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“I swear to God I just emptied the mag!” How many times has someone who owns a semi-automatic said those words after something really bad just happened?

Watch this video of someone named Carl Reimer, an apparently popular Call of Duty gamer who seems to aspire to being a gangsta, too. Reimer embarrassed himself — thank goodness that’s all he did — while live streaming on Twitch last night.

Note the round that was ejected from the GLOCK the second time Reimer racked the slide before pulling the trigger. He obviously didn’t empty the magazine, no matter how much he swears.

As PC Gamer reports . . .

Riemer’s troubles began when he picked up a gun and challenged an unknown individual to “say I ain’t got money,” while simultaneously racking the slide twice. And then, apparently believing the gun to be unloaded, he pulls the trigger and murders the hell out of a can of G-Fuel.

He is, er, was a part of something called SoaR, a gaming content creation and merchandise operation. Both Twitch and Soar have suspended him.

And yes, that was a beer in front of him when he let that round fly.

In an apology video posted to YouTube, Riemer said that he was “clearly intoxicated” during the stream, but acknowledged that regardless of his state of mind, guns are not toys and should not be treated as such. He also said that Soar acted appropriately by releasing him, and seemed to appreciate how lucky he was that no real harm was done: “It was a stupid mistake, but it’s a mistake that could have cost somebody their life,” he says in the video.

Here’s Reimer’s video apologia (NSFW):

From that remorseful tweet, it seems safe to say that even Reimer wouldn’t quibble with our naming him our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day.

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  1. A couple of my buddies do the Twitch streaming thing (not for CoD but other games).

    Seems to make some coin but I honestly don’t really “get” it. I get why it works for certain people in terms of being something they can do while disabled and whatnot but I don’t get why people watch this stuff. I just know they do.

    • My adult son runs a Twitch VR platform, constructing maps & rooms and slowly gathering subscribers. He has a full time day job that pays well, and does the Twitch thing at night. He doesn’t make much money at the present, but is hoping to build up his viewership. When I asked him the same “why do so many people pay to watch others play video games” question, he looked at me and simply said “your generation pays to watch others play sports…mine chooses gamers”.

      Makes sense, I guess. ‘Nuff said.

      • I’ve never really watched sports. I don’t “get” that either.

        I either play the sport or generally I have no interest in it. The exception being certain martial arts competitions but that’s more “watching to learn” in certain instances. I’ll watch specific people that I want to learn from and see how they do certain things against really stellar resistance.

        Gaming just doesn’t make sense to me in that regard either unless it’s within very, very limited circumstances. I help out with a Twitch stream for Star Citizen because my buddy does it and I get that people might want to watch that before investing in the game since it’s an alpha and it’s an oddball situation with that game because no game has ever been developed this way before which can, in fact, get very, very expensive (like really nice 1911 expensive, on the low end) for the player. OK. Other than that… buy the game and play it. Mostly you can’t watch a stream of an alpha or a beta because it’s protected by an NDA. I canceled an article for TTAG because I couldn’t get an NDA release on one of the games I was reviewing as a beta.

        • What the hell does all of that mean?

          Haven’t played video games since the early 90’s, there is way more to life than watching a stupid screen 24/7!

    • 1. How is this news?
      2. Who gives a f/k?
      3. Gamers are stupid, grow the f/k up and do something in the real world.

      • By the numbers gamers have more money than gun folk, by a lot.

        Shit, my wife’s gaming rig cost more than most Wilson Combat pistols do.

        • Paid 1500.00 for my dell g5 just for fallout 76 and fallout 4. Kinda wish I had the kimber I had my eye on instead but I needed a laptop for my apprenticeships online courses too soooooo lol

        • guy: as far as laptops go, dell is about the only one I’d invest in purely for their warranties. I have a 1050ti version from 2017, I don’t game on it, but for laptops, definitely dell. All other PC’s – build yourself.

