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So TTAG caught up with ‘ole FPS at the Lucky Gunner blogger shoot. (Note: no bloggers were shot during the event.) We learned that FPS wasn’t Russian and that he was repentant. He promised our man Finn he would be more diligent in the eyes and ears department. If only for the children! And here is Comrade FPS not wearing either. Well, he might have some inner ear protection thingie jammed in his aural canals, but he sure as hell isn’t wearing eye protection. Whilst blowing something up with a gun. How stupid is that? Totally. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a caution from FN, makers of a rifle that looks a lot like the Bushmaster ACR in FPSRussia’s hands at the end of the video. . .


Unprotected, repeated exposure to gunfire can cause hearing damage. Wear ear protectors (shooting earplugs or muffs) to guard against such damage. Wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes from flying particles. Allow proper distance (eye relief) between a scope and your eye when firing a scoped rifle, rifle or shotgun. Do not use unorthodox shooting methods that could cause the rearward travel of the slide or bolt of a firearm to contact your eyes, face or hands. Always keep a safe distance between the muzzle of your firearm and any persons nearby, as muzzle blast, debris and ejecting shells could inflict serious injury.

Shooters are easily blinded by particles flying at subsonic speed. Imagine the damage a piece of plastic can cause when it’s moving at supersonic speed.

I like watching people shoot things with really big guns. I enjoy videos of people blowing shit up. But this guy is starting to piss me off.

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  1. Seriously, I don’t think many people are falling for it: you are clearly jealous.

    I could be wrong here, but by looks of it, that was a ACR not a SCAR. I’m just basing that really off the fact the stock looks like the ACR one.

      • So are you going to respond about the ACR or SCAR?

        I would love to be pointed how why its a SCAR if it is, I just know I want the ACR stock and it looks a lot like the ACR stock, and as far as I know only the ACR has it.

        • I want to see some bayonet drill and see how tough the stock is…my SR556/6.8 SPC , she too expensive to try that with, I tell you…

        • My gun identification trolls (GITS) tell me it’s an ACR, but in a camo that’s usually associated with the SCAR.

    • i don’t think many people understand you, how is pointing out unsafe firearms behavior jealousy?

      i think you could be wrong here too.

  2. This fool is going to lose an eye or some other important body part if he doesn’t smarten up.

  3. First part of the video was from the blogger shoot; where he actually was wearing eyes and ears

  4. He may be a fool at times, but he gets to shoot some kewl guns at some fine-looking shooting ranges!

  5. ACR or SCAR, not sure. You know, tactical rifles are really,really, beginning to be like Smith & Wesson pistols in the 90’s-so many with minute differences, you cannot keep up without a playbook or cliff notes, especially when S&W got into the four digit models.

    Off subject, but I foolishly skipped the chance to purchase one of three of the original Smith 4 digit auto’s that the FBI was T&Eing in 10mm, back in the day. It was the only Smith ever with a Sig Sauer style decocking lever. It was based on their giant 45** (whatever) of the day, chambered in the early HIGH powered 10mm rounds. The wep was huge-I could barely keep proper grip-and the rounds put you 12 o’clock high on recoil.

    It was ridiculous-anyone w/o Clint Eastwood hands could not carry and shoot it with confident handling. It was a beast to carry and female agents and smaller men would’ve found it impossible. I have BIG palms but average fingers-it humbled me…briefly. And that round, ladies and gentlemen, became the .40 S&W once they tweaked down the power.

    Now for FPSRussia, let ’em ruin his hearing and learn the hard way if he wants. I wish I could use my left ear a lot more. My right ear compensated, so the loss sneaked up on me after time. A specialist once explained to me that particularly with high velocity rounds like 5.56, a right handed shooter loses the hearing in his left ear-as the right ear is protected somewhat by the cheek weld. When that ringing in the ear starts lasting IT IS TOO LATE. (not angry letters, just for emphasis)

    Trust me, go in the military long enough and you’ll have to fire some day w/o protection, in a firefight. I’m saluting him for wearing “eyes”- I almost lost an eye to a bullet chunk/exploding handgun next to me. As for him seemingly getting closer to his tannerite “booming” target, or whatever he’s using, keep getting closer-I have shrapnel scars on my left eyelid from a hostile explosive-and a perforated eardrum in an already hearing damaged ear.

    Oh, wait-maybe the explosive force “dissipates” or “goes away” since it’s outdoors…yeah, right. And Santa’s not a big, fat, thyroidic elf.

