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Americans’ support for stricter U.S. gun laws has receded after sharply increasing in the wake of two mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, in the spring. Specifically, 57% of U.S. adults now think laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict, down from 66% in June. Still, current support is above the 52% measured in October 2021 and matches the 2020 reading.

The Oct. 3-20 Gallup poll finds another 32% of Americans saying gun laws should be kept as they are now, and 10% would like to see them made less strict.

Gallup has tracked Americans’ preferences for gun laws using this measure since 1990, when crime rates were approaching their peak in the U.S. and a record-high 78% of Americans supported stricter laws for gun sales. The record low is 43%, measured in October 2011. The latest poll was completed before the highly publicized shooting of three college students at the University of Virginia. …

Although there have been other high-profile mass shootings since the June poll — including one at the Highland Park, Illinois, July 4 parade — demand for stricter gun laws has declined, much like it did after previous highly publicized mass shootings. However, the current instance may also reflect public recognition of the federal gun law that was passed in June with bipartisan support in direct response to the Uvalde shooting. …

Preferences for gun laws in the U.S. continue to differ sharply by party. Currently, 86% of Democrats, 60% of independents and 27% of Republicans say the laws covering gun sales should be made more strict. Readings among all three partisan groups have fallen since June. The latest decreases are 11 points among Republicans, eight points among Democrats, and six points among independents. …

Americans’ calls for stricter gun laws have fallen since June, when back-to-back massacres in a grocery store and a school resulted in an increased appetite for gun control. This pattern, whereby public support for tougher gun control spikes after prominent mass shootings and falls back as the memory of them fades, has been evident historically in Gallup polling.

It is unclear how much the recent gun legislation has affected Americans’ views.

— Megan Brenan in Diminished Majority Supports Stricter Gun Laws in U.S.

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  1. Polls mean very little in light of the ‘Bruen’ decision.

    Part of me just wants to let ’em have their little pissy-fit, and watch the screams of anguish when their laws start dropping left and right on them… 🙂

    • I hope yer right Geoff. I’m thinking they’ll pull an Andrew Jackson with a “where’s your army to enforce your decision”?!? And “support” for gun control fell precipitously after the BLM riot’s & anti fools endless mayhem. See: record gun sales…

    • In the end, only the lawyers win.

      It can take up to a decade for a single case to go through the courts. It takes hours for a legislature to enact an unconstitutional law, with 100% immunity.

      See, for example, Bruen and how the NY State Legislation reacted as a result.

      IMHO, legislative indemnity is the issue, although the cure for that is a double-edged sword. It’s not enough for the courts to say “Yup, the Government blatantly and knowingly violated Civil Rights. Sorry about that..”

      • “See, for example, Bruen and how the NY State Legislation reacted as a result.”

        The beauty of ‘Bruen’ is that all an appellate judge has to do is ‘GVR’ a case and tell the lower court to to use the ‘Bruen’ decision as a guide…

        • At best, that shortens the judicial timeframe, and still requires an honest and ethical court. The legislature can still turn out laws faster than the courts can strike them down and does not address the root cause that the legislature can act with impunity with regards to black-letter civil rights.

        • “At best, that shortens the judicial timeframe, and still requires an honest and ethical court.”

          1,000 percent correct.

          The rights we have right now are as good as it gets. You can bet your ass as soon as they have a majority on the court, the ‘Heller’ decisions through today will be struck down.

          It’s our job to normalize gun rights as much as possible so that the voting public pitches a loud enough stink so the future high court dreads overturning our gun rights.

          …and a good way for that to happen is to get gun safety taught in high school the same as driver’s ed. get taught today. By example, on the school’s gun range where the kids practice for NCAA competitive ten-meter small bore matches.

          50-state reciprocity will go a long ways in normalizing gun ownership and carry…

        • “a good way for that to happen is to get gun safety taught in high school the same as driver’s ed. get taught today”

          that, and start up the well-regulated militia again.

  2. So called “adults” who vote for Gun Control are on the level of renters who vote for property taxes.

    Since History Confirms Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide Gun Control must be defined by its history of rot so adult history illiterates won’t be duped into voting for history to repeat itself.

  3. If your desire for gun control is dependent on the actions of the latest school shooting then you have missed the entire point.

    Being anti-gun is being against the US Constitution. It is just simply because of the 2nd Amendment. This document does NOT change just because some idiot shoots up a theater or an outdoor concert. When people say it ‘looks bad’ to adhere to constitutional law right after a mass shooting then all that really means is a weak individual with very little if any love for this nations population and it’s laws. There will ALWAYS be criminals with guns. Making new laws to stop the law-abiding from guns will never change that. This also does not change based on age, gender, race, wealth, or educational background.

    When you decide you want more gun control just simply because of what happened at that school in Uvalde, then you become part of the problem.

