Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube.
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Antifa thugs dressed in Black Bloc gear while toting rifles stood guard outside a drag queen story hour in Denton, Texas over the weekend. With rifle-toting “security” on guard, locals and others protested the event outside. Among them, comedian Alex Stein trolled them heavily sporting a big grin.

The presence of the masked and armed Antifa member kept most of the counter-demonstrators away. While in Texas, any law-abiding citizen can open carry a long gun, that doesn’t entitle them to block public sidewalks or streets.

Stein strolled the sidewalk out front of the event and was bodychecked repeatedly by more than one of the story hour “supporters.” Stein pushed his way past one and effortlessly brushed another particularly aggressive low-T type out of the way with an arm sweep before zeroing in on the two Antifa types toting ARs.

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube.
Screen caps by Boch via YouTube.

He asked, “Did this mess with your arts and crafts time?…  I’m so happy you’re protecting these children so they can get indoctrinated…  You’re such a good American.”

Watch for yourself.


The Post Millennial also covered the event . . .

A group of armed Antifa were standing guard outside of Patchouli Joe’s bookstore in Denton, TX on Saturday where a drag queen story hour was being held for children.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen reported from the scene and noted that he was removed from inside the bookstore while armed Black Bloc Antifa were inside. He was told he “wasn’t welcome anymore” when he was ejected. In a comment to The Post Millennial, Hansen said, “The book store was allowing ANTIFA inside to change into Black Bloc – I got inside the bathroom and there was a bunch of bags. ANTIFA freaked out because they realized they left their stuff in the bathroom.”

“Inside of the Transgender Storytime for Children hosted in Denton— Children in attendance were gifted trans flags to wave around. I was almost immediately removed by Armed ANTIFA at the request of the owner, Police Officers were inside the event as well helping with security,” Hansen posted on Twitter along with footage.

Stein also tweeted about his encounter.

Denton police stood by and did nothing about the tussling outside.

In the end, Antifa failed to intimidate anyone who was there to protest the event. On the other hand, it’s almost as if the organizers put on the story hour simply to inflame ordinary types against their cause.

Along those lines, for those outside the gun culture, seeing masked people dressed in black toting rifles in public likely causes an alarm response.  That doesn’t win people to the Antifa cause.

Put another way, open carrying rifles in masked Black Bloc “battle rattle” doesn’t win friends and influence people to whatever the cause may be.

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    • That ATF letter is supposed to be released in December. If it holds, it won’t go into effect for 120 days. Most likely it will be around April when it goes into effect.

    • There’s a number of exclusions also. It won’t automatically banish braces. My ARs conform to pistol standards, that’s what they were made as, that’s what they are. I’m 65, my prostate hurts, I need a fucking brace. The ATF can suck eggs.

  1. Alex Stein is a pathetic vile little troll who I thought would have learned his lesson after Crenshaw’s security smacked the crap out of him. Notice he also uses the same language that the anti gun people use to describe us. Nobody should be defending this pathetic little incel creep. If you dont like drag shows dont go to them. These are actually my kind of “liberals”. The second amendment is for everyone and pathetic little wastes of oxygen like Alex Stein will be all in favor of gun control once they get more responses like this.

    • “If you dont like drag shows dont go to them”

      and if you don’t like infestors destroying your nation, move.

      • If you want to live in a theocracy move to Saudi Arabia where being gay is illegal. Sorry but a few dudes in dresses are not “destroying the nation”. If that bothers you that much maybe you have some repressed “issues” that you need to resolve.

        • It’s not dudes in dresses. It’s dudes opening their crotches to little kids. Not sure why you think the sexualization of children is a terrific idea, but that’s how you roll, huh?

        • “..repressed “issues”..

          Yep, I got those in spades. One of them is I don’t like ‘mentally ill’ people interacting with children telling them bull$hit. Yes, when I was growing up these things were listed/classified as a mental illness, but politics became entrenched.
          Exposing innocent children to the freak show should be a case for arrest, prosecution, conviction, and prison time. Has nothing to do with religion either.

        • “Yep, I got those in spades”

          it’s just projection on his part – he’s repressed, and he resents it. “help help I’m being repressed!”

        • Mother Fuckers can do whatever they want until they start indoctrinating children and adults into thinking this shit is normal. So GFY Nerd.

        • Colonel Travis beat me to it except I know why they think sexualizing children is a terrific idea. There’s good and there’s evil. The entire world understood that doing this to children was evil until the social contagion of Leftism (aka evil) spread like wildfire here about ten minutes ago. No one cares about a couple of adult dudes getting off on pretending like they’re girls amongst themselves. Stop playing dumb. Leave the kids out of it “ArmedNerd!”

