My quest for the perfect gun range game continues with the iPod Touch/iPhone game GunShot. I’m looking for a game that gives me the look and feel of a real gun range, re-sized for my iPod. Something that provides the same kind of fun I have shooting holes in pieces of paper. In that respect, GunShot misses the target. It’s an OK way to practice but it doesn’t really have the wow factor yet. It costs 99 cents – about average for an iPod game. And it has a lot of things that some of the other gun games don’t have.

The playability of this game is very high (maybe too high) because it is so (too) easy to hit the target. Some of the good things about this game are that you can choose from 3 guns, a shotgun, a handgun, and a rifle. Then you get and unlimited supply of bullets (unrealistic, but what the hey). You can choose from six targets, or you can upload any photo you may have on your device. The target is stationary – which also makes things easier. Tap on the screen to both aim and fire. I’d rate the graphics as “good.”

There are some things I don’t like about this game. There’s no way to move the target back to shoot from a longer distance. The target is so close, it offers no challenge. It is nice that you a choice in weapons, but at the same time it is limited, because you only have the choice bettween a handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle. What if you wanted to use a machine gun or a revolver? The unlimited ammo kinda kills any strategic possibilities – if you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo, you don’t really have to worry about accuracy. The ability to shoot at unusual targets – especially photos you upload yourself is pretty cool. But the flaws overshadow the cool factor. I think that maybe they should have thought these things through more carefully. Because of this, I’d rate the “fun factor” as very low. It is just some thing to pass time with – nothing here of any long-term value. You won’t feel as if you’re shooting at a real range, and you won’t find this helps your hand-eye coordination in the least.

In my oppinion you get what you pay for. I dont know what they were thinking when they made this game but I do know what I am thinking right now. “BORING!” GunShot is unfortunately a snooze-fest on wheels.  No wonder iTunes gave it 3 0ut of 5 stars. So my search for the perfect shooting range game continues. Sigh…


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