problem . . .

Zimmerman ‘in no way, shape or form’ is employed by the store, Pompano Pat’s manager Sam Porter said on Tuesday.

‘He’s not being paid to be act as a security officer or in any other way for Pompano Pat’s,’ Porter said.

Porter confirmed that the store had a burglary about two weeks ago, with 10 rifles stolen. He said that internal store security was ‘beefed up’ after the incident, but that no after-hours security personnel were hired.

Which is not something you necessarily want to tell the press. Anyway, it seems George can’t help himself when it comes to helping others – whether they want his help or not. Which, at this point, is probably everyone. Just sayin’ . . .

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      • There’s no conflict in the wording of the story. GZ says the owner gave him permission to be there, and the owner of the store said GZ is not employed or paid by them for anything. These two statements are not mutually exclusive at all.

  1. Or did the store owner cut sling load on Georgie because he knew the media circus might come for a visit and ruin his business?

    • My guess is that the Z-man is now living in his car (“…down by the river!”) and doesn’t have a place to stay. His dog was with him, after all. The store owner probably took pity on the guy and let him “camp” there.

  2. He is doing as much to support the anti 2A as Bloomberg or Soros. Either intentionally or out of ignorance. He appears to be a wannabe cop, but never would he pass a pysch exam much less a basic interview.

    • how incredibly ignorant of you to dig into the psychology of a man you have never met. good thing u are a retired leo not an active one

      • His psychology was pretty thoroughly dug into in public. He wasn’t guilty of murder, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t an idiot.

        • Well, he’s certainly acted like an idiot since the State of Florida, the leftist media, the New Black Panther Party, the President of the United States and the FBI did everything they possibly could to destroy his life.

      • Why does he keep doing things that show gun owners in a bad light?
        When asked, why did he state he was acting as security for the business when he was not?
        If he was hired or asked to be security one thing. When you take it upon yourself without consent or knowledge of a person or business you are a want to be. He lied to the police unless, in his mind he was a security guard. If it was his first encounter I would say he made a mistake but this is what # 3-4 or???
        His actions are now fodder for the press to use against firearms owners.

        • The report as written has Zimmerman saying “the owner had given [him] permission” to provide extra security. The owner, OTOH, says he “is not being paid in any way” to act for them. Both of them could be telling the exact truth, and Zimmerman could still be acting with the consent and knowledge of the owner. (Not that it looks like he’s done any acting beyond sitting around.)

          The owner may have just taken pity on Zimmerman and said, “Sure, whatever,” when Zimmerman offered free protection.

          • From the owners statement when you “beef up internal security” seems to mean it is internal theft by an employee. 10 rifles don’t go out the door easy. Also “in no way, shape, or form,” implies that he had no knowledge of Zimmerman or anyone being security.
            If he truly was acting as security with knowledge of the owner the smart thing would be inside not outside, if you wanted to catch a thief.

        • I don’t see how he is giving Gun owners a bad name, he didn’t even have a pocket knife on him, only a Dog.

        • Except for helping out a buddy, occassionally exceeding the speed limit a bit, and having questionable judgment in women, what’s he really done wrong since the trial that hasn’t applied to most of us at one time or another? Didn’t he rescue some people after an auto accident? Where’s his hero credit for that?

          It’s been well reported that he’s had difficulty finding work and paying his legal bills. What this sounds like is his store owner buddy needing a night watchman, GZ needing some cash, so they helped each other out. I’d expect that security guards in Florida, especially armed, need a state license and that it’s also a crime knowingly to hire an unlicensed guard. Sounds like the owner is just pulling a CYA with his denial after it became public.

    • It’s too bad. Had he waited to be a cop, there would have been no problem gunning down a black man.

      • You should write comedy … oh wait you just did. Or you made a lame attempt at trying anyway.

    • Seems like I read somewhere that he applied to a cop shop and was disqualified because of his credit history.

