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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is good advice from inventor and statesman, Benjamin Franklin. But thinking that far ahead probably isn’t the stock in trade of most drug dealers. If it had been, Shane Davidson might have avoided being the victim of an early morning attack when Nathan Conn, entered his residence and administered a .22 double tap to the back of his head with a stolen pistol . . .

That’s not the wake up call he was likely expecting as he snoozed in the small, quiet Pennsylvania town of Oil City. But it’s also can’t be too surprising when you’re are a drug trafficker who doesn’t keep his customers satisfied.

Against all odds, Davidson’s still alive, though in critical condition. According to, Conn’s family is trying to find a lawyer besides the court-appointed one that was assigned him.

“I just want to be able to be able to give my son a fair chance,” said Conn’s father, Leonard Conn, following the continuation.

Leonard Conn said he believes his son’s actions were prompted by drug use and said his son was under the influence of prescription drugs at the time of the attack.

Aunt Vicky has Nathan’s back, too.

“Vicky Conn said her nephew was not himself when he allegedly committed the alleged crime.

“He’s a gentle boy,” she said. “Believe it or not, he really is a gentle boy.”

Moral of the story: Avoid stupid people doing stupid things – especially drug dealers. And addicts.

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  1. Gus McCrae: “I’ll say this, Suggs; you’re the kind of man it’s a pleasure to hang.”

    • “If all you can talk is guff, you can talk it to the Devil.”

      Ole Gus. One of the greatest movie characters ever.

  2. Conn’s parents are typical liberals. Blame anything but the person responsible.

    • I agree. I have never known conservative parents who excuse bad behavior by their children. No wealthy conservative would hire the best possible legal representation for a child of his/hers who had been charged with a crime since that might keep the child from facing the full repercussions of the criminal act. Everything does come down to liberal vs. conservative, it seems. Remember: anything good is conservative; anything bad is liberal.

  3. Just goes to show you how providing good customer service needs to be taken seriously.

  4. Yeah, he must be gentle…if he wasn’t he would have used a sledge hammer I guess. (roll eyes)

  5. All this proves is headshots from a .22 no better than 9MM for putting somebody down permanently. Gaddy Giffords took a 9MM to the skull and is still walking.

    Yeah, I know, “proper HP ammo and shot placement” blah blah.

    40SW, 357SIG, 5.7 and 45ACP out of semis if you want to penetrate thick skulls.

    • Shot placement still matters on all those calibers. There are people who took high caliber pistol rounds & rifle rounds to head & lost parts of their brain & still lived.

      Shot placement is key no matter what caliber you’re shooting

      • There are people who took high caliber pistol rounds & rifle rounds to head & lost parts of their brain & still lived.

        It’s easy to live without part of the brain. Otherwise, there would be no Senate.

  6. I think they should put him through the same trial, and then he can walk, his parents can carry/drive him home.
    Come on “gentle boy”, you can take x2 .22’s to the back of your dome right?

  7. It’s gonna be hard to avoid addicts after drugs are legalized and the walking addicted need money for their next fix.

    • That’s a point of mine throughout TTAG. Legalize hard drugs, and you will see more incidents like these.

      • I agree there will be lots of crazy people going around, but one thing will be different: He wouldn’t have been as likely to pull this with a legal dealer who could set up shop and didn’t have people coming to his home. (Although writing this comment makes me realize that it would still be similar in respect to the poor addicts, at least with the most powerful stuff; I don’t think you often see this kind of behavior over cigarettes or legalized marijuana.)

        Unless we went to having the Guv’ment ration drugs…You know, I’d rather see the Israeli system first…free guns, they can keep the drugs.

      • Aren’t you in California? Have you ever been to a dispensary? They do have armed security guards ya know. As far as hard drugs go, do you see this happen a lot at pharmacies or hospitals? They have plenty of hard drugs there, and no armed guards.

        • Pharmacies get robbed all the time. Most pharmacies employ the policy of give the thief what ever they want & stay out of the way.

          Hospitals have security & you have to sign in when you visit or go into certain wards.



          that is all

    • The only drug under consideration of legalization is marijuana, and you tend to just laugh like an idiot, eat like a pig, and then go to sleep.

  8. Awesome mug shot. Is it just me, or do people who look scummy gentle usually turn out to be scummy gentle? One more reason I have a CHL.

    • “Scummy” seems too kind. That guy would get kicked outta the Mos Eisley Cantina for being too ugly.

  9. just thinking out loud here. wonder how much it would cost us to just give these people free drugs as opposed to what our current system is costing society. take a couple of closed military bases and set up dorms for them. have free rehab for those that want to come back to us. i’m talking hard drugs, not weed.

    • I’m already giving people free food, free breakfasts at schools, free or subsidized housing, free medical care, free job training, free welfare checks, and you want me to chip in towards free drugs??????? Then I want the free drugs too so I can forget all the other free crap I’m already paying for, but that I’m not eligable to receive, because I actually work for a living.

