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“There is, I think, only one realistic way forward for advocates of stricter gun control,” Alex Pareene writes at, “and it involves adopting the tactics of one of the most despicable groups in contemporary American politics: the anti-abortion movement.” In short, Pareene is goading gun control advocates, urging them to become “fanatics.” It’s part and parcel of the gun control movement’s move towards the fascist left, exemplified by the Brady Campaign’s recent denunciation of the NRA as “terrorists.” Here’s how that works . . .

If you believe, as this small core of anti-abortion crusaders do, that a fetus is a human infant, then unwavering fanaticism absolutely makes sense . . . When it comes to the slaughter of walking, talking persons, cut down helplessly by weapons specifically designed for killing, we behave as if nothing can really be done. When it comes to protecting the lives of actual children from gun violence, fanaticism seems to be in order . . .

This doesn’t just mean marches and protests. It means constant marches and protests, and open and blatant harassment of your political opponents. It means protesting at the homes of gun manufacturing company executives and trying to shut down gun stores. It means very publicly making a scene at as many gun shops as possible, and personally attacking—verbally, but bordering on physically—people trying to enter those stores to legally purchase guns.

After all, the point of screaming at women outside a clinic isn’t to erect a legal barrier to abortion access, it’s to prevent that woman from getting an abortion, and to dissuade others from even considering it. It’s to prevent abortion from being considered a legitimate option. Aren’t there a couple thousand gun control activists out there passionate enough to want to stand outside gun shops and provoke confrontations with open-carry wingnuts?

I guess Pareene couldn’t be bothered to Google “gun dealer protest.” The search would have yielded various stories about the Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence’s short-lived “Bad Apple” anti-gun dealer campaign. Or maybe Pareene saw the articles and clocked the fact that the “direct action” had zero impact on gun sales, gun politics or “gun violence” and decided to move on dot org. To incendiary imagery. Gore.

It also means going all-in on gore. It means waving gruesome photos of dead children in the faces of Republican legislators, gun store owners, and gun manufacturers. This is where the conservatives shine. Good liberals are too squeamish to look past the police tape. They worry that if they focus, up close and without flinching, on the goriest details of the carnage, it’ll glorify violence, or worse, inspire future killers. Maybe, but it’ll also scare the shit out of future killers’ mothers before they fill their houses with guns, to feel safe.

Anti-abortion activists revel in gore. They want to get their cameras in the room to capture the most stomach-churning images possible and broadcast them to the world. Gun control advocates hoist signs with pictures of smiling cherubic kids, taken before their lives were cut short. Anti-abortion activists put up billboards with graphic photos of blood and fetal tissue. There will need to be graphic photographs of bullet-riddled corpses.

One of the interesting things about anti-gunners: they fail to realize that most people who see images of horrific firearms-related violence don’t think “Wow! I better lobby for gun control.” They think, “What kind of animal did this?” and “Why wasn’t this bad guy rotting in jail, or locked-up in a mental institution?” For many, it’s “I’m glad I have a gun!” Or, increasingly, “I better get a gun.” Which is why people like Pareene are becoming increasingly, dangerously radicalized.

The anti-gun movement doesn’t need money as much as it needs fanatics.

Almost every single clinic in the United States that performs abortions has reported experiencing at least one incident of harassment. There are 130,000 gun stores in the United States. It’s time for gun control activists to get familiar with them.

Is Pareene’s call for gun store harassment “bordering on physical,” fueled by incendiary imagery and rhetoric, a thinly-veiled incitement to violence? Sure! Will it find favor amongst the majority of gun control advocates? I doubt it. But it’s clear that the gun control movement – including Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – is re-positioning itself in preparation for more radical action.

Today’s post on Bloomberg’s – which contains an image of a “bullet ridden corpse” – indicates that Pareene’s polemic is finding favor amongst the anti-firearms freedom fraternity. How great is that?

