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I have always (okay, for about the last 3 months) wanted to be a high speed, low drag operator. I find myself looking at plate carriers for hours online and intently focusing on the perfect storage methods for paracord. So when Chris Baker at Next Intent Tactical offered me their Multi Mount for T&E, I jumped at the chance. Here was something that could take my operator game to the next level. When one optic is good, two optics must be better, and the Multi Mount lets me have my cake and eat it too.

The Multi Mount is a one-piece machined design that allows you to mount a traditional riflescope (30 mm or 1 inch tube) and red dot or reflex optic. Next Intent claims their mount boasts absolute return to zero and some of the most precise machining on the planet. The Tactical division is an offshoot of Next Intent, which counts the JPL and about a dozen other aerospace and defense contractors as customers. That alone gives them insta-credibility in my book, but as always, we owe it to our readers to see if they can back their claims in the real world.

For the purpose of this test, I mounted the Multi Mount on my Armalite AR 15 with a Leupold Rifleman 4-12 x 40 mm and Leupold DeltaPoint as the optics.

When I removed the MM from the box, I let out an audible “Whoop!” at the sight of it. I’m not sure if the photos really convey the beauty of the expert machining that went into this mount. There isn’t a burr or rough spot to be found, and the coating is perfect. I was almost sad to put it on my rifle, knowing that it would likely get dinged up and dirty.

The other feature that I loved was the forward position of the scope, similar to the Burris P.E.P.R mount I normally use. This allows the scope to be positioned far enough forward to allow good eye relief while still maximizing your rail real estate.

Once mounted, I found the only drawback to the MM; the scope height. I like the lowest profile mount possible so I can maintain a good cheek weld, but the MM sits the scope up a bit higher than I like. If you run a 50+ mm objective, this will definitely give you enough room. I’d like future revisions of this mount to have a “low” option.

Shooting with the MM is a lot of fun. As you can probably tell from the goofy grin on my face in the video above, I had an absolute blast. That’s me shooting prone at 100 yards, hopping up, and engaging a target at 15 yards.

Next Intent says that this mount is perfect for 3-gun competitors, law enforcement and the military. That makes sense, but I’ll point out that to run a 3-gun (at least around here) with two optics puts you in the open division where Nick tells me I will get embarrassed. I would, however, expand that group of potential buyers to pig hunters down here in Texas. Sometimes the pigs are far away and sometimes they’re real close. There are a lot of them, and they’re real mad. Having flexibility in your optics is a must when popping piggies.

I also found the MM to be a great platform to mount a decent sized 180-lumen flashlight. Mount this on your 10/22 and go to town on the local varmint population.

The big question now is repeatability. It takes fine machining to be able to remove a mount, stick it back on and have it work. If the video is too long for you, just know that you can remove the MM, remount it, and it will hold zero.


Specifications: Next Intent Tactical Multi Mount

  • 1 inch ring, 30mm ring, and ACOG compatible
  • Picatinny base available with slide on or two piece screw mount
  • Quick release on ACOG version
  • Secondary optic mount with 5 slot rail located behind ejection port at 30 degree angle
  • Price: $159 to $189

Build Quality * * * * *
This is exactly what I would expect from guys that build things for JPL. Absolutely superb craftsmanship from the guys at Next Intent

Fit * * * *
All the surfaces fit flush and the mount to my upper receiver was flawless. However, the MM sits a tad too high to get a solid cheek weld with a 40 mm objective. If you want to run a huge objective scope, this is the scope mount for you. Future releases should include a “low” mount.

Overall * * * *
This is a great scope mount that is hell bent for stout. It might be a bit on the pricy side vs. something like the P.E.P.R., but this plays in the LaRue league for quality which puts it in the right price range. I highly recommend the Multi Mount for open class competitors, LE/Gov, and hunters looking to make shots at 75+ yards with their regular optic and closer shots with a reflex optic. You can also use this to mount an offset light for low light operations.

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    • I think this is a speed thing. Simply rotating the weapon would be much faster than turning the ring on your 1-6x, not to mention allowing you keep both hands on the weapon. Yeah, its a bit “mall-ninja”, but it fills a niche.

  1. Excellent!

    I can see an ACOG on top with a Leupold or Burris red dot on the angle for 3 gun. Although the top mount option could also mount a high powered variable optic with an angle red dot for hunting. Nice.

  2. They are nice for 3 gun matches. But for combat they can get snagged or damaged easily off to the side the Doctor system is better for combat. This is better for competition.

    • You would assume for combat that the doctor was preferred, but being “high speed operators” these guys choose the 45* mount and it looks like it works just fine for them, you can see it clearly at the 2:45 mark.
      Dudes Killing Dudes

  3. Plus, when you use the red dot, you get to turn the gun sideways all gangster-style, which everyone know is 1000000x more lethal!

  4. We do offer a quick detach setup. For now it is a “special order” item but we can do them in a couple of weeks for a little more coin. We don’t make the “QD’s”. We use ADM units.
    The system is really all about quick transition between near and far targets. If you have a scope cranked up to even a six power it’s pretty hard to find the right spot on a target at 15 yards. All I can say is try it. You’ll like it.


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