        • I used to play games all the time. Much of my life actually. When I was a kid. When I was in high school. Lan parties at college. Later on a community online.

          And then I had kids. And now there is zero time for games. Which is fine by me.

      • The gaming industry actually helped save the second amendment for a generation. I don’t even game, either, but it’s true.

        The “mellenial” generation is actually turning out to be the most real pro 2A generation. Remember, mellenials are in their 30s now. The current crop of socialist 20 somethings are the next generation, something most people have failed to realize.

        Actual mellenials, born in the 80s and early 90s, were the bulk of the generation that fought Iraq and Afghanistan, experienced first hand the recession, and drove the call of duty and walking dead craze.

        Make fun of those last two things all you want, but it made that generation more into guns, (not just guns, but ARs and AKs), moreso then gen X and the boomers.

        My prediction is mellenials actually turn out to be the more conservative generation of this century.

        • Ron, I think you’re right about many, but I teach undergrads, and man, a scary number of them are freaking loony-tunes when it comes to politics.

          That said, Madcapp, I teach game design, and the gamers I know graduate to six figure salaries, either immediately or within a couple of years. Just because something isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s worthless. The smart play would be to co-opt gamers to the cause, many of whom are definitely primed by games to be pro 2A as Ron points out, and many of whom are also turned off by SJW insanity like gamer gate, etc.

        • Napresto,

          There shouldn’t be many Millennial undergrads anymore. Millennials were originally “Gen Y’s.” The original Millennial term applied to those born around the millennium. It then got changed to those born between 1981-1996. Since I’m on the oldest side of that, it wasn’t very thrilling for people like me to suddenly be dubbed “stupid Millennial” years after I had started my law enforcement career after being Gen Y for years (and supposedly automatically lazy because of it).

          Most undergrads these days are part of Gen Z. In reality, I think it is more of those people that expect the free government handouts, not all of us “lazy, stupid Millennials” that have become the never-ending basis of every excuse for every company failure to ever exist. I remember five or six years ago when the CEO of Applebee’s blamed Millennials for their profit losses since we “don’t eat out as much.”

          I figured someone had to blame-shift to Gen Z on here! 😂

        • As Andrew Breitbart astutely pointed out, and RF understood, “Politics is downstream from culture” and gaming culture does sell guns and, by extension, gun rights by getting people to have skin in the game.

          I know half a dozen people who bought a Vector because video games.

        • Your right Ron but it was Romeros work and resident evil directors cut and resident evil 3 that drove my interest in guns and my family’s conservative Christian views that made me so conservative. Ill be 31 next month after res3 I learned how to shot with a colt scout and Winchester single shot 20 gauge. Now if you look at my friends 30-31 most of them have Ars three of them I knew since cub scouts served and spent time in Afghanistan. My brother 2 years younger never cared for guns and is a Bernie supporter so are some of his friends only 1 served and hes not even really in our circles. Idk what happened between these two years that my brother and his friends came along is it just random or something else. Only 1 of his friends from his age group owns a gun. Now my cousin is 1 year younger than me but is pro 2a, pro trump and has several guns. My cousins age group 29 years old idk as many ppl but none of them own any guns. I’m a millennial pro life, pro 2a, pro coal, and a Boilermaker I think millennials are the tipping point for sure but generation z is gone so fn woke lmfao.

        • @ Jeff in CO… If you really dive into the different generations you’ll find a micro subset that is called the Oregon Trail Generation. We had analog stuff as kids and rapidly switched to digital, we are typically optimistic and much more motivated and are often harder workers than Millennials. By 21 I had my RN license, wife, house hunting & had a child on the way.
          I was always a gun owner, but I didn’t start buying semi-autos and defensive stuff until Call of Duty.

        • Jeff: fair enough! I actually lose track of which generation is which. I was born in ’79, and I tend to just think of everyone younger than me as a Millennial… although weirdly, because of my interest in games, movies, etc., I tend to connect better with my undergrad students than I do with my faculty colleagues a lot of the time.