        • A theocracy? Beyond the weirdness and nonces… Look at these people and their symbols in the video. That “progress flag” is, by all intents and purposes, a religious symbol. It is their cross, star of David, crescent moon and star, etc. It is a symbol of fealty. The old rainbow pride flag was not exclusive by design, so they adopted this one.

          This is a belief system and associated culture clashing with the dominant culture. They are using the threat of force to impose their culture on everyone else. In their words, they are “colonizers.”

          But back to the nonces… I think it is morally wrong when parents force kids in to religious institutions AND when parents force their kids in to these overly sexualized woke events. Kids can’t give informed consent and its gross when parents keep their kids at these places even when they are uncomfortable and want to leave.

        • Colonel show me again where they opening their crotches to kids. Have you ever been to a middle school locker room before? Children are exposed to far worse. I probably wouldn’t take my kid to one of these but thats up to the parents. A dude in a dress reading a book to kids isn’t going to turn them gay.

        • Muckraker it IS normal in a lot of places. I hope you dont have kids because I can see you would raise them to be bullies and we have enough of those around. Even if its not “normal” you shouldn’t care. If you can show me evidence that they are “preying on children” show it or be quiet. Right now you sound like one the anti gun people trying to “protect our children”.

        • Hey remember backnin thebl 80’s and 90’s when the religious warned that gay marriage was a gateway to child molesters? All thenlamestream media said it was a conspiracy theory. now we see all the conspiracy theories coming true and that one is at the front of the line.

          people need to start curing these communists lead deficiency.

        • “remember backnin thebl 80’s and 90’s when the religious warned that gay marriage was a gateway to child molesters?”

          (nod) yep. one step at a time, they’re reaching their goal. “accept us. let us stand with you. let us stand next to your kids. let us teach your kids. let us touch your kids. let us have your kids.”

    • Couldn’t agree more. Probably one of the dumbest articles that TTAG has published, as it focuses on the author’s stance on a particular social issue unrelated to firearms, at an event where firearms happen to be present (and being used in the same manner that more conservative leaning folks use them for all the time).

    • Right there with you Armed and Mike. We’re always saying the 2A is for everyone, but then (especially in light of Colorado) when people outside the “traditional” 2A crowd actually practice their rights, TTAG & Co. complain. For the Author: Choose what you believe in and stick to it. Not just when your Bubba friends are the ones open carrying at a rally or event for your preferred cause. Very disappointed in this short-sighted and xenophobic content.

      • “We’re always saying the 2A is for everyone”

        more specifically it’s for citizens. deranged perverts who seek children as prey are another matter altogether. “our constitution was written for a christian and moral people, it is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other.” – madison

        • I do agree with specifying the 2A is for all law abiding citizens (regardless of race, creed, sex, age, disability, political affiliation, etc.). By “everyone” above, I meant the entire population of those who are legally able to practice this right in the US.
          Disagree that transgender = deranged perverts, but that’s discourse for another blog I suppose…

        • “Disagree that transgender = deranged perverts, but that’s discourse for another blog I suppose…”

          Nope, we can clear that up right now.

          You think that because you don’t have a basic understanding of the English language (see below). It’s either that or you think there is no objective truth. The world is whatever you decide it is (at this moment, subject to change). That same line of thinking is exactly what brought about trans ideology.

          1. mentally unsound
          2. disturbed or disordered in function, structure, or condition
          3. wildly odd or eccentric

          one given to some form of sexual perversion

          an aberrant sexual practice or interest especially when habitual

          Transgender literally = mentally ill. If you’re a dude, but you think you’re a girl, then you’re mentally ill. I thought you Lefties didn’t want the mentally ill to have guns.

      • I saw nothingeven suggesting that the armed auntie faye goons should not have been there.
        What I DID see, and fully agree with, is a strong objection to shoving sexual perversion into the lives of young chidren. For those of us who try and live our lives in accordancewith God’s Word, we KNOW how He views this precise behaviour.. both thw taking up of a womans dress by a man, (HE labels that an “abomination thus I agree) AND the conduct of adults putting any such perversion before children and telling them it’s OK, or, worse yet, encuraging thm to engage in it.

        I would also be that the behaviour of the arme pretenders in black crossed the line into armed threat more than once.

      • OKAYNOW. Oh fuck off. You absolutely are not on my side using “xenophobic” in that context. Leftist jack ass.

      • I Think you are missing the point. 2A is for everyone. Child molestation and indoctrination is not.

    • The second amendment doesn’t protect a perverts right to commit sex crimes. This isn’t about religion. It’s about child abusers using the flag of leftism to advance their cause of sexually assaulting children.

      You liberals and libertarians aren’t defending anyones “rights”. You’re defending child abuse.

