GOA: Texas Constitutional Carry Will End 150 Years of Gun Control Tyranny

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From Gun Owners of America . . .

Gun Owners of America (GOA) released the following statement after the Texas Senate followed the lead of the Texas House and voted to accept the Legislative Conference Committee Report on HB 1927, otherwise known as the Firearm Carry Act of 2021, and commonly known as Constitutional Carry.

Rachel Malone, GOA’s Texas Director, stated:

“I invite all Texans to join with me in celebrating the passage of HB 1927, which repeals the general state ban on handgun carry enacted in 1871. The Legislature’s passage of this bill represents Texas’ strongest stand to protect the right to keep and bear arms since the siege of the Alamo.

“It is far past time for the state of Texas to recognize the right of law-abiding Texans to protect themselves and their families – without having to ask for permission. GOA is proud to have been a critical part of getting this important measure to Governor Abbott’s desk. We are thankful for the support and dedication of our members and the countless hours they spent at the Capitol this session. We also applaud the unending commitment of Rep. Matt Schaefer in defending the right of the people of Texas to bear arms.”

State Representative Matt Schaefer (HD6-Tyler), the bill author, stated upon the conference committee reaching an agreement:

“By working together, the House and Senate will send Gov. Abbott the strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history, and protect the right of law-abiding Texans to carry a handgun as they exercise their God-given right to self-defense and the defense of their families.”

Senator Charles Schwertner (SD5-Georgetown), the bill’s Senate sponsor, stated at the same time:

“Texas has fulfilled the promise of our founding documents by finally restoring the right of law-abiding Texans to carry a handgun without a license for the defense of themselves and their loved ones.”

Since HB 1927 has been favorably voted on by both chambers, the bill now goes to Governor Abbott’s desk for signing into law. After being signed, the bill will go into effect on September 1, 2021.


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  1. No Dan Zimmerman … all this disaster does is CHANGE 150 years of tyranny from one type to another. It does not by any stretch of the imagination eliminate any tyranny whatsoever. Even if somebody stupid idiot tries to support by stating it is “baby steps”, it is still a failure. If Texas isn’t over relying on “baby steps” by now it’s as much a FAILURE as anything.

        • Did that hit a little too close for your tastes?

      • One baby step for Texas. One giant leap for America.

        Now if the Texas Rangers could only round the scumbags who concocted a diabolical scheme to overthrow a duly elected POTUS and rigged an election it would be an even better day.
        Millions more said to have voted for Jim Crow Gun Control joe and the guy cannot even draw an audience…C’Mon Man.

        • If, after all this time, “baby steps” is the best Texas can do then Texas is every bit the absolute FAILURE it ever thought it was a success.

        • Debbie W. We need the old school Texas Rangers on the border to do the job that the “muy sympatico ” Border Patrol will not do.

    • “It does not by any stretch of the imagination eliminate any tyranny whatsoever.”

      I’m throwing the BS flag an that one.

      Since no lists (at the Texas state level) are being created (now), there’s no government compiled list of Texans who may or may not be gun owners. That means, grandpa’s German war trophy Luger handed down from one generation to the next is now ‘under the radar’ of being on a government list.

      That is a very big fvcking deal for that family, and blows your “It does not by any stretch of the imagination eliminate any tyranny whatsoever” argument clean out of the water.

      Seriously, is it so much of an effort for you celebrate an incremental return of liberty to the Texas people? The Leftist scum sure celebrate every time they steal a bit of our 2A rights.

      I say it’s about damn time we exploit the Leftist concept of ‘Nudge’, and use it for our advantage…

      • By your leftist use of the BS flag when it suits your little fancy I can already tell you didn’t understand a damn thing I wrote.

        So … when I see a return of Liberty then I’ll celebrate but until then NOT NO … BUT HELL NO … as this is glossed over bullshit which is a ,png damn way for being “liberty” returned.

        • I said Jello cup and a nap, not two lines of crank and more screen time.

          But hey, you do you.

        • @strych9,

          Seriously, was not expecting that snappy comeback. You almost made me spit my coffee. 🙂

          You, good sir, win TTAG for the day.

    • Wrong. The symbolism of Texas legalizing constitutional carry will resonate far beyond our borders and will draw the attention of the entire world. I want to say at the outset that Rachel Malone is a national hero. We would not have constitutional carry without her efforts. All People Of The Gun owe her thanks. Similarly, all POTG owe the Gun Owners Of America our thinks for first of all finding someone like Rachel to run the show in Texas but, also and equally important, for realizing that constitutional carry—as a legal concept—was possible in Texas. It took resources to achieve to achieve this and GOA, understanding what it would take, stepped up to the plate and knocked a home run!

