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Tommy Theis runs Arkansas-based Theis Holsters. He hand-makes every holster, mag holster, and belt that comes out of the shop, and test draws from each holster to ensure proper fitment. I really like single-clip, hybrid holsters, and thought I’d try one from Theis — their EZ-Clip — for my H&K P7 . . .

It’s a little weird to make a holster for a P7, what with the squeeze cocker on the front of the grip. Different companies accommodate it in different ways. Theis shaped the Kydex so it runs right near the line where squeeze cocker becomes trigger guard, allowing for as much of a full grip as possible while also fully covering the trigger guard. All good news here.

Molded Kydex is riveted to a leather backing, as is the norm in a hybrid holster. I got mine in regular ol’ cowhide, but a premium cowhide — smoother, thinner, softer — is also available. Theis used to offer horsehide, but apparently the quality of the leather being imported into the U.S. recently has been below Theis’ standards so that option is on hold for a while.


Kydex trimming was done extremely cleanly. Edges have been nicely rounded and there are no burrs or rough spots anywhere, inside or out.


The belt clip is isolated from the Kydex by a couple of rubber grommets, helping to keep things quiet while also allowing the clip to more easily pop over your belt. There are six holes that allow you to adjust for ride height and cant. The clip itself is well-designed and very easy to get on while leaving basically no margin for accidently popping over your belt on the draw. A purposeful lift up on the tab at bottom is needed to unhook it from the bottom edge of your belt.


Retention strength isn’t adjustable without heating up the Kydex to either snug it up or loosen it a bit. Again though, Tommy actually test fits and draws from each holster before it leaves his shop, and I’m perfectly happy with the retention level on this one.

If you’re testing a holster like this (basically any hybrid leather/Kydex) for retention, just make sure you’re doing it while you’re wearing it, with your belt snugged up in the same way it will be as when you carry. That squeeze from your belt presses the leather against the gun and the gun against the Kydex, so it’s going to hold on a little harder than when it’s off your belt.


I find the EZ-Clip to be very comfortable and easy (EZ) to wear all day long. Single clip holsters like this are much easier to put on and take off than double-clip holsters, and they’re my preference for any pistol that’s basically the size and weight of this P7 or smaller. Let’s say GLOCK 19 size or smaller. Anything more than the P7 in weight and I start to prefer the two-clip jobs to further spread out the weight on my belt. However, I only wear a “gun belt” for competition and my daily belts tend to be a bit floppy. If you wear a better belt you could easily carry a larger gun in this style holster.

A Kydex outer shell is great as it’s thin, light, durable, remains open even without the gun it in so you can reholster easily and safely, and I haven’t found that it wears firearm finish any more than leather does. Maybe even less in some cases. I like how secure the clip is on it and I like that nice “click” when the pistol snaps into place inside of it.

A leather backing is nice as it evenly distributes the weight, molds to your body and to your gun — and keeps getting better over time — has some grip against clothes and skin to keep the holster in place, yet rarely irritates.

This sort of hybrid design might be the best of both worlds, and Theis makes a really fine example at a good price.


  • MSRP: $55
  • Gun Models: Available for a few dozen different firearm models + various light/laser options.
  • Location: Can be worn IWB or OWB
  • Cant: Adjustable for various cants or no cant.
  • Coverage: Partial slide coverage (as pictured) or full slide coverage.
  • Materials: Kydex outer shell in any color you want as long as it’s black. Leather backing in standard or premium cowhide (horsehide on temporary hiatus).

Ratings (out of five stars):

Build Quality  * * * * 
Really nice. Made by hand in the U.S.A.

Fit  * * * * *
Fits the P7 perfectly. Retention is spot-on, sight channel is good, draw and reholstering is smooth, audible “click” when the pistol goes in. The leather is also sized just right.

Comfort * * * *
I like this style of hybrid holster. It ends up being a little wider than a Kydex-only job, but the leather spreads the weight out and provides a bit of grip that helps to keep the holster right where it’s supposed to be. Your body is protected from the gun and the gun is protected from your body (sweat and whatnot). It just keeps getting better and better as the leather breaks in and molds to you and your pistol.

Overall  * * * * 
Really good holster using high quality components, made with care and tested before it ships. Combined with a competitive price and great service it puts Theis solidly above the norm.

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    • It and the p9 were my first introduction to h&k products. Good guns. Too bad h&k hates us.

      edit: I guess the west german forces g3 was my first intro to H&k products.