          Speaking of buying guns because of games, I bought my CZ-75 because I saw one in CS:GO, looked it up, and thought it seemed cool.

          It was.

        • I am technically a millennials and I can tell you that without a doubt video games have brought gun culture and the hobby to the younger generation. I was always into hunting and shooting as a kid when I lived in GA. Wasn’t really an unusual thing given the culture there. Yet when I moved it was different. Kids didn’t have parents or family who were into guns, hunting, or took them shooting. So it wasn’t a hobby one easily got into or a family member passing it along. What really started to get many of them interested were video games. We had finally started to get video games to a point where the guns weren’t 8-bit sprites in a 2D world. We had guns that looked real, felt real, and controllers would rumble with each shot. Then there came along the COD games where the focus on period correct weapons sprung up. People found their favorites in the games. Then you had the likes of FPS Russia on youtube who was a gamer that eventually started making videos of him shooting the very guns from the games we all played. People were hooked and the very same reasons we all got into shooting was revealed to them and they saw it for it’s fun. My friends wanted to buy their first gun when they could and a lot would even remark after they bought it that they either wanted that gun because they saw it in one of the Call of Duty games or would remark at guns and say “looks like it’s from a COD game.” Gamers like customization and the ability to display their personality in some way through their avatar, computer/system setups, flair items, and other gaming gear. They are immediately sucked into the endless customization possibilities in the Glock world as well as creating their AR exactly how it appeared in a game or with the same level of customization. There is also a level of “counter culture” in some aspect for them. A lot of my friends who got into the hobby who had parents that were not or flat out against it sort of enjoyed that fact. Like they are forging their own path. They own what some think is an evil machine yet they know the truth. They hang out with like minded people at ranges and gun stores. There is a lingo/slang. The community is generally very accommodating the new shooters. Well, provided you can take some good-natured shit talking as well as dish it out right back.

          To be truthful I think a lot of millennials have gotta a poor representation due to a very loud minority being virtue signaling social justice warriors. When I have seen very much the opposite. In fact I think I know more millennial gun owners than non-millenial gun owners. That’s also in what could be considered a fairly liberal area of the country.

      • Like trolling the internet with your irrelevant opinions-level of stupid? Or just they’re too complicated of an entertainment platform for you to grasp so you discount them out of hand-level of stupid?

        I suppose you subscribe to the belief that watching youtube videos makes you an expert on any given subject matter, too.

        When I’m unwinding after a long day, they’re a nice way to spend R&R while keeping my mind and reflexes sharp (given the right genre). Better than going catatonic in front of a mindless hollywood film.

      • Sometimes I wish that the “enemy” would hurry up and fire that EMP so that the entire technology world would crash. Watching all of these techies going fricken insane because their phones, computers, gps, cars, refrigerators, alexas, etc. all go tits up all at once would be true entertainment. I gave up all of the gadgets, except the laptop many years ago. Hell, I still use a paper map to navigate, don’t own a cell phone, drive pre-95 vehicles (no computers), and still use non-digital appliances.

      • I guess you’re giving up watching TV or movies, then? Since that’s not “doing something in the real world”?

    • As others said, if you like playing sports you probably like watching sports.

      Millennials and Zoomers were raised on video games and the internet. Streaming is a combination of the two. When people watch their favorite entertainer stream they also talk to people in the chat room. It’s not purely watching someone play a video game. It’s a community of like minded people hanging out instead of being alone or surrounded by people that don’t understand them. If they have money, they can donate to the streamer to get them to produce certain content or answer their questions. To them streamers are celebrities they can have access to in some way.

      Imagine you could do the same with a famous sports star.