    • “Being anti-gun is being against the US Constitution.”

      Haven’t you heard the news? The US constitution is a systemically-racist document written by white supremacists.

      They are actually laying out that argument, right now, in the present day.

      Not to fear, they have plans for a new anti-racist constitution, and they only need three-fourths of the states to adopt… 🙂

  4. It’s never been about safety or what most people want. It’s about being able to rule with an iron fist. Don’t think hillbillies with small arms don’t matter? Who do you think the Taliban are?

  5. I’m struggling to think of an example of the when the Gun control groups actually cared about public opinion or even public consent. They are heroes in their own minds.

    As far as the elected officials they only care around election time what the people the supposedly represent think and only as much as they can sneak by if the public is against or doesn’t understand the laws in question.

    Try asking a supporter of a proposed law what the law actually says or does and you will most likely get a blank look, maybe talking points or just the cry of we must do something.

    • “you will most likely get a blank look”

      (laugh) no, you don’t. they respond with how wicked and evil their opponents are, and if you keep asking they respond more loudly with how wicked and evil their opponents are.

      and they mean it.

  6. Frightened idiots knee-jeeking their way through life is precisely why rights should not be subjected to mob rule or as the idiots know it: democracy.

        • well, for the people pushing gun control and other tyranny, “democracy” means “me! and everyone else working for me!”.

          and, if you look closely, for the “modern right”, “democracy” means “me! and there is no-one else!”.

          so, despite all the hystrionics, what you have here is not a political or constitutional or legal or social or cultural or logical conflict, but rather a tribal conflict. so there can be only one method of resolution, and only one outcome.

    • MINOR Miner49er Seems you have things a bit mixed up. Democracy includes all people, even those of us who own guns. Seems your “support” for “gun control” is falling like a rock. And as usual, you anti-gun nutz have forgotten about the 2nd Amendment, the Heller, McDonald, and Bruen decisions.

  7. The underlying goal of any poll is to shape opinion, not record it. Take that and a healthy spoonful of salt before reading.

    • Given the wacko leftist spin of Gallup’s lying “polls”, the actual results must have been earth shatteringly negative for the prog antigun agenda.

    • The funny thing about polls, is that I can get the result want by just fixing wording the question to get the response I want. .

  8. Single data points don’t mean much. What’s interesting in the graph shown is the widening gap over the last 12 years between the R’s, D’s, and I’s. I expect this will continue for the foreseeable future. The question is whether that gap becomes something more than just opinions.

    • Every election the various gun orgs in this state send out mailers that rank the state politicians on gun rights. I wish I had kept them because years ago you’d see A and B ranked democrats and D and F ranked republicans. Almost like you had options and choices or could spend time considering other issues rather than gun control.

      Over the years the ranking has 100% split in two. The republicans all get A’s and B’s and the democrats all get F’s.

      It’s too bad we’ve come to this. Just makes balkanization or straight up conflict all that much more likely.

      • The problem is that those rankings don’t mean anything. I for one do NOT need a pro-gun org ranking Hillary Clinton an F to understand how much she wants to do away with the 2A. She is high profile and easy to tell but politicians are not all that hard to read in the first place. I could not care less of some gun org somewhere gave Trump an A. That would mean anything. It would be ridiculous to vote for Trump (or against him) based on that A rating. All this kinda thing does is make it so that you let someone else dictate to you who you will vote for. Take it all with a grain of salt.

    • yes, they do think that.

      one of the primary methods of establishing control of “everything” is to define anything not under their control as “nothing” if they can ignore it, or as “evil” if they can’t. and that includes you.

  9. Most gun laws do absolutely nothing to reduce either crime or shootings since criminals will get firearms illegally, the FBI is too busy being corrupt to enforce the lying penalties on NICS applications and simply denying people a gun rather than proving they lied on the application, and even people who have gone through a background check can commit a crime. Better mental and emotional health checks would be a step in the right direction. Only problem with that is that 50 percent of the population is either dumber than a rock or completely crazy and most of them are politicians and federal law enforcement.

    • You’ve been caught up in the propaganda.
      The truth is, no one should have to lie on a form thats demanded by the United States government to acquire possession of a firegunm.
      The NICS is an infringement on a Right that clearly states Shall Not Be Infringed.

  10. I question the validity of a lot of recent surveys. In 1980 most people would scurry to answer a phone when it rang because it “could be important” and were reflexively courteous to unknown callers. In the present age a great many people screen out calls from numbers the do not recognize on caller id, and hang up without a word on any kind of solicitation.

    Guns are an attractive target for theft and I suspect that a great many people simply lie when asked. I mean really, if some random person called and asked if you had over $1,000 worth of jewelry at home is it any different? Garbage in, garbage out.

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