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There are several things I never do without. One is my constant little bulldog, Piggy. I bought her when she was three-weeks-old from fighting breeders, as my way of rescuing at least one pup. She is my constant companion, from room to room. (My old wolf hybrid/St Bernard isn’t quite as energetic.) Second, my Smith & Wesson 340PD. The revolver’s always in my pocket, battered over the years, friction-taped grip (nothing announces gun like a glimpse of wooden grip in your pocket) and all, going back to the days I wore a county badge. It’s a part of me as much as some knife scars and the shrapnel scars over my left eye, and the six tattoos. And then there’s my number one tool: the Pedi Paws battery-powered pet nail grinder. Insane, you say?

Nope. I’ve been cleared. I believe in having a Road Warrior-future level of ammo on hand for price increases and any sudden disaster/riots. Does LA or New Orleans come to mind? Well, to insure said stockpile, I purchase bulk, JHP, whenever there is a good deal, etc. The only problem is we still use cardboard in most of our ammo boxes from the manufacturer.

My favorite .40 load, Ranger 135gr JHP, often comes with some light rust on the back face of the rim and around the primer. Those of us buying 5.56mm surplus often see worse. In the short run it really doesn’t matter. But just as I never load a mag w/o gloves-(I don’t like the idea of my prints floating around on casings where they could be placed anywhere to possibly cause me legal problems), I don’t like fouled ammo.

Perfect cure: the Pedi Paws. Although my grumpy-ass wolf, Odin, won’t let me try it on him without trying to bite me, it’s the perfect tool to buff off rust from ammunition. Just use common sense and don’t bear down or run over one primer for 15 minutes—primers do go boom, after all. Simply open the box of old ammo and run the Pedi Paws, without the screw on cap guide, over the rounds as they sit in the box.

So now you know: you can even get gun stuff at PetSmart.


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  1. For God’s sake, don’t! They’ll paint them black, call them ‘tactical’ and double the price.

  2. I’m thinking ACU camo. It’ll be totally tacticool and all the mall ninjas will just have to have one. Hell, we can probably sell belt sheaths for them, too. It’ll be the start of a new industry.

    • Pfff, all real mall ninjas know that ACU hides you as well as a glow belt. True operators use Multicam.

  3. Yikes, the Pedi I tried once had a fairly aggressive emery wheel on it. I’ll have to check it out on brass but I’d think if you dwelled in one spot it would cut the case. I found it underpowered for dog nails and my wolf-dog wouldn’t have any messin with his feet except when he’d pick up a thorn. Pretty crazy Cujo, my dog’s name was Wotan, born to a clap of thunder.

    • That’s cool! Odie’s full name is Odin Satan XXXXXXX. As for the tool-yes, try it lightly at first-it does wonders, fast. Mike

      • The wolf is an amazing animal. I had to put child locks on the fridge and the trash can. One time he sneaked by a buddy and me-going to where we had a pizza waiting. He’d lift the lid,take a slice and push the lid down. We didn’t realize what was going on until we saw him taking the last piece. That’s my boy.

        • Anyone concerned with the new emery being too abrasive, just run it down a little against something. I’ used to having a light touch from soldering components.

        • Best wolf story was a friend out for morning run in Bolinas, CA and wolf ran into alluring scent, yard, back door of house and through kitchen. Strafed an entire counter of breakfast spread out and came out another open door. My buddy Ken heard crashing commotion and screams so as wolf rejoined him he just kept running.

  4. I was sure someone would note the device’s similarity to another battery powered device…

  5. I don’t know about the Pedi Paws but I’ve been using a battery operated Dremmel on three generations of Bernese Mountain Dog. The secret is getting them used to it as a puppy.

    Scars and tattoos? What do you need with tats when you already have scars (which are just tats with better stories). 🙂

    • My wolf boy wouldn’t go for it, and my bulldog yipped every time I tried. I did buff mine down though, because of a high protein diet my hair and nails grow real fast-fish and steak rule.

  6. Call me dense – But is this a joke post that I am not getting?

    If you want to clean the cartridge would it not be easier and cheaper to just chuck the cartridge in a drill and spin it against some steel wool. Using a lee trimmer base and cartridge carrier it would cost about $5….any reloader has it in their box of stuff.

    • With my tool you don’t have to take the rounds out of the box, and I usually get my ammo a case at a time, so it is a time saver.

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