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I use a Chamber-View empty indicator on my Mossy 590. It’s easier than women from New Zealand and tells everyone around that my gun is empty and safe. They also make one for .223/5.56 that I gave away to…someone. Anyway, their latest version that’s just been announced is a model to fit 9mm and fotay cal pistols. Press release after the jump . . .

Merrimack, N.H. (July 2014) – Chamber-View®, innovators behind highly visual firearms safety products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the 9mm / .40 Caliber Non-Holster Semi-Auto Pistol Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) available now for purchase through well respected retailers. The range design Chamber-View® ECI for semi-auto pistols is designed for full open action with slide lock and maximum visibility and is ideal for use on the range or for storage. The design fits most 9mm and .40 caliber pistols and is not meant for holstering. A holster compatible version will be available at a later date.

Chamber-View ECIs are made from 100% silicone, are flexible and resilient across a wide range of temperatures and are minimally affected by weather extremes. They will not scratch the surface of the gun and are heat resistant. The excellent sealing performance of the Chamber-View® ECIs will repel water and debris and are unaffected by vibration.

The Chamber-View® ECI for handguns, shotguns and rifles enhance public safety by sending a highly visual, non-verbal and recognizable message to surrounding individuals that a firearm is being carried and used in a completely safe manner.

Check out for more information or join the ongoing conversation on Facebook and the LinkedIn network. To become a retail vendor, or if you are a professional / amateur / scholastic organization with interest in the Chamber-View® product line, please contact [email protected] or by phone: Gail Cook, President, Chamber-View®, LLC at (914) 787-0688.

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  1. …and now we have jokes about easy women.

    Dan is really trying to win female hearts and minds to the pro 2nd amendment camp, isn’t he?

    On topic: Cool product. I’ll probably order one in the very near future.

    • Did you click through to the easy women link? It was actually an interesting article, not just a bunch of cute kiwis in bikinis.

      • I read it and it was an interesting link. I recall that Aussie men were the most promiscuous men in the world.

        That said, it was still framed within the article in bad taste. It’s because of stuff like this that I can’t recommend this blog to my coworkers to get educated about the pro 2nd amendment struggle.

        • same here. the best sight on the web for info by far. it always presents well reasoned articles with facts to support it. Then I want to use it as a reference when I have discussions with fence sitters like i was, and I can’t, either because of content in the article or because I worry they will click around and stumble on something else. it isn’t my website, so I don’t get a say, but I can be really disappointed by it.

        • Agreed… Sexist crap like that just muddles the agenda, and reinforces stereotypes of gunowners.

  2. “…easier than women from New Zealand …”

    Now you gone and done it ! cue cowgirlup rant in 3 ..2 ..1!

      • If we’re trying to win women to our side, maybe we should listen to them. Just a thought.

        I am not a woman but I work in the IT field in a white collar environment. As such, the kind of shit that pisses women off is glaringly obvious to me now. ::shrug::

        • I’m on your side here, TheBear. But how does working in IT help you understand the female perspective? I don’t see the connection.

        • A lot of touchy people work in the IT field and there are a lot of powerful women who don’t take any shit from anyone.

        • The problem is this: I don’t want anybody on my side that isn’t okay with somebody speaking their mind. And that includes making off-color remarks, some of which I don’t care for either. I pointed out that the last article was in poor taste, I just didn’t choose to snivel about anybody’s feelings like a few others did.

          People are going to get their feelings hurt, get used to the idea. Open discussion includes rudeness and discomfort and anybody who would rather censor my or anyone else’s speech in order to protect their delicate sensibilities is no friend of mine, nor to freedom on the whole.

          In other words, rub some dirt on it…

        • I’ve no problem listening to anyone regardless of gender. However when their point become repetitive and tiresome,then I reserve the right to tune them out.

        • @ Matt

          That is an incredibly narrow minded and short sighted view.

          You see, I feel the same way when it comes to my personal life. I am among the foulest mouthed, most obnoxious, off color humor slinging people I’ve come across. I have no idea how my gf puts up with me. Yesterday morning I told her I was combing my hair in case I meet her replacement and I learned new ways to train my gf from Cesar Millan.

          But you see, maintaining that attitude and saying any old thing to strangers is what we call, what is it again? Oh yeah… retarded.

          You see, the 2nd amendment and our collective right to keep and bear arms is a LOT more important than your desire or my desire to walk around having unedited diarrhea of the mouth.

          This is a culture war, and culture wars are not always won on laws or the good ol’ boys banding together. Public opinion /matters/. And if we aren’t willing to leave the construction site and enter debates or the interwebs like folks with a little education or a little restraint, then we’re doing more harm than good to our cause.

          In other words, some POTG need to understand what is at stake and grow up a little. The US is made up of 300 million completely different people. If we want change, we need to change the people we want.

        • I see no offense and the world needs to stop being so P.C., at work yesterday I had a customer call one of my employees racist for saying “India” while calling out phonetic letters. For real?

          As far as this goes, if women from New Zealand are easy then they are easy. And here is a shocker….they might LIKE being easy.
          It is like someone saying, “Wow your a gun nut!”
          I LIKE being a gun nut. Your lack of understanding for my lifestyle means nothing to me.

