Question of the Day: Do You Have a Shotgun for Home Defense?

I keep a Benelli M2 as a gun to fight my way to. You?


    1. avatar Jake says:

      After reading all this, I’ll add that other than the NatGear Camo Clad, and front sight, both added for Spring Toms, everything about my SuperMag is out of the box. I also make sure that anything in it, or coming out of it, is made for feathers first.
      As mentioned below, anybody foolish enough to force their way into my realm, won’t feel the difference and, I feel, could help out legally if it ever comes to that.

  1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    Stoeger 12 ga. coach gun, Ithaca 37 12 ga. entry gun, Ithaca 37 12 ga riot gun, Remington 1100 12 ga-chopped to 20” with extension tube and tactical flashlight, Remington 870 12 ga with copstock,folding, and 10 shot extension tube, Beretta auto 12 ga-formerly a skeet gun-cujofied and tactical. I only use 2 3/4 slugs and 00 buck and flechettes.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      So that’s a yes, then.

      1. avatar Derek says:

        Those are just his shower guns…

  2. avatar Tony says:

    Mossberg 500 full of slug and 00 buck with a 25 shell bandolier at hand also.

  3. avatar Jason says:

    1897 Riot. Disconnectors are for commies.

    1. avatar Lance says:

      Amen. What’s the barrel length on that?

  4. avatar JOHN TRUBY says:

    Mossberg 500 with 00 buck. To fight my way to Cujo’s house.

    1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

      Skoal Brother!

    2. avatar John Fritz says:

      I’m right behind you. Share!

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        I’ll bring food for a week, my family and The Pacific on Blu-ray.

  5. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I have my Saiga with five and nine round mags, and I’m waiting for my 20 round drum to arrive.

    1. avatar Travis Leibold says:

      Lemme guess… Its loaded with .50 cal sabot slugs….

  6. avatar KW says:

    Why yes I do… Thanks for posting. That was my favorite shot of the day.
    It’s a Mossy 500A with a great recoil reducing Spec Ops stock. It has a pad on the cheek piece I added for comfort and a Surefire weapon light.

  7. avatar nika tamm says:

    hellbilly verona mo 590 mossberg 12 00buck @1.5 mag slug

  8. avatar Chaz says:

    Mossberg 930 “Home Security” model 12ga. Gas operated auto because (a) might have to operate with one hand; (b) gas action immune to ‘limp wrist’ jamming.

  9. avatar Sevesteen says:

    No, I rely on my carry gun. If home defense was all I was worried about I’d use a shotgun, but my risk isn’t enough to justify the increase in utility over a handgun and an armed wife.

    1. avatar Kat says:

      I am also an armed wife with Mossberg 500 20 gauge,
      Predator pistol grip and pink camouflage forend. House carry is Ruger .38 LCR with std XS Sight or Rhino Revolver .57 2″ SA/DA. Mossberg 500 20 gauge (actually “belongs” to the husband) with shell holder. He’s not wild about a loaded shotgun in the house. My shotgun resides behind door in bedroom, fully loaded with safety on.
      Go to gun range twice a month, put 100/150 rounds down range each time
      guess who is the better shot.

  10. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Call me a rebel, but I keep birdshot in the magazine for inside-the-home defense. The sidesaddle carrier is full of low-recoil 00 Buck. At seven yards or less, a soft target can’t tell the difference.

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      lol… birdshot. Looking to skin a man? I don’t know about knockdown but I am sure your problem will go away.

    2. avatar David says:

      870 Tactical w/a Choate pistol grip stock.

      I have birdshot in mine as well. Though I do have a box of the PDX slug and buck home defense ammo as well.

      I guess I feel like the lawyers are less likely to go after me for being an inhumane psycho who was using evil/inhumane ammo if I just pepper the guy with a round or two of birdshot.

      1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

        you say ‘psycho’ like it’s a bad thing…

  11. avatar Buuurr says:

    Mossberg 930 pistol grip loaded with PDX-1 slug and buck combo. Red dot sight.

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      I should mention that the reload is three inch magnums. Why? Cause if they can take the PDX-1, I actually have just realized a case of ‘The Zombies’.

  12. avatar John Fritz says:

    CZ 712 Utility with 6+1 rounds of double-zero goodness stuffed down the tube.

    The bedroom blaster (so to speak).

  13. avatar Derek says:

    Mossberg 930 SPX loaded with Hornady 00 Buck TAP FPD. Except I hacked off the atrocious front sight and took off the rear rail, so really it’s the home defense model with a 7 round tube.

  14. avatar Paul says:

    H&R Pardner Protector pump. Holds 6+1 rounds of Hornady TAP 00buck with 5 more in the side saddle. I added a simple sling as well. A great setup that’s simple, reliable, and inexpensive.

