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It’s getting downright dangerous holding down a gig as a faithful family dog these days. Note to canines: if you see a cop walking up your driveway, run and hide under the porch. Go dig up that bone you buried last month. See if the next door neighbor left the window over the cat bed open. Whatever, just make sure to stay far away from the jumpy guy with the gun. Too bad Lilly the Border Collie was too friendly for her own good when one of Ft. Worth’s finest came a-calling to the wrong house . . .

Aggressive dogs are nothing to mess with and yes, there are two sides to every story. But Officer Dogicide tipped his hand when he tried to justify murdering the mutt when he later told a neighbor he thought Lilly was a Pit Bull. How’s that for a tell? The other cops around the table must rub their hands together like they’re starting a fire when they see this schmoe coming on department poker night.

But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. As everyone knows, Pit Bulls and Border Collies are practically mirror images of each other. Hell, if he couldn’t manage to get the address right, why should he be expected to distinguish between dog breeds? Or recognize threatening behavior?  [h/t Kevin]

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  1. How are we supposed to believe that it’s not SOP to pop any dogs they come into contact with? And then treat the loss of a family pet like a broken lamp. And let’s not forget they actually shot a dog in a cage during one no knock warrant.

    • I firmly believe it IS their SOP. None of them give a damn about your family pet, or your family, or about you.

      It has come to the point in our nation where police feel that we are no different from the scum they are supposedly protecting us from. We just haven’t given them an excuse to do what they’d like.

  2. Isn’t animal abuse/torture/killing generally considered a strong warning sign of someone predisposed to becoming a serial killer?

    • Yes, they are a bunch of sick cops who probably are looking for an excuse to shoot people.

  3. If anyone shoots my dogs, I will shoot them in return.

    Ever since I came home alive from 11 months of chemo and got a dog for my metal health, she has become part of my family in more ways than I can count and I hold her life more dear to me than some poge flatfoot loser!

    She is a border collie and VERY smart and very friendly and I saved her from death at a shelter and I will damned if I will let anyone kill her with out payback in kind.

      • Not to make light of spymyeyes comment becuase I would be there right next to him, but I was thinking (singing) that as I read his comment! My 3 dogs are my kids and I would protect them as such.

  4. How long before one of these No-knock raids goes Really badly?

    For Example consider this scenario:
    Its the middle of the night and a Home owner hears the Dog barking madly, followed by gunshot(s), a doggie yelp-whine then the sound of someone breaking down the front door. The Home owner retrieves their AR15 (or 12ga pump, or 30-06 hunting rifle etc etc) responds with deadly force killing a trigger happy police officer(s) and subsequently being shot to death by the SWAT Team.
    – Dead dog, Dead homeowner, dead cop(s).

    That is not an unlikely scenario. Some MFer shoots my dog in the middle of the night and they d@mn well better be bulletproof.

    And what is the justification for a No-knock? The badguys might, maybe have the time to destroy some drugs or something….somehow. Because its So G%$ D@MNed important to seize those precious grams of ______ (whatever) that they will endanger themselves, and Joe Public.


    • That actually happened here a few years back. Cop got shot, later died and the judge ruled it self defense because such raids can only be used in “exceptional” circumstances and it violated his Charter rights. In this case, it was someone who was an alleged cocaine supplier who later confessed to the drug offenses. Unfortunately for the cops, what little evidence they found in his house couldn’t be used.

      Just search up Basil Parasiris.

  5. The cop is a worthless, cowardly, lying, sack of sh1t. Every time one of these a-holes pulls something like this they drive the wedge between them and the populace in a bit further. When are they going to wake up?

  6. If a no-knock raid shows up at my house because they had the wrong address and they try to break into my house at night, I will probably end up shooting a few cops, mistaking them for hoods, before they overpower and shoot me to death for taking down their friends.

    I hope this day never comes. But at the very least my family will be made whole in my absence at the massive lawsuit to come that will bankrupt the city.

    Oh yeah. Police militarization sucks.

    • I’ve heard many people in the military get pissed off when they hear it called the, “militarization of the police.” The military operates with MUCH stricter rules of engagement. It is a sad day when a soldier in a theater of war has to have more proof than a police officer at home.

    • you clearly don’t have a heart then, or have never had a pet. Losing a pet hurts just as much as losing any family member or friend.

  7. On one hand, I can’t believe this pathetic mfer didn’t apologize. On the other hand, he was probably told not to, because apologizing is admitting culpability, which opens him up for a lawsuit.

    I seriously call bullshit on “I thought it was a pit bull” though.

    All in all, it just makes me heartsick, because my dog is a big wimp with a bigger bark and growl, so I can totally see her getting shot in this situation. I don’t know what exactly I would do if that happened.