      • Thinking hk hates you because you can’t buy a factory hk21 is like saying Pepsi are a bunch of freedom haters because of the attempted soda ban.

        It’s rediculously misguided and actual history of political involvement demonstrates otherwise.

    • You’d have to contact Tommy. If there’s a blue gun for it or he can somehow borrow the real thing, I’m sure he could make the holster for it. The list of models they currently make and have molds for are in the gun model drop-down on the product pages.

    • I would email him and see. He does sometimes do custom jobs. and his customer support is awesome (its just him – one man business). Ive had one of his holsters for my ruger sp101 for over a year and its the best holster i have ever owned. great quality and very comfy.

    • Dirk, I had Tommy Theis make a IWB holster for a six shot DAO snubb Taurus revolver. We weren’t sure if he had a weapon of the same size and configuration so I sent him my revolver and he did a super job. I love the holster it’s very comfortable. I also bought a Jake belt from him which I like.

  1. I’m not seeing how it can be altered to be worn OWB. How abut a pic of it changed to OWB? Or are you saying it can be left side OWB or right side IWB?

    • its simple really. put the paddle outside your pants instead of inside, and tighten your belt up so it pulls your holstered weapon against your body. I use a lot of my IWB holsters this way.

        • I think I see. Same position except between belt and pants. Still requires a bigger belt, but now not a larger pants. I had been used to the idea of OWB being outside the belt.

        • Exactly. It can also provide more comfort by putting additional layers of clothing between you and the holster. However, you obviously have more holster to conceal this way (need a longer top layer).

  2. This design is ideal for situations in which you are forced to go into gun free zones and do not want to un-holster. It also has the benefit of making a traffic or other investigatory stops safer since a cop will not need to un-holster and expose the trigger and risk an ND in order to temporarily secure a firearm.

    • Yes, very easy to remove the entire holster with gun still secured inside it and very easy to ‘install’ the entire holster with gun already secured inside it. This is great for the purposes borg mentioned. When out shooting I’ll obviously draw and reholster for practice and such, but at home for EDC purposes these types of holsters always go into my waistband with the pistol already inside of it. This is a lot harder to do with some other styles of holster, and I do believe there’s a bump in safety factor by doing it this way

  3. I was also in the market for a one clip hybrid type holster recently. I looked at these, but settled on a Hybrid 1.0 from Ryman holsters. Similar design, but the Ryman holster is “tuckable”, which I needed to carry at work.

  4. They make several different styles of holsters. This is the only one that is not Tuckable. It’s more of an easy on easy off, hence the EZ Clip name. Great small business, and one-on-one personal service. If you call Theis(Tice) Holsters, you talk to Mr. Theis and only Mr. Theis. If you need a really tight fit, full slide coverage, or any other special request, just contact him and he will work with you. His website is easy to navigate, and his customer service is second to none. I have several of his holsters and all of them are perfect fits, and excellent craftsmanship. I’ve talked with him a few times, and he and his grandson- Jake- make great products. 2A supporter, Made in the USA, lifetime warranty…. my only choice for everyday carry.

  5. For my primary EDC, a G26, I just use a generic, leather IWB holster. I’d be interested in upgrading to something in Kydex, if only because it would make re-holstering easier. Once AG Abbott is elected governor and we get open carry in Texas, lots of people are going to need to OWB holsters, including me.

    I like that they use powder coating on the metal belt clips, too. Depending on the facility and the application, powder coating can entail washing the parts with a degreaser, drying them, running an electrical charge through them, which helps bond the powder to the piece, then baking the powder onto the piece. It’s a really neat technology for many applications.

    This looks like a solid product and an attractive price, plus I’m always a fan of owner-operator entrepreneurial companies. I’ve just bookmarked the Theis website. Good review.

  6. I own one of the earliest versions of the EZ Clip holster (mine doesn’t offer multiple drillings to adjust depth or cant). It’s comfy and really convenient, and Theis is brilliant about customer service.

    I got ham handed one day and broke the clip, and Theis immediately sent me two newer clips, which seem pretty close to unbreakable.

    His hybrid two-clip holster is a skoosh more comfortable, but a lot more effort to get on or off. I own both.

    Theis does a great job of responding to questions and requests. A real standout in the holster world. If I were to get a different carry gun (I carry a G19), you can bet I’d order another holster from Theis.


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