Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
Travis Pike for TTAG
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Did you know that John Browning once dreamed of a striker-fired, all-metal, Hi-Power? During the design process of the Hi-Power pistol, a striker-fired variant was produced as a prototype. It didn’t go far, of course, and now we’re all familiar with striker-fired guns being made with polymer frames.

But if part of you hankers for a metal-framed, striker-fired pistol, Icarus Precision has you covered. Their ACE (Accuracy, Control, Enhanced) 365 grip frames are designed to replace the standard polymer frame on your SIG Sauer P365.

It seems almost haram to toss a metal frame on the P365. Especially a frame that makes the micro-compact gun a bit wider and a bit longer. One of the big draws of the SIG P365 is its small size and relatively high capacity.

The Icarus ACE 365 grip frame adds some weight and a little size to the gun. The additional width, though, is due to the palm swell added at the bottom of the grip, so it’s not much of a concealment issue.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

The SIG system of removable modular chassis systems allows you to purchase frames like this without going through an FFL. The internal chassis is the legal “gun” (the serialized part) that requires a 4473 and background check.

This modularity opens up a lot of different opportunities for the aftermarket and Icarus seems to be the first to take advantage of it for the P365.

ACE 365 Grip Frame vs. P365 OEM Grip Module

The ACE 365 grip frame offers a few advantages. The palm swell, for one, helps the gun better fill the hand. At least it does for my big hand. Icarus produces another model — the ACE 365 Grip V2.0 — without the palm swells if that isn’t your style.

The grip has an exaggerated finger bump that helps you keep a solid and comfortable grip on the gun. At the very rear, we get a noticeable beavertail to increase control over the weapon.

The ACE 365 keeps the standard grip geometry in terms of length and it has no issues accommodating 10, 12, and 15-round P365 magazines. The trigger undercut feels a bit deeper than the original, which gives me a better grip overall.

You also get a standard Picatinny rail system instead of SIG’s proprietary one.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
Seen Here with Crimson Trace Rail Master (Travis Pike for TTAG)

To be clear the stock OEM P365 grip is already quite comfortable. It feels brilliant in the hand and is very well designed. It’s a small grip, but well thought out. However, everything that the original grip does, the ACE 365 does better. Well, almost everything.

The magazine release feels a hair short for the ACE 365 grip frame. It still releases the magazine without issue, but requires a little more force to do so. An extended magazine release would be a better option for this grip module.

On the Range

The ACE 365 frame excels on the range. It makes controlling the little 9mm P365 a treat. With my big hands, I have way more control and the gun seems to snap less. Best of all, my front sight gets back on target a bit quicker.

The original P365 grip does an excellent job at preventing real snappiness. The Ace 365 takes it a step further.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

The improvement is most noticeable during rapid fire where the ACE 365 allows the gun to rise only a hair and settles right back on target. Dropping ten rounds into a target can be done without the gun shifting in the hand or getting away from you. Toss in some +P loads and you’ll notice a big difference in control as well.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

The extra weight and beavertail certainly do their job at taming felt recoil. The ACE 365 made an already comfortable gun even more comfortable. It never created any reliability issues and over time the initial stiffness of the magazine release is starting to fade.

What About P365 Holsters?

Good question. How do you carry a gun with a “unique” frame? Well, you have a few options. First, it will work with hybrid holsters. I’ve tested models from both our friends at CrossBreed and Alien Gear and they work. Oh and so does the Comfort Cling from Clinger Holsters that works.

Better yet, I reached out to a company called Black Label Holsters who are already producing custom Kydex holsters for the ACE 365 grip module and got one in black Multicam. It’s a minimalist appendix design that lacks a claw, but molds a bumper into the trigger guard for better concealment.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

The holster is quite comfortable and robust. I’ve been one wearing basically from sun-up to sundown and have yet to run into any issues. It remains comfortable all day long. It holds the weapon well and presents it for a very clean draw.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

Yes, but how much?

At $279.99 I can see why many people might be turned off by the price of the ACE 365 Grip Frame. At that price, it’s certainly not for everyone.

However, for small batch machine work from a small company, I think it’s a fair price. And if you have big hands, it makes a big difference. I love my P365 and I love it a lot more in this grip. It gives me more control over the gun and is much more comfortable for my 2XL hands.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 Metal Grip Frame for SIG P365 Pistols
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

It’s a niche product that I can’t help but appreciate. Icarus Precision set out to make the P365 easier to control and accomplished their task. The ACE 365 is an awesome product and while I don’t shoot competitively, it might give someone an edge in the BUG divisions.

