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PJ Holsters sent me three sample holsters to review, all designed to hold my Ruger LCP. My baby-bear-just-right holster: an inside-the-waistband (IWB) clip unit with a 15 degree cant. While PJ Holsters can make your holster in any color or pattern you like, I ordered mine in basic black.


While the PJ holster is slim enough to disappear under an untucked shirt, it did print when I was wearing tight tops. (YMMV) As I learned in The People’s Republic of California, appendix carry sorts that out. Now that I’m in Wyoming, I don’t bother. Still, in all fairness, the slim Ruger LCP isn’t a difficult firearm to carry, regardless of the holster.

The PJ holster’s main advantage: it can be easily repositioned around the waistband of your pants. In fact, I could use the PJ holster without a belt wearing yoga pants or yoga leggings.

When the PJ Holsters belt clip first arrived, I had a major sword-in-the-stone moment. Once I adjusted the retention screw, it passed both the upside-down-yoga and dry fire draw test. Out on the range, the carry system performed as expected. I could access my firearm quickly and efficiently, and reholstering was smooth. PJ’s reinforced clip held firmly to the belt, causing less pull on my pants than previous holsters.

Like many small holster makers, PJ’s success depends on customization and customer service, rather than significant design or materials advantages over their competition. PJ backs his products with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. That’s pretty impressive when we’re talking about a holster made to your exact specifications, color-included. Also impressive: PJ answers emails within the hour (thanks to his trusty smartphone), seven days a week.

If you’re a firearms newbie, it may be best to try out cheaper holsters before deciding exactly what you need from a custom shop. Body types, clothing choices and carry styles vary. But once you’ve know what you like, PJ Holster has the expertise to build your ideal carry system. Guaranteed.

Appearance * * * *

Nothing really needs to be said especially considering appeal is subjective, but since these holsters can be customized to come in any color, you can make it your own. I preferred the minimalist design of this IWB holster.

Price * *  * *

It’s $55 for the standard belt clip IWB holster tested here — right in line with the cost of any other custom kydex holster. Free shipping and a no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee make it more of a value.

Comfort * * * * *

I’m fairly active and wore this holster for 16 hours straight, two days in a row. The PJ belt clip holster didn’t dig into my skin or push my pants around creating odd bumps.

Retention/Draw * * * * *

With adjustable retention, the PJ belt clip holster makes it easy to find the perfect gun grip.

Concealment * * * *

This holster caused some printing, but only in tighter-than-average clothing on a smaller than average figure. In a standard outfit on an average sized or smaller woman, it becomes invisible.

OVERALL * * * * 1/2

With PJ offering exceptional customer service, it’s hard to beat this holster.

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  1. I agree on cheap holsters for new owners.

    Once you have “a holster” , it will become more apparent what you want and/or need for different situations.

    Down here, Dead Eye Luke holsters fit the bill nicely.

    Seeing the LCP in your waistband shows how small your frame is in relation. I thought it was an LC9 at first. ha!

    • Cheap holsters are a waste of money, unless you are using them just to “try on” to find the place and cant that suits you best. It is like gun belts–don’t skimp, buy a belt designed to carry the weight of a gun.

      • Maybe for you. I have some cheap holster (less than 20 bucks) that I use on a regular basis.

        If it works, it works. You’re probably not going to be able to try on a custom leather holster, so it’s always a crap shoot to some degree. Just because it’s well-made doesn’t mean it fits or wears like you want it to.

        A friend of mine gave me a Rosen holster because it did not do what he wanted. Great quality but it didn’t work. Works fine for my occasional use.

        Cheap holsters let you try a different cant or height without spending a lot of jack. You may find that the cheap holster works just fine. Trying it on doesn’t cut it – ya gotta wear it to see how it works.

        Belt holster are a little different in that they dont have to ride as “cozy” as Inside Waste Band (IWB) holster.

        One of my favorite holster came free with my surplus Sig P6. It’s a padded nylon pancake the holds my SR9c like a champ. Wish I could figure out the company that made it.

        YMMV. “”Live like you wanna live” – Chuck Berry

  2. Interesting minimalist design. I like how he folds over the Kydex to make the clip instead of screwing it on. On the other hand, I have always been averse to the thought of plastic against my skin. I would imagine it would be uncomfortable in hot weather–and where I live, we have LOTS of hot weather.

    • There’s zero skin-to-metal contact on the numerous holsters I have bought from them.

      Also, to Sara’s mention that it printed a little… there is the option of getting your holster fitted for “deep concealment,” so it will ride lower… it’s not an option on the site, but you can email Paul with pretty much any customization you want.

      I also always go with the .06″ kydex instead of the standard .08″.

  3. Maybe it’s me, but looks like a lot more than 15 degrees cant between clip and holster. I’d say you’re pushing 25-30 degrees there.

  4. I run the 30 degree deep conceal tuckable PJ holster for my Shield and FNS-9. Both holsters are slim as possible, no problem with skin on kydex (better than hide), minimalist, and no sharp edges. I have broken a few belt clips over the years due to my own actions (I’m hard on holsters), and Paul always replaces them under warranty. Plus, he’ll custom mold one to fit both the gun and the options you have.

  5. I own several PJ’s holsters and strongly recommend them.

    I’ve been carrying for 20+ years, and I’ve had holsters from many manufacturers (Including many from Mitch Rosen) and I’ll now always go to PJ’s first when I acquire a new handgun.

    Thin, comfortable, affordable, and fast delivery. PJ’s rocks. Period.

    • For a gun the size of the LCP, you really don’t need a dinner-plate-size piece of leather backing. I sometimes carry a TCP (same size gun) in a similar Kydex holster, and it’s virtually unnoticeable, comfort-wise. As long as there’s a little “shield” piece to keep the slide of the gun from rubbing on your side, like this holster has, Kydex can be very comfortable.

  6. I have this holster for my LCP, except the loop wraps around the other way, underneath the belt. It is a fantastic holster.

    Seriously though, you can’t knock it for printing… you put directly on the side of your hip. You can’t just put it in the worst possible place for concealment, entirely ignoring body geometry, and then complain that it prints a little.

  7. I’ve been using PJ products for about 5 years. Typically I carry a P229 but also use one for an XDS. I carry morning to night and find them extremely comfortable. As others have said…PJ is responsive, stands behind his work, and makes great holsters.

    • So far, I’m impressed. I ordered a holster last night. Before 8am eastern, Paul responded (personally, perhaps?) with lead time. Very cool.

      I’m hoping this is thinner in profile and more comfortable than the Galloway Precision the LCP-2 currently rides in.


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