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“The Appellate Division on Tuesday threw out a weapons case against a 14-year-old identified as Jaquan M., caught with a gun and ammo in his backpack two years ago,” reports. “The ruling came a week after the same court sided with another 14-year-old, Darryl C., who was caught with a gun during a stop-and-frisk. The judges said the stop-and-frisks were illegal.” On the occasion of the birth of the United States of America, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took exception to the idea that the young men in question had constitutional protections against indiscriminate search and seizure. “The police officers did everything they were supposed to do exactly by the book,” Hizzoner said, ignoring the fact that the judicial system just told him that “the book” violates citizens’ rights. “The kid had a gun. The cops saved people’s lives by getting that gun off the street. And to overturn the conviction I think is just plain wrong. It’s wrong on the facts. It’s wrong on what’s good for America.”

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    • Sadly it was an appellate judge, which means there was one before him that did not. And someone spent time in jail when they shouldn’t have. But hey, on the bright side, it ensured that cops, corrections officers, judges, and attorneys get to keep their jobs.

  1. I’m not surprised. This guy had the term limits changed so he could run again. He provides NYC with an illusion of security and residents love him for it. He could probably get away with a dead, underage hooker in his trunk.

  2. “Eroding freedom = Good for America”

    And there are people that want this douchebag to run for president, it blows my mind.

    • Monopoly-money Mike will run eventually, I’m sure. He has too much cash for anyone to challenge him. And usually, the one who spends the most on a campaign, wins. My guess is that as soon as he is done with NYC, he’ll try for DC.

  3. People like Mr. bloomers are the reason that commies have just about taken over every aspect of our government and turned into the gubbermint of amerikka.

    We are being assaulted from all sides every day thanks to the bloated bureaucracy that all gubbermint workers strive to inflate as much as they try to take our freedoms away as their main missions in life.

    All three branches of our government have been bought & paid for by the global elite banksters and their enablers to the point that they don’t even care that they are violating the “law of the land” in everything they do because they got a communist manafesto, and if it is “written in their book” then it is gods word to them.

    I will be a very happy camper when the 2nd american revolution kicks off and I hope I live to be able to put the rope around the neck of traitors like bloomers and pull the lever!

    • People like Mr. bloomers are the reason that commies have just about taken over every aspect of our government… All three branches of our government have been bought & paid for by the global elite banksters…

      Just wondering but how are the bankers commies? I always thought they were capitalists, since ya know, they have all the capital…

      • because they answer to the same masters Matt, and those “masters” are for the most part former or current nazi’s & communist bootlickers.

        follow the money and you will find an evil person behind it all.

        • According to your previous statement, the bankers were the masters. Well then, who is the master of the bankers?

          Since it sounds like you’ve followed the money, do you care to say who the “evil person behind it all” is?

      • If the bankers were capitalists they’d have gone bankrupt instead of asking/scaremongering their bought and paid for politicians into giving them bailouts. They’re more of a fascist/communistic bunch.

        • You do realize that not all of them would have gone bankrupt? In any trade there has to be a counter party who makes money from the losing party.

  4. The ego of that bloviating gasbag knows no limits. Only King Michael knows what’s good for you. Not the Founders, not the courts and certainly not you.

    • So agree – the problem is that his opposition has usually been to the left of Pol Pot, so whaddayagonnado?

    • As I’ve gotten older. I’ve slowed down a bit and become somewhat docile. I tell you what though, this here Bloomberg is one feller I would truly enjoy having a little discussion with. Something about his particular style of arrogance just rubs me the wrong way.

  5. I wonder how Mr. Bloomberg would respond to an indiscriminate search of his person with no reasonable cause. By his own reasoning, it should be allowed at any time for any reason on any person. Somehow, I think he wouldn’t take to well to a spontaneous search.

    • Bloomy and his privileged few are considered unconditionally exempt from his own decrees, “for the the good of America”, while the remainder of us shall be considered unconditionally suspect and have to be kept in our place. In his mind, the fact that us commoners have such a hard time getting it furthers his point.

  6. Neither adults nor minors should be victimized by Stop & Frisk which is Soviet or Nazi police-state behavior. Bloomberg’s claim: “Stop ‘N Frisk Is Good for America” — well I guess that is what is next based on my rhetorical question on the previous post (sarcasm off).

    • lol, where have you been? Stop and frisk is as American as apple pie. It predates both the Soviet and Nazi regimes. Why do you think we have the 4th amendment? What, before it was ratified, the American police forces werent stoping and frisking people? Congress signed it in to law, just in case? Do you think that after the 4th was ratified, that it stopped the practice?