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    • Is Gawker saying that the Planned Parenthood videos are working to change the minds of the Pro Abortion side?

      • If they are, they’re wrong – especially since the videos were found out to be heavily edited to give a false idea of what was actually said.

        • B.S. The full videos were released which showed exactly the same criminal behavior the edited videos showed.

          Quit lying.

        • False, plus no criminal behavior was shown – nothing they did was illegal or immoral (unless you think people who donate their body to science are being immoral as well). But why let facts stand in the way of some religious retardation based on a 2,000 year old book of fairy tales?

        • What about donating other peoples bodies to science? Is that immoral? How about if their bodies just happen to still be alive and need to be killed before they’re donated?

        • Publius: Yeah, so “heavily edited” and “false” that PP immediately ran out and filed defamation suits all over the place. Well, OK, they said they were going to. Only they somehow haven’t gotten around to it. Wonder why (hint: look up “pre-trial discovery”)?

        • “(unless you think people who donate their body to science are being immoral as well). “

          What the actual Eff.

          So, what about people donating OTHER PEOPLE’S bodies to science. That’s not immoral?

          Or, do you think the fetus has the same DNA as the Momma? If you do, you fail 7th grade science class. –Signed A Science Teacher

          It remains a fascination to me the stretches people will go to to align themselves with The Third Reich.

      • The videos are working, or at least would be if the liberal media wasn’t doing their best to bury them. The reason isn’t that PP is selling organs illegally though. The reason is that so many of these liberal twits actually believe the lie that a fetus is nothing but a blob of cells. What do you mean lungs? Heart? Kidneys? Brain?!? They had no idea that a fetus has all the bits and pieces of a live full term baby. If that doesn’t spur a profound change of opinion on the subject you must either be truly evil or you simply can’t deal with the guilt over your passed actions.

        • I’m pretty convinced abortion is here to stay just for that last point you made. After actively enabling the killing of millions of ‘them”, how can society collectively turn around and admit that what they have been killing so cavalierly were real, live human babies. Society is not going to admit that guilt, I think.

    • I like how he says that “anti-abortion activists revel in gore,” but fails to mention that the abortionists are literally hands-on with the gore of murdered children – that they are literally murdering.

    • Hardcore progressives have been quoted admitting that they know it’s a baby. They just don’t care.
      This is not a scientific debate, it’s a worldview debate. I fear that much like such debates in the past, much more blood will be shed before this problem settles to one side or the other. The real irony is that they can condone the shedding of innocent blood in the name of “reproductive freedom” so a woman can remain as she was before her pregnancy, but under no circumstances would they allow that same woman to shed the criminal blood of an intended rapist before she is made pregnant. IT’s like they are retarded…

  1. They should go for it. It would only work in to the advantage of the Pro 2A side. Teachable moments deserve visual aides.

  2. Here is the difference. A majority of the population believes the fetus is a living being. It seems that Gawker wants to equate dead criminals with dead babies. Good luck with that.

    • Anyone who disagrees with a leftist is automatically a holder of a minority position and an extremist. Actual numbers do not matter.

      • B-b-but wait…I thought the progressive left was fighting for minorities. Diversity!


  3. It works for abortion b/c of the shaming of women who make that choice. I’m not ashamed about going to a gun shop ever…although I am occasionally ashamed of some of my holster choices ;).

    Not going to work, but at least it makes em feel like they are doing something. I’m sure they will get tired out as soon as they need to run back to starbucks and grab another mocha latte.

  4. Get in their faces, bordering on physical. Interesting tactics to use against the supposedly deranged gun owners who are just looking for any reason to shoot someone.

    • And this right here is how we use their hypocrisy against them. If, as they claim, we are one hair from clearing leather and blowing away any and everyone who so much as stares at us too long, then this strategy is the textbook definition of suicide (or martyrdom, depending on your stance). I can’t wait to see what happens when they try this and absolutely no one cares.