      • Tell me who got “sexually assaulted” at this event. You sound as ridiculous as the people trying take away our 2A rights in the name of “protecting children”. Oh you know who heavily empathized “protecting the children”? Adolf Hitler. “protecting our children” is the first step towards tyranny and authoritarianism. Individual parents should decide about this sort of thing.

        • Nobody has to tell you leftists and liberals anything.

          If the laws are passed to ban this, which I hope they will as they definitely should, then the rule of law stands. If not, then we’ll petition to have it put on the 2024 ballot. If the ban is voted in the majority rules as it’s supposed to. Thereafter you can take your bleeding-heart liberal bullshlt about “fascism” and shove it up your stretched-out ass.

          As usual when you chumps are losing an argument you resort to calling people that don’t agree with you fascists, and/or racists. In this case your use of the term fascism proves you don’t have the slightest idea what the Hell you’re talking about.

        • GRA thanks for showing you dont know jack shit about our constitution or even how our government works. There is no way to “put it on the ballot” there is no federal ballot measure you ignoramus and any state ban would be stopped dead in its tracks by the courts just like they did when you bible thumping morality tyrants tried to ban kids from buying violent video games a few years ago. Who’s gonna enforce it too buddy? You willing to go do it? My advice would be to go buy life insurance so your family has enough to bury you after. But no you wont because your a chickenshit COWARD just like Shannon Watts and Bloomberg. No you just are a fascist no one is “losing an argument” and btw our founders didn’t believe in majority rule its precisely why we have an electoral college you ignorant dolt. Again move to Saudi Arabia if you want that kind of society. Next you’ll be calling for women to be stoned to death for adultery.

    • Your time of defending and encouraging drag faggs and fagg drags is very likely coming to an end. Laws prohibiting such nonsense with children are being debated in this legislative session in Texas. I’m sure there will be no shortage of folks contacting their reps to outlaw such mental assaultive sexual harassment of children. If you don’t like that then take your leftist liberal FREAK presence to some shlthole state where most of them congregate.

      • Gra – you ever actually attended one of these events as an observer? Not as a protestor, but as someone who actually went inside to see what all the fuss was about?

        • Shut down a drag queen story hour when we figured out the performers real names were on the sex offender registry. Kind of removed any inclination to support such a thing after 3/4 of the performers were not allowed to be around kids. But what does a whatever phobe like me know.

        • Never sucked a cock either but I know it’s not for me. Anyone push that shit on my grandchildren, antifa ain’t gonna save you. That’s just a 2for.

      • GRA yeah that will go over about as well when they tried to ban kids from purchasing violent video games a few years ago. Again I probably wouldnt take my kid to this if I had one but if other parents want to I’m not gonna stop them.

        • We’ll surely see here soon, now won’t we? Folks said the same thing about abortion in Texas and you see how that turned out.

        • Abortion is a medical procedure not a form of expression you dolt. Drag is a form of free speech and it will be protected as such. My god people like you are BEYOND ignorant. Oh and did that stop women from having an abortion? Nope! They just went to other states and got one. I love the stupidity of Christian Authoritarians.

    • I got no problem with transgenders, at age 21 mutilate yourself all ya like, but puberty blockers AKA chemical castration or “affirming” surgery on minors is child abuse and needs to be treated that way by statute. Now Antifa weenies just don’t matter if we fix the underlying problem.

    • Colonel Travis – But no one was opening their crotches at this event, nor dressed in a sexually suggestive manner.

      Manse Jolly – I’m not seeing that in linked Taylor Hansen video.

      muckraker – Something not being normal != bad/immoral. Owning an AR-15 is not considered normal by world. Owning an arsenal of firearms is not considered normal by the world. Would you object to the saying that because it isn’t normal that it means gun owners are bad/evil people.

      Dude – Deranged means people who have lost all rational thought, in other words they can’t tell right from wrong in any circumstance, they are uncontrollable in any circumstance.

      By definition anal sex in a heterosexual relationship is perversion. BDSM is a form of perversion. None of those mean they will harm anyone maliciously, especially kids.

      • As Americans, what the world thinks does not always matter and often mrans nothing at all. Wether its about guns or anything else in life. If you actually think Americans are going to change their minds about AR15’s based on the rest of the world then You have completely missed the point. Owning guns (even many of them) is normal in this country. It always has been.

        There is no reason to involve children in these things unless there is evil intent. Regardless of what was shown in the video.

        • Prndll – You are literally proving my point in the first paragraph; in fact, we agree on the point.

          The second paragraph by you is what gun controllers say about gun owners that want to own AR-15s or any other semi-automatic with large capacity magazine.

        • @Craptacular
          You bring this up like it matters when it doesn’t. I said nothing at all about magazine capacity. THAT is something YOU said.