  15. avatar Clf28264 says:

    Mossberg 500 with 5 3inch buckshot loads and an 18 inch barrel. Quick, light, and easy to use!

  16. avatar Big John says:

    Bought a Maverick 88 security a few years back. I was broke and had meth head downstairs neighbors. Thought about a pistol, but there is something comforting about eight rounds of 00 buck in an easy to handle, easy to aim package. I’ve since extensively expanded my collection, but the mossberg knockoff still lives next to the bed.

  17. avatar Pauley says:

    Ok. Maybe there’s a subtle inside joke I am missing here. Every post is about shot guns and no one has acknowledged that THIS CHICK IS FRIGGIN HOT.

    1. avatar Derek says:

      There’s a girl in that picture?

  18. avatar Big John says:


  19. avatar Bob H says:

    I don’t have a shotgun. Could I use my carbines to make it to the model’s house? I’m sure she could protect me.

  20. avatar Lee says:

    A pair of 870’s. The one in the bedroom is loaded with number 4 buck. The one stashed in the front of the house is loaded with three 00 buck rounds followed by slugs.

  21. avatar Sean says:

    870 Police(actual police trade in). Wood stock. 7rnd magazine,flashlight. 8rnds of #4 buck.

  22. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

    Mossberg 590 with #4’s in it and an Insight weapon light on it. I’ve got a sidesaddle with 4 00 shells and a couple of slugs for reloading or in case the first 8 rounds weren’t persuasive enough.

  23. avatar Gunner442 says:

    Mossberg 590 A1( with tacticool heat shield)with Birdshot, with a bandoleer of 00 and slugs if things go long… Also a Winchester 1300 with same basic load.

  24. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    How about my dream shotgun? I’ll take an M 79 with buckshot rounds or flechettes, or an Atchisson full auto.

  25. avatar Cavepilot says:

    Mossberg 590 with 8 rnds of #2 shot.

  26. avatar tom swift says:

    Nothing exotic, Mossberg 500 riot gun I’ve had for decades. Though oddly enough, the only time I’d have had use for it for real, when I cleared a house which definitely had burglars in it, I carried a Makarov. (Didn’t find anyone, so no real firepower tests were conducted; the perps skedadled when they heard me clattering around.)

  27. avatar Ben Eli says:

    I actually have a question for you guys. I’m interested in buying my first shotgun for home defense and I don’t know where to start. All I know is that I want to be able to mount a light and that money is relevant. Whoever gives the best advice will be the namesake.

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      Mossberg has a good name and I believe recently that a gun of theirs has become a gun to be used in the military… 590a1 or something? They do have a civvy version. Pretty much any newer Mossberg is nice, affordable and has the pic-rail for mounting.

      Some of the guns I would consider for home defense are on here and have an acceptable price/quality margin in my opinion. See link… for pumps

      Link for semi

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        I should also add that the pumps have much more kick. My shooting buddy has the Mossberg 500 and it kicks like a mule using the same ammo I use in my semi-auto. The semi action reduces the recoil a lot from what I have seen (and felt). Also the semi versions do tend to come with some nice features with a rise in price point. For me in a home defense situation I would go with these basics: short barrel (18.5″), full load (7+1 if possible), ghost sights (at least) and a pistol grip. The grip makes it much harder to take the gun from you or re-direct it – not to mention the third solid point from which to control the recoil. Pump or semi is your choice. Some swear by pumps saying the semi could jam or not feed or eject the shell casing right. I say someone is more likely to short stroke a pump in a time of crisis.

        1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

          My first shotgun was a 20 gauge Remington 870 pump. I was a kid, but the lighter recoil, than the 12 gauge, helped me learn the pump easier. All I ever fed it was buckshot. Money wise, your best deal on a new one is a Mossberg pump, 590 or 500. Used, there are many out there. Remington has one disadvantage-if you short stroke or fail to completely put a shell in the magazine tube, a shell can jam the action. That requires taking the barrel off to fix-unless you cut a center slot on the shell carrier, like I have. Aren’t you near Orangeburg? I love used market shopping-that’s the only way you can get the old Ithaca pumps that I love most. The new ones aren’t the same. In other words, Ben, I’d be glad to help you-I’m in Goose Creek.

        2. avatar Ben Eli says:

          Thanks Guys! I looked at the different specs and the Mossbergs look really great, but I didn’t see anything about rails for mounting. I check out Remington, Cujo, and I liked what I saw. The 887 Nitro Mag looks great, and the price is right. Do you guys know anything about those particular models. Also I flipped through a magazine i picked up at the NRA convention and I saw two companies I’m not familiar with, Stoeger and Escort. Anyone know anything about these guys?

