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Nolan’s pocket dump features an item we rarely see in these exquisitely photographed images: a water bottle. And yet, how important is H2O for our health and, yes, preparedness? (Dehydration slows your reflexes.) Don’t ask me: if a beverage doesn’t contain caffeine or alcohol I’m not interested. Ask the Beach Boys . . .

While the above song celebrates the joys of water (and the gun control paradise known as The People’s Republic of California), note that the music preceding this excerpt indicates that their H20 was laced with LSD. Which, for the purposes of armed self-defense, is a uniquely bad idea.

Question: unless you’re bugout bagging it on a daily basis, how in the world can you carry all the usual defensive gear, Field Notes and water? That stuff’s heavy.

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  1. “…unless you’re bugout bagging it on a daily basis, how in the world can you carry all the usual defensive gear, Field Notes and water? That stuff’s heavy.”

    Heavy? Time to hit the gym. Water is about 8lbs per gallon (8.36 actually). There are 3.79L/gallon so a liter of water is about 2.2lbs. Most water bottles are 500mL to 1.5L meaning they carry 1.1-3.3lbs. That’s not much. Most CamelBak type reservoirs carry 2L, many carry 3L. Nearly no one considers that unreasonable even if they have to carry it up a mountain trail along with a bunch of other stuff.

    Consider for comparison purposes: Your regular ol’ 1911 weighs in at about 2.44lbs unloaded, more than 1L of water. Is a 1911 too heavy to carry around?

    Toss this stuff (other than your gun usually) in a well made backpack and you’ll pretty much never notice the weight. Plus, it gets lighter over time as you consume the water… until you refill, which you should at least once a day with a bottle the size of the one in this picture.

    • Hey styrch9, had to bury another one of my dogs, had five, down to one. Least I wasn’t as attached to this one. Still sad tho, last dog left is still howling for her friend. Burnt the dog house she was in, couldn’t stand looking at it , not seeing her come out and greet me. I think cancer got this one, she just went down hill fast, got super skinny and wouldn’t eat?

      • Jesus dude, you’re having a real run of bad luck. Condolences.

        Cancer is a possibility but there are a ton of other illnesses and ailments that can cause this. Dental issues are common. Certain digestive tract or organ infections can also cause dogs to stop eating. Old age in dogs also just does’t weird shit, sometimes it’s due to sensitive teeth/gums etc other times it’s neurological issues that crop up due to age.

        Without a complete necropsy there’s really no way to know for sure. With older dogs I usually give them a pretty complete “exam” with my hands on a regular basis. They think it’s petting them but I’m looking for lumps, bumps, soft spots, hard spots and poking their guts to look for both hard and soft internal problems. If I find any I keep an eye on them and if they get worse, don’t get better or start to get strange I take the dog to the vet.

        Did you by chance change their diet leading up to this? Once it happened did you try something like plain chicken and rice? My dogs drink from sketchy water sources out in the mountains regularly. If they get the shits or won’t eat or whatever I change them over to chicken and rice for a week until they’re back to normal.

        • I had her perked up with liver n garlic. I couldn’t afford to keep feeding it though. I can’t afford the vet bills. Yup I’ve had a run of bad luck in the last two years, house burned down, rental no insurance, wrecked truck, wife left, dogs died, youngest boy got throwed in jail hey I’m a country Western song. The house burning down sucked, least with a tornado you can find your pants hanging in a tree

  2. I always bring a water bottle in my car when I drive anywhere. I don’t see how that would ever be inconvenient.

  3. I keep a case or two of aqua in my truck.

    The computer is dead weight (for me) and not useful in any serious social situation.

    I wonder if he carries the Glock with the reflex in that arm band thingy.

    Looks like a backpack dump to me. To each his own.

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