  10. how much would it cost society as opposed to what we’re doing now? how much safer would citizens be if druggies got their stuff without having to do crimes? having worked in a prison i know that the vast majority of inmates got into trouble because of substance abuse. which way would be cheaper, safer and more humane, prison or an unused military base?

    • Most people who want to do drugs don’t want to do it among a sea of burnt out addicts who could be violent. They’ll still do drugs back where they live cause they’re more comfortable that.

  11. Can he sing? When he’s finished his time he could start up a Pogues tribute band.

  12. I know the idiot in the picture. I also know a thing or two about addiction. This loser happened to combine two of the biggest no-no’s on Earth: guns and being a junkie. I hate to say it, but this was the inevitable end for this bum. The accessibility of firearms in our nation just screams out to degenerates like Mr. Conn, who when they have a beef, to pick up a gun. My heart goes out to the victim’s family. For Mr. Conn being a “gentle boy?” Bullshit. He has always been a sadistic psychopath (I have known him for eleven years). Hope he rots in prison…and in Hell.

  13. I also know the “idiot” in this picture, and an “idiot” he is not. He happens to be a close friend of mine for the past 7 years or so. Is he a junkie? Yes. Is what he did inexcusable? Of course. Is he a “sadistic psychopath” that deserves to rot in Hell? Probably not. Nate is actually a very talented artist and musician. He is a loyal friend and a someone that will go out of his way for those he loves. Unfortunately, his drug addiction has clearly gotten the best of him and disappointment and frustration cannot even begin to describe how his friends and family feel. Nathan’s parents did not enable his drug addiction or excuse his behavior. They made Nathan take responsibility for his actions, but they also love their son. He is their son after all, and what kind of people would they be to turn their backs on him now? Damned if they do and damned if they don’t as is often the way when drug addicts are involved. My heart also goes out the family of Shane Davidson, but only in the same way it goes out to Mr. Conn’s family. Nathan has certainly made some serious mistakes and has now ruined his life forever. As Shane did. It certainly isn’t like Nate walked in to an innocent family’s house and robbed and shot them for drug money. I’m sure someone probably mentioned to Shane along the way what the consequences of his chosen profession may be. It is tragic all around. Bashing Nate’s character will not punish him, but if it makes you feel better, have at it, my friend. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine.

    • Wow. Let’s have a pity party for the guy that just plugged another human being in the back of his melon…in cold blood, no less. I’d love to see things from your point of view, JennyBee, but my head absolutely will not fit that far up my own rectum.

    • Congratulations for your taste in friends, JennyBee. Birds of a feather and all…please stay away from me and my family. 🙂

      • I got the “vulgar” / “lager” fusion, even if Miss Grammar Nazi did not. I am surprised she could even pick out what she thought was a grammatical faux-pas given the evident
        thickness of her rose-colored glasses.

  14. Unlike Rabid Wookie, I do not have extensive personal knowledge (nor do I even know a thing or two) about addiction. Therefore, I must concede to his vast knowledge base concerning such matters and concerning Mr. Conn as I’m sure the time he has spent exploring his own rectum has provided him with an inspired point of view that clearly eludes me. Please, pardon my ignorance.

    You have nothing to fear Vulagar [sic] Vigilante. I tend to stay away from those with poor spelling and grammar…and their families. 🙂

    Well, boys, it’s been fun. Stay classy.

    • Classy like a woman (scratch that…girl) who tries to rationalize the acts of a would-be-murderer. In the past, I performed with your “talented musician” friend, and let me tell you something…he really isn’t talented. More like a hack. And his art? Umm…he lost his internship at a tattoo parlor. That makes him a failed artist. And we all know what those failed artist-types are capable of. My “vast knowledge base” of addiction happens to come from being dependent on prescription painkillers (that were prescribed to me for a legitimate injury). I tried all manner of solutions to the problem: replacement therapy, rehab, even flirted with religion. In the end it was the good old pragmatic “pull myself up by the boot straps” solution that worked. Do I still have chronic pain? Oh yeah. But it’s better than how it was. I’d seen your friend the reprobate in his active addiction AND his refusal to do anything about it. I find it kind of hypocritical on your part, oh high handed JennyBee, suggesting my knowledge of addiction is a shameful thing. The only thing shameful thing about addiction is NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Your “loyal friend” (okay, now that is just pure bullshit) had ample time to address his issues, and did not. He has been in active addiction the entirety of the eleven years I’ve known him. Now, grab a hold of yourself by the shoulders until you hear that popping sound (that’s your cranium being released from your anus). If you continue to candy coat and make excuses for your junkie friend and keep your head buried up there, I’m afraid the only hope for you to see the world without a feces-tinted coating of inexperience and wild-flowers and daisy-scented saccharin-sweet personal verisimilitude is to have a piece of plate glass installed in your abdomen. Good luck with your medical situation, dingbat.

      • I am Nathan’s sister, my family is not bad, and we really did try to free him of his addiction. Jennbee I appreciate you trying to defend him. Rabid Wookie I am truly sorry you feel the way you do.

        My family hired a lawyer because we didn’t know what else to do. The public defender hadn’t even spoken with him and she was going to defend him so in a panic we hired a lawyer.

