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We recently became aware of a malicious rumor spreading around the web regarding censorship at does not censor its content creators in any way. does not remove videos or add videos for its content creators, only the content creators can add or remove their videos.

Full30 bump fire video home page

In the case of the claimed removal of an InRangeTV video featuring the use of a bump stock, did not remove the video in question. Nor do we have a policy banning bump fire stock videos; there’s one on the home page right now.’s content creators are free to add and remove videos from the site at their own discretion. recently made a public announcement that it was allowing content creators to reserve their channels in preparation for opening the platform to the community to upload their videos.

This move is in response to YouTube’s planned policy changes that threaten the existence of many firearms channels on their platform. was founded because we wanted to create a home for content creators where they could post their content without fear of politically driven censorship.

The recent misinformation is likely in response to our recent announcement and is intended to dissuade creators and viewers from supporting Unfortunately, such misinformation campaigns are common on the internet. However, the team at can assure you no videos have been deleted by our staff. If a video has been removed it’s because the content creator removed it.

We look forward to the opening of the community to more content creators. For more information about reserving a channel, please visit

Military Arms, LLC
Sic Semper Tyrannis

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  1. If there truly is no censorship, Full30 will be flooded with porn and shock videos once the platform opens up.

      • The gun video portion of your quote is from the TTAG post title, not the message from Tim/Full30. Nowhere in the body of the article does it even mention firearms, unless you count 2 mentions of bump stocks. The body of the post refers to “content creators.” It would be smart of Full30 to branch out beyond guns anyway. One thing that makes YouTube so convenient is that it’s one source for ALL of the creators I watch, including food and video game channels. Any true competitor needs to have everything available in one spot (except for things like porn).

        Anyway, so if I post an uncensored video of a fully nude woman shooting a gun, that would stay up? Unlikely. Sites like Full30 and YouTube probably should censor. What Full30 needs to do to separate itself is too have a clearly defined, well-informed content policy with true input from content creators.

        • Thanks for posting this. An obvious path to success for Full30 is to simply follow the original YouTube model which was stunningly successful before the ‘tube became politicized and its silicon-valley 20 somethings decided that they were far-sighted enough to know what other people should think. When YouTube did that, it lost its integrity and became a hollow shell of its former self. Full30 doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel. It can, Instead, pick up the pieces and become a better YouTube. I wish the site luck.

    • I assume there are legitimate limits to what should be allowed. Breaking laws, actual threats or slander of people or people groups. At some point you have to have some rules and can’t just say “we aren’t responsible for the content, we just host it.” Do they want a daily stormer channel (or new black panther channel)?

      Just like ttag will delete comments that don’t fit their standards either.

  2. Full30 has a lot of interesting stuff. However…..

    The layout and navigation need serious re-workig. Especially a means for sorting content by date.

    • This. No mobile app, no way of changing resolution, no av controls at all actually. Want to like, but it’s as basic as it gets

      • Just give them time. I’m sure they don’t have VC firms banging down their door to invest. They need more buy-in and user participation and eventually, they’ll be able to afford that stuff.

  3. Full 30 is awesome. It would be great to see them expand to other content. We need an alternative to YT and Vimeo that’s not Pornhub.

  4. I’ll check out full30. Ya’ know if gun content creators want views they COULD create a website. Jus sayin’…

  5. I enjoy Full 30, but my biggest problem with it for years that it has been invite only for some reason. Last week, a user over at the AK Files created his own YT alternative called and it’s open to everyone. From his announcement to having it up and running was like 48 hours, it was nuts. He’s working on a mobile app and everything. I hope it really takes off and does well. There is more than enough room on the internet for a few pro-2A video sites.

    • “I enjoy Full 30, but my biggest problem with it for years that it has been invite only for some reason.”

      Learned of full30 when STB went there. Simply went to the website, and signed-up.

      • I have a log in as well, but can’t upload videos there. Now you can reserve a channel, but that is new. It should have been open to all content creators long ago.

        • Yes. I signed-up only to view. Didn’t think about uploading. Would imagine the “channels” are “creator” strings, where each creator uploads under their selected name/channel. Thus, one could not upload to the STB “channel” anymore than one could upload video to Yankee Marshal (or others). Sorta like we can read and comment on TTAG, but cannot “upload” our own content to TTAG.

        • It’s easy to say it should have been open to all content creators long ago when you have no understanding of what’s involved financially and technically in building such a platform.

          You see, Full30 sold ads and brought in more and more content creators as more ad revenue came through the door. For 4 years Full30 balanced a 100% fill rate for its content creators while fulfilling all ad contracts. That’s no small feat and it’s why 4 years later Full30 is still here and sites like and Vessel aren’t.

          If we had 1 ad play per every 5,000 video views, the content creators wouldn’t be very happy. We had to actively manage ads vs. views to remain financially viable.

          If we had 2,000 non-monetized channels at start-up the cost of hosting and streaming would have sunk us within the first year, like it has so many other video streaming sites. You may not be aware of this, but hosting, processing and streaming video in HD is very expensive.