      • They save that for after a nobody shows up and an “expected” massive turnout ends up as a few people bumbling around with mass produced signs and shirts before wondering off to do something more important. Then if they can’t get any pictures that make it appear like somebody actually showed up they claim the only reason hundreds or thousands of their “dedicated” followers didn’t show up is because it was to dangerous to verbally and/ or physically assault the bad shoppers so they had to go do something else otherwise the plan would have worked.

  5. Try getting public support after firebombing a couple of gun shops or throwing chemicals on someone coming out of a range. The DOJ currently classifies some anti abortion groups as domestic terrorists, and this tool wants to emulate their tactics.

    • Throwing acid on someone coming out of a gun range seems like the most interesting twist on assisted suicide I have heard of in quite awhile.

    • Yeah, well, I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for the Feds to apply RICO to them the way they do to anti-abortion outfits. but I still don’t think it will help them.

  6. They already are doing this as much as they can. If they had their way they would show up with their camera and kick the cops out of the way so they could stand in the blood to get their anti self defense camera shot to go along with the bloody shirt they always wave. The stateists always want more power for the state and less for the individual what they just don’t get is there are more and more Americans who do not trust them or their Socialist allies.

  7. Indirectly advocating physical violence against people who carry guns? How smart is that? Maybe they are hoping for a martyr?? Maybe the lemmings have found their cliff after all…
    Edit: Wait, see Vhyrus comment above!

    • It appears that many of them have a secret desire to emulate their “freedom-fighting” heroes in the Middle East.

  8. A sign of how bright these people are is the fact that she is advocating exactly the measures that failed to shift her position on abortion. Her reference to fetal tissue, is a dead giveaway to her position on that issue. But somehow using exactly the same approach on those notoriously faint hearted gun owners, will change the conversation to her advantage.

    You can’t fix stupid. Not even with duct tape.

  9. I’m totally down with this “more gore” thing. Because “The Walking Dead” is getting a little tame after all these years.

  10. Pareene doesn’t get it.

    The pro-life movement is fueled by millions of Christians and their passionate, deeply-held belief that abortion is profoundly immoral. Their protests and financial contributions are made because they believe they are doing God’s work.

    The gun control movement is fueled by a shrinking minority of the nation who think guns are bad. But they would sooner sit on their couch and watch the Kardashians than pick up a sign and attend a rally. Write a check to CSGV? Sorry, I’m broke. I just paid $60 to get my nails done.

    Not a lot of money there for gory billboards, unless Uncle Bloomy writes the check.

    • DING DING DING! Give the man a prize.

      Is it any small wonder that there HAS to be people like Bloomberg, George Soros, and other eternal cash dispensers to prop the anti-gun movement up?

      What do you think would happen without Bloomy? The gun control crew would all but evaporate, relegated to 3rd rate blogs right next to articles promoting pedophilia and selling timeshares.

      That man’s money is literally the only thing they’ve got left.

    • Wait a minute – aren’t these Liberal Progressives who are fine with the slaughter of 50 MILLION unborn babies the same people who make up and support the charities haranguing us to donate to feed and educate disadvantaged third world children because you never know which of them might grow up to cure cancer or discover the secret to world peace?


    • While I am a physician, I am certainly not a fan of abortion myself. However, I respect people to make the decision for themselves. Some people in this world should not be having children, just as they shouldn’t be owning anything dangerous or sharp (then again, Darwin might work for us on that). Others should respect our rights to own whatever firearms/silencers/knives/whatever we want. Hence the hypocrisy of the anti-gunners. Then there is the fact that the anti-abortion crowd is nearly all pro-gun, and vice versa. There is little crossover to the two groups. I don’t think we will be seeing this go anywhere. Besides, Gawker is the worst of the worst when it comes to propaganda journalism, and people likely have less respect for it than the National Enquirer.