      Is HB 1927 a perfect statement of our 2nd Amendment rights? Of course not. But the hard fact that, come September, I can slip my little LPC into a stealth holster and carry it without a license is a very significant enunciation of liberty and freedom that simply did not exist before.

      Here’s an important contextural example. One night my wife and I—we’re both old and I’m a little gimpy—were exiting a downtown concert. The streets were deserted and we had a multiple block walk. As we moved slowly along I became increasingly aware of how vulnerable we looked to Bad Guys. The fact was we were vulnerable. Fortunately, nothing happened, but the entire multiple block walk simply solidified the conviction that I should be able to carry a handgun on my person in such circumstances. Now I can. Good for Texas! And good for us!

      • WRONG AGAIN …

        The fraudulent debacle that occurred a few hours ago went EXACTLY as all the leftists and liberals had planned it would when they saw they had to fight this by bringing their other hand out from behind their back. If any part of it “resonates” it’s going to be just that; another leftist/liberal orchestrated failure THAT WORKED. And don’t fool yourself it was anything but just that. The only reason the current Bush-aligned, left-leaning centrist Governor that everyone so righteously hated going in to this funky session said he’d sign off on it is because it IS SO LAME and the same ploy worked so well for himself and Suicide Dan with open carry when they were first elected years ago. Folks then were talking about Constitutional Carry but of course, in true desperate fashion, finally settled for open carry because otherwise it was nothing at all.

        There is NOTHING in this legislation other states should want to copy. This was more akin to something that would happened in CA or NY than what all the lobbyists want to dupe the world in to believing it is. Just read it and the reality SHOULD find you. This is NOT an accomplishment, this is NOT a wonder of negotiation or compromise that some claim is so noble, this is nothing but a ploy to get left-leaning centrists sell-outs votes in about a year down the road. At best all Texans received from all this political chess and stress is a few areas the great and powerful OZ in Austin decided an LTC is no longer required. BUT YES … LET THIS RESONATE THROUGH THE AGES AND HALLS OF MINUTE POLITICAL SUCCESSES (LOL).

        If anything this was a total waste of legislative time AGAIN. There is more written describing what CANNOT be enjoyed (but should be) and how the lawmakers’ fellow leftists and liberals can get away with denying our rights. My only surprise is so few areas were even authorized at all. For crying out loud one of them was caught by surprise when he was asked about those 18-21 yrs. of age. He replied something like “Well I guess we can change that next session but I think they’ll have to get a permit until then”, or something like that. Ridiculous … and folks are contemplating a “TEXIT” … ???

        I sincerely hope the next state that attempts to legislate Constitutional Carry does a hell of a better job of it, or at least isn’t so overt at showing they can care less what their constituents want as long as the names of the politicians hit the press just right and they get their votes.

        Texas would’ve been better off using the time to make sure it’s children isn’t forced in to sex changes and other such legislation that has all but died in session.

        I know whom I won’t be voting for next election. My mind hasn’t changed any on this since everyone froze their asses off and repiped their houses.

        • GRA:

          So- you’ve been going on and on here for a while but have given no real specifics to substantiate your rant.

          Is your primary concern about the prohibited persons and places left in the new law?

          Can you name a permitless carry state that ignores the prohibited persons/places in Federal Law?

          Is your concern that TX doesn’t just toss all Fed laws and regs?

          How about some specifics? We went round and round a couple weeks back on this issue but all I ever got was derision and profanity. If you want to sell your point you ought to at least state some specs.

        • An “orchestrated leftist failure”? WTF? Texas now has constitutional carry, and that’s a “failure”? Not too long ago Texas legalised the carry of bowie knives and other hunting knives. I see this as a continuation, in the Right (so to speak) direction. Carry on…

    • Some other notable “baby step” failures: the Wright brothers, Columbus, the Apollo program, John Browning’s first rifle design, the emancipation proclamation, ENIAC, ARPAnet… etc.

      Bunch of LOSERS, I tells ya

      • First failure? Seppuku. Dishonor family.

        Seriously, by this logic, he learned to read and write like a scholar in 1 hour.

