U.N. soldier on overwatch in Haiti (courtesy youtube.com)
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When President Trump called Haiti a shithole, the off-hand off-camera remark set progressives’ hair on fire. Pundits in their hundreds declared the Commander-in-Chief a racist. The truth of the matter is that Haiti is a shithole. A Narco State rife with . . .

corruption and poverty, where the rule of law means precisely nothing. Except that “the law” is fully armed against a disarmed populace and rules the citizenry with an unrestrained iron fist.

Brazilian peacekeeper in Haiti (courtesy youtube.com)

A description which also applies to large swathes of Mexico. Be that as it is, it’s important to note that the American government helped the island nation’s brutal dictatorship disarm Haitians. Check this 1994 article from washingtonpost.com:

Under the American semi-occupation, the police are being reorganized and, for the first time, separated from the army. The United Nations is bringing in a corps of police trainers and monitors to help. But the Haitians consider it naive of the Americans to think a policeman who worked for the brutal and corrupt military regime and its predecessors can be transformed by a few weeks’ indoctrination into Officer Friendly.

The Americans have confiscated thousands of guns, but no one doubts there are many more in the hands of people who are no friends of any government trying to control racketeering.

Mixed message much? The Post acknowledged the insanity of arming and “training” Haitian cops to control the population at the same time as decrying the lack of enough gun confiscation.

And where did The Post get the idea that the Haitian government was “trying to control racketeering”? The only control the government wanted — and still wants — is control over how much of a cut they get of the action. It gets worse:

Mr. Aristide, reasonably enough, wonders how long the soldiers are going to stay. He knows that a lot of Republicans are drumming on President Clinton to bring them home. He wants to see the professional criminals and gunmen-for-hire disarmed before that happens. But guns are hard to find and easy to replace.

Yeah, didn’t happen. And it’s precisely this kind of willful naivete that motivated the Progs to lash out at the President for speaking the truth about Haiti. Which is that it’s a kleptocracy where the strong oppress the weak — behind the barrel of a gun. As always.


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        • HB1 Visa holders lower wages/increase cost of living for Americans.

          According to a Pew Research Center survey released in June, 65% of Indian-Americans approve of the way Mr Obama is handling the presidency.

          Of all the Asian American groups surveyed, Indian-Americans were the most Democratic-leaning, again at 65%. Only 18% favoured Republicans.

          They are let it because they work for less, and they vote left. Rob, love your site, love you, but you have to drop this rose colored glasses view of immigration. Its not always a good thing, infact very rarely is this this case.

          Demographics is Destiny
          Magic Dirt does not exist
          Facts don`t care about feelings
          A Statue and Poem is not a policy
          “To secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and out Posterity” is why we were founded

        • henry bowman,
          If “magic dirt” doesn’t exist, then “magic blood” certainly doesn’t. You seem think the pixie dust of your parentage make you special. You aren’t special.
          And the “Demographics equals Destiny” is a cute slogan, but doesn’t square with reality. Texas is a great example, with a larger percentage of immigrants than ever, but more Republican statewide elected officials than when it was mostly whites. When your bumper stick slogan doesn’t match reality, reality isn’t wrong.

      • India has a space/aviation program. They design and build their own aircraft and rockets. It produces great engineers in many of the computer, electrical, and mechanical science fields.
        It has great medical research.
        They even have and make their own atom bombs.

        And they still are a shithole country. The deaths from open sewage, a society were the majority of the people defecate out in the open, not into a flush toilet. India has extremely serious problems for a nation so advanced technologically.

        And they have no second amendment because of the british rule there. Historically they were a warrior society. Everyone carried a weapon. Some of them come here to learn about our National Rifle Association, and how they might create one in their own country.

        Most unfortunately are anti gun, anti civil rights. And they come here in the thousands.

      • Because that is what this country is at it’s foundation. A melting pot so those who want to can escape their own shithole country just like all or ancestors did at one point in time. If Haitians and Mexicans and anyone else want to immigrate here LEGALLY than I support them all completely. Just do it with respect to the nation you are entering in to like generations before them have done.

        • Shitholes, or the most powerful nations of the era…the ones from shitholes came as slaves or ‘indentured servants.’ The rest were government affiliated or entrepreneurs. Then as now, the poor were brought by the wealthy for their own reasons.

        • Shitholes, or the most powerful nations of the era…the ones from shitholes came as slaves or ‘indentured servants.’ The rest were government affiliated or entrepreneurs. Then as now, the poor were brought by the wealthy for their own reasons.