  11. LOL, please try it Alex. It would be good for a laugh.

    Meanwhile, every gun store in my area has a 15 min wait in line just to get to speak to someone because guns are flying off the shelves so quickly. Some smelly, old lefty dirtbags to taunt might be good entertainment.

  12. “it involves adopting the tactics of one of the most despicable groups in contemporary American politics: the anti-abortion movement.”

    Really? Of ALL the groups in contemporary American politics, the anti-abortion movement is “one of the most despicable?”

    Yeah, those people sure are despicable for trying to save the lives of unborn babies. How dare they.

    I love the moral relativism of the Progressives…even when they try to apply it in reverse.

  13. Why is the that groups that say they want to end some particular kind of violence are, themselves, kinda violent? Why are they always, without fail, the first to suggest violent actions and behaviors against others?

    • Amazingly, it never occurs to the statists that it’s their own violent, irrational behavior that motivates many of us to own guns.

      Yeah, I’ve seen the mess bullets can make of a body. I’ve also seen the videos of mass-burials from after the concentration camps were liberated. The violent, callous nature of criminals and statists is why I am armed, Alex.

  14. I don’t need a gun to deal with someone that gets in my face going into a gun store; I’m more than happy to let my local friendly officers (who have guns) take care of it by pressing charges. I’m sure that the gun store owners know their rights as well. The real irony would be them bombing a gun store or something.

    Then again, these people need to keep talking. Maybe they can get membership on a no fly list at some point.

  15. Gawker had bigger problems than gun control like illegally publishing hulk hogan sex tapas and the multimillion dollar lawsuit as well as the lawsuit they are facing for outing that ceo as being gay

  16. So if this were to go down at gun stores and let’s say they got maybe 100 people to walk back to the car and leave without a gun. That would mean that if any one of those people died as a result of a crime that they were the victim of then they would have the blood of that person on their hands knowing that they caused them to not be able to defend themselves with a gun and it cost them their lives. This does not apply only to the individual person who prevented another from buying a gun but this applies to anyone who participates in these events no matter what state it occurred in.

  17. Bring it, please.

    Expose yourselves as the venomous biggots we all know you to be – all 8 of you.

    Face it, without the constant life support of Bloomberg’s millions of dollars, your movement would simply be dead – relegated to 3rd rate free blogs that no one reads.

    Gun control is dead to the American people. DEAD. Only the elites and a few of their useful idiots (like yourself) believe in it now.

    • Not dead, but on life support. Kept alive by desperate Democratic presidential candidates and their accomplices in the media.

  18. Yeah… Come threaten me infront of a gun store… See how long it takes me to put a bullet in your skull.

    • This is the type of thing that these clowns want to happen. They want one of us to do just that.

      Let’s not give them the satisfaction, and yeah, I’m gonna be that guy and say that you probably shouldn’t have said that.

      If there’s a blockade of anti-2A fanatics in front of my favorite local gun store, I’m still going to go into my local gun store. They can’t stop me without crossing a certain line and becoming hypocrites.

      • Counter protest by walking by with your own sign with apicturee of someone killed by anti 2A gun laws prevented them from defending themselves; like the NJ woman killed waiting on permit to purchase… Also, just blow a canned air horn at them both entering and leaving the gun store 😉

  19. Yeah wonder about the mental acuity of hassling armed men(and women). And I have seen it up close and personal at Chuck’s Gun shop in Riverdale,Illinois. As in everyone says “get forked” and buys a gun anyway. Show all the dead kids you want-while supporting the murder of the unborn…

  20. “…and personally attacking—verbally, but bordering on physically—people trying to enter those stores to legally purchase guns.”

    You’d be willing to get in our faces with sufficient aggression to give us a legitimate self-defense claim? Sounds good to me; when do you fellas start?

    • There ya’ go! Whatever successes the anti-abortion movement has had, I don’t think you can credit the crazies for them.