      • He also had a little arrest back in the day for assault on a peace officer when he shoved a guy from the alcohol bureau in a bar. He’s a ball of bad decisions.

        • Yah because you would have never shoved anyone in plain clothes undercover that you didn’t know was a cop … for hassling your friend in a bar.

    • I give GZ a bit of leeway. Here’s a guy who by all accounts was a boon to his community, and the media strung him up and turned his life into a circus overnight.
      It’s understandable that the stress and flat out surreality of the situation has knocked him a bit off-keel, and as a result his actions are not always entirely rational anymore.

  3. Nothing wrong about someone helping out. I imagine he is friends with the owner or something like that (family? who knows)

    • It’s the same owner / shop that offered him a free handgun after the verdict of the trial, when he couldn’t get his original Keltec back from “the system”. He must have migrated to that area and nurtured that friendship that was started. I don’t think it’s family. But the owner did express interest in his innocence and caring about his well being considering threats that were levied towards him.

      The owner is running for Mayor or something … and obviously would want to quell any paid association with Zimmerman when the media LIGHTS go on. But the Internet has memory like a B and it’s hard to hide from having offering him a free hand gun.

      • Yes, that would be the handgun that the Holder DOJ is keeping in its possession, against Zimmerman’s clear fourth amendment rights to be secure in his possessions. the DOJ took possession of Zimmerman’s handgun after the criminal trial verdict. Judge Nutcase Nelson closed out the matter, and signed Zimmerman’s possessions back over to him – wherein the DOJ interceded, and took possession of the handgun – without a sworn affidavit of probable cause that Zimmerman has committed any crime.

  4. It’s about nothing. +1 michael n. Stupid yes. Wannabe yes. From what I’ve seen he might be a good cop. Probably better than the sorry-a## dog killing cops or the multitude of criminal POlice in Chicago. BTW in Chicago a scandal is brewing about keeping secret all of the civil rights violations by the boys in blue. Stay tuned.

  5. Don’t forget Spike Lee putting his parents in mortal danger Ralph. He should’ve been criminally charged. Oprah too.

  6. I could care less about Zimmerman but the leftist media and would-be tyrants seem to have it In for him and want to destroy him

    • Your hero and poster boy for Stand Your Ground is clearly a seriously flawed individual.

      • If you had watched the trail you would know that “stand your ground” was never evoked by the defense. Feel free to keep parroting anti-gun talking points though, the fact be damned, tell a lie long enough and it becomes your truth.

  7. I’m not feeling sorry for Zimmerman, per se, but the poor fVck probably ought to find a quiet place to live and get a simple job and go low profile for about ten years, if he has any common sense.

    I am also not taking this story at face value, or for that matter, any story told about him by the StateRunMedia, who dont get the facts straight, at best…

  8. “Pompano Pat’s, a motorcycle and gun store,” Now this is what interests me. Sounds like one hell of a badass store. Next time I’m in that area I’ll be sure to check it out. Though, not as badass as this one gas station I visited in Wisconsin. It sold beer, wine, liquor, guns, hunting supplies, fishing supplies, and cooked food. The best part about the cheese head state, you can pick up a bottle of jack, anywhere.

    • This is the only part of the story I found interesting. I don’t ride yet, but I’ll be getting a bike sooner or later and this store sounds like a great place to waste several hours a week.

      Also, Wisconsin had some of the cheapest booze I found in my travels. Almost made it worth being there in the middle of January with nothing but a hoodie and a t-shirt.

      • They sure do! Last time I was there it was 19.99 for a bottle of jack. I don’t know how they do it. Louis Black’s drinking in Wisconsin might explain it. I found that stand up to be quite accurate.

    • It’s a pretty cool store; it’s where my dad bought his first handgun and the guy that runs the counter is very helpful and doesn’t mind stopping to chat for a little while. Not a bike kinda guy, so I can’t really speak on that part of the store, but they do have quite a few of them there.