          So, while it’s easy to sit back and armchair quarterback how things have been run at Full30, the fact it’s still here when so many other sites that had FAR more financial resources have burned out while we’re still standing speaks volumes to the viability of our strategy.

          Think of it as an early version of YouTube’s Partnership Program. The PP of old only monetized certain content creators and YouTube had a 70% or better fill rate for their Partners. It was a closed program that was by invite only, then later you could apply but you had to meet strict criteria to be approved. That’s back when content creators could make a living off YouTube revenue. Then YouTube opened ALL videos up to monetization and the fill rate plummeted. Many channels that were once viable were no longer.

          Then YouTube had people uploading beheading videos and ISIS recruitment videos with Chevy ads playing in front of them. They lost control of their system and they’ve been hemorrhaging advertisers, content creators and viewers ever since.

          So, the long and the short of it is that Full30 was carefully planned and executed to assure its long term viability.

          Its other mission was to build strength while it could in the eventuality that Google did purge gun channels. In such an eventuality our goal was to become a lifeboat for firearms content creators and associated content creators. That’s why we’ve been working night and day to prepare Full30 for any purge that may result from YouTube’s pending policy changes.

        • Tim, I just wanted to say thank you for the foresight and planning that you and whoever else you worked with put into Full30. Not only has it been a great resource that I’ve used for gun-related content, but the lifeboat analogy you referenced was also spot on. You all saw the writing on the wall and created an outlet that has the potential to maintain the marketplace of free speech through video content.

    • Apparently that restriction was due their limited hosting capacity, limiting both storage and bandwidth. If they had it wide open, the traffic would have simply crushed the system and made it not work at all.

    • We wish them well. With commercially available streaming software and no monetization model, it’s likely to go the way of Vessel or You’ll notice in the last couple of weeks a whole flurry of video hosting sites have sprung up, like BitChute,, etc. In a year they’ll all be gone due to no method for revenue generation. and Vessel both launched around the same time Full30 did 4 years ago. Both raised capital ($6m for and $75m for Vessel) and both went kaput. Even Gunbroker with their financial backing tried to accomplish something with GetZone and yeah… fizzle. It’s there, but mostly unused and unheard of.

      Most of these knee-jerk responses to YouTube’s recent policy change announcement will be gone in the not too distant future unless they truly have a video hosting solution that’s monetized and not beholden to any licensing by a 3rd party which may be yanked for political reasons. Full30 developed its application software from the ground up and owns its servers. It’s been monetized since day 1.

      However, competition drives innovation and that is a good thing.

      • “It’s easy to say it should have been open to all content creators long ago when you have no understanding of what’s involved financially and technically in building such a platform.”

        “So, while it’s easy to sit back and armchair quarterback how things have been run at Full30, the fact it’s still here when so many other sites that had FAR more financial resources have burned out while we’re still standing speaks volumes to the viability of our strategy. ”

        Tim, my comments weren’t malicious, just my opinion and observation as an end-user. Do you have an issue with Full30 users offering a little constructive criticism? Because your comments that I quote above come off as real pretentious.

        • Welcome to how Mac operates. Hes a pretentious little brat and if you don’t get on your knees, he dislikes you. At least he is done crying about how youtube demonetized his videos. I was tired of hearing that rambling. I mean what kind of businessman are you if monetary loss from youtube videos is hurting you when you own copper customs, or maybe its just greed?

          Too bad MAC cant use his youtube channel to trash companies like POF and disseminate false information about Rifle Dynamics through a video release that I was easily able to connect to copper customs through little research. You’re not as smart as you think and a total snake oil salesman. Trash other peoples products under false premises to try to increase sales of your competing products.

        • My intent wasn’t to be pretentious. We’ve had many critics of Full30 who have called us “elitists” and accused us of shutting out the community to make a handful of close friends rich.

          No one has gotten rich, including the founders. It’s a small operation until recently.

          So I apologize if my response came off as terse, it wasn’t meant to be. You said the system should have been open from the beginning and I wanted to make clear how difficult the challenges were and why we chose the path we did.

        • Jeff, you’re full of it. I suspect the reason for your hateful rant relates to being banned for being a troll.

          I am a minority partner in Copper and have not taken a paycheck or a distribution. Only the operating partner, who runs the entire show, takes a salary — as he should. I assume you don’t work for free.

          Snake oil salesman. That’s a funny one. Yeah, BCM, ADM, LWRC, CZ, B&T, etc. are all “snake oil” brands.

          Trolls will be trolls.

        • Hey Tim, fair enough man, thanks for the explanation and apology. I’ve been pretty vocal among among my other gun friends about Full 30 as a YT alternative.

        • Thanks for accepting the apology, brother.

          I deal with trolls day in and day out… just look at the crap I have to endure from “Jeff”. Endless lies, false accusations and trolling.

          Sometimes my responses to non-trolls come off unintentionally terse. I can definitely see your point in my initial response. When I screw up, I will always own it. 🙂

  6. So we have all become addicted to the slickness that is youtube.

    Then youtube decided people who liked guns were not human or worthy of free speech and expression..

    Our alternatives will not be as slick.

    That seamlessness comes from …… money.

