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I’ve been working my way through a number of goodies that the fine folks at Comp-Tac sent over a few weeks ago. Specifically, their belt and CTAC holster. Last up on the list is their MTAC holster built for my daily carry M&P 45C. In my review of the CTAC, I pigeonholed it as a competition or instructional holster only. I just couldn’t get it to be comfortable for any long period of time. But a lot of that had to do with how spoiled I was by the MTAC. Make the jump to get the full scoop . . .

The skinny on the MTAC is this: it’s a hybrid leather/kydex IWB holster meant for carry at the 4 o’clock position. The MTAC is tuckable and adjustable for ride height and cant as well as use with other guns. Simply swap out the Kydex half shell for one gun and move to another. When you order the MTAC, you are given the option for right or left handed configurations, three widths and seven styles of belt clips, and two kinds of leather backings.

Essentially, the IWB world is your oyster when it comes to MTAC options. Mine came outfitted as a right-handed model with 1.5 inch C clips.

Workmanship and finish was excellent and remained that way throughout the entire duration of the test. I noticed some wear around the edges of the holster after about a week, but no structural integrity issues were present. All of the hardware is top notch and required no ongoing maintenance.

Fitment was very tight from the beginning. So tight, in fact, that my M&P would go out of battery upon reholstering. I tucked the gun inside some socks, holstered it, and left it on a shelf while I waited for my CHL paperwork. Two days of stretching seemed to do the trick. She now rides securely, but not so secure that I can’t draw.

I will say, though, that my draw isn’t as fast with the MTAC as it was with the CTAC. Unfortunately, leather will never be as fast as Kydex. Additionally, reholstering was a bit difficult as the Kydex half shell sags inward a touch. You basically have to nudge the barrel in, push outwards from your body and continue as normal. Not a deal breaker and certainly not out of the ordinary for an IWB holster.

Being able to adjust ride height and cant was definitely a welcome addition. From the factory, my gun sat just a touch too vertically and would print hard with the grip. I angled things forward just a touch and did away with that problem altogether. It is also worth noting that I’ve been wearing the MTAC at the 3 o’clock position instead of 4 o’clock. I find that to be more comfortable and easier to conceal. As you can see in the photo above, the whole rig just tucks in to my side and disappears.

Speaking of concealability, the MTAC should be called the Houdini. I can happily report that the MTAC is responsible for my 4-1 record in the “Are you Carrying?” game I’ve started playing with my fiancée. In fact, the other night she was positively shocked to see me remove my rig when we got home. Parents, friends, strangers – no one can tell I’m carrying.

Last, but not least, let’s talk comfort. The MTAC makes carrying a hunk of steel and plastic comfortable. I was able to wear my M&P for hours without issue. That included long drives, brisk walks, and yes, the Wally Walk. The leather is stiff enough to hold its shape, but not so stiff that it becomes uncomfortable.

Specifications: Comp-Tac MTAC Holster

  • Type: IWB 4 o’clock
  • Materials: Hybrid of Kydex and leather
  • Adjustment: Adjustable for cant and ride height as well as belt size
  • MSRP: $85

Ratings (out of five stars)

Fit and Finish  * * * * *
Absolutely top notch work from the guys and gals at Comp-Tac. This holster is hell bent for stout and built to last.

Customization  * * * * *
Between the color, clip and backing colors, you can have it your way every day. Throw in the fact that you have a sizable number of adjustments options available for cant and ride height and you have yourself five stars for customization.

Comfort  * * * * *
Like an afternoon nap with the the dog locked up and golf on the tube. Pretty much as comfortable as it gets.

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  1. Yay another kydex holster I will never enjoy wearing… But I do like the leather slab that sits against your body so I might enjoy it more than I first would think.
    Tyler, do you plan on doing anything other then kydex holsters?
    I understand you are doing these because the company sends you free “try me’s” which I will say I am incredibly jealous over, but do you have the reach to get any other kind of holsters/accessories?
    As someone pointed out, I have only been around this site for 6 weeks or so (Thanks Matt! Couldnt keep track myself) and if you have done other reviews on other stuff, I would love to be pointed in the right direction.
    Thanks for a good review!
    Golf on the tube though? Nothing would put me to sleep like golf.

    • It’s a kydex holster with a leather backing. They are extremely comfortable and you don’t need to buy a new one if you get another carry gun. All you have to do is get another kydex shell and you’re good to go.

      • I did note that i did like the wide paddle style leather backing, however I did not read where it was interchangeable, thanks for cluing me in…

  2. It seems that you might be falling behind on getting to goodies. I would be more than willing to help out with any goodies.

  3. By the way, Tyler, I suggest loosening up the hex screws if you want a quicker draw. The MTAC I bought for my Glock 19 was perfect out of the package, but the one I got for my Colt Officer’s Model was a bit too tight. I loosened the screws up a little bit and was good to go.

    • I loosened them as far as I could and still had a tight fit. That’s when I resorted to the socks. Some vigorous holstering and reholstering helped as well.

      • You could also just take one of the screws out. Dunno if they recommend against doing that or not.

  4. I want to know if you would still be able to carry at 3:00 with this holster if you had bought the tapered version of the belt. Anyone know anything about that?

    • Great question! From the picture on their website it looks like the taper starts after the first hole. In the picture of the gun on my hip, the clip is behind the first hole, so I think the tapered belt wouldn’t have any issues.

      • NR,

        The taper only reaches from the two o’clock to ten o’clock span on the waistband. I just tested it out for you and wearing the MTAC at a 3:00 position shouldn’t pose any type of conflict with a tapered belt. Thanks!