      If you’re going to go to Pompano Pat’s, you should also check out AAA Gun and Pawn down the street. Just keep driving towards Deland and it will be on the right after a few used car lots. The whole bottom floor, and a good portion of the top floor, is nothing but guns and gun related doodads.

      • Good to know. I live up across the boarder in Georgia and have friends and relatives that live all in the area so I travel in the area every now and then. I’ll definitely check some of those places out.

    • On Sundays, the liquor stores in Hudson WI do a “land-office” business selling booze to the Minnesotans who didn’t remember to stock up on Saturday. That’s also the only place where I’ve seen not only Everclear, but no less than two other brands of 190 proof “vodka.”

  9. As a security officer (healthcare being my specialty), here’s hoping that Zimmerman never does get into the security business. Private security already has enough image issues (some of this is well deserved), so the field does NOT need people like Zimmerman creeping around playing action hero. At least Paul Blart was a fictional doofus.

    Security personnel should be expected to keep the peace, use verbal de-escalation effectively and should be extremely judicious when using force. Many of us do this without a sidearm. Would GZ feel confident facing off with hostile individuals without a firearm at the ready? Pertinent to GZ’s history, security personnel also need to know when they are justified in detaining people (Hint: Security does not detain on reasonable suspicion.). Private protection work is not usually about action. It is about preventing crime, eliminating safety hazards and responding to emergencies when they do occur. Is the word “de-escalation” even in Zimmerman’s vocabulary?

  10. Let’s be honest. If you work security and you don’t carry a firearm, your real job is to observe and report….nothing more.

    • Not true at all, Josh. I, like most proprietary security personnel in healthcare, am expected to intervene if a crime (particularly a violent crime) is committed in my presence. If I observed and reported while a nurse was being throttled by a drunk, I would be terminated before my next shift. I am not allowed to carry a firearm on duty, per hospital policy. This is not just true in healthcare. For example, retail loss prevention officers are expected to apprehend suspects who are observed (in person or on camera) committing theft, fraud, etc. And I am not aware of any LP officers that carry firearms while on duty.

      • And he would have if T had not observed and punched him and knocked him to the ground and tried to beat him within inches of his life.

        • Actually, he had already reported to 911, how long did it take the cops to arrive? Clearly too long.

    • Harassed … He’s a legend like the Bandit from Atlanta G A.

      You heard about the legend of Jesse James
      John Henry just to mention some names
      But there’s a truck driving legend in the south today
      A man called Bandit from Atlanta G.A.

      Every gear jammer knows his name
      They swear he got ice water running in his veins
      Foot like lead and nerves like steel
      He’s gonna go to glory riding 18 wheels

  11. ~sigh~….. ohhhhhhhhh– sh*t. – yeah, good luck convincing the court that the use of force wasn’t vigilantism after that statement…. think he needs a few more concealed weapons classes.

  12. The media just loves to beat up on poor George. They figure he got away with murder (of a disadvantaged minority youth) and they’re desperate to pin something on him.

    Seems like a non-story to me. Zimmerman never claimed to be an employee. Store owner never denied giving him permission to camp out in the parking lot. They don’t disagree, but the media writes a story to imply that they do.

    • I notice the media is still running that misleading picture of a 13/14 year old Trayvon, all fresh-faced, innocent and angelic, as opposed to the dope smoking, sizzurp swilling, 6’2″, 175 lb. muscular burglar and thug he was at the time of his violent assault having been stopped in a lawful DGU.

      “Iced tea”, my rear end. Try Arizona brand watermelon fruit juice cocktail.

      GZ may not be the ideal poster boy for firearms freedom, to be sure, but he was railroaded by a vicious and vehemently corrupt anti-gun orchestration. That part of the story could have happened to any one of us.

      • If I had 7 thumbs I would give you 7 thumbs up. It was a railroad job for sure … that quickly became political. If you listen to the early words of mom and pop, and then the later words after they switched gears with political and lawyered up counseling … quite different words indeed.

