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Over the week of July 4th — original Brexit! — I visited the home range in North Idaho. To help celebrate Independence Day, the folks from GLOCK hot-rodder shop Lone Wolf were kind enough to bring out some full-auto toys and test guns.

Machine guns that joined us in the woods were:

Lone Wolf G9 Carbine (GLOCK magazine 9mm AR carbine), suppressed
AR 5.7×28 upper, suppressed, on another full-auto Lone Wolf G9 lower
• Three AK-47s
Thompson Submachine Gun (AKA “The Tommy Gun”…AKA “The Chicago Typewriter”…AKA “The Thompson”…AKA “The Trench Sweeper”)

We also had a couple of Timberwolf guns, a modded GLOCK with a Shockwave Blade pistol brace, a CZ P-10C, and a CZ P-07.

Plus my GLOCK 20 with a Lone Wolf conversion upper firing .460 Rowland to the tune of over 1,000 ft lbs of energy (suppressed with my Liberty Cosmic).

In all, a great day, as you can clearly tell from the video. Thanks, guys, for bringing out the big guns.

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  1. Living (if one call it that) in commie kaliforina one can only dream of such fun. Hell, I think that even watching this video is ILLEGAL here.

    • Yep. My friend’s two brothers came out here from the PRC and we took them to our club range. SBRs, suppressors, and FA folleys.

      Pretty sure they were arrested crossing the border back into CA for a contact high. 😉

      Or exposure to seditious practices…heh.

  2. Training alongside folks using select fire weapons, I saw that they use a great deal of ammunition. I am not sure that it is all that more effective. With two-round bursts, pepper poppers pretty much always go down. That is not always so with one round of AR-15.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun but there was one thing which puzzled me – why was it that the slim fellow in the cowboy hat did a much better job of controlling muzzle rise than the “well-fed” gents? More experience?

    • Slim? Experienced? Across the board that’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me LOL. Slim! Pshaaa.

      …other than the fact that you don’t recognize the author of this very TTAG post when you see him haha… 😉


    • You can buy ’em as an upper receiver (e.g. on Brownells HERE). It uses FN PS-90 magazines (they hold up to 50 rounds!) that go on top of the gun and feed downwards into the chamber then eject down out of the magazine well. You can put the upper on basically any AR lower you want. Obviously it even works on the Lone Wolf G9 lower, which has a small magazine well designed to accept GLOCK mags. So, in this case, LW put the upper on a full-auto G9 lower. But the upper is a standard, non-firearm part that you can mail order and put on a standard lower, which would mean it’s semi-auto, of course.

      • If you put a mag in the mag well, would it collect brass, or would the feed lips get in the way? Maybe a mag with the top cut off would work?

        • LOL. Yeah, a mag with the top cut off would probably work great. Or top and bottom and attach a bag to the bottom haha. Though I don’t think 5.7×28 is a very popular caliber to reload. And a nice side effect of ejecting straight down is that you have a handy pile of brass right where you’d expect it to be (as long as you aren’t running around the range while shooting, obvs).

  4. Love busting out the buzz guns.
    My H&K 51 is my all time favorite. It doubles as a flame thrower!
    Makes for an expensive day though.

    Watching that video… I got 9 mil brass in my face!

  5. Hey, was on Lake Pend Orielle, and staying in Sandpoint that day/night – maybe 20 miles from Lone Wolf. Only stopped once there, since mail order is more efficient. Normally, we are maybe 80 miles east in MT, but visited friends in N ID over 7/4.

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