      Successful streamers make great money. They make more than the average lawyer or doctor. They can travel the world, pointing a camera at themselves, as an investment. Hundreds of thousands or even millions. In a few years, they could buy an expensive house and super car. People are willing to give them s shit ton of money to do stuff, like play a match against another streamer for thousands of dollars or go to Japan to make content.

      There are so many kids that got rich in a few years producing content on Youtube and/or Twitch. They are the new generations’ celebrities. Like those Jackass guys did many years ago, but these young people do it live.

      Young people don’t watch TV. Streamers and Youtubers are this generations reality TV.

  2. Understand the penalities associated with firearm misuse. Law Enforcement does not accept excuses or apologies.

      • Nope, clear as can be he’s a dumbass. Drinking, attention on his fantasy world, he looks surprised when the round is ejected yet he still pulls the trigger.

        Total dumbass.

        He says so too in the next video.

      • I have to agree. I have been in enclosed space without hearing protection when a gun went off and its the worst pain i have ever had, sans nearly cutting my finger off with a table saw. My ears were ringing and I had to regain my composure and it took more then a shocked look to come about.
        This guy kinda “laugh’s” it off to a degree….
        No wincing, no grabbing his ears. nothing.
        9mm Pistols are loud. as. fk. and i mean LOUD.
        im calling shenanigans

        • I was thinking the same thing. I’m not convinced this is real. Wouldn’t be the first time one of these guys pulled a stunt for advertising purposes. How many more followers did he pick up because of this?

  3. He clearly and deliberately pulled the trigger. Why would he do that if he thought the gun was empty? Would making a gun go “click” somehow improve his point that he’s a total badass?

    • “Would making a gun go “click” somehow improve his point that he’s a total badass?”

      No, but with the beer, that “click” can turn into the “clink” for him! Then he can find out if he is a “badass!” 😂

    • Well if you shoot competition (not suggesting this guy does), you get in the habit of doing this. At the end of each string you are directed to “unload, show clear, hammer down” (pull trigger). If this is real, then this guy skipped right over the crucial show clear step (visually ensure the chamber is empty). Point being, pulling the trigger on an empty chamber is not wrong or unusual, in fact it’s automatic for a lot of POTG.

  4. I had a good friend do something similar he was shit faced and joked he’d rather die than pay taxes stuck his .45 in his mouth. He always gave me shit about carrying my glock with one in the chamber he never did well he pulled the trigger and redecorated.

    • Typical “Republican”??…. really????
      More like TYPICAL DUMB-O-CRAP….

        • More like “zoomer”. He writes like Gen Z…using ALL CAPS is like waving your hands in a room of people engaged in their own conversations and saying “hey guys, I’m over here! Please look over here! Guys?”

    • “James Campbell says:
      March 5, 2020 at 20:32
      Completely preventable. Some people need more training.”


      I speak for myself troll.

      • Who asked you?

        Anyway shouldn’t you be negligently (and illegally) sneaking your AMT into a sport venue?

  5. Playing games instead of studying the useless Constitution, of The United States of America., “Give me sanctuary or give me death” “America where are you now, don’t you know I can’t fight alone against this monster”,,,I’m just wondering if the Bill of Rights were signed with a quill marked Made in China

    • Jig’s up, buddy. Now we know you’re not the real possum, as the Marsupial was goofy, but never at the expense of America or the Constitution. And certainly never tried to troll. He simply wrote comments to make us laugh.

      You might need to retire your moniker and avatar, and start over with something else.

      • Haz, you’re right. That a possum. Even Possum knows it’s “Give liberty or give me death.” Trolls stupidity always reveals them. The Hunchback of Notre Dame wanted sanctuary.