  13. I read an article earlier. I do not remember the specifics, but it sounded like Zimmerman was helping out a friend at the store. If I recall, they have Zimmerman leave his dog at the store to deter thieves, but Zimmerman volunteered to stay with the dog. I will look to see if I can find the article.

  14. George might have screwed up his life a little, but when you talk about every one having it in for you, I think of O J Simpson. I am probably the only white guy that still thinks he was innocent. First of all, there had been a few drug related killings like Nichole’s and Ron’s in that area, killed the same way. The reason they didn’t want to report it as a drug killing, was because the cops would have to investigate the drug dealers who were paying them protection money. Every thing that the cop’s could have done to prove OJ innocent, they didn’t do. The night before Nichole (maybe Ron) put Faye, who was staying there at Nichole’s into a drug rehab program. I believe Ron was their supplier, an they came to Nichole’s house to collect their drug money and Nichole told them to get lost.( I cleaned it up a bit) There was no reason that all the detectives at the scene had to leave the murder scene to go over to O J’s house. They knew exactly when Nichole ate last. Why didn’t they do a stomach content analysis? They could have just about pinpointed the time she was killed. Which would have proved O J couldn’t have done it. Then taking a blood sample from O J down town,(where they should have left it) out to the murder scene. Even a dumb ass rookie would have known better, unless you want to pin it on O J.. Even what he is in prison for now was a complete set up. If George isn’t careful the will get him the same way.

    • I didn’t know all that, but I also believe he was innocent. I saw the picture of him holding his child earlier in the day, and he could not know when he went to kill her that she would not be inside with those children, he would have had to kill them all. I don’t believe it. Also, people on the airplane said he was upbeat and happy on the way out, despondent on the way back after being told of the murder. Folks, we have all had occasion to see his acting. He was never that good. Does anyone think he was such a genius to plan this out so minutely? He was a football player, not criminal mastermind.

      • “innocent…”
        That makes three of us. The next day in the elevator on the way to work, it sounded like a fscking Ku Klux Klan meeting, the way they had already tried and convicted him in their little pea-brains. And this was in fscking Minnesota! (Minnesota’s not really noted to be loaded with racists.)

  15. Retired LEO:
    Maybe you could explain why so many cops continue to do things that make the public see cops in a “bad light”?

  16. “Zimmerman, who was acquitted last summer of the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.”

    Zimmerman was not acquitted of shooting anyone. He was acquitted of a spurious murder charge by a douchebag prosecutor.

  17. Of course the store owner is going to deny knowing Mr. Zimmerman. The owner has found himself a target of the racists and SJWs by just having a possible association with Mr. Zimmerman. He’s not going to further make himself a target by acknowledging that he’s employed him.

  18. GZ, you’re a total jackass, probably a bit sociopathic. Go away, you’re embarrassing us.

  19. GZ and OJ are cut from the same cloth.. two guys who got incredible lucky, yet they cant just acknowledge that fact, and slip back into obscurity and count their blessings.. No.. instead they have press their luck and stay in the crosshairs… he will up in jail again.

    • It’s kind of difficult to slip back into obscurity when the media reports every time you take a shite. It’s very difficult to find employment with the broad knowledge because of the media and Internet. Even if you got past that and got employed … someone would realize who you are, another employee a customer … someone. For OJ … Football fame – then the case fame. Where are you going to live in obscurity? It’s difficult to hide in plain sight.

  20. You either go through something like what GZ went through and you become more introspective, thoughtful and a completely different person than you were before or your life continues to disintegrate.

    ‘Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ Plato

    • I don’t think that’s a hard rule … kind of like whatever doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger. It doesn’t work for everyone. And there’s not just the having gone through, but the continued notoriety and hate for you and everything you do becomes national news and everyone on the forums start all over again.

      Ian Maclaren …

      It is thought that Maclaren was the original source of the quotation “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” now widely misattributed to Plato or Philo of Alexandria. The oldest known instance of this quotation is in the 1897 Christmas edition of The British Weekly: “Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle.”

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