        • Prndll – Lol, I didn’t bring it up like it matters, muckraker was the one who brought it up that it should matter that something not being “normal” should be viewed as bad/immoral. My point stands that just because society doesn’t view something as “normal” doesn’t mean it is bad/immoral. Perfect example is that the world views people wanting to own AR-15s as nor normal, well that doesn’t mean it is wrong to want to own AR-15s or that you have evil intent because your desire to own something isn’t view as normal.

          I never said you said anything about magazine capacity. I said the logic in your second paragraph is the same logic that gun controllers use against things like magazines above 10 rounds or semi-automatic long guns.

        • Dude – and I’m explaining what the dictionary definition of the word means, it means they are completely insane.

      • Couldn’t care less about someone calling me abnormal or immoral for owning weapons. This isn’t about me it’s about indoctrination of children with in your face sexual perversion. And you don’t know no one was opening their crotches at this event, or dressed in a sexually suggestive manner. I saw a clip of one of these degenerate bastards with his legs spread wide while sitting on a chair so the child was eye level to his junk. I want every one of these evil pricks to DIAF!

        • There’s a video of one of those “family friendly” trans events that shows a trans person letting a child touch his junk. The entire purpose of pushing this on children is to sexually groom children. Most of the people defending this degeneracy are aware of that. The others are useful idiots.

          Notice how Crap conceded that they’re perverts. But straight people are too so it’s okay!

        • muckraker – If you don’t care then why should anyone care or be persuaded by you about your statement that homosexuals, transsexuals, etc. are not normal? Based off of the linked Taylor Hansen tweets in this article that we are commenting on, we can see that no one was opening their crotches at the event or dressed in a sexually suggestive manner. So, unless you have actual video or photographic evidence that proves Taylor Hansen’s tweeted videos to be wrong…..Why should anyone believe your assertions?

          Dude – Feel free to share a link to that video. You have yet to show that these people are sexually assaulting children at these events. What two or more consenting adults do in their bedroom, especially if you consider it to be perverted or perversion, is really none of your business or mine.

        • @Craptacular
          We are NOT talking about consenting adults. That is a very different thing. The children in question cannot legally give consent. These are NOT adults.

        • Prndll – You are right, we are talking about children who in Taylor Hansen tweeted video in this article are listening to a book being read to them by fully clothed adults, who are not dressed in a sexually suggestive manner, who are not being asked nor forced to touch an adult’s crotch or genitalia, nor are they being talked to in a sexual manner.

          So, what is the harm here?

          This really seems to be much ado about nothing.

        • We aren’t talking about consenting adults in their bedroom. Are you lost? You need to update your automatic early 2000’s gay conversation response.

          After a quick search, I can’t find that particular video. Twitter has a habit of removing viral videos that show this sort of thing. Maybe that policy will end with new ownership. I might search for it more later. If you’re implying I made that up, then you haven’t been here for longer than a couple of days. I don’t make things up on here.

          “This really seems to be much ado about nothing.”

          It’s more than “adults reading to children.” See my comment near the bottom of the page.

    • Can’t take a bit of humor? Hmm I can guess but I will let you define yourself through your actions.

    • Oh dear, somebody who insulted Eyepatch McCain has also filmed armed and masked men enforcing a perimeter around children being shown sexually explicit material. Whatever shall we do?

      Then again, I guess you could be one of those people who are perfectly fine with the Chamber Of Commerce-wing of the GOP. You know, the one that literally has made zero accomplishments in the last 20 years? The ones that seem to mysteriously say “Gosh, it’s just not the right time, we don’t have the votes, we’ll get them next time!”

      Crenshaw is “conservative” as in, “conserving and enshrining the opinions and positions held by the far left 20 years ago.”

      • Hey Sarcasto That “Chamber of Commerce GOP” is the reason why we had so many conservative judges put on the courts and got a conservative supreme court. That “Chamber of Commerce GOP” is the reason we got PLCCA signed and partial birth abortion banned. Your “conservative wing” of the party has done nothing but lose elections and embarrass themselves time and time again. The idiot clowns like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Louie Gohmert ect have done NOTHING for the country and have no plan to make anyones lives better. They are grifting performance artists out to make money and get famous and they fleece stupid people like you for donations while laughing behind closed doors at how dumb you are. “Eye Patch McCain” buddy a chickenshit coward like you wouldn’t have the courage to do what Crenshaw did. You’re too busy in your moms basement listening to Qanon podcasts.

  2. “That doesn’t win people to the Antifa cause”

    you don’t understand. in their minds, they matter, and everyone else doesn’t. they are fully justified toting guns, and you aren’t. they are fully justified in indoctrinating your kids, and you’d better go along with it.

    this isn’t a contest. this is tribal warfare. either they win or you win, winner take all.

    • They’re not in Ohio so not Stosstruppe Dacian which is made up of incels and NAMBLA members.

      Which antifa sect were they in? Probably the rainbow coalition who will among the first groups to be purged post revolution.