      • So know my comments are blocked too. Wow. Try again, no it is me, I don’t know who put that avatar up there? My comment about sanctuary or death was Our Constitution crying out for help.When it seeks asylum from the country it protects somthin ain’t right. Marked Made in China was the pathetic state Our nation has become because ever damned thing a lower middle class American can buy is made in a communist country, that ain’t right. It’s not right through our money we support Communism. The Bill of Rights and Our Constitution, what bill of rights? CCL is a joke just as sanctuary states are. But I’m a troll and a shill

    • what in gibbering hell are you talking about? This is how he makes money. There aren’t that many jobs that pay for you to sit around reading the Constitution (unless Ginsberg has finally passed on)

      • , I suppose spending days playing Zelda’s Revenge is more important then studying the Constitution? And I don’t know about you but I just can’t wait to buy some of that American grain fed chicken from China,its bound to be way better then anything we could produce here in the States., ,,,,Agriculture is the one up America has on most other countries and We are trading that off too.

  6. Only nd I ever did, hoping not to jinx myself.. was loading a c&b revolver.. powder in 6, over powder card in 6.. lubed wad and ball in 4.
    Bang.. Whoooosh.. shooters downwind were diving for cover amidst the cloud of smoke.. I fired off the other 3 then went home for the day..

  7. I don’t game, but I suppose I could ask my 23 year old son how it’s done. Although, i doubt he would do anything that stupid. He’s been shooting/hunting since he was about five. Also, I drilled the proper sequence of actions on into students on how to unload a semi-auto pistol. The reason John Moses Browning introduced the magazine disconnect. Not that it would have made any difference in this case.

    • Magazine disconnect… The feature that requires the mag to be in the gun before you can pull the trigger? I wonder what could go wrong.

      • Aside from from having one in the chamber and needing to discharge it during a mag change, not much. Most people run to slide lock in which case a disconnect is a moot point. That said I removed it from my Hi-Power. Improves the trigger a little.

  8. staged. beer wasn’t open. just be glad the tool has a gun and he’s not a leftist. at least he gas a gun and he didn’t harm anyone.

  9. “I just emptied out the mag!” No, dumbass, you left the mag in the firearm, and when it has one in the pipe and one I’m the magazine, and you run the slide, guess what happens? What’s supposed to happen. Another round goes in.

    Having less distractions could’ve prevented this, alongside some attention to the one thing there that could’ve actually caused you harm. Now, you have to go get a minimum wage job because you’ve been booted from socials that we’re paying your rent.

  10. Worst thing that’s gonna happen to you is your gonna have to get a different job. It ain’t the end of the world. At least you learned the lesson and get to grow up.

  11. I did not witness it but a similar incident happened to two friends of mine. They were sitting around the kitchen table admiring the new revolver one had purchased. Owner removed the ammo handed it to the other saying check out the trigger on it. second person checked it to be empty (said he did anyway) and proceeded to shoot the microwave.
    And yes same as above story beer was involved.

  12. This guy Is a prime example of why I don’t trust people at the range. As to the Gamer aspect, I just do not get it. I have never ever played a video game. I see it as a total waste of one’s time. I prefer to actually have hobbies that produce tangible items and increase my knowledge of real world skills and talent. I fabricate metal and weld as a hobby as well as rebuild engines and transmissions, axles and suspension systems. Now that’s what I do, others may like gardening, reloading ammo, carpentry, ETC. Actually make something useful. Gaming is about as useless as watching TV, mind numbing stupidity. I blame parents who do not engage themselves in their children’s lives, just letting kids play video games instead of being a parent, producing a total generation of dolts, who can’t even change a flat tire. Imagine what you can get done just by turning off the TV and do something, anything.

  13. The owner removed the ammo handed it to the other saying check out the trigger on it. fabricate metal and weld as a hobby as well as rebuild engines and transmissions, axles, and suspension systems.t ain’t the end of the world. At least you learned the lesson and get to grow up. he always gave me shit about carrying my Glock with one in the chamber he never did well he pulled the trigger and redecorated.

  14. Man, it’s so cool that people find a way to do what they love and make money at it. I also really like video games, I even created a channel for myself on Twitch, but I still can’t get enough subscribers to unlock some features on the platform.

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