    2. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

      Stoeger has good double barrel shotguns. I have a 12 ga coach gun and momma Cujo has a tactical 20 ga side by side with a rail light. Escort-I have no experience. For the 887, I’d go with the 887 Tactical model. It should be around $500 max, and the reviews I’ve read are good. You can get bolt on bands with rails for anything though. My favorite is the old Ithaca 37 riot guns. They have no disconnector, so once you’re used to it, you can rapid fire by pumping as you hold the trigger. I’ve learned to do it accurately. The new Ithacas have a disconnector.

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        I think I know the gun you are talking about, Ben. Did that mag happen to have the Mossberg chainsaw as the gun on the front page photo? Anyway that 887 I read about takes 3.5″ shells… lol… it has plenty firepower but make sure the kick is good for you.

        1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

          Yes, you can get the reduced recoil/low recoil 00 buck. It’s pretty easy to find. I recall Remington. Winchester and Federal make it, but they’re not the only ones. I have more flechette rounds on the way-darts, I wish I could find more Dragon’s Breath shells. It’s awesome shooting flame out of your shotgun-not recommended for indoor shooting. Although, it would make one hell of an impression on a thief coming through the door.

        2. avatar Ben Eli says:

          @ Buuur, yea I think the magazine does.
          @Cujo, glad to hear you know about Stoeger. I have an uneasy feeling about side by sides in general, but I’m a novice so what do I know. Do you know anything about their Model 2000? I think that is what I may look into the most.

        3. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

          I don’t have personal experience with the Stoeger auto, reviews I’ve seen are 50/50. For auto I’d go Mossberg or Remington, for the lower to middle area of prices.

  28. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    No, I don’t. I don’t live in a fantasy world in which one day I expect to kill or be killed. It sound’s like a lot of fun though.

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      The blind leading the stupid… always ends in reality.

      1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

        But it seemed so real when I was there.

  29. avatar Magoo says:

    The woman’s trigger discipline is acceptable but she is not wearing eye and ear protection.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Good point.

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        She probably has no intention of shooting the gun. In fact it looks like she is modeling to me. I could be wrong though.

      2. avatar Magoo says:

        And I thought I was kidding.

        1. avatar Buuurr says:

          And I thought I was too! Weird!

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      No eyes? No ears? Maybe she’s FPSRussia’s girlfriend.

  30. avatar revjen45 says:

    Mossberg Persuader – 1st rd 3″Mag #000 followed by 7 rds 2 3/4″ S&B with 12 #00 in each one. For variety alternate choice of WASR carbine with folding stock, 30 rd mag. Mouse ears next to the bed, as either one would be real LOUD inside the house.
    Mileb302000, you DO live in a fantasy world if you think
    1) There is some cosmic guarantee that you will never have to defend your life
    2) The police can protect you
    If by chance you ever do have to deal with malevolent intruders my suggestion would be to
    1) Pull the covers over your head
    2) Hug your Teddy bear
    3) Beg them to take anything they want, but please don’t hurt you
    4) Wait to find out what they decide to do. Good luck.

  31. avatar Van says:

    Mossberg 500. It came with the pistol grip but I changed it out for a synthetic stock.
    I added a 5 shell holder to the stock. I keep 00 Buck in it. When at the range I shoot slug, which is the only thing they will allow.

  32. avatar MUNCHKIN says:



    1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

      That’ll give you heartburn!

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        I thought flechettes were banned. Were used with limited success in Nam as far as I know.

        1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

          I know where to get some. On my m60 tank, we had Beehive (flechettes) available for anti personnel. They just don’t have great range. As for banned now, I don’t know, but special units have a way of getting hold of some things…I just wish my source of dragon’s breath shells hadn’t dried up.

  33. avatar TZH says:

    A P3AT is what I carry on me during the day. its small enough to fit the back pocket of my walking shorts w/o telling anybody at home that I’m armed.

    At night time, I’ve got a Para-Ordnance P16.40 (18+1 because of base plate extension) that I compete with in IPSC is the 1st thing I reach for when things go bump in the dark.

    My Benelli M3T (folding stock) under the bed in my range bag with a flashlight connected to it. comes with 7 rounds in the tube, and one in the shell carrier. Chamber is empty, safety is off. I need to pull the charging handle and leave the gun in semi-auto mode. my ammo is “00” buck all the way, and I’ve got a few slugs in the side saddle.

    my wife has an Armscor M206 .38 special snub nose in her safe place to back me up.

  34. avatar Timhylen says:

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  35. avatar MODJO says:

    UTS-15 With 7 Number 8 Bird shot in one tube and 7 number 4 buckshot in the other.
    i take it to the range twice a month to maintain trigger – muscle memory.

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