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I know what you’re thinking. Ho hum. Another Kydex holster. A plastic sheath with a belt clip. Another one, just like the other ones. Only Vedder Holsters’ entry into the touchable inside-the-waistband canon of gun-totin’ gear is more than another me-too item.

Some who carry just can’t abide IWB. It’s constricting, they say, requires a bigger pair of pantaloons and can inhibit a good clean draw. Fair enough, but IWB has a number of pros as well.

First and foremost: IWB’s versatility of concealment. An un-tucked shirt has to ride up awfully far to expose the fact that you’re carrying a mohaska. Much farther than when carrying in an outside-the-waistband holster.

The other plus: if you want a neater, more professional look, you can always tuck in those shirt tails. Only eagle-eyed fellow people of the gun are likely to recognize that clip on your belt.

That’s why I carry IWB about half the year, depending on weather and clothing options. And I prefer a simple uni-clip Kydex IWB holster over a large hybrid rig with two clips and a backing.

So what makes Vedder’s LightTuck IWB better than others I’ve tried? Three things.

First, the LightTuck has a raised sweat shield section that rides between you and your pistol. Not only does this keep bodily fluids off your carry piece, it gives you a fraction more room to slip in your thumb in on the draw.

Second, unlike most other similar designs, the LightTuck lets you adjust its cant. Do you like your gun to ride vertically? OK then. But if you prefer a forward tilt for a little more concealment and a better draw, the LightTuck gives you a full 30 degrees of adjustment options.

Third, the LightTuck features an incredibly sturdy metal clip — in contrast to the polymer jobs on other IWB holsters I’ve tried (and broken). The Vedder clips latch onto your belt like an alien face-hugger; they won’t slide around no matter what kind of burpees you do (in the privacy of your own home).

The LightTuck has a screw and rubber gasket arrangement so you can fine tune the degree of retention you prefer.

There are two sets of holes drilled to adjust the holster’s ride height.

As you can probably see from the photos, Vedder pays a lot of attention to finishing their Kydex — something not every garage-based holster operation takes the time to do. The edges are nicely rounded which means they won’t catch on your clothes, slice a finger or mar your gun.

In short, this the LightTuck IWB is a first rate rig for everyday carry. You won’t find a more thoughtfully designed, better made holster to discreetly carry your gun.

Specifications: Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex (GLOCK 43 version tested)

Height: (shell only) 6 inches
Width: 3.25 iches
Depth: (shell only) 1.25 inches
Weight: 3.0 oz.
Colors: You name it, they offer 79 different options
Price: $54.99 (colors other than black run from $3 to $20 extra)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort: * * * * *
You’ll forget you’re carrying. Which is the point…right up until you need your gun. Which we hope you won’t.

Concealability: * * * * *
Vedder will make a LightTuck for beasts as big as a 92FS USP 45 or 1911 Government if you’d like. But with a slim single stack nine, not even your hairdresser will know for sure.

Value: * * * *
The LightTuck gives you more options and better quality than comparable models. Worth the extra money.

Overall: * * * * *
Top quality materials and finish with more features at a reasonably affordable price.

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  1. It is just another kydex holster.

    Nice to have choices.

    But one of MANY. So many.

  2. Sounds like a paid review to me:

    “What makes THIS kydex holster so different?? It has a swear shield, adjustable can’t and a metal clip! Like so many others!”

    It’s a kydex holster like the rest. Don’t like the clip on another? Swap it. They’re pretty universal anyway.

  3. Where else have I seen the Vedder name recently? I think if one of your sponsors is getting a review there should at least be a comparison model of similar price mentioned, better yet it’s probably not a good idea to put anything up other than their promotional videos as there’s a clear conflict of interest and everyone wants to maintain their credibility as journalists around here, right?

    • Tom,
      Click on the “others I have tried” link and your wish will be fulfilled.

  4. My personal preference with a single clip kydex holster is for the clip to be mounted high instead of near the bottom of the holster. You don’t get the adjustable cant, which I don’t need, but you gain a little better concealment as that type holds the pistol tighter to the side of your body in my experience. I use the Ozark IWB single clip kydex holster.

    • I have one for my Kahr CM9. You can adjust the ride height higher than pictured. Great holster.

  5. Looks like a nice holster, but in the interest of maintaining credibility, you might want to disclose somewhere up front that Vedder is an advertiser. Otherwise, you’re going to get a whole bunch of people crying about “paid reviews” in 3…2…1…

    • Most readers know that Vedder is a TTAG advertiser. As is FN, Savage, Ruger, STI, Springfield, Henry, Wilson Combat, GLOCK, and many many more.

      We never have and never will publish paid reviews. If we had to avoid reviewing products made by advertisers, our review output would be severely reduced.

      We give our honest opinions about companies and their products, whether they advertise here or not, come what may. Maybe you’ve read some of our recent posts about Springfield which no doubt didn’t please one of our biggest advertisers.

      If we publish something that’s incorrect or inaccurate in this or any other review, we have no doubt our knowledgeable readers will let us know.

  6. I have this rig and have found it to be quite comfortable for extended hours of wear. I do like the minimalist concept of this rig. I did modify the retention clip and replaced it with a UniClip which has worked out exceptionally well. The UniClip can be clipped directly to the pants as opposed to the belt like most clips. This allows even further concealment when wearing the rig in the tuck configuration, as it has your belt to cover the clipping assembly.

  7. “And I prefer a simple uni-clip Kydex IWB holster over a large hybrid rig with two clips and a backing.”

    two clips limit placement due to belt loop location. single clip hybrids (cross breed freedom carry, adjustable for cant) work fine, even on full size metal firearms. your belt will be doing most of the work.
    and again: when the clip is placed on the outside of the barrel it unnecessarily increases the overall width. placing the clip back behind the trigger helps to pull the whole deal in more tightly.

    r. grizzle rough an ready.

  8. I like my full leather with Bear Paw hand craved in the middle with stap. Mahogany and a Black is a nice combination.

    Life is too short to carry an ugly gun in an ugly holster.

  9. I love mine. I went through 2 other more expensive holsters before finding this one. Very comfortable.

  10. I had an AG holster for my Glock 17 but bought a Vedder for my Glock 43. Liked the Vedder single clip much better than the AG two clip. So I put the AG in the drawer and bought another Vedder. Like the customizing(height, cant & retention) much better on the Vedder.

  11. I have one for a CZ75b and it works very well when worn in the 1-2 o’clock or 4 o’clock positions. It’s pretty plain but works as well as any IWB all kydex holster I’ve owned. The clip and cant options, retention and the ability to move the clip closer toward the butt of the gun are all qualities I like in an IWB rig. The hardware and fit/finish are very nice.

    It’s not perfect and not for everyone or every gun but for 55 bucks it’s comfortable enough and conceals a full size, steel handgun well. FWIW I also like Crossbreed and Comp Tac for the other guns I carry but the Vedder is solid. Just my 2 cents.

  12. After buying this holster for my G43 I put all the other holsters for all my guns in a box and put away. I’ve now purchased Vedders holsters for all my handguns, even my G20. These may not be for everybody, but I’ll never buy from another company again. Their customer service is on the same level as Vortex ‘s. My current edc is a G32 inside a lighttuck with a claw.

  13. It is true that there are many kydex holsters in the marketplace. I certainly haven’t tried them all but of the ones I’ve tried the Vedder seems to be superior in fit, finish, and comfort. The black basket weave is attractive for a non-leather piece. Because of recent circumstances I’ve moved from a slim single stack (Kahr CW9) to a double stack (CZ 2075) and this holster has helped. I recommend it and I’ve got no dog in this fight.

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