        -Tiffany F.
        Comp-Tac Customer Service: 281-209-3040

  5. Have you ever looked at the holsters made by a company called Sticky Holsters?

    Basically they are made out of a material similar to a wet suit, with a nylon lining on the inside of the holster to prevent the gun from sticking to the holster on the draw. They only use friction to stay in place, but believe me that is nothing to worry about. I’ve carried my Glock 26 in everything from my sweat pants to slacks with this holster without it ever moving around on me. The draw from these holsters is quicker than leather, but a tad slower than kydex in my opinion.

    The main selling points for these guys though are the extreme comfort they provide (sometimes I literally can’t feel my gun on me without actually reaching down to check), value ($25 a piece last I checked) and the fact that they come in sizes, not specific models for specific guns. So my holster that fits my glock 26, will also fit an M&P compact, and any other gun that is around the same size. CZ 2075? No problem. G27? Cake. XDm Compact? Fuggedaboutit. And no matter what size you get, the price seems to be the same. So the models for the 1911s won’t run you any more dough.

    Just something that works really well for me. And I’ve noticed that a lot of companies are starting to get into that segment of the holster game as well.

  6. Tyler,

    Have you reviewed the Comp-Tac Infidel? I love mine – very comfortable and concealable. I wear it all day and for long drives without a hitch (except for places posted “no weapons”).

  7. Thanks for the review Tyler. I was on the fence between the MTAC and the Crossbreed Super Tuck. I chose the MTAC because of the modular design. Turns out switching kydex bodies is kind of a PITA so that perceived benefit is out the window. That being said, I’m still very satisfied with my purchase. I may end up contacting Comp-Tac about purchasing an extra leather backing for the extra kydex body I purchased. Live and learn.

    Also, it’s abundantly clear that I need a new belt, and I’m going to try the trick you suggest about the sock and letting it sit for a while. As it stands now retention is so tight it takes two hands to draw or else I bring my pants up to my armpit with my draw. With the holster loose I can draw and reholster easily. Once cinched up inside my waistband the extra retention prevents a smooth draw to say the least. *Sigh*. Getting there.

  8. Thanks for the review Tyler. I’ve been shopping for an IWB for a Govt model 1911. I already have a Galco Supertuck and like the design. But this design looks to have a bit thicker leather than the Galco. I may have to check them out.

  9. I have been shopping for a decent IWB holster for a while now. All I have at the moment is a cheapo clip on with completely loose leather. I liked the MTAC over the Crossbreed anyway because the muzzle is not exposed, but after this review I do believe that is what I’l be saving my pennies for. And then for the belt…

  10. I wear my MTAC at 3:00 position and I sit at a desk most of the day. Every once in a while it pinches me but usually only when I lean over hard. For the most part it is very comfortable at this position while seated. Standing up I don’t notice it and it conceals great..

  11. The best thing about Comp-Tac besides its great customer support and products, is that you get smarties with your order! As a diabetic I found it to be a potential life saver while opening my package, ’cause you never know. Thanks for looking out Comp-Tac

  12. These rigs are amazing. I’ve owned a Spartan for 5 years now and have never had a complaint in regards to concealability. It is nearly identical to the Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe, with the added ability to swap kydex bodies for different firearms. I am able to carry under anything I wear comfortably and do not worry about printing. My only complaint is that they no longer make the shells for their Gen 1 holsters (manufactured prior to April 2010), but I plan on upgrading to a MTAC anyways for my new 1911. Their turnaround is amazing, currently only 4 days, which is much quicker than the 4-6 week turnaround from Crossbreed. I would highly recommend one of these for anyone in the market for an IWB holster.

  13. Ok, so if i read the review and comments correctly you got the MTac holster for “free” as a review…. What I want to know is, did they give you smarties candy in the packaging as well? If not that’s just wrong!
    Getting Smarties candy is kinda funny, but cool 🙂

  14. The MTAC is my favorite holster out of about 70 that I have owned over the last 3 years. For a person like me who buys and sells guns almost every month, it saves me a lot of money since I only need to buy the shell for the next gun. It makes my larger guns, like my current Glock 19, comfortable for all day carry on a bad hip. I find that either my carry guns dig into my hip or the barrel digs into the top of my butt. Not so with the MTAC. I am picking up a Glock 26 and assume that it will fit in the shell I used for the 19. If not, I will buy their slide shell made to hold all three sizes of a particular Glock caliber.

    Also glad to see someone else use a sock to stretch a holster. I have been doing this for over 40 years. When new gun owners call me in a panic to tell me they think the holster they got is the wrong model because their gun does not fit in it, I tell them to put a sock on it and jam the sucker in and sure enough, by the next day, it fits like a glove. Most instructions for breaking in a new holster talks about saran wrap or even the bag the holster it came in but I have found that a sock works the best. You can even fold it over for double thickness or make it thicker at the end of the muzzle to accommodate those big front sights some guns have.

    So many people buy holsters because they read about a particular one in a forum and want to fit it or avoid criticism. However, the MTAC is way more comfortable than any of the high priced and big name holsters I have bought and now sit unused in one of 4 drawers full of holsters. The MTAC and Galco King Tuk are my two go to holsters. The King Tuk is a better made Crossbreed in my opinion and it is usually in stock and ready to ship the same day at Optics Planet or other websites. That is what I order for guns that I do not carry much or are small and lightweight. For my fighting guns like my 1911 and Glocks, I use an MTAC.

    Plus the Smarties are delicious. 🙂

  15. I ordered mine yesterday for my Walther PPS, though, I got a 1.5″ belt from Amerhide instead of a Comp-Tac belt. Thanks for the review.

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