  8. Uhm yeah ok last I saw collies look nothing like Pit Bulls. I think that was a case of CYA. Or BS if you ask me.
    Poor pooch.. I could even understand said pooch being somewhat aggressive or at least alarm barking since well this is someone they don’t know.
    Yeah hide under the porch and wait for the bad man to go away, sounds good to me..

  9. We had a similar case to this in my home town a few years ago. The officer went to the wrong house and entered a family’s home through the front gate, which let the family dog (an elderly golden retriever) out of the yard. The dog walked out of the yard and on his way out he claimed the dog jumped on him; which resulted in him shooting the dog in the head. He claimed that the was snarling and going to attack him, but the neighbors seen what happened and said the dog was just walking towards him.
    And yet another case up north of my home town. The officer was responding to a call; when he walked past a yard the family dog jumped up against a fence next to the officer. Despite their being a chain link fence between the dog and him, he seen it necessary to shoot the dog.
    It doesn’t always make the news, but this happens far too often.

    • I don’t know where you live danny but I say again that if some asshole cop shoots my dogs, he or she is gonna die for it.

      • Oklahoma to be exact. I love my home, but our county (Okmulgee) has some of the least professional officers in the country (at least in my opinion).
        The fact that an officer here shot a dog didn’t surprise me. A few years ago a meth dealer moved in where a family friend of mine had once lived; his friends and him would get high and threaten us. They would leave dirty needles in our road. We never had to shoot anyone (thank God for that), but every time we called the police they took their sweet time (normally at least an hour) to show up. I can recall more than one occasion where an officer tried to force their way into our home to do a search without a warrant; they were obviously mad we called them so much. Normally they’d throw some b.s reason like the propane tank we had in the front yard being used to make meth (despite being next to the f***ing grill it was used in).
        They didn’t do crap about the meth house or the meth dealers for over 5 years; I have the suspicion that when they stopped paying the DA was when they got busted.
        I’m not trying to say all the officers around here are like that; Lord knows we have a pretty good sheriff, but I don’t place much faith in our local L.E.
        There’s a reason OK. officers have been the IGOTD a lot recently. I’m shocked more haven’t been on the list.

  10. If the cop cannot tell the difference between a Border Collie and a Pit Bull he should be forced to resign from the Police Force.
    I think the cops just like to run around and shoot dogs because its fun and they are immune to prosecution. Oh yeah, that Border Collie was really going to attack me, better shoot it now!
    Local cops shot a buffalo that escaped from a farmer that really was not doing anything.

  11. I’m sorry, but rarely does a dog constitute a deadly threat to a fit adult male human. Angry Rottweiler? Sure. Pack of pitbulls? I could see that. Onee border collie? Hell no.

    Hell, they could even look at their own tactics (K9 units) to realize that a dog bite rarely includes death. Therefore, I would think deadly force wouldn’t be appropriate. I guess it’s not the case when it’s “just” a dog in their eyes…

    • Regardless of the fact he claims that he “thought it was a pitt bull” still doesnt give him the right to shoot the dog. Even if she was a pitt bull so what. I have had many pitts and they are all big babys. They are more likely to lick you to death than bite you. Plus he was at the WRONG house so he had no rights there what so ever. Their dog had more rights to bite him than he did to shoot her. And it is BS that he could possibly think she was a pitt cause they look nothing like collies. But my point still remains No Breed of dog should get shot because a police officer is in their territory without reason. Unless he really had reason to be there AND the dog was actually latched on to him.

  12. Good god, it has gotten to the point where I strongly suspect many of these officers are shooting dogs merely because they’re bored. Or are PDs hiring people who have a phobia of dogs?

    Seriously, I highly doubt a dog like that would put a cop so in fear for his life that he would need to shoot it.

    • +1

      So if a pit bull acted in the same exact manner it would be ok to shoot?? We can blame the MSM and all the crooked cops for slaughtering the reputation of a once adored and, tenacious, hard working breed. Of course they both say the same about gun owners. Why do you think the cops are tooling up to such a degree? They don’t need al that military, SWAT gear to kill border collies.

      Does anyone really think these “vicious” animals are euthanized with guns, from a distance. NO. They are leashed and walked peacefully to a needle. Try doing that with a wild predator that would always be a true threat in a domestic situation. Then you see the difference between a domestic pet and a threatening animal, and what actual cowards these “brave men in blue” really are.

      It always makes great video to see animal control choking the life out of a snarling pit at the end of a catch stick. When they come for you with a catch stick how will you react? Let them go back to apprehending violent criminals in the same manner and see what happens. It would certainly gather plenty of MSM attention.

      The new excuse: “I thought he was a gun owner.”

      • You could also blame the @sshole owners with their half-trained, vicious and aggressive dogs – tons of them at the dog runs in my old town.

