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We’ve come to know and love FPSRussia’s spirited if safety-challenged antics here at TTAG. Sure, he stands little chance of hearing his grandkids call his name, but he sure does shoot him some fun firearms. The only other quibble: the “Professional Russian” seems to be letting his fake accent slip even more than usual lately. This has AI member John Fritz—an FPS fan—concerned about Kyle’s Cossack cred. Mr. Fritz sent TTAG central a plaintive plea for more authentic ersatz elocution . . .

I’m figuring you’ve seen this already. But I have another thought, not about the bump stock but about FPS.

I’ve watched most of his videos and recently I’m noticing that FPS’s faux Russian accent has become spotty at best and borderline farcical at worst. FPS is well invested in these vids now and if I were asked to suggest what I thought would improve his franchise the most at this point I would suggest he spend a little time learning his alleged native language.

Or at least working on improving the accent. It would give his credibility a bump and make the whole “Russia” thing a bit easier to digest. Especially as time goes on and his forced accent and mispronounced colloquialisms become more evident.

I’m not trying to bust his balls, he seems like a good guy to me. And I like his stuff, safety issues aside. But he might consider either stepping up the performance a bit or dropping the facade all together. Perhaps becoming… FPS America?

As the old Russian proverb says, I volki syty, i ovtsy tsely. Sometimes it is impossible to get two desired things at the same time.


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    • What safety violations. You guys keep saying that, but in this case he even has ear protection. I guess shooting into water can be unpredictable, but if there nothing in the background, I don’t see it as so unsafe. Night shooting might be a bit worse, but I wondered if you guys who keep criticizing him are just envious.

  1. is it me or did he just admit to making an sbr in that video, I sure hope he payed his tax’s and got his background check from the ATF.

    • I’m guessing FPS Russia–given his YouTube following–is more than well versed on laws re: making NFA firearms. Given his apparent connections, arsenal, and seemingly limitless bankroll for guns and ammo, I don’t think a form and $200 tax stamp are much of a hurdle for him.

    • I asked him about it in his video’s comments a few weeks ago.

      “@SamHagagaga Technically it doesnt “attach” to the pistol so no, besides very few things are illegal when you have a type 10 manufacturers license.”

      I’m not sure if the first part is correct, however.

  2. FPS America? The human mind reels under the implications. Will he have a lubricious southern drawl, or will he sound like a laconic Swamp Yankee straight out of the Maine woods? Perhaps he’ll voice a flat midwestern accent, or sound like a valley girl boy.

    I can’t wait to find out. Tune in next week for the next exciting episode of — FPS New Joisey.

  3. The “professional” russkie doesn’t need no damn sights to do his full auto shooting 🙂 watch and learn

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