    We should be willing to pay for the service or willing to see ads.

    Like any company/business endeavor, it will come down to the the folks who run the hosting site.

    Will they cave to public opinion or will they support liberty and POTG?

    I would rather not have video on a porn site…as a matter of fact, I would probably never view those videos.

    • Their ad policy is really good. Ads are limited to 15 seconds prior to the video and static sidebars. They also tend to be relevant. This makes Full30 one of the few sites were I explicitly turned of ad blocking.

      I was getting worried for a while because the ads being played dropped to just one sponsor (Henry Firearms), and then for a few weeks, none at all. Fortunately, they’ve picked up more sponsors lately, and hopefully that will increase as traffic does.

      • I’m good with that. Folks need to make money.

        It would seem they would attract advertisers that wanted to sell stuff to POTG.

        Hopefully not too many toenail fungus ads like TTAG.

    • I’d have to agree that going to Porn Hub isn’t the answer. I for one wouldn’t go there or recommend it. Firearms should be a family activity, or at least the videos are on an outlet that “are safe for work” as they say.

      I’d prefer not to be watching a video for refinishing a stock while the link to Gay Porn streams along the top of the screen.

      I could care less if someone wants to watch porn, but keep that on its own outlet please. 🙂

      I hope Full30 is able to make a go of it and more and more channels can migrate over. I knew something was up at Youtube when I began to see reports from the Airgun channels I watch that even they were in trouble. Air guns for Petes sake.

  7. They may not remove but will not allow vids to be posted that may show certain brand(s) or model(s) in a negative way.

  8. Going to pornhub to watch gun vids is a bad idea, right or wrong, porn has a distasteful implication. I’d rather not associate guns and porn. POTG are fighting to maintain a good image already. And it’s really not up to us anyway, the 9 year olds are the ones whom decide what is and what isn’t.

    • Agreed. And a friend of mine in IT told me that mal/spyware is about 1000 times more likely to be picked up on a porn site.

      I guess they track and sell you info just like facebook.

    • I can’t speak for my friends at InRangeTV, but I suspect their move to PornHub was a political statement and a rather brilliant one at that. It got them tons of national press and it made a bold statement about the pending YouTube policy changes.

      I would never host MAC there as it doesn’t fit my brand. One of the tenants of my brand is being family friendly so people can watch with their children and not be blindsided by a “f bomb”. It’s a personal decision.

      I applaud the bold move by InRangeTV and the attention it brought to the plight of firearms content creators on YouTube.

  9. I have 2 computers one is a windows 10 and have no problem running videos. My other computer is a Vista operating system and it will not run Full30 videos. I have no problem running youtube on it. Can some one tell me how to view them..

    • I haven’t had a problem with Win7. I would help if you could mention browser used, and whether you have any add-ons like shockwave/flash/java. I don’t know if an add-on is required or whether there is a browser or OS version threshold, but a few more details may help narrow the issue. It may have already been suggested to you that Vista is about a year past support from Microsoft, which means no more security patches. I do believe that Vista doesn’t support IE11, and that is what I’m using.

  10. Glad to hear. Hickok45 has been over there for a while and I signed up when Hickok45 moved there.

  11. I have been on again off again with Full30 since it’s inception. It’s definitely improved, and while I haven’t been watching a lot of gun videos in the past couple of months I was doing it most recently on Full30.

    While the platform could definitely be streamlined one of my top feature requests is just the ability to see what videos I have already watched (and, ideally, allow me to see the progress of the video and continue playback).

  12. While I like guns, I’m lazy, so I honestly haven’t visited full30 more than once or twice. This hullabaloo has gotten me to pay more attention, so I guess that’s good. Nice site. I will be back.

  13. Whether it’s Full30 or something else, (I prefer AND instead of OR) we absolutely need an alternative to youtube.
    While I truly hope full30 is wildly successful, it’s (and for good reason) narrowly focused.
    I hope we also get (very soon) a viable alternative to youtube that is general in nature that also isn’t behold’n to 3rd party license holders with a political bent.

    I truly hope we get there soon.

  14. This is great, great news MAC. The threats to free speech get more severe every day and the whole idea of a few ultra liberal, snot-nosed pukes in silicon valley making moral judgements about the educational firearms relatated content I watch on my computer is terrifying. I’m only one end-user but I’ll do everything I can to support your site and your sponsors. Thank you for all your hard work. Keep on keeping on!

  15. Since YouTube is adding rules and blocking gun videos. I made an alternative called which is just like YouTube! You can import YouTube videos or upload to our server. Check it out!

  16. I would hope that Full30 realizes, between big budget creators like Motor Trend and the like leaving over the more restrictive payment scheme and the people literally being tarred and feathered by these new restrictions, there’s currently an opening for a less restrictive non-porn video hosting site. Break is trying to be FunnyOrDie, Pornhub has porn in the name and will never get the respect it deserves until they change it and I haven’t thought about DailyMotion or Vimeo in forever. Full30 already has a solid base with the gun owners, now they should branch out to other machinists and hobbyists to see if they can grab a few other niches. They could be the Discovery Channel to YouTube’s MTV, if they would only try!

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