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Slow-Motion Dakota Tactical D54 MPS Machine Gun [VIDEO]

In the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College shooting, our [email protected] inbox has been crammed with TTAG tipsters’ emails containing links to gun control articles. Thanks for that! Because we can’t b everywhere, we depend on your heads-ups to stay on top of gun news. But we realize that TTAG needs to celebrate guns as well as expose those who hide behind a tissue of lies to promote their anti-gun agenda. So we present the above slo-mo video for your dining and dancing pleasure. If you come across an interesting article or video about a firearm, firearms trend, training technique, etc. please send it to us at the address above with the word GUN (all caps) in the subject bar. Much obliged.


  1. avatar Cliff H says:

    Great day to be a gun nut – BAD day to be a watermelon.

  2. avatar Rokurota says:

    Can I have it?

  3. avatar utdmatt says:

    Ahh, makes me wish the gunny was still doing mail call. He hates those damn watermelons.

  4. avatar larry says:

    My only question is did the Eotech survive?

    1. avatar Joe says:

      Larry, the lower egde of the hood did take a beating that’s for sure. It’s a common occurance when you low-mount an EOTech in the forward position on a roller-lock firearm.

  5. avatar John says:

    Pretty cool video. Only issue is that Dakota Tactical takes your money, and makes you wait 3 years for a gun to be built.
    They also just bumped their customers to do a large rush order for some silencer company.


    1. avatar Joe says:

      John, your information about our company is somewhat inaccurate and we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you or anyone else that may have concerns.

      1. avatar John says:

        Sorry, 2 years and some change.

        No thanks
        I can drive over to my LGS and purchase an MKE, hunt for a POF and not be out $3k for a 2 year wait.

        1. avatar Joe says:

          John, please notice that you are referring to a post that is well over 1 year old which pertains to a service that we no longer offer. Again, if you would like clarity please feel free to contact us directly. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you any concerns that you might have. Thank you.

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