        While it’s not fair to the breed as a whole, their bad rep is not entirely unearned.

        • All the pit bulls i’ve ever met have been major pussies, with the exception of one who would smash her face in to concrete (or whatever) repeatedly if she saw a laser.

    • THANK YOU!!!! I have been reading down the comments looking for someone to say something about that! as for the commenter about two comments above me talking about how pitts reputations arent unearned and ho we should blame the owners that make their pitts vicious, I would like to say thats bs. I wrote a paper on breed discrimination and studys showed that pitts arent the only dogs to have owners bring them up to be vicious and they arent even the most dangerous dog (which would be the poodle). Matter of fact in the 80’s German Shepherds (police dogs) were the breed being discriminated against. I have had many breeds including pitts and GS and none of them have been vicious. What that cop did is wrong and he should be punished for his dirty deed!!!

    • +1. I’d think the officer at 2-3 non-lethal options available to him; pepper spray, taser, billy club…

  13. Obviously these cops that are shooting dogs wouldn’t be able to get jobs working for USPS.

    • Yes, capital punishment—by scaphism, the old Persian method where the condemned was tied naked to a boat, covered with milk and honey and set adrift on a small pond. He was eaten alive by insects burrowing into his flesh over a multi-day period, and became insane with torment after the first few hours of wasps biting and stinging him, and swarms of flies setting him up for maggots burrowing in. Death came by septic shock, but the mind was gone before that. Cops without compassion should be treated without compassion. There was a 1920’s New York Times story about a policeman going out of his way to save a dog from a crowd of bullies. The bully mentality migrated into police departments as in Stallone’s film “First Blood” and we all have a huge problem to set about correcting.

  14. It’s been a while, but it seems the Ruby Ridge incident began something like this, with a U.S. Marshal shooting the family dog, the boy shooting the marshal, the marshal shooting the boy, and the FBI shooting the wife who was armed with a baby. This kind of thing can get out of hand in a hurry. Dogs and people will kill and die for each other.

    • Very true, it escalated because the agents considered tapping the dog a procedure and nothing more. Being accused of, or suspected of, a crime doesn’t mean your animals get killed. At least not legally. They might be able to remove weapons from the house but Fido doesn’t have to die.
      The problem is a pet does not have the legal standing your car or home does, and certainly not a human. On the other hand I care more about my dog than the car and would not react well to someone killing my dog wantonly because they “felt threatened”.

      Many posters here would give them something to really be threatened with, I’m not that way. Just don’t expect me to be cooperative at all.

  15. As a retired LEO, I am both embarrassed and angry at the current breed of cops who seem to shoot any dog they see. They better not accidentally bust down my door by accident (really, in this day and age – and computer use – the wrong address ?) Last time I looked, my .308 will go through most body armor. I guess I would be mistaken, also.

    What a bunch of pussies.

    Oh, that’s right…it is sooo much tougher out there now for them.

    Ok, rant off.

  16. What a sad and infuriating story. This reminds me of the Austin cop who shot little Cisco recently. He shot that man’s best friend.

    In this case, what a trigger happy and cowardly police officer.

    Come on, look at that little dog. Almost all dogs will run up and bank out of excitement. Did he think this cute little girl was putting his life in some sort of danger? What a coward. Cruelty to animals is a sign that a person is not right in their head.

    And so quick to shoot! The dog ran up and said hello to him on the porch, so he shot her. This person has demonstrated that they do not have a stable personality, and they should not be allowed to carry a gun as an officer.

    So, he walked on to their property, and shot a family member. He should lose his job and then face the same criminal charges that someone would face if they shot a police dog.

    Cops who shoot dogs on sight which are not attacking them ARE a bunch of pussies.

  17. The next generation of uneducated ‘keystone’ cops coming from even worse dysfunctional upbringings will probably feature officers not speaking and writing English who end up shooting the family cats and goldfish.

    • Did I just read that right? What if they shoot the cat that ate the goldfish? Is that two pets? And what about the canary? Sorry… 😉

    • Who aspires to be a police officer? Most often, people that have more love for authority than their fellow man (and four legged family members).

  18. So what makes a cop more special than a postal worker? According to this article dog attacks are up 34% over last year, but they manage to carry on with at most a 6oz can of pepper spray. The USPS even trains them what to do in a attack. The postal worker interviewed has been attacked 6 times over a 26 year career and was quoted as saying “”I don’t know of anyone in this job who has not been bitten…”. I wonder how often that cop has been attacked.

  19. Shot dogs are occurring with increasing frequency. One recent story had the police searching an apartment for a parole violator. They had his mom put her dog in the bathroom so it would not attack them while they executed the search. Then they went and executed the dog. I have to wonder if the execution was just payback because they didn’t find the guy they were looking for.

