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When you load up your gear for a trip to the range, you have lots of options. You can toss everything in a brown paper grocery sack, stow your stuff in the backpack you take to work every day, or pick up a bag at a big box store that will get the job done. All three will get your gear to and from the range in various states of organization and repair. Then again, should you want something that’s painstakingly conceived, purpose-built, and amazingly well executed to be the ideal tool for the job, there’s the Vertx B Range Bag.


Vertx says their medium-sized B Range Bag was “made in collaboration with professional firearms instructors.” I don’t know who they talked to, but the company got a lot of good advice. The bag’s extremely well designed and shows a level of quality construction you simply don’t see in competing gear. The best adjective to describe the quality of construction here: over-built.

The main compartment features a Velcro-lined compartment large enough for two full-sized duty pistols. If you want to keep them from clanking into each other, you can easily add a Velcro-backed soft holster (Vertx has their own line of “Tactigami” gear), but other similar products will work, too).


There’s plenty of room in the top compartment for your eyes, ears, and other gear.


Down below is a cleverly designed slide-out ammo caddy. It separates to give you a lightweight mesh tray that’s perfect for holding the brass or shells you’ve picked up while letting dirt and other schmutz fall through before you stow it back in the bag for the trip home.


There are two smaller zippered compartments on each end for gear like ear plugs, choke tubes, a multi-tool…whatever. Vertx has also added a slim pocket on top of the main compartment flap to stow your keys (with a hook to secure them) for quick access without having to dig down into the bag itself to find them.


An added feature of the B Range Bag, as well as Vertx’s larger A Range Bag — click here for Nick’s review of that one — is a six-compartment ammo caddy. Oh, and there’s also an integrated steel cable that’s perfect for thwarting smash-and-grab thieves or ensuring your stuff doesn’t walk away from the range if left unattended.


I could go on about the bag’s features, but Vertx has produced this video which accomplishes the same thing much more efficiently.

Ultimately though, this a range bag, though likely the best one of its size on the market. You’ll probably hand it down to your grandchildren. The only downside is that all the thought, design work, and top-notch construction that goes into the B Range Bag comes at a price. The MSRP is $159 with the bag widely available for $149. Is it worth it? We report, you decide.

Specifications: Vertx B Range Bag

Construction: Cordura nylon, YKK zippers, steel security cable, Velcro where needed
Size: 10″ H x 13″ W x 8″ D
Capacity: 15 liters
Weight: 3 lbs, 13.2 oz.
Color: Black or Smoke Grey
MSRP: $159 ($149 street)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Design: * * * * *
It’s hard to think of a design feature this bag doesn’t have…or could have done better. If it’s smaller than you need, that’s why Vertx makes the larger A Range Bag. Both are thoughtfully conceived and surprisingly well executed.

Build Quality: * * * * *
You simply won’t find a better-built bag. Everything from the materials to the workmanship is absolutely first rate.

Value: * * *
As the first commenter to hit the enter button will no doubt point out, you can buy three or four range bags at Wally World for what the B Range Bag will run you. Then again, none of them will be in the same league with this one in terms of design or construction.

Overall: * * * *
One star off for that price tag, but this is the best-made bag on the market, hands down. Vertx has thought of everything here. If you need a range bag and this one’s in your price range, don’t bother looking any further.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. My range bag was purchased some 30 years ago in Korea, custom made and embroidered to my specifications for use as a “trunk” for my motorcycle, for around $5-10. When the motorcycle was stolen, it was stored until return to US, 25 years ago it became a range bag. I believe it’s about 1/3 the size of this bag, yet the biggest problem I have with it is that for a major range trip it becomes too heavy to carry. I could live with the price, but I don’t see that I would ever be able to utilize the space.

  2. I’ve moved to Vertx (which is a play off the word Covert, it turns out) for quite a few things. They are very proud of their items, but the materials and workmanship are excellent. I find myself nowadays wearing Vertx pants, carrying a Vertx briefcase, with a Vertx Gamut as my QRF bag in the truck. I’ve recommended their Transit bag to a few of my friends who are operating operationally and they’ve all come back for more. I need to go buy their bigger Gamut Plus backpack.

  3. My GPS range back pack is better. It can hold four handguns. Plus more room for ammo and other stuff. Best part: after taxes and shipping, cost me $92.

  4. Looks like a nice bag, and if I were just starting, it’d look pretty good. But.

    I now have a collection of carry and backpack bags, compartmentalized to help keep me organized and stuff from banging together etc.

    The only problem is that all of my stuff doesn’t necessarily fit in the compartments intended for them (e.g. extra large eye pro to go over my glasses) or that I need to carry a load that’s different from what the designer envisioned.

    I find I keep returning to the Midway USA bag I bought when I started shooting. One big center compartment, two side pouches with zippers, so it’s very flexible. Handguns go in their own triangle hard cases. Spare hear pro for a friend? No worries. Three pistols? Easy fit. And so on.

    I usually use a plastic ammo can to carry the ammo for the day. Spent brass just gets dumped back in, and a quick swipe with a paper towel cleans it out.

  5. I use a TravelPro carry-on bag that I bought maybe 15 years ago (or more). It holds everything with mucho room to spare, with a large main stowage area and several divided outside pockets, one of which is waterproof. If I need more space, the bag expands. It will never wear out and it doesn’t scream “gun!”

    The only thing I don’t like about it — and most range bags — is that the material on the inside is black. A black lining turns a bag into a cavern where small bits go to hide until they show up years later on an airport x-ray.

    • “until they show up years later on an airport x-ray.”

      Which is a very good reason to never use your range bag as airplane luggage. Or to never fly from a commercial terminal. Either works.

    • I use 2 “Stanley” tool bags in my [GFZ] home state. They are cheap and very durable.

      One is for ammo, and the rest of the range gear goes into the other one. They do not scream operator operating operationally. I like being below the RADAR.

      They do not draw stares like “tactical” and larger “carry-on” sized luggage.

  6. I’m a big fan of thrift store roll-a-way suitcases. Completely incognito, holds a ton, rolls. Spend 15 minutes cutting and gluing foam and you’re good to go.

    • I haven’t tried that, but it sounds like a plan, especially since I seem to have TONS of cheap-ass lightweight bags. Biggest problem would be avoiding accidental use of it later for airlines, but I suppose gluing enough foam in it could remind me.

  7. I only own one Vertx product, a hat, ballcap style. I’ve had it for four years. It got so gross from welding fumes and sweat that I had to wash it in the sink with oxyclean and dishsoap. Looks brand new now.

    If the bag is anything like the quality of their hats, it’s worth the price. As a range bag it will probably last multiple lifetimes.

    • I had to wash it in the sink with oxyclean and dishsoap

      Careful, I’ve got a couple of hats that are only held together by the grease and grime….

      • I was worried about that, but having done it I can say this: In my experience the Vertx hats are bombproof.

        The brim doesn’t even have burns from welding splatter.

        If I needed a range bag, I’d happily buy a Vertx. As I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasts multiple lifetimes.

  8. I bought a canvas bag at a gun show in Atlanta. The gun shows run monthly around the state. I paid approx. $20 and it has an ample amount of room using numerous pockets, large internal room and a thick shoulder belt with a reinforced carry straps.


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