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“Deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of NW 94th Street in Vancouver at approximately 11 p.m. after hearing reports of shots fired and a man injured,” reports. “When deputies got there, they found 44-year-old Scott Grossman dead. Deputies said Grossman’s girlfriend shot him with a pistol at close range. They said she had not been detained or arrested, and all deputies would say was that they were treating the case as a domestic violence homicide.” Considering Everytown for Gun Safety’s recent domestic violence PSA – wherein the victim is GLOCK-shot by a domestic abuser, we can file this one as life imitating art, only better. Much better. [h/t TP]

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  1. This happened about two miles from my house. If you want to follow the news, the local newspaper may have more info as it comes out:

    A neighbor who was interviewed on the air mentioned that the people involved were part of the biker culture and the newspaper story says the deceased had a conviction for meth trafficking, so there may have been a low threshold for violence.

    The authorities in this area don’t follow the big city liberal play book, so if the shooting was self defense, the woman probably won’t be victimized again by the legal system.

    • Thanks for the link and additional information. Hopefully it was indeed a matter of self-defense, and that’ll be the end of it.

    • I am a bit skeptical that this is a clear cut case of self defense, I mean just because a girl shot a guy in their home doesn’t mean she necessarily was defending yourself; however, knowing that the deceased was a meth dealer certainly caulks it up in the ‘most likely as it appears’ category.

  2. The real “take that!” Would be the whole pro constitution community putting all things associated with that idiot bloomberg on the black list. I’m sure that sounds racist because I said a color but I really mean no money to those that want to destroy our country. That’s getting to a different topic I suppose but nonetheless.

  3. A rational person deals with a life threatening problem. You seldom see it on TV or in the movies, you seldom read about in the media and they won’t teach it to you in school. Maybe we are just going through a cycle of thinning the heard.

  4. I am surprised Bloomberg and his acolytes haven’t filed a take down notice for copyright violations. Too bad it fall under fair use. Outstanding video.

  5. If they’re part of the outlaw biker culture it might’ve been murder. Who knows? Best to wait until the investigation is over.

  6. I hope that the truth is that he was an abuser and was killed by his victim. It’s not always that simple, of course, but I hope the bad guy got killed.

  7. Take Shannon’s video and the video that Rokurota put up and at the critical juncture, go split screen showing the two outcomes simultaneously. With the message text at the end asking “which tragic outcome would you prefer?”

  8. I see that this happened in Vancouver, in Canada. I can see Bloomburg and his cronies claiming that it doesn’t count as it wasn’t in the USA. And it’s the USA that so very much needs his version of law & order, whether we want it or not.

    • The report(s) don’t make that clear. There is a Vancouver in Washington state, too.

      Even the link to “The Columbian” doesn’t specify, but I suspect since the Columbia River runs through Vancouver, Washington, my bet that this DGU is a win for the state not the provence.

      A woman shot and killed her boyfriend in Vancouver late Tuesday night after what deputies described as a domestic violence situation.

      Click the link.

  9. Oh what since he is part of the “biker culture” and sold drugs 20 years ago he is a woman beater and hooray crazy bitch. Dr dumb shit up there with all the facts should go work for the police. Haven’t you seen the part where it says never seen arguing before. This woman murdered this man. And who cares what anyone did 20 years ago. Your former president of the United States had many issues 20 years ago. People do change. And cause he called some brother in the community does not make him bad. Makes me want to go ride with him actually. Especially since all you retards don’t like him I really want to go ride with him too bad I can’t cause he was murdered.


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