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As we’ve been reporting, the civilian industrial complex is becoming increasingly radicalized, highlighted by their recent decision to label the NRA “terrorists.” The pro-gun side, not so much. Oh sure, firearms freedom folks have their Chipotle Ninjas (badly-dressed open carry advocates schlepping long guns into the public square, as is their right). And yes, Ted Nugent is a bit out there. But in the main, the pro-gun side is respectful. Rational. Reasonable. Dignified. Truthful. We have plenty of spokesmen and women who exemplify the approach. People like . . .

Colion Noir. Alan Gura. Todd Vandermyde. Bill Brassard. Charles C.W. Cooke. And Bill Whittle. While the former planetarium infotainer has a definite sarcastic tone and take-no-prisoners editorial bent, his soothing voice and demure demeanor make his pro-gun points with wit, style and force. PJ Media has a winner in Whittle, who whittles down seemingly complicated concepts into common sense McNuggets. He is never less than charming and always on-point. That’s why Bill Whittle is TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day. [h/t James]

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  1. I haven’t watched every Bill Whittle video, but the ones I have seen are spot on. So glad to see him addressing this issue.

  2. We have already lost our Constitutional rights.Talking nice and all the keyboard mental masterbation will not get them back.

    • Your rights are only battered & trashed, not gone. All you have to do to refresh them is to scoop them up off the trash heap, dust them off, and exercise them. If you have the guts to do it….

      • +1

        We’re not defeated yet. Not even close. In fact, we’re winning in several places around the country.

        Defeat Hillary and Bernie in 2016, and we could really start taking back a lot of the losses from the last few years. Watch out, when that starts happening.

  3. Perhaps the Ted Nugent response is sometimes the appropriately measured response to some of the lunatic sector of the anti’s?

  4. Bill Whittle is full of win.

    A couple things, though:

    1. The “Chipotle Ninjas” are not a good example, because they are a caricature. The actual men in that photo were in the restaurant, and armed as they were, with the express consent and invitation of the owner. Their fellow patrons – who included police officers – couldn’t care less about who they were or what they were carrying.

    2. Whittle claimed that murder and insanity “are there, and they are increasing”. Insanity may or may not be increasing; I don’t know. But in the US, murder most assuredly is decreasing. But his larger point remains: wishing and hoping won’t make evil cease to exist in the world, and ignoring it won’t protect one from it.

    • Yeah, I like him as well, but he does make mistakes. In another video he claimed Detroit had “restrictive gun laws”, which is totally false. CPL in Detroit isn’t hard to get at all

    • In the US the trend is downward, but the immigration crisis in our country and now for the Gun Liberated Europeans is due to the incredible levels of violence in the mid-East and Latin America. These realities are spreading like a levy breaking… the waters are coming, keep your powder dry.

  5. This man is spot on. This is my firs video I have watched of his and I plan on watching many more. It is nice to know someone besides myself and my fellow buddies feel the same way.

  6. “… to set them on the difficult path of honor, discipline and mental toughness.”

    Values missing from the American media and the political classes for the last 40 years. Why should anyone be surprised when the leading candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination is a woman the Americans most frequently associate with the word “liar”?

  7. I think if Mr Whittle put on a little camo and sported a pony tail he could pass for a toned down Nuge, sans Nugeisms. Same sarcastic, push it back in their face, attitude, which I love, but with a bit of refinement. Its good to have different messengers for the cause.

  8. But in the main, the pro-gun side is respectful.

    I’m proud to say that I am not respectful. Not even a little. Respect is earned; contempt is freely given.

  9. In the first sentence I think you meant to type “civilian disarmament complex” (or something like that) RF.

  10. The increasingly angry and radical anti-gun agenda is a symptom of their anger over the fact that they are losing. More people are buying guns, not less, and more people are in favor of guns rights, not less.

    All I know is that I am well set for firearms and ammunition, and have taken steps to ensure they cannot be easily confiscated in the unlikely event mass confiscation ever does occur. So they already missed the boat with me.

  11. Someone posted this on another site I frequent… one about Datsuns of all things. I was unfamiliar with Mr. Whittle before then but liked what he had to say.

  12. I really like Bill Whittle, he is always spot on. His Virtual State of the Union Addresses are priceless. Keep it up Bill.

  13. I literally had to stop the video halfway through because my 2 1/2 year old son woke up from a nap and needed attention. This world is seeing the wrath of fatherless boys and the revenge of bitter childhood memories. It’s only a matter of time before the next angry child lashes out again.

  14. Great video. I put a link to it on my FaceBook page. Thanks for posting it here.

    He’s so right too. The real problem is that we are becoming a nation of weak-minded children. Some of those child-adults get angry because they don’t think the world is treating them as well as it should. So they believe that they should go on a final tantrum, and try to kill as many people as they can, just to get some attention for themselves. The media glorifies these spoiled children, when we should vilify them.

    Man Up America!


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