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 I like LaserLyte. Well-built products. Excellent customer service. The marketing department has a bit of a caps lock complex, but overall they’re a great company. Quite why they decided to design and manufacture an on-board laser for North American Arms‘ Black Widow and Mini Master Pistols is beyond me. Because they can? Money? The idea that an armed self-defender needs a laser sight on an “ultra-concealable” .22 magnum 4″ revolver would be funny if it wasn’t so laughable. OK, sure, nothing beats a laser for perfecting trigger control (save randomly loaded snap caps). And I almost buy that bit about “firing from unconventional positions.” But c’mon. If ever there was a gun made for point-and-shoot-and-scoot, it’s a NA revolver. Question: how long before LaserLyte tackles the burgeoning .9mm market? VENOMOUS press release after the jump . . .

COTTONWOOD, AZ (August 2012) – LaserLyte®, known for the smallest pistol lasers on the market today, introduce the VENOM laser for the Black Widow Pistol and the Mini Master by North American Arms. The ultra-concealable .22 Mag NAA pistols are now even more formidable with the addition of the just-over-half-an-ounce programmable laser.

The VENOM quickly and easily mounts by simply twisting out the existing cylinder pin and twist in the new LaserLyte integrated laser and cylinder pin configuration. The VENOM integrated laser holds the tiny 4×377 batteries, the switch and laser all in one compact package (less than two inches). The VENOM adds very little bulk to the gun, yet provides the user with the gained confidence of aiming accuracy. No sighting in is required with the VENOM due to the fixed-point-of-aim provided at the LaserLyte factory.

The minuscule circuitry within the LaserLyte VENOM laser holds a programmable laser with: constant on, pulse mode and an auto-off after 6 minutes. The battery life is five hours* in constant on and ten hours* in the pulse mode.

For more information, visit and check us out on Facebook.

LaserLyte® NAA-BW Specifications:
Compatible Firearms: Fits North American Arms Black Widow and Mini Master Pistols
Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
Batteries: 4 x 377
Battery Life: 5 hrs. constant on, 10 hrs. pulse mode (normal usage*)
Weight: 0.63 oz. /18 g
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Length: 1.86 in/47.17mm
Width: .41 in/10.45mm
Height: .39 in/9.88mm
MSRP: $139.95

*Normal usage is defined as one minute on and one minute off. This test mimics actual usage where the unit is turned on and off and the battery is given time to automatically regenerate.

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  1. A truly concentric laser sight could be damned useful on a pool cue (for actually playing billiards, not for whacking people over the head) but on a .22 mini-revolver? You might as well put a laser sight on a golf club.

  2. Aww, I thought it was a laser for crazed symbiotes from space combined with butthurt, muscle head photographers.

  3. It would be great for training and plinking shenanigans. Agreed it has little use in a dgu.

    Do you really need any sort of sights on a derringer besides a rib barrel and bead?

    • When Laserlyte was having a clearance sale, I bought 5 for $2.50 a piece. Best money ever spent. I gave 4 away as gifts. Without fail, each man put the bayonet on his pistol and smiled!

      I dare anyone to put a bayonet on a pistol and NOT smile. It is hilarious. And I can only imagine what it will look like in the mind of my daughter’s prospective suitors.

  4. I expect more accuracy from a gun website. The NAA firearms are NOT derringers. They’re single action revolvers.

    I own a NAA mini revolver in .22 LR, and I can see where a laser could be useful. They’re very difficult to use at anything over three or four yards. A laser would fix that shortcoming.

    Again, it’s a revolver, not a derringer.

  5. No I think that the fact that there is a 4″ model of the NAA mini-revolver is trolling the depths of uselessness all by itself.

    • I have a Mini Master and it shoots well -every .22 imaginable out of the lr cylinder and WMR loads still scream out of that 4 inch barrel. I’ve tried it with Hornady’s CD and varmint loads and various CCI and I can say I prefer the way it handles compared to my Single Six.

  6. I’m sure there must be a legitimate use for an NAA mini-revolver, but I would feel better protected with a knife if I couldn’t carry an actual firearm for some reason.

    • I’ll tell you what, Mark. You stand in front of me while I have my NAA .22, and let me shoot you.

      It is lightyears better than a knife.

  7. Now, if they would just make one for the High Stranded (sic) .22 Mag Derringer, it would make the Guiness Book of Records for useless crap to sell to the gun rubes. Ooh, Ooh, wait a minute – a laser for a muzzle loading BP derringer would probably win that class. There would have to be definitive classes for fixed ammo and M/L for useless gun-related Walter Mitty masturbatory fantasy trinkets. Also, country of origin, since China’s useless, low quality crap rates a clss all iits own.

  8. I wanted to return to this old thread because I just got one of these lasers for my NAA Black Widow. Before I got the laser, I could not shoot the gun accurately at 15 feet. Now, I get decent little groups. To me, this is a useful product.

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