    And wrong address situations are also too frequent, and there have been more than one death where a homeowner was shot or killed while holding a firearm. I worked on such a case where the officers had a warrant for one of two mobiles at the end of a country road–so they searched both. The one for which they did not have a warrant was occupied by the ranch caretaker and his family. Hearing noise, he’d gotten up with his rifle, assuming that the noise he’d heard was from the drug dealers next door–and they shot him through the window. Fortunately he was not killed, but the cops prevented him from receiving medical care from the EMTS on scene for over half an hour, while keeping him handcuffed on the floor. The tore apart his house. Then they charged him with some gun crime (ADW is probably what it was) and hauled him off to jail, where they kept him for nine days before the charges were suddenly dropped and he was released. I suspect it took a DA looking at the file to get this last result–the cops seemed content to let their little mistake languish in jail. Yeah, it cost them, or rather it cost the agencies for which they worked….
    So how do gun owners deal with the invasion in the dead of the night? If you do what most normal people would do, the chances are that the first cop in the door will be unloading an M-16 in your direction just because you have a gun, whether you fire or not. I’d rather be poor and alive than a rich legacy for my heirs.

  20. It seems like the only dogs that get special treatment are police dogs. In most locations hurting a police dog is treated legally just like hurting a policeman, with the same punishment levels.
    Just another case of one standard for the rabble and another for the ruling class.

  21. This just may be the conspiracy theorist in me, but I think this is the first step in desensitizing of police. Leading up to the effortless killing of citizens that don’t immediatey throw themselves at the feet of an officer “doing their duty”.

    • I don’t think it’s conspiracy theory at all. Serial killers start out this way, so it makes sense that this will be desensitizing cops too

      • I was thinking the same thing. Cops shooting dogs because they have a need to shoot something and kill it. And there just isn’t that daily interaction with criminals that justifies shooting them, so the dog is the surrogate target for these guys. And they do it because they know that they can get away with it. And apparently it gives these guys a sense of accommplishment.

        As to a “wrong address” excuse, it was something I often worried about when my neighbor was getting visits from the police on a monthly basis, until the day it seemed to be “my turn” to call 911 to report my neighbor’s criminal activity. I started to give directions (we live in a rural area) and a street number, when the dispatcher replied, “Oh, you want us at Mr. XXXXX’s house, a unit will be right there! They know the way.” Been quiet in the neighborhood for about 4 years now, but last year I had a need to call 911 for a breaking in of my daughter’s car in our driveway. I had to explain that I needed a police officer at MY house and not at Mr. XXXXX’s house, because the assumption was ALL CRIME in my area originated at Mr. XXXXX’s house, even though all had been quiet for some time. The officer did indeed arrive at my house ok, and for those wondering, Mr. XXXXX and family were not involved in breaking into my daughter’s car. It was the scum bag mutants further up the road.

  22. We lost our dog a year ago to trigger happy officers also. And no actions against the two officers who both shot numerous times at our boy as he was running to the backyard

  23. We lost our dog a year ago to trigger happy officers also. And no actions against the two officers who both shot numerous times at our boy as he was running to the backyard.

  24. We lost our dog a year ago to trigger happy officers. And no actions against the two officers who both shot numerous times at our boy as he was running to the backyard.

  25. If this cop can’t tell the difference between a pit bull and a border collie, they should be removed from active duty immediately as they are a danger to the public.

  26. Much time has passed since Lily was shot to death by Frank Brown – a Ft Worth TX officer – what you should know is that NOW the story is from FWPD that Brown “thought Gracey” our other dog that never approached him “was a pit bull so he shot the dog closest to him”. Did FWPD think that makes it OKAY because this was told to us as “clarification” of the statement and to “point out” how statements taken out of context can be confusing. FWPD sends untrained officers to homes with pet children and allows them to shot them so long as they believe they are in “imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death” from a 42 lb border collie whose most aggressive tendency was towards a roll of unmonitored toilet paper! Lily’s parents Remembering Lily A Reason for Change [f/b]
    Please sign Lily’s petition

    FWPD is suppose to tell us something by August 31. Thank you

  27. Most policemen are heavily influenced by the devil. They are cruel, vain, arrogant, rude, hateful, murderous, abusive, accusatory, cold blooded, compassionless, vicious, assaultive, mendacious and enjoy intimidating people and causing them financial loss—all the opposites of the “fruit of the Spirit” in Biblical parlance, and I haven’t read it in many years! They are now the ENEMY of the citizenry and we should start viewing them as invading British redcoat soldiers. A Federal takeover of police departments started long ago. They plan to intensify violations of our rights, if we aren’t members of law enforcement, that alone should be cause for them to gun us down on the SPOT! Write your legislators and insist cops be forced to go to psychological testing so we can get rid of the 90% that were BORN as bad apples!

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