  21. And again, gun control advocates fundamentally fail to understand the nature and attitudes of those they disagree with, and proceed to shoot themselves in the foot.
    No wonder the die-hards are becoming radicalized. For those of them who can remember, they must think back on the early and mid 1990’s, when gun control seemed to soar on wings of gold and no one even questioned the false claims and doctored statistics they spread, with a deep longing and great heartache.
    Now they are failing at every turn. They are beating their heads against the wall with their old tactics and scrambling for new ones that will once and for all bring the gun lobby to its knees and finally prove to everyone that firearms and those who own them are the worst blight on humanity since the Black Death.

  22. Anti-free speech advocates should post obscenities and words like moist on social media to show the real effects of bad words. Anti-speech protesters should get verbally abusive, bordering on physical with people saying things they don’t approve of.

    • “Anti-free speech advocates should post obscenities and words like moist…”

      I’m not sure if that was what you meant to say, but it made me laugh out loud. Moist!

  23. I’ve seen Facebook posts about a similar idea – forcing gun owners to go through a museum of photos of all the mass shooting victims before being able to buy a gun. I pointed out this would have 0 impact on the black market. I never got a response.

    • Perhaps anyone supporting gun control should be forced to go to a museum and look at photos of all the victims of government sponsored mass murder and if they don’t they should be told to STFU.

    • You mean photos of all the disarmed, defenseless mass shooting victims killed in gun-free zones?

    • The premise that this person has is dumb, the idea of having a museum of people who got shot up to deter a person who’s concerned about their own defense is likely just to make them go “I REALLY need a gun now.”

  24. I am afraid that using the tactic of bordering on physical is gonna get someone hurt. A crazy in the face of an armed person, shouting and cursing is going to make the armed person fear of bodily harm or fear for their life.Can’t be good for either of them.

  25. You ever seen lethal knife wounds? I have, albeit second-hand. They’re an awful lot more terrible than any bullet wound.
    I honestly wouldn’t put it past them to just start grabbing any gory images they can find, whether they were from a drive-by shooting, a rifle suicide, or a Iraqi decapitation.

    • Reminds me of a hopelessly politically-correct episode of Criminal Minds. A “Native American” schoolteacher winds up helping the FBI guys, in the course of which he winds up knifing one of the bad guys (he’s too politically-correct to carry a gun). One of the FBI guys looks at the corpse and says, “I think I would rather be shot”. Episode was silly as hell, but it was a good line…

  26. Well we (gun folks) can play that idiotic visual game also. We can have an image of a father, mother and rug-rats in tow at the supermarket parking lot with some wino-thug holding a knife robbing them. Fathers handing over his money and pissing his pants, his children are crying and mom is looking at her husband in disbelief at what a sniveling small kitten he is for refusing to carry a gun and protect his family instead of listening to the gun grabbers like Shannon Twatts and money daddy d-bag Bloombag.

  27. Sorry, I couldn’t get passed calling anti-abortion groups ‘one of the most despicable groups in contemporary American politics’. So, if you oppose the wholesale slaughter of 55 million children and the sale of their organs for profit you’re despicable? But we’re supposed to rally around a handful of children who are victims of criminals misusing a firearm and demand that firearms be taken away from everyone (except the cops and criminals). Well here’s a news flash – anti-abortion groups aren’t calling for the ban of forceps because they’re used to dismember babies, they’re calling for a ban on killing children. These people obviously support the killing of children, so what do you suppose is behind their efforts to disarm us?

  28. When I first saw the picture, I read, “A gun stops a beating” and thought, “Yep, he will stop beating her when she shoots him.” Then I re-read it after the article and went, “Oh, missed that ‘heart’ bit.” Maybe we need some pictures of black-eyed women standing over their room-temperature assailants with my modified tag line.

  29. Such a campaign would backfire in the same way it does in pro-life arena. I am always ready to listen to a pro-life person, unless I see a sign with a giant photo of a dismembered unborn human. In such a case I will never talk or listen to them.