        I am sorry for what happened to Shane, I do not know him, regardless of his chosen lifestyle he did not deserve this, and I truly hope he recovers. I love my brother and he loved drugs. The last 11 years have been really hard on my family as we tried to save him. I have no idea what happened the night Shane got shot and the trial hasn’t even started so we are waiting to understand what happened.

        I just felt the need to defend my PARENTS and the fact that we really love my brother so that is why we are standing by him.

  15. I also knew Nathan. He was very talented. Who are you to judge somebody? Haven’t you ever made a bad decision? You probably have. Nathan’s was worse but you shouldn’t judge him for it. Nathan was an amazing artist and Musician. If you don’t know him don’t judge him. You guys talk all this crap and half of you don’t know what you are saying!! I appreciate your comment JennyBee!

    • Thank you to the un-named person who posted. I appreciate your support and how you are remembering the good in him!



  16. Two bullets in the back of another human being’s skull is a “poor decision” to be excused? Wow. Too bad they didn’t scoop up that tralk he was associating with at the time and lock her away, too. I’m sure it was a Bonnie & Clyde kind of thing. “Poor decisions” for most people involve eating sushi off the buffet or not taking a pee before hitting that long, isolated stretch of Interstate 30. 20 – 40 years says it all. People get what they deserve. Nathan is no exception. Hope he has a cuddly cellie.

  17. Before he descended into the barely-human creature pictured above, the guy would regularly steal from his friends, pick fights with folks who were otherwise minding their business, and couldn’t be left at your home unsupervised for fear of him looking up CP on your google-machine. Another of his favorites was “Guess where Conn shit” and let’s not forget taking explosives to high school. The man had more than enough chances to right himself and walk the straight and narrow, but he chose not to. Sadly, this outcome was inevitable. There is NO doubt in my mind, the sleazy “significant other” he had at the time was involved in this sad attack on another member of our species. They were two of a kind. Lying manipulators, as addicts so often are. It saddens me that she escaped punishment in this case. I’m counting on Karma to deal that blow.

  18. Rabid Wookie-thank you I figured out who you are and therefore I disregard anything you say about my brother.

    Your opinion means nothing. I love him very much and so you can waste as much time as you wish posting on here. It means nothing to those who truly care for him. Instead of wasting energy trying to convince the world how horrible he is, put the effort into your own life, and try to so something productive. He plead guilty, he admitted what he did and he is in jail getting over over his demons. Why are you still holding on to so much hate? He was at a very low point that effective his family not you. You two haven’t talked in a very long time so move on. What you are doing now is hurting his family not Nate. Nate is behind bars and will never know about this post so what is the point? What are your intentions? It’s easy to kick a person when they are already down, does this make you feel better about your own demons and failures?

    Again, you can’t hurt Nate more then he has already hurt himself. Those who care about him are still there for him and always will be. You should seek counseling to deal with your anger because it will only affect you and no one else. Your post are hate filled and harmful to my family, clearly it is your right but it is only making you look small. Forgive and move on because you will never hear from him again.



  19. For disregarding anything I have to say, that was fairly long-winded. And what failures are we talking about of mine, anyhow? Spanish in the eleventh grade? That hot Austrian girl leaving me for that Indonesian DJ back in 2004? My inability to get my souffle to adequately rise? It’s not about MY failures….more about yours (why couldn’t you save your wonderful, talented, caring, gentle brother?). Besides, with all the forgiveness floating out of the fam, surely you all can overlook a few sharp words. It’s not like I tried to kill anyone?

    I find the notion of little ol’ me hurting your family sort of laughable (I thought my opinion didn’t matter…now it hurts?). What about Mr. Davidson and his family? My words are nothing in the pain-delivery department compared to your own brother’s drug-fueled anger and two .22-inch rimfire projectiles.

    What Nathan did isn’t an opinion; it’s a fact. He attempted to kill another human being. I, like so many, find that one a little hard to commiserate with. He has gotten his due.

    Better luck with the rest of the clan,


  20. No I couldn’t save him from drugs….you are right that is my failure. It is one that I will have to live with for the next 20-40 years. No one is arguing that he shouldn’t be in jail, all of my post have acknowledged how wrong it was, and we feel so very sad for Shane’s family.

    Since you placed the blame on us for his addiction, would you place the blame on your family for your addiction and the way you were living? So happy you”pulled yourself up by the boots straps.” You also seem like you have knowledge about what happened that night since you referred to Nate’s significant other. Please enlighten me if you are so much of a straight arrow …tell me why are you hanging around with those people? You may have hate for my brother but you are still associated with the same type of people that he was. Is your family going to save you?

  21. Just disregard the previous post. I’m sorry for mis-directed anger. This isn’t going to help anyone.

  22. I grew up with this guy. I have to say I’m not the least bit surprised. I have to say, he is a smart kid but most of the things he’s done throughout life kinda made me think either he was going to be a rocket scientist or kill someone or himself …minus the rocket scientist he has attempted all the rest and failed . So I guess this is what it means when someone “sucks at life”

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