If you have P320, Icarus is currently working on a P320 metal frame, too. I can’t wait to see what they do there.

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  1. It’s nice to have options but if you wanted a bigger gun you could have one, and at the price of this frame you aren’t far from just buying a second gun anyway. I guess it’s something for people who bought the gun, don’t like how it shoots, and don’t want to sell for some reason.

      • Exactly right, the P320C version is coming soon from Icarus Precision! I got to fondle a prototype the other week and saw the latest revision(number 12 or so) over the weekend, it looks and feels amazing!

        The modular design that Sig(and others) are using lends itself to modification and upgrades much more easily than with serialized frames, huge kudos for that!

        The cost of the Icarus grip module, at least to me, is outweighed by several things, including; having the same trigger move from gun to gun, less time spent at FFLs doing paperwork(which has become a MAJOR pain here in Washington state) and for me, a better fit in the hand and a much improved shooting experience. Having a few Glock handguns, it gets really expensive to get matching triggers, connectors, sights, etc and then they usually don’t feel exactly the same from gun to gun, even with the same parts.

        Mike- Black Label Holsters

  2. John Browning developed several striker fired metal framed pistols, among which are the FN1900, the Cold 1908 vest pocket and the FN1910.

    • John Browning designed by far the longest production run of a striker fired gun. The Browning SA-22 also known as the 22 auto rifle. FN started production in 1914 as the first successful 22 semi-auto 22 rifle. Still being made

  3. I’ll keep my customized G43. Customization cost: ~$150 WITH Pearce +1 mag extensions.

    I can draw from concealment and shoot head sized targets at 10 yds. in 2 seconds ALL DAY LONG.

  4. It is a niche product.

    One thought is to buy a spare Sig frame and glue, grind and paint your way to a custom frame. It will be fun and cheap.

  5. I don’t know about striker fired Browinings, but I do have a Novak built Hi-Power. It is among the finest firearms I own. Everyone should own a Hi-Power. No firearms battery is complete without one.

  6. I want to publicly thank Travis Pike for his honest review. I offered to comp him the holster and magazine carrier but he insisted on purchasing them from us(I gave him the MIL/LE discount since he’s a Marine) so there is no impropriety going on, which I highly respect.

    We are a small company and I’ve personally made more than my share of mistakes coming up in the business. I’ve learned a lot and will always try my best.

    My wife and I are proud of our products and how we treat people. We are a VERY small company so we greatly appreciate the kind words and positive feedback. Please be patient with us as we grow and don’t hesitate to ask questions. After all, we’re here to help!

    Mike- Black Label Holsters

  7. I bought one for my P365 in late spring. Unfortunately, it wont load a full, 10 round magazine. (Unsure if it is due to a manufacturing defect?) In order to properly load the magazine I have to reduce capacity to 9 rounds. Not real happy about that due to the overall cost. Otherwise the fit and finish and Cerakoting is very nice.

  8. P365 is a over rated Pistol. Snappy, narrow receiver to grip makes it difficult for many to shoot with med to large size hands, bulky controls. Too easy to ride slide. Wearing a glove is difficult. And continues to have a myriad of problems.
    I guess this new frame may help out some others. Given the fact that the 365 was a poor fit for many, it is no wonder they choose to use this model to make. A whole lot of money for one gun, when there are so many Nice Micro’s out there. Not to mention double stack magazines.

    • Its only an overrated pistol because you are trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. Large handed people are NOT the target market. For my wife who is 5 foot 4 and small hands its a PERFECT fit and she can pluck your eyes out at 20 feet or less which is the distance of most self defense situations. The Icarus grip module was an upgrade just in the fact that its all billet aluminum. It is a niche market I agree with that but no need to knock the pistol because it don’t fit your giant gloved hands. It wasn’t made for you. At the end of the day its just sexyyy. Black slide on a midnight bronze Module!!! Glock That!!! LOL

    • There were some issues with early models of the gun, striker drag, and a few broken strikers as well. They ironed out all of that awhile back, didn’t you know?
      Quick question, if you have gorilla mitts, why would you go with the p 365 and not the XL? I went with the SAS, and if you read / watch the reviews, you’d probably wouldn’t have the chance to own it because of a lot of the sight picture confusion / complaints. I on the other hand, love them. It’s really a solid little gun in a size / package that’s really hard to beat!

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