    • Might better late than never be appropriate? As to GRA’s evaluation, I can’t comment on it for two reasons.
      1. I do not know exactly what Texas law said on the subject.
      2. I do not know exactly what this new law says.

  2. All Texans get in touch with Gov. Abbott’s office and tell him to sign hb 1927 and hb 957. Keep up the pressure until its done.

    • Connor…..Have been calling Gov, Lt. Gov. as well as senator and Representitve. Told them if it didn’t get passed, I would spend all my time and money to see that each one of them got primaried and defeated the next election. Looks like it’s going to pass but I told them not to call it a Constitutional Carry bill because it’s full of unconstitutional infringements.

  3. Not being a Texan (yet), I haven’t paid that much close attention to the specific mechanics of this one.

    Are they keeping the infrastructure for permits in place to ensure existing interstate reciprocity isn’t impacted?

  4. I doubt it’s any better than anyone else’s with all these “except” clauses. Ours is riddled with them

    • The major problem that I have with virtually every shall-issue and constitutional carry state is the sometimes long list of places/activities where the Almighty State declares that you are a criminal if you carry an effective means of self-defense without malicious intent and without harming anyone.

      I can certainly agree that we do not have a right to carry a handgun for self-defense when we are a prisoner in a prison. And I can “go along to get along” with prohibitions on carrying handguns for self-defense when I am a visitor in secured prisons and courts. Beyond those places/activities, I emphatically disagree with state sanctioned prohibitions on being armed for righteous self-defense.

      This world is anything but perfect.

      • There’s nothing wrong with pointing out issues that may exist in the various forms in which “Constitional Carry” may manifest.

        That said, gift horses and whatnot.

        What you’re trying to do here is not just legal. It’s also social and cultural. The latter two changes are absolutely key if you want the first one.

        In trying to reverse legal issues one must first convince politicians not just that it right to do so but that it is politically acceptable. They way to do that, unfortunately is often bit by bit. The “Rome” of gun control wasn’t built in a day and it will not be taken down in a day. There is no Joshua to blow a horn in this case.

        The fact that much of politics is based on feelz means we need to take bites at the apple the same way the grabbers have for decades.

        So, like a high school kid saying “just the tip” we might not be getting where we want to go as fast as we might like but we are making progress or at least not losing ground.

  5. I would certainly hope that all the police chiefs that opposed this will be offering free safety courses for those that wish them. How to shoot, carry, and the laws of when you can shoot. That there is true gun safety.

  6. While we’re on this subject of all these goodies … an somebody clarify if the new suppressor law allows us to fab suppressors on our own, or simply buy that which is made in Texas with all parts being made in Texas?

    Note: I don’t get enough from the GOA summary to answer this with confidence.

    • “Note: I don’t get enough from the GOA summary to answer this with confidence.”

      Something tells me that happens more often than not with things you read…

      • You seem to have a lot of issues with these unidentified somethings telling you a lot of things not everybody hears. You may want to have that looked in to as you sure as hell don’t strike me as a religious person nor are you a good conversationalist.

        • Many people are saying that Geoff is the intellectual equivalent of a crash test dummy, believe me.

  7. I am shocked, I say shocked !!!

    Of all sates in the union, I thought Texas would have been the first.

    I have a great picture of a good looking woman in her 50s shopping at a Walmart in Alaska. She had a really big 1911 in a holster at her waist. That pictures was few years old.

    A visibly armed society is a terribly polite society…..

  8. I’ve always hated that Texas criminalizes carry against the wishes of a private property owner.

    There are no circumstances where the authority and violence of the government should be used to enforce what amounts to the personal preference policy of a property owner.

    Sure, a property owner can ask you not to carry, and they can ask you to leave, and if you don’t then you should be subject to arrest for TRESPASS. It should never be a CRIME to disobey a policy sign.

    That whole idea needs to go.

    • The ENTIRE concept that Joe Bagodonuts can override the Dec of Ind/Constitution/Bill of Rights is BS and needs to go.

      • That seems to be a harder sell, because conservatives so highly value the concept of property rights, and “my home is my castle.”

        I would ask those who are contemplating such a position to compare a “no guns on my property” policy to a “no Bible on my property,” or even a “no red shirt on my property” rule. If you can’t justify all three, then you shouldn’t be able to justify any of them, and it’s REALLY hard to justify wielding the full power and authority of the government to enforce them all.

        It’s always critical to remember that “but guns” is NEVER a valid legal justification.