    Before the virtual screaming at me begins, I repeat, I care not what he wears or doesn’t. I just don’t want good people getting hurt in the sport I love-shooting shit and blowing shit up. And I will prove it-soon. I’ve had some setbacks in the pain management in treating the crack in my eye socket( I was hit by a truck, in my truck, at 80 mph by a coward who fled the scene). I think we are getting the meds right, finally, after a year (morphine and BP meds-from high BP FROM the daily migraines, nerve meds, anti-inflammatories and steroids). So no excuses, my Brothers, just a temporary delay.

    I thank Mr. RF for the opportunity and patience. (and any test weapons he wants to send my way-obviously I don’t have many). As for FPSRussia, you’re entertaining, but how about shooting the M60 from the shoulder sometime… Stay Frosty, CUJO

  6. The above was the longest reply ever.

    FPS already has hearing loss, whether he knows it or not. He’s just making it worse every day. I’ll often wear both plugs and ear muffs when I shoot.

  7. 100% sure it’s an ACR and not a SCAR. Not that it really matters.

    At 1:59, you can see some of the target debris flying behind him in slo-mo. Crazy not wearing eye and ear protection.

    Also… disagree with the FN statement about repeated (unprotected) exposure to gunfire causing hearing damage. A SINGLE exposure can cause irreversible damage to your hearing.

  8. Might be on my end since for me the videos randomly get jumbled between posts on this site, but assuming we are talking in terms of eyes and ears on the exploding zombie vid…….

    HE HAS EYES AND EARS ON, break out the reading glasses I guess.

  9. Daniel Zimmerman says: “FPS is the blog gift that keeps on giving. But as the Joker said, where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

    All it takes is money. (Not to be confused with brains or class.) And not that much money. Guns are dirt cheap compared to other boy’s toys: cars, boats, airplanes. I admit I don’t get FPS Kyle. I don’t understand how people are impressed with the act, just like I don’t understand how people could believe he was actually Russian. Really? Um… ok.

    To me this is like video of some hapless twat peeling rubber with a Lamborghini. Is it his Lambo or his daddy’s Lambo? Does it matter?

  10. Keep the passion coming, CUJO. That’s what makes you CUJO. Without it, you’d be JAG (just another guy), except with scars, bad hearing, one hung low, a list of ailments too long to contemplate and a medicine cabinet that’s highly suspicious. 🙂

  11. Partial or even profound hearing loss might not be the worst that can result from shooting without ear protection. There’s also tinnitus — a ringing or buzzing in the ear that can be both constant and permanent… as in for the rest of your life. The interesting thing about tinnitus is it’s not cumulative or predictable: You can get it with the 1000th exposure, or the 50th, or you may never get it. It’s your basic crap shoot.

  12. Without it, you’d be JAG (just another guy), except with scars, bad hearing, one hung low, a list of ailments too long to contemplate and a medicine cabinet that’s highly suspicious.

    Hey – are you makin’ fun of me? It’s not abusing sick time if you really went to the doctor, and all those meds have my name on the bottle. Drug abuse may be illegal, but there’s no harm in enjoying your medication.
    And yeah, my ears ring – real loud!! Was that the phone?

    • Actually, I was responding to our bro CUJO. But if your meds are cool, I’m down with that. Personally, I get no joy from my daily low-dose aspirin or my BP meds.

      • Ha! I’m the unstoppable Terminator! Except I didn’t knock up the maid to get a gardener…

  13. Pause the video at 0:20. I clearly see FPSRussia wearing both EYE AND EAR PROTECTION.


    • Sometimes he does. He should do so every time he shoots a gun. The sole exception: a self-defense situation.

  14. Also, he’s WEARING BOTH EYE AND EAR PROTECTION. You guys fail so hard and make no sense. At all. Whatsoever.

  15. Please remember FPSRussia is doing thing for your entertainment. This is not a safety course video. You do not criticize Bruce Willis in a movie for not wearing eye and ear protection (even firing blanks in a movie can cause eye and ear damage) It is clear in almost all his videos FPSRussia is using weaponry many of us will never get a chance to shoot in a safe location in a fashion few are able to replicate. He is an intelligent person who knows the dangers involved. In any shooting situation there is an element of danger. And that is what I love about his videos. They are well thought out and executed. But the potential for danger is always there. If you need to be told at the start of every video he is showing, “Do not try this at home,” then maybe you are part of the reason for the decline of civilization. You have a choice to watch his videos or stop and go on to the next. He was raided by the FBI and the ATF and guess what? They left with nothing. He follows the rules and the laws of the land. That is more than enough for me.. My hat’s off to you FPSRussia. and as always, have nice day.

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