        • The one antifa has been waiting for. Standartenführer Dacian has wasted zis entire life for it to happen. Zis one and only chance to be important.

          Nothing more ironic than an anarchist on welfare.

        • Those anarchists love their big government redistribution of wealth. Is that red star flag in the video a commie flag?

    • “they are fully justified toting guns, and you aren’t.”

      And that is different than what you are doing how again?

  3. here’s what’s going to happen with Antifa at these events all decked out pretending they are tough… at some point they are going to assert ‘dominance’ over the wrong person on the sidewalk who will refuse to leave that public property and Antifi is going to start spraying rounds all over the place. wait and see.

    the democrats little private army ANTIFA needs to stand down.

        • might be projection on your part. remember, they’re all about the lie – real work is for other people, namely you and me.

        • From everything I’ve seen from them, many of them are very likely running empty mags or mags with only one or two rounds. But, certain well positioned ones will likely be fully loaded. These are not the brightest bulbs but some of them have proven to be be more dangerous.

      • they might not, but that is irrelevant. They APPEAR to be locked and loaded, thus pose an armed threat. What matters is what those people not part of their group berceive them to be.

        • good point. but don’t forget their kin own the media and will portray the story as they want it to happen, not as it happened.

    • “…at some point they are going to assert ‘dominance’ over the wrong person on the sidewalk who will refuse to leave that public property and Antifi is going to start spraying rounds all over the place. wait and see.”

      And people in the crowd will start to return accurate fire, and there will be dead Antifa Scum ™ in the street, easily identifiable in their Antifa ‘battle rattle’.

      The cute costumes work two ways. It makes them easily identifiable at such events, and easily neutralized, since those doing the neutralization will simply blend into the crowd.

      We see them, and they can’t see us. That’s not an ideal position to be in on the field of battle. If they get frustrated and mag dump into the crowd, we have video proof of Antifa Scum ™ being what they naturally are, murderous P.O.S. that need to be put down when seen.

      He’s doing the exact right thing… 🙂

      • Ah yes the old gun grabbers myth that the mere presence of firearms will cause people to spray bullets indiscriminately. I suppose you also don’t approve of open carry?

        • “I suppose you also don’t approve of open carry?”

          Do whatever you want, you’re an adult, you understand the concepts of personal responsibility for your own actions.

          As should they.

          Why do you ask?

        • It’s not about them being cool with it, as many people on here are clutching their pearls about people carrying AR pistols as if it’s the end of the world. It’s about the 2nd amendment being absolute, god given and non-negotiable. The bill of rights are not privileges granted to us by the state, they exist in spite of the state. All gun laws are an infringement that includes laws that disarm those you all deem to be immoral and degenerate

        • No here really gives AF about them open carrying. It’s about what they’re defending, which is child abuse. All these other arguments about religion and the right to be gay are moot. It has nothing to do with being gay or religion. It’s about weird shit being done or taught to kids.

        • Montana gona have to go with Ron on this one could care less if the Antifa ninjas have full auto legal or no but after seeing drag queen story hour in my area have convicted sex offenders one of which was for a minor under the age of 8 charge as the performers the groomers deserve every bit of scrutiny and disgust that they earn.

  4. ttps://

  5. I can’t wait for a misunderstanding or a negligent discharge that will get the rumble going. The video will be gold.

    • “a misunderstanding or a negligent discharge”

      the media would never report it. if they had to, they’d universally blame it for weeks on a white citizen.

      • “the media would never report it.”

        Yeah, they would. How they would try and present the events are where things get interesting, since other video will also be available… 🙂

    • That’s the same thing they say about right wing open carry people and it never happens. It’s almost like the average American can be trusted with firearms.

  6. Because of the jack booted racist hate regime of Herr Drumpf attacks on minorities skyrocketed because Herr Drumpf made racism “cool again” unbolting the sewer covers of hate and letting the far right nazi rats pour out.

    Without armed guards the far right homicidal maniacs would have committed mass murder there that is a certainty. Just this week a far right maniac shot up a gay night club much to the cheers of the racist far right maniacs.

    Alex Stein is a YouTube personality in the United States known for trolling at the public comments of local government meetings, filming himself with protesters, and appearing in ambush interviews with politicians. He is pro-life; calling pro-choice advocates “baby killers”. He is also a critic of U.S. funding for the war in Ukraine and of illegal immigration, describing the situation at the southern border as an invasion. He criticized vaccine mandates and mask ordinances

    As one can see Alex Stein is a fruit cake in need of being institutionalized.

      • I think you’re just mad someone is using the lefts own tactics against them.

        I mean the best answer to these “antifa” dorks is to live stream them on social media while you walk around them on the public sidewalk and dare them to shoot you for it.