        • But that’s objectively false. The country was never intended to be a melting pot. The Naturalization Act of 1790 and subsequent acts up until 1870 very clearly show the intent of the Founding Fathers – naturalization was only available to “free whites”. You can complain about racism, say things were different back then, etc. But the point is, the Founding Fathers, people who are still seen as beacons of freedom and liberty (though if someone expressed their views today, they’d be called a Nazi…) did not consider this country a “melting pot” and did not want people of non-European descent coming here. So please stop buying into and espousing this public-education-shilled “melting pot” nonsense.

  1. The entire country of Haiti is a shithole. Any of these self riotous who complained about Trump saying it whether out loud or in a closed room are also full of shit aholes

  2. Sad but true of a lot of countries.

    Nothing to do with race but instead the black hearts of the evil people who have wrested power from the populace.

    We want to look at these countries as if they are proto-US. They are not.

    America was born of revolution and an armed, free people.

    Now, western countries throw plenty of force and money in with whatever despot is in power to prevent revolution.

    Meanwhile, many formally civilized countries are slowly disarming and cowing their populace so they can feel certain of maintaining control and power.

    And so it goes…….

  3. A shithole is a shithole,some are located in other countries ,some are located in America,what makes for a shithole is a lack of Freedom and loss of Liberty.

  4. Gee I’ve known several Haitians(all at the gym). All azzholes and very anti- gun. I said to one “why are you here!?!” Haiti cannot be fixed only bulldozed. Shitehole by definition…I know the Dominican Republic doesn’t want them.

  5. The purpose of the Thursday meeting was to discuss immigration and cooperation. The leaker of the comment, probably Durbin, didn’t want the headline to be that everyone was meeting about a solution. He effectively changed the headline to “the president said xxxxhole.”

    • The larger story is that the Democrats want to open the doors to refugees, but the Republicans want the classic merit based system that was in place for many years, plus a lottery for everyone else. So no, we do not want poor, uneducated, and less likely to integrate into America because they want to come here and replicate where it was they came from.

      • Real republicans want a merit based system, no lottery system, and to restrict families to sons, daughters, spouse and maybe a grandparent.Stop chain migration where basically half of a village can get here from one family member. When they stop that immigration, maybe the dreamers can stay if they continue in school and are felony free.

        • DACA “dreamers”

          can stay –if breaking ANY law (not just felony) free

          because we have SEEN in actual practice MANY states suddenly LOWER the crime done to misdemeanor JUST for them ‘dreamers” (their dream my nightmare!) But a USA BORN citizen does not get the same treatment???

  6. I think the only people that like Haiti would be the clintons. They probably just see money signs. Pretty much what all progressives think of when they see brown people.

    So yeah its a shithole. Snowflakes hate reality.

    • No not to make money at first.
      Future Democratic voters to be held under the Elites bootstraps and then for them to not know or care any better.
      Just take the welfare. food stamps, and be violent. Just like the last 125 years of Democrats in Chiraq and Bloodymoore.

    • The Clintons absolutely raped Haiti in the ’90s and after the big earthquake. You want to know why that country is in even worse shape now than it’s ever been, look straight at Bill and Hillary.

  7. We, American, PotG ought to start thinking about cases such as Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico, Iraq, Iran etc. Not entirely for their sake (altruistic purposes); rather, because the lesson from these countries needs to be learned by American hoplophobes.

    How, exactly, is it that American government agents are DIS-arming “the People” of any foreign country? Don’t we American PotG regard as “self evident” that “all men” have a “right to life” and the “arms” to effect this right?

    Do we American PotG hold that “our Creator” endowed only “the People” of the USA with this right that “shall not be infringed”?

    Arguably, we American PotG ought to advocate for removing laws that license export of arms to other countries. And, we ought to advocate for laws baring the Commander in Chief from disarming any peoples who have not been identified as belligerent to American armed forces (e.g., the peaceable Haitians).

    If American hoplophobes could come to understand how disarmed women and children of foreign countries are cannon-fodder for tyrannous regimes and common criminals they might be capable of making the next logical step to understanding how arms in civilian hands in America serve the same purpose.

    • Don’t bet on it. Only honkie feminazis who claim to be black/Jewish/Hispanic/LGBTQIAA++/Native American/Muslim and complain about “First World problems” matter to their narrative. Actual black, Jewish, Hispanic, LGBT (the rest is BS, and there are a lot less real ones than the “activists” claim there are), Native American, and Muslim people don’t matter to them. Extra negative points if they actually live in their shithole black/Hispanic/Muslim country that actually oppresses everyone with real rape, theft, and murder.

  8. People don’t risk ocean voyages on rafts made of garbage and twine to leave non-shithole nations.

    If the left had any brains at all they would have gone with the “it’s wrong not to offer escape and asylum to these people precisely because their nations are shitholes” but instead they predictably shout racism in every direction desperate for it to stick somewhere, someway, somehow and look lost, confused and foolish.