      • I’ve had lots of apple pie and have never been frisked by a cop. The 4th Amendment (in the Bill of Rights) resulted from the abuse of the Writs of Assistance passed by British Courts in the Colonies 1760s which were excessively used in searching for smuggled goods. Prior to the 4th Amendment, there wasn’t much of an American or Colonial Police Force in existence to Stop & Frisk. Most Colonial Courts refused to issue the Writs of Assistance. The so-called police forces you referred to were most probably British government employees or troops. There you go now Matt.

  7. I imagine that the control freaks who hate guns see this as a loss, but to them, no constitutionally protected right is sacred. In their view, for our own good, we must trust them to keep us safe.

    But voters have to take responsibility for Bloomingbutt. He was elected thrice. He didn’t take over in a coup. When will Americans wake up?

    • You are confusing the denizens of NYC with Americans. I sometimes think I was the last American to leave NY; and that was 25 yrs. ago.

  8. Also, how does hizzoner know that getting the gun “off the street” saved lives? Maybe the kid felt he needed the gun for self defense and getting the gun “off the street” endangered his life.

    • ok, in fairness if the kid needed the gun for self protection it was only because he was a afraid some rival gangbanger would gun him down.

  9. The face of pure evil. I’m surprised his ironic flag lapel pin hasn’t burst into flames.

    It’s a sad, dark stain on anything truly American that this piece of shit holds any power in a seemingly free nation.

  10. If you violate one part of the Bill of Rights, you will eventually end up violating the Bill of Rights in its entirety.

    • Let’s see, the New York political machine suspended the Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment. I am sure there are more that I have missed. Can anyone cite examples of breaking the First Amendment or others?

  11. If by “Good for America” he is referring to the dirtbag businessmen, politicians, and other assorted white collar criminals who will never suffer the indignity of being stopped and frisked and can feel much safer now as they go about their daily business leveraging the power and influence they already have into ever increasing power and influence… shoveling us rabble like coal to fuel their machine…(gasp)… then sure, that statement makes sense.

    • Also they will never have to suffer the “indignity” of earning a living from scratch without a bunch of other people’s money to vastly accelerate the launch of their careers for them.

  12. Bloomberg is one of the most dangerous men in America, the current white house administration notwithstanding.

  13. Well hopefully this trend will at least set the precedent. I am not sure if or when the law will either be overturned or the Police will be given orders to stop.
    It is a fine line you have to walk when you say you want to protect people and not infringe on their liberties and freedoms. Hopefully the Police Chief will have the balls to tell his men to stop the procedure until there is a definitive ruling from the circuit court. Otherwise it is a waist of everyone’s time and money, personal freedoms aside here.

  14. Old Bloomer-boy is a typical small man with a big ego. He has to inflict his authority on everything from soda sales to law enforcement. It will be interesting to see what happens to the clown when he no longer has any political authority and is basically irrelevant. May not happen today or tomorrow, but there will be a day when he is just another obnoxious dwarf with no authority. I’d love to be able to see him and laugh at him when that is his condition.

  15. Truly chilling. Write an unconstitutional policy, execute it, then cry foul when the judiciary calls you on it by citing that you were only following the policy. That sort of cyclical logic could justify absolutely anything. This sort of duplicity and power-mongering is what the 2A was meant to protect us from. Bloomberg is merely demonstrating the truth being the civilian disarmament movement: “It’s problematic to strip you of all your others rights while you’re still armed.”
    That said, the only thing more frightening that Bloomberg’s deranged, fascist thinking is that the people of NYC keep reelecting him. I would say that between the anti 2a behavior and anti 4a behavior the government of NYC is so far past any legitimate tripwire that the people of the city should long ago have risen up in revolt. . . except that they haven’t even risen up and voted this tyrant out. I suppose the gun grabbers think that perhaps eventually we’ll all voluntarily disarm. Pol Pot moved his people out of the cities and into the countryside to effect massive social and economic change (and genocide). Perhaps we’ll see the leftists in this country eventually try to relocate all of us to the cities in order to do the same. That said, I wouldn’t set foot in NYC for a cash reward, all expense paid, key to the city visit, let alone live there. There may come a time when the people of the gun (AKA people who believe in the constitution and personal liberty) may have to contract from the NE and California, Illinois and a few scattered other cities and regroup in locations where we will form a super majority that can’t be Gerrymandered around. Dark days indeed.


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