        • “walk around them on the public sidewalk and dare them to shoot you for it”

          they long for that day. be careful.

        • This same creep did this to Dan Crenshaw not too long ago. This pathetic little troll just screams “incel”. I dont care if he’s using “the lefts own tactics” he makes all of us look bad and hurts our cause. He’s also disrupted city council meetings with this non sense as well. No I’m mad that vile little sexually repressed omega males like this are given the time of day.

      • It’s all about those ‘evil jooz’ with you two. You have more in common with dacian than you do with me.

  7. Yawn. It’s too bad this post is about politics instead of guns. What they are carrying, optics, gear, etc. is much more interesting.

    • “It’s too bad this post is about politics instead of guns”

      it all runs together. guns, politics, religion, one big happy sandbox.

    • “What they are carrying, optics, gear, etc. is much more interesting.”

      The gear a bunch of wanna-be’s are carrying?


      I can see that any day of the week at a public range. It would be worthwhile to report if it was high-end gear, but I *highly* doubt what they were carrying was notable… 🙁

      • EDIT – And I’m not exactly eager to help them select effective gear, either. Best to just let them believe China crap works just fine for their little ’cause’ they are failing at in *spectacular* fashion… 🙂

      • ‘high end gear’ is not required. All four 9-11 planes were manipulated using box cutters. On social media, weapons are words (just words).

  8. It is legal to open carry guns in Texas. The problem is that ‘open carry’ and holding a gun in your hand IS two very different things. What I see here is highly illegal and is NOT protected under Texas law. I’m also seeing Antifa being used as a security service to protect things that American society does not want and is being forced to accept at gun point. This is NOT ‘anti-fascism’. This is in fact VERY FASCISTIC. Antifa seem to have a big problem with comedians in general. This isn’t the first incident and it wont be the last.

    Wether or not you personally like this particular comedian is completely irrelevant. His character is not in question here and has no meaning to what is actually going on.

    • “What I see here is highly illegal and is NOT protected under Texas law.”

      This is absolutely correct. Texas law mandates the use of established private security companies to perform such security functions. This is overseen currently by TX DPS. Security company owners must be bonded/insured before a license can be activated and an active license must be possessed by the company owner AND the security officers working. The business owner has to be licensed to hire individual security officers if they are to be hired direct. I doubt this bookstore has a private security company license (but I could be wrong).

      Unless contracted to a govt. entity the security officers cannot work public areas and thoroughfares such as city sidewalks and public streets. Both the owner of this business and the ANTIFA thugs must be licensed to perform security duties IAW state laws or they can be arrested and fined, jailed, etc., All that is needed is for the D.A. to take action and this wretched business can be closed.

  9. “Public sidewalk” is probably an important distinction here… there are privately owned sidewalks in Texas cities and the one in front of the flamboyant weirdo cesspool in Denton might be one of them.

    Of note, they filmed the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Denton.

    • How is holding a pistol gripped rifle by the handgrip not “brandishing” the same as holding a pistol by the grip?

  10. from what ive been hearing
    some people think
    that one of the cooler things
    about the coming civil war
    is that these guys
    after a long while
    are going to get
    whats been coming to them

  11. Why all the rainbow flags? Do they mean something other than “Look at me, I’m gay?” Answer: yes they do. It doesn’t mean you’re LGBT, etc. Although it probably did at one time, it now means you’re down with the program. It has become the Progressive flag. Notice the rainbow insignia on their clothing. I saw one with a rifle on it. Hey, they’re just like TTAG! You see, there’s a Gadsden Flag and there’s a Rainbow Flag. Creating some weird bastardization of the two is at best cringe virtue signaling, and at worst it’s propagating Leftist symbolism. Is the Gadsden Flag not good enough on it’s own for LGBT without a rainbow background (because that’s what you’re implying)? I’m not trying to bust on TTAG. I like everyone who works here. I think Dan’s Rainbow Gadsden Flag had good intentions. Everyone would do well to remember what they say about good intentions.

  12. I’m sorry, I thought the 2A was for everyone.

    Kudos to them. THe right doesn’t have a monopoly on public displays of firearms. If we want to protect our RKBA we should be applauding people like this, not demeaning them. They’re the key to changing the narrative around guns.

    • “They’re the key to changing the narrative around guns.”

      You don’t really believe that do you? Imagine normies who see people dressed in all black, with masks on, and toting rifles. Do you honestly believe that will make them feel better about guns? Left vs. Right politics don’t even enter into that conversation. Be honest.

    • The 2A is for everyone in theory and for every American in practical application. These people are not exercising their 2A rights. They are using guns to purposely intimidate others (which is criminal in nature). If it were anyone other than Antifa or even BLM, everyone on the left would be screaming for Washington to do something about this. But since it’s THESE particular groups, it gets accepted.