  9. Let’s take three states that have had constitutional carry for just a short period as an example.
    Missouri= Redlegs, knee deep in blood.
    Kansas= Bloody Kansas
    Oklahoma= The Sooner state, people die sooner from gunm shots.
    Your cheering may become wails of anguish Texas

    • Yea… New York, ILL, NJ, CA…

      gun control works, huh? Prove those states have more “gun crime”… Not leftist made up term “gun violence” than states with strict gun control. Please. Prove it. Criminal activity and obviously gang activity is triple in states with gun control. Prove me wrong. Make sure you exclude legal gun ownership and self defense too… Cuz those states with stricter gun control, have MUCH higher illegal gun crime and much less self defense cases. It’s all those laws keeping normal people from being able to save themselves from malicious people. Like you, and your intent here. Falls far from facts, based solely on feelings and emotions. Prove me wrong.

      • “…based solely on feelings and emotions.” response to “fact checker Miner49er ”

        Uh- looks like obvious sacasm to me- I think you’re the one falling prey to the feelings and emotions… Take a deep breath.

    • More people are killed in a weekend in “GUN CONTROL CAPITOL of AMERICA” Chitcagostan then in all 3 of those states you mentioned. And all the garbage you cited was from the UNCIVIL WAR started by democraps. As usual MINOR49er you spout garbage.

  10. i wish illinois would wake up…growing up in chicago..which has taken the brunt of gun control due to a group of people or punks that shouldnt be on the street anyway ..if more chicagoans carried weapons ..these thugs and cowards would think twice…kudos to you texas…lived for 6 years in idaho…everybody carried…no problems there

  11. “After being signed, the bill will go into effect on September 1, 2021.”
    The bill does not require the Governor’s signature to become law. Texas is a “weak Governor” state, set up that way after Reconstruction. The governor has 10 days to veto it, and if he does not, the bill automatically becomes law on September 1st.
    That said, Abbot has been very vocal that he looks forward to signing the bill into law.

    • Abbott is desperate. Suicide Dan was known to refuse Constitutional Carry and he won out. Texas still doesn’t have Constitutional Carry. Texans have more firearms freedoms with the LTC than they do this “permitless” nonsense.

      • I keep hearing this “Abbott is desperate nonsense”, but that is exactly what it is, complete nonsense.
        Abbott has a massive war chest, remains a spectacular fundraiser, and there is no hope of him being defeated in any kind of primary. Considering Texas is turning more and more Republican each year, he will be the governor until he chooses not to be.

        • Abbott is an idiot. War chest or not it won’t be hard to replace him. He’s a reason Texas swings from red to purple to blue. He was hated every bit as much as Anne Richards was before she left, due to the recent power outages. I won’t be surprised if he gets voted out.

        • Texas isn’t swinging purple. It’s just getting more and more red. Every election and every session, including this one, proves that.

  12. My brother lives in Rowlett TX ( Dallas ‘burb ) While he has never owned or to my knowledge fired a handgun, I’m comforted by the thought that he can at least throw one in the car for defense. Invasion USA( love the Chuck Norris film ) has not crested, With the DemonRat administration and their minions ( think Austin TX), the effort to suborn our Constitution will continue until We the People vote them out of office(s). Abbot should have vetoed the bill insisting on CONCEALED CARRY for all Texans. I’m delighted and proud of your state for this incremental but valuable effort to allow the citizens to protect themselves and their family. I live in Raleigh NC where repubs and Libertarians are engaged in an effort to overturn the permitting of concealed carry. If you pass the 4473 and your Sheriffs check into the NCIC , you should be able to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

      • We’ll see what happens this next election. I hope Texas turns more red but I hope Abbott and Suicide Dan are both replaced.


    • As stupid and corrupt as it’s turning out to be I think we’ll be better off. Best thing to do is retool and bring a better product without all the ridiculous stipulations and exceptions then let Texans vote on it in 2022. Let Texans vote on Constitutional Carry instead of entrusting corrupt lawmakers and cheap sell-out lobbyists from “compromising and negotiating” our rights away.

  14. Baby steps are at least a step in the right direction, but it would have been easier for the supreme court to simply throw out the original 1871 law out as unconstitutional.

    • Good point. I thought it would’ve been easier to lobby for what the consolation prize that was settled for. Wasted a lot of valuable legislative time for very little return IMHO.

      Now they’re calling for a special session even though Abbott is telling them there’s still time for the child protection laws. Should worked on that first in light of the time spent on very little gain of the “permitless carry”.


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