  9. If Haïti had guns, it would be a war zone like Afghanistan. It’s not lack of guns that makes it poor and high crime – it’s a corrupt government just like many war zones

    • Which boils down to culture and IQ. Some cultures and IQ’s are inferior. Yes you get the occasional genius in the low IQ bunch but they are the exception, not the rule. There is a reason why the poorest white country is still better off than the richest black country.

    • It’s not just corrupt government. In my experience, cultures with deep corruption problems have it baked into the culture. It permeates every sector at every level. Yes, the government is corrupt from the highest offices to the lowliest code inspector. But the private contractors are also ripoff artists, promotion at private companies usually involves bribes, etc.

  10. I’ve traveled all over the world and never met anyone who didn t want to move to the US. That includes nice nations and various shitholes. The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China were the kind of countries where the big cities were fabulous and the rest of the country where most of the people live were dirt road villages with no services and were absolute shitholes.

  11. I loved watching all the sudden media fed ‘gatherings’ or “protests at the Florida white house by Haitian refugees

    But one question? if you are SO very PROUD of Haiti???
    AND it is not a shit hole???

    Then why in the FUCK are you still here?
    Ahh free Obama/dem money and this place is NOT a shithole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Pennsylvania is a state with federal gun control. Illicit drug runners operate out of white controlled Philadelphia suburbs. If you’re not Italian and old-school white priviledged , Delaware county is a shit hole

  13. I’m almost positive that last time I checked Obama called it a shithole too when he sent all that aid? You don’t send food water and basic necessities in that large of an amount to countries with functioning governments. Also, doesn’t 3rd world mean shithole? 3rd world and shithole kind of mean the same thing just one is much more PC. But nonetheless they are one in the same

  14. You should really look into the history of Haiti it’s The only successful slave reblion thet led to a nation. yes they used guns! Yes they had militias! They did fight the oppressive French gov, and won!!……And then got screwed over a few times by larger powers, corrupt politicians, exe….

    Good point/good article

      • Dave,

        I feel ya, When you look back at their history (1780’s-1800ish) of self determination and victory, it’s frustrating to see this happening, though its benn happening since the 1900’s……. It makes me think about the importance of agriculture, and how much citys depend on others to grow our food and how little I know about farming.

        What would happen if someone would Arm & train the farmers in the countryside so they can protect their hard work from being stolen by assholes in the government, warlords exe. part of the deal would have to be providing food aid to the slums I don’t see arming the city folk as a solution, well maybe the women. Haiti can grow expensive cash crops like coffee and tea……… I don’t see city life as a solution unfortunately that is the global trend.

        • The fact of the matter is that regardless of what they did in the past they are doing nothing in the present to better their futures. Its why our rights as American are so important so that we don’t undo do everything our ancestors and the founding fathers created for us.

    • UN Brazilian contingent?

      He must have really upset someone to be sent to Haiti. The flavellas of Rio would be a holiday in comparison.

  15. Shithole? Think detroit, baltimore, chicago, oakland……..think democrap run cities. You don’t have to leave the U.S. to find a shithole

    • Thanks random Dave for using the same name. Now people will think we are the same when you clearly think our shitholes even compare to Haiti. Detroit and every other city you mentioned is a shithole on our scale but if Haiti were in the states we wouldn’t know what to do. I spent two years in the Dominican and I can honestly say that no matter the aid nothing is going to change in either country and the Dominican is actually developed compared to Haiti. Unless the country and it’s people change their mindset they will stay exactly where they currently are

  16. The truth hurts a lot. I have no problem saying that to a lot of places in the world and in the USA. Mostly, Democratic controlled areas.

  17. The Clinton Foundation was supposed to turn Haiti into a paradise. Why is it still a shit hole? Where did all the money go? A real mystery…

  18. You know what I love most about this site?

    The blatant, overt racism. It just does wonders for defeating the stereotype of the traditional gun owner as a blatant, overt racist.

  19. I patrolled Port-au-Prince from Cité Soleil to Pétion-Ville and most the neighborhoods in between. It is mostly a shithole & a cesspool of corrupt Governance. Cité Soleil makes any US slum look like a gated community. I’ve also conducted operations in Mogadishu, Somalia, an African shithole.

    So basically the President was correct.

  20. This is a ridiculous article. At this very time, someone in Haiti is offering guns to young men just to go and cause trouble. And there was trouble today and someone was shot in a riot. The government is OFFERING guns to young men, not confiscating them. You are looking for something where there is nothing to find.

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