        • This is not protecting anything but evil. This is intimidation. What they are doing is illegal. The left would shout to the top of their lungs at men with guns like this at polling places during elections. It would be said that they are MAGA republicans and that Democrats need to do something about it. Well, something NEEDS to be done about this. This is why we pay police officers in this country. But just like so many involved in school shootings, many cops feel it’s better to just stand there and watch. It makes them complicit.

          It says something when an activity ‘for the kids’ has to be ‘protected’ with guns. I wonder why that is? Did they think that this comedian was going to seriously harm those children?

          It isn’t “what I call”, these words have meanings.

      • Prndll you sound literally just like Shannon Watts. That “intimidation” argument is bullshit. They were there because you had trolls like Stein screaming at people and interrupting the event MUCH like how left wing snowflake college students do whenever there is a speaker they dont like on campus. People like Stein were there to intimidate the event organizers.

        • Lol
          That’s why the owner pays a bouncers.

          A group a males holding guns like that are the issue here. I saw no intimidation from anyone else. Not even the cop. All I saw from Stein is laughter (a comedian). There was nothing intimidating about him at all. Even if he were heckling which is more obnoxious than it is anything else.

        • They were there with masks and AR’s because Stein was screaming and interrupting the event. Yeak I always break out my AR’s when people are screaming.
          “Stein were there to intimidate the event organizers.” That is a good thing these evil bastards need to be intimidated to the point that they stop indoctrinating children.

  13. And yet they expect people to not be opposed to the LBTQBLT garbage.
    They don’t want you to merely accept it, they want to force it down your throat, so to speak.

  14. Drag Queen story for children.
    I suppose Susie Q crept from her/his/its bedroom window to attend this event. Or perhaps mother/father/fathermotherfuther bring them there?
    If so I just see a bunch of fck heads exercising their right to free speech.
    BTW, did it every mention in the history books just how Rome was set on fire, I mean did the .gov come in with Tanks full of CS gas, or did they just start slinging Greek Fire in every direction.

    • I’ve always wondered that to.
      what’s his name was fiddlin while rome burned
      and they probably tried to blame it on some old woman’s cow

    • While I am very glad to see Twitters’ new leadership operating with a bit less craziness now, I’m still not likely to ever have a login to it. Many things will need to change before I even consider it and that might not happen for a while.

        • LOL
          if no one cared then Musk never would have bought it. The left wouldn’t be crying about him buying it either.

          It sure looks like the entire planet cares. Even TTAG can’t go through an entire day without referring to Twitter.

          None of it would mean anything without people using it.

    • The funny thing about the bans is that Trump being banned (until now) was good for Trump for multiple reasons.

  15. ANTIFA acting as an AR-15 carrying armed force (not simply exercising a right but rather organized armed force) placed purposely and acting to intimidate the public at large in public spaces under the guise of ‘security’ for which they have no legal standing, while kitted out as if to go into battle, and the democrats and woke and liberal (overall) and police (generally) not saying a word about it.

    But (overall) nationwide let ordinary law abiding citizens individually carry around a firearm openly in public view dressed normally minding their own business and not bothering anyone in their every day life and suddenly its (frequently in many areas) calls to police of an ‘active shooter’ nature so the police come to take a look and in the media stories of ‘shootings’ being mentioned again and again and again, and democrat politicians and the woke and liberals (overall) are horrified and start screaming about needing more gun control and how dangerous such an act is and how ‘threatened’ and ‘intimidated’ they feel and how such gun possession by the law abiding is responsible for crime, and how rivers of blood are going to flow in the streets, and screaming to infringe and remove second amendment rights and ban firearms and try to create a social-legal environment internationally intended to turn law abiding people into criminals, and the liberals and democrats and woke go wild on twitter repeating every tired old trope and anti-gun lie that has ever been, and the government weaponizes federal law enforcement against over 33% of law abiding American citizens and try to conduct illegal searches and violent their 1st, 2nd, 4, and 5th, and 14th, amendment rights and intimidate its citizens with a threat of armed force, and dacian warms up his copy-n-paste efforts to start posting word salads from debunked studies again, and Miner49er wants to say its the fault of Trump and/or religion.

    • We are also out of election season so trolls (paid and otherwise) are redirecting their attention.

    • Have you noticed, .40 cal. When you see pictures of the ss/antifa it is always white guys. I wonder how many minority owned businesses they burned and looted during their ‘mostly peaceful’ protests?

      And now they’re hassling a guy named ‘Stein’. Am I the only one seeing this?

      • Oh yes, ANTIFA is very white orientated. They are basically the left violent extremist version of the Nazi party only more sneaky about it and more Stalinist/Leninist Marxist.