    • They set up a bunch of those in the middle of my hometown’s county fair this year. Which is weird, because that town is solidly red.

      Stay classy.

  30. We should take a page from all the Bernie Sanders minions on CNN’s website after the debate. Flood their article with comments about examples where legal guns saved little children’s lives. They’ll pull them down, but keep reposting them until they decide the article is pointless.

  31. “But it’s clear that the gun control movement – including Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – is re-positioning itself in preparation for more radical action.”

    Robert, it wasn’t even a week ago you were writing about a “new fatalism” sinking in among the gun control movement. You said they were becoming apathetic, resigning themselves to not seeing major new gun control legislation for a while. Get your message straight.

  32. Apparently this anti-gun group feels the problem is using a few fingers less , HOWEVER, without firearms it is usually a lot of blood and limbs alike a recent culprit in Boston!

    The pistols have been illegal in Australia since around 1902(around Australia’s year of Federation). whether a knife , lump of wood , iron bar or “home made sword”(whether stainless steel or mild steel or welded or one solid machined sheet piece ), most ad-hoc weapon systems of killing or fighting causes horrendous injuries.

    This invites his name as nick-name to be used by people (whom take for granted a firearm will always be there to cleanly harm or kill from either perspective in a crime problem to remember what happens if they have only alternate methods) to remember what the injury result often can equal.

    The “Boston Bomber”(non firearm attacker) is the equal of many of these medieval and prehistoric equipment that replaces the firearm as can be seen by the photographs of victims that day near the marathon finish after the bomb detonated showing the terrible similarity of wounds and number of dead(only two dead).

    The below then deserve to be referred to as “Boston Bomber” or “would be Boston Bomber” alike Lanza’s girlfriend “Queen Hoddle of Strathfield in Cairns 2014”

    “Home invading Teenage Boston Bomber”

    “Another home invading Boston Bomber”

    Machete, axe used in bloody home invasion April 21, 2011

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    This here is the most simplified form of the “Boston Bomber” with two knife victims

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    So thus in basis we know this problem is true if firearms are banned and stand your ground laws are a better solution appealing to common sense…

    = = = Australia never had much firearm use history in 100 years = = =

    odd Australian killers a sort of note….


    The list goes on…..

    UK …Boston Bomber”

    (You may be interested to know that the following is illegal in Britain and its commonwealth countries but there are various weapons in houses around in Australia) This following IS NOT Australian footage or incident!

    But it is what it can become easily in Australia or Britain in your house (the people in the house won this one but it can appear the opposite)!

    Redo of Bob Englehart’s cartoon because it does not show what occurs after gun control is in place…

    I almost forgot!!! The Khmer Rouge kept old gun barrels to execute death sentenced prisoners at the burial pits “because bullets cost too much” and they don’t use money and had very little resources , they used a “method of two strikes to the rear of the head using the bare gun barrel” , aside that, the machete on millions of people!


    If anti gunners want an argument for not using such lethal force at points then perhaps this Hymn can provide them a few ideas or safe personal excuse!

  33. A few random thoughts on the Gawker article:

    1) For all of their “fanaticism” and shocking images, the anti abortion movement has not succeeded in reversing Roe v. Wade. By the same token, many women walk right past them into the clinic and get an abortion.

    2) Harassing and getting physical with a gun owner is stupid, especially in a Stand Your Ground state.

    3) If you show me a picture of a murdered child outside of a gun store, I’ll likely think of my infant daughter and what I can do to protect her. What do you suppose my solution will be?

  34. I checked out The Trace article. Why would anyone, especially a parent, want a picture of their dead and mutilated child like that? I get trying to “make a point” or “force change” but that is just sick in the head.

  35. “…cut down helplessly by weapons specifically designed for killing…”

    Ah, okay, so he doesn’t want to ban anything that fires 5.56mm rounds then – since those were specifically designed to wound not kill (one man injured takes three out of the fight).

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