          I’ve lived all over the America and I can tell you without a doubt FL girls are about the easiest, not ALL but a HIGHER percentage than any of the other 30 states I’ve lived in. It is also the place syphilis is growing the fastest in the US. A statement like this is NOT an attack on women, and again just like one’s desire to own a gun is not a bad thing…you don’t feel GUILTY for owning that AR-15 do you, what YOU do in your bedroom is your preference, may not be for everyone, but again it is a life choice some enjoy and in no means an attack.

          At the end of the day if you have 50 guns and 30k of ammo you may be a gun nut. You don’t like it I will gladly take your arsenal off your hands. If you take a new partner home 3 times a week… you may be easy, if you don’t like the idea of that then try mahogany. Oh and for what its worth maybe Dan likes easy girls….it is so silly we are ready to march to defend crap that really has no relevance to who WE are. I speak for no one but MYSELF.

        • @TheBear

          First off, I apologize for the overall tone in my earlier comment to you. My snark filter failed due to the alcohol.

          I understand your rationale, but wholeheartedly disagree with you. The fact is; anyone who wishes to change behavior and control dialog ISN’T a friend to freedom overall. You don’t win any war by allowing your enemy to determine the rules of engagement and we will eventually win or lose this culture war based on the substance of our position, not the presentation. Individuals who are more concerned with how our philosophy is packaged than the ideas themselves clearly doesn’t grasp the overall concept. Those are what so many refer to as a “low information voter.”

          Emotion won’t win the gun control debate. The understanding that arms are the insurance policy for the rest of our natural (or God given, whichever you prefer) rights will. There are many here with whom I disagree with so vehemently on some issues that I can believe we’d end up trading blows if we were ever drinking together in a bar. But I would willingly give my life in defense of their right (I believe you are a veteran, so you understand this) to be completely effing wrong. This is the sort of behavior we need to promote. We’ve discussed at great length that POTG are not all OFWG. We come from all walks of life, races, creeds, sexes, etc. Embrace the fact that our diversity is one of our strengths and let’s not get hung up on the fact that we ARE diverse. Even families have their cliques and disagreements, it’s healthy. Our colors will truly show when and where it counts, all this garbage in the meantime is petty.

        • @ Matt

          You make some great points – some of which resonate very strongly with me.

          However, to further illustrate my point: Antigunners aren’t winning converts to their side by acting like ignorant savages. The same could be true for our side.

          Granted, Dan’s writing isn’t completely over the top, but it doesn’t have to be. Since the Left tries to paint us all as OFWGs, articles appearing on the most popular gun blog in the world that looks like it was written by an OFWG is just furthering the stereotype and weakening our position.

          When was the last time you saw a real journalist or a female blogger start out writing /anything/ by making a joke about easy women? It just does not happen. Even if women don’t get offended by it, they may roll their eyes and go elsewhere on the internet.

          In closing, I don’t think you’re wrong, but I don’t think I’m wrong either. Hell of a world, eh?

        • Bottom Line – The comment adds nothing to the discussion (I’m not uber PC, but I thought it was just stupid) and may turn off readers.

          How is that good?

  3. Queue more gun sale restrictions requiring one of these in each box…
    How many people even keep their $2 gun lock anyway?

    • Each and every one lives in the case the gun came in, so that on the off-chance I ever need to sell one, it will go with all of the original bits and bobs.

      Outside of that, they make reasonable paperweights…

  4. Yep it’s been a long day… I thought this lil doo dad was like a last round hold open… as for the 2 buck gun lock I keep it till I spring for a better one.

  5. I tell every one am carrying in a safe manner by keeping my gun safely holstered. That’s as visual as I think I need to get. Nor can I see stuffing one of these doohickeys into a gun at the indoor range while reloading mags. Again, in a holster, or on the shelf pointing down range is all the safety I think I need.

    • It’s not for you. It’s to help the R.O. safe the range more efficiently, thereby wasting less of everyone’s time instead of having to walk up to every bench. So safe your weapon, use the flag, keep your area clear of as much crap as possible, step back so the R.O. can see your bench clearly and everyone’s day will go smoother.

      • (Snapping to attention) Suh!


        To who it may concern: Suh! is southern acccent for Sir!

  6. As useful as tits on a bull?

    Guys with vasectomies can wear these on a necklace around their neck. Gun not loaded, and shooting blanks.

    • The tactical paracord lanyard for wearing this device on the neck to indicate infertility will be available at the next SHOT show.

    • Or if you’re snipped you can not say anything… which could lead to a really interesting discussion if she says she’s pregnant.

  7. For all I know, you could have a round in the chamber, and a loaded magazine inserted, most rso’s will want to inspect both of those places before proceeding. This will save you absolutely nothing

  8. Or you could go shoot at a range that doesn’t require an RSO to check your piece. That’s a big no no for me. Just personal preference but I’m here to shoot so I can relax or learn or whatever. Ain’t nobody got time to wait on Harpo to change his target.

  9. I have a set of ChamberViews for all my guns. I shoot a lot of competition, and empty chamber indicators/chamber flags are required for long guns. Likewise, a lot of shooting ranges require them. It’s a good product, much improved over the cheap-o hard plastic ones which I keep breaking. I admit that I haven’t found the pistol version particularly useful, but the rifle and shotgun versions are excellent.

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