S&W M&P 2.0 (& .500 Mag) Hands-On – SHOT Show Range Day

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0s are hitting dealer shelves already, and are equipped with plenty of upgrades compared to the original. In the video above, Jan Mladek, General Manager of S&W’s M&P brand, walks us through the many changes. The highly condensed version is: aggressive new grip texture, much improved trigger with shorter, more pronounced […]

New From S&W Performance Center: 2017 New Products Lineup

From a shorty .500 S&W Magnum to ported slide and barrel upgrades for your M&P pistol to a 6.5 Creedmoor M&P10 rifle, Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center has a bunch of new products to announce for 2017. S&W’s press release and photos follow… The Performance Center® By Smith & Wesson® Unveils Innovative Lineup for 2017 […]

S&W Share Price Jumps 18%, WSJ Blames ‘Paranoia’

“Everybody needs money,” Danny DeVito sneers at Gene Hackman in David Mamet’s classic movie Heist, “That’s why they call it ‘money.’” If Smith & Wesson is making ‘money’ hand over fist these days, why won’t the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch blog show them some love? Their headline? “Smith & Wesson’s Future Depends On Continued Paranoia.” This puzzles […]

Old From Smith & Wesson: Model 66 Revisited

Smith & Wesson is bringing back the well-loved, if not outrageously over-engineered, Model 66 ‘Combat Magnum’ for 2014. The original Model 66 has been out of production for nine years, which apparently has whetted shooters’ appetites enough to justify a new production run . . .

New From Smith & Wesson: Model 69 L-Frame .44 Magnum

I’ve long wanted a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum, but the considerable size and heft of their marvelous Model 29 and 629 revolvers have been among the factors that have kept me from ever owning one. S&W’s engineers have put the mighty .44 Magnum cartridge on a diet, and shoehorned it into their medium-large L […]

S&W Model 929 8-Shot Revolver Tells NY SAFE Act To FOAD

There are two definitions of legally diminished capacity in New York State. The first applies to the state’s ammunition magazines, now limited to ten rounds (of which you can only load seven…) The second definition applies to people so stupid or whacked-out on drugs that they can’t be held legally responsible for their own actions. […]

New From S&W: M&P C.O.R.E. 9mm

The M&P “Combat Optics Ready Equipment” version features a worked-over 4.5 pound trigger (slicker than buttered Teflon), and raised iron sights to allow co-witnessing with mini red-dot sights like the Trijicon RMR shown here. The slide also has a factory cutout and five adapter plates so you can mount the mini red-dot of your choice. Now […]

Gear Review: Elite Iron CQC 1 Tactical Muzzle Brake

As a resident of Big Sky Country I am constantly running into native companies that are making some very nice firearms products. Recently I came across one of these firms while chatting up a professional varmint hunter who was taking one of the courses I teach. At the end of the day he pulled out […]

I need a new wingman…uh…Wingmaster.

In my continuing effort to come up with a workable home defense strategy, some time back I bought a shotgun. Actually, let me be more specific. Sometime ago, I bought a shotgun to keep a borderline-homicidal, certifiably-crazy, martial-arts expert former roommate of mine from killing me.  Curious? Well it was a curious story, and bears […]