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I can understand why people trade-in unloved and/or broken-*ss guns for cash money and gift cards. But a bible? Doesn’t anyone who want one have one? Anyway that’s what went down yesterday in Valdosta, GA . . .

The exchange will be hosted by Pastor William Morgan of Morning Star Baptist Church in partnership with the Valdosta Police Department.

Guns of all types may be handed over to Morgan and Morning Star volunteers, and in return, people will receive Bibles.

 “One of the main points that we want the public to realize is that we’re not infringing on their Second Amendment rights,” Morgan said. “They do have a right to bear arms; they have the right to protect life and property.”

He said the guns that will be released to him are ones that are illegal, have no serial numbers or may not be registered with the state of Georgia.

Once received, the weapons will immediately be given to the VPD and entered into property evidence before being disposed, VPD Chief Brian Childress said.

If it’s discovered the gun is stolen, police will return the weapon to its rightful owner, Childress said.

Morgan said it is important to reassure that law enforcement will not be on the premises, and no one will be charged for the exchange.

“There will be no surveillance of law enforcement at all,” he said. “They will not be on the premises. They will not be patrolling. There will be no cameras. We will not take their names. We will give them a receipt for the ammunition.”

A receipt? Is surrendered ammo tax deductible? Click here to read the full story from

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  1. “He said … are illegal, have no serial numbers or may not be registered with the state of Georgia.”

    Does Georgia have a registry now?
    And I’ve never understood the whole “file off the serial number so the cops can’t catch you” its not a magic tracking device.

        • So the pastor will be in possession of illegal handguns and plans to turn stuff like that over to LEO?

          Oh that’s going to go well. Someone better have photos of what gets turned in before 5-Oh gets their hands on them.

    • The purpose of filing off serial numbers is to introduce a dead end into the tracing of the gun. Every gun enters the overall supply at an ATF-licensed firearms manufacturer, at which time it is assigned a serial number. When the firearm is first sold to a distributor, there’s a record of that transaction and that serial number. Each successive transaction, providing it goes through an FFL, is likewise recorded. Investigators can follow those transactions and, hopefully, figure out who supplied the shooter with the weapon. There’s a usually a straw purchase and a provision of a firearm to a prohibited possessor offense in there somewhere. If they find that person, then supposedly they can pressure them to give up the actual shooter. At least, that’s the theory, as I understand it.

      • No serial number if the gun is made from an 80% lower.
        And Abby can bring back removed serial numbers, so that won’t work.

    • I was just thinking that I probably have a similar number of guns and Bible. I’ve got a pretty good collection of both, and I’d hate to be deprived of either. Maybe I am one of those “clingers” that Obama mentioned back in the day.

      Guns – I’ve got pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rimfire rifles, and centerfield rifles. I’ve got lever action, bolt action, pump action, and semi-auto. Pocket guns, carry pistols, full size pistols, defensive carbines, milsurps, hunting ….

      Bibles – I’ve got my little pocket ones, the standard size ones, and big ones. If got a number of study Bibles. I’ve also got Bibles in various versions – ESV, KJV, NIV, NASB, HCSB, NKJV, NLB, etc….

  2. Seriouly you can get a free bible at my church. And you don’t have to be defenseless. A pawn shop I occasionally deal with told me he won’t even take a Hipoint in a pawn. Just save up for a gun “buyback”. Yeah I chuckled at Georgia registration…

  3. “Guns of all types may be handed over to Morgan and Morning Star volunteers
    …He said the guns that will be released to him are ones that are illegal, have no serial numbers or may not be registered with the state of Georgia.”

    Whoa… Should we play count the felonies?

    These guys aren’t “Police”… If they take possession of a firearm that’s been stolen, it’s a felony. If they take possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number. That’s a felony.

    These guys should get smacked upside the head by our “loose gun” laws that could put them away for 10 years for each firearm they touch.

  4. Must need a new deer rifle…

    “And yea the Lord did say unto thee bringeth me your Hi Points, your Remingtons, and your Marlins. And yea I shall give unto thee a Bible as I driveth my pick up truck to yonder deer stand and proceedeth to drink Budweiser and hunteth the bucks and does until my freezer runneth over with delicious venison and until mine tags are filled. Praiseth the Lord and pass the ammunition!”
    Lost book of Jed 42:21-56

    • “…as I driveth my pick up truck to yonder deer stand and proceedeth to drink Budweiser and hunteth the bucks and does…”

      Who in the hell drinks Bud in a tree stand? You’ll be up and down that damn thing to take a leak and scaring the game away.

      In a tree stand, *quietly* sip nice a single-barrel bourbon (or Jim Beam if money is tight) from a flask. 😉

      (Or Evan Williams if money is *really* tight…)

  5. Just another footnote of mediocrity coming from the middle-of-nowhere, wide-spot-in-the-road, tourist speedtrap bunghole that is Valdosta, GA. It might be a decent place to stop to take a crap, if you can find a gas station that has actually seen the industrious use of a mop some time in the last decade. Otherwise, the only thing good to come out of that place is I-75 North.

    • When I lived in Florida, we’d always try to stop for gas near Valdosta when heading North. Florida must have a much higher gas tax than Georgia, because gas would suddenly be about twenty cents cheaper as soon as you crossed the border.

  6. I will happily trade Bibles for unwanted firearms. We will use the proceeds to send our deacons to additional security training, fix some security issues with our facility and teach interested people about the safe use of firearms.

  7. I say let’s check back in a few days and get a report of the results:
    1. How many guns were turned in.
    2. How many were functional.
    3. How many were “altered”(serial #s gone).
    4. How many were actually stolen or used in crimes.
    For any of these questions, I’ll guess the answer will be close to zero.
    Just some public virtue signalling from this pastor to show everyone how holy he is… move along…

  8. Please do not allow these unprincipled scam artists to take advantage of you.
    I will give you two bibles for your firearm, and I will give you three bibles for any firearm with two boxes or more of ammunition.

  9. Bob,
    I will see your offer and raise you
    I will give you 3 bibles for any working firearm
    And one bible for every box of ammo!

    • Mr Docduracoat,
      I say unto you, REPENT Sir, for you will be judged for your sins!
      For a limited time only, I will pay three bibles and one plastic Jesus for any firearm in good, working condition. Additionally, I will pay one bible, one plastic Jesus and one Rosary for any box of 50 rounds or more of center fire handgun ammunition or 20 rounds or more of center fire rifle ammunition.

  10. The headline is all wrong; I thought the pastor was laying down his Bible and picking up a gun maybe to defend his church or go to war, Rev Peter Muhlenberg style.

    In the spirit of generosity I will trade the book of your choice for firearms: the Bible, koran, watch tower magazine, book of Mormon, Harry Potter, mein kampf, twilight, one of those books Hillary Clinton wrote, etc… No questions asked! Or one free itune song per box of ammo.


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