        Both ANTIFA and BLM are inspired by Leftwing Marxist teachings but they are not identical. ANTIFA is more a ‘traditional’ Stalinist/Leninist Marxist revolutionary movement that seeks to create a Utopian Socialist states in the countries in which they exist by creating a conflict between the working class and the capitalists through a class war. BLM is a Neo-Marxist revolutionary movement that seeks to create a Utopian Socialist states in the countries where they exist by creating multiple cleavages between races, ethnic groups, religions, and economic and cultural backgrounds through a race war. Both organizations seem similar in that they believe that for their utopias to come about the current system must be destroyed so that a “new age of equality can begin”. The equality of which they speak is one in which, for ANTIFA ultimately white people only and for BLM ultimately only black people – in other words, ultimately the Nazi party ideal of a master race.

        In reality both advocate for a ‘war’ that begins as a race war goal to exploit. The difference is ANTIFA would expand it to include the working class and it would be against the ‘capitalists’ and in the end in their utopia only the ‘acceptable’ white people would be allowed to exist where BLM would create their race war by creating divisions between races, ethnic groups, religions, and economic and cultural backgrounds and in the end their utopia would only allow black people to exist.

        The Washington Post did some research… >

        “Antifa’s presence contributed significantly to protest violence

        When antifa did attend protests, the incidence of violence was extremely high compared to the level at protests it did not attend. Of the 37 racial justice protests where antifa appeared, 11 — or 30 percent — involved injuries to the crowd; when antifa did not appear, only 2 percent of the protests involved crowd injuries. With antifa present, 14 percent of protests involved injuries to police; without antifa, only 2 percent did. When antifa showed up, 27 percent of protests involved property damage; without antifa, only 4 percent did. And when antifa appeared, 30 percent of protests involved arrests, while only 7 percent of the antifa-free protests did.

        In other words, antifa appearances at racial justice protests greatly increased the risk of violence.

        But antifa shows up primarily when it wants to counter a right-wing group’s appearance. So, were right-wing groups the real source of the violence? That’s not what our research found. We saw no difference between events in which antifa was facing off with a group such as the Proud Boys or the Three Percenters and when they were protesting unopposed.”

  16. Any evidence that these were ANTIFA, or has that just become lazy right-wing media shorthand for any armed leftist, in the same manner that any armed protester on the right is a “Nazi” or “white supremacist”?

    Another of Mr. Boch’s articles that’s 99% culture war and 1% guns, as reflected by the transphobic comments.

    • Try looking in the mirror. Anything negative said about trans ideology and behavior is “transphobic.” How predictable, not that you care. It isn’t hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy, right?

      • Declaring being trans as a mental illness and/or that they shouldn’t have the same rights as other Americans IS transphobic. A supposedly pro-gun site championing a guy who mocks armed protesters as cowards because they’ve got guns IS hypocrisy.

        • What right do you think trans people lack that other Americans enjoy?

          A person who crafts their own reality is a textbook example of mental illness. That simple fact has been understood since the beginning of time until the recent infestation of trans ideology.

        • Being trans is a choice that someone makes for themselves. Getting confused about what you see as you look at yourself naked in a mirror is a sign of mental illness. These things in and of themselves does not mean you lose any rights. The US Constitution applies to you too (just as much). NO RIGHTS ARE LOST!

          With that said, you do NOT have any right to force people at gun point to just accept that children are involved in the sexual activity of others. If you think you do then then the your the one that does not understand how this works.

        • “that children are involved in the sexual activity of others” – Reading is typically not a sexual activity. Efforts to save children from sexual predators might be better aimed at the Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention, and similar organizations with a well-recorded history of enabling sexual predators.

        • “Reading is typically not a sexual activity.”

          I’ve watched two different school board meetings where parents are complaining about books in the school library. In one meeting, they cut the parent’s mic off. They said what she was reading wasn’t appropriate. On the other, her time ran out, so they cut her mic. A board member said what she was reading wasn’t appropriate because there was a child in the audience. Are you able to see the absurdity of these situations?

          “better aimed at the [church]”

          Do you understand that children are more likely to be abused at a school than at a church? There’s a reason they push the church stories, but downplay the school abuse. See if you can figure out why that is. Regardless of where children have been abused, you should always try to protect them from potential predators. Mentally ill sexual deviants don’t make good role models. I doubt anyone here defending them even has children.

        • You do realize that there’s more than one book encouraging trans/nonbinary acceptance? From the description, this one sounds much more age-appropriate than ” Gender Queer: A Memoir”.
          –“This is Ruthie. She is a transgender girl. GIRL is Ruthie’s gender identity.”– Scary stuff right there.🙄

          First the claim is that parents, not schools, should decide what’s appropriate for their children, and now transphobes want to dictate what parents shouldn’t allow. Appers that many here have as weak a view of the 1st Amendment as they do the 2nd.