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Last week Governor Kasich of Ohio abstained from his last chance to veto SB 81. The bill requires sheriffs in Ohio to accept application for concealed handgun licenses from current and former military members without a fee. But the Governor wasn’t happy that the legislature hasn’t moved on his gun control agenda.

…[T]he governor allowed Senate Bill 81 to take effect without his signature to protest state legislators stalling on passing his package of gun-policy reforms.

SB81 was extremely popular in both houses of the legislature. It passed the House 81-7 and the Senate 31-2. Those numbers are far beyond the 60% of votes necessary to override a veto by the Governor.

From legiscan.com:

To amend section 2923.125 of the Revised Code to waive the concealed carry license fee for active members of the armed forces and retired and honorably discharged veterans, to accept military experience with firearms as proof of competency with firearms regardless of when the applicant for a license acquired the experience, to permit a licensee to renew a concealed handgun license at any time before the expiration of the license, and to require the Attorney General to monitor the number of license fees waived and cap the total amount allowed to be waived at $1.5 million.

The fee for a concealed carry license in Ohio is $67 for residents. It’s $67 plus the cost of a background check for residents of less than five years. The only non-residents who will be accepted are those who work in Ohio. In addition, veterans will not be required to take additional training to obtain the Ohio concealed carry permit.

With an annual cap of $1.5 million per year, that translates to over 22,000 veterans who will be allowed free concealed carry permits annually, so veterans who want to avoid the fees should apply early each year. To qualify, applicants must be on active duty or have left the service with an honorable discharge. A DD214 form is considered sufficient proof of service.

Sheriffs are required to report to the Attorney General of Ohio, each time a license is issued to veterans. The Attorney General is responsible to inform sheriffs when the total amount of fees waived reaches the $1.5 million annual cap.

If, as expected, the numbers of fees waived are made available to the public, the percentage of people who are issued concealed carry permits who are veterans will be available. It’s expected that veterans make up a disproportionate number of people with carry permits. There are about 20 million veterans in the United States, or about seven percent of the U.S. adult population.

In 2017, Ohio had 623,000 active concealed carry permits. Ohio passed its shall issue concealed carry law in 2004. Ohio issued 158,000 new and renewed licenses in 2016. In 2017, Ohio issued 131,000 new and renewed licenses.

An effective date has not been assigned to SB 81 as of the time of this writing.


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  1. So Governor “reasonable moderate” can’t sign a narrow, targeted, limited bill reducing the friction of self-defense for a few people, but it’s OK for him to announce he’s doing in a snit over the legislature not giving him his dogs’ breakfast of over-reach?

    Alrighty, then.

    When pressed — and only when pressed — the anti’s — and their “moderate” accommodationists — fall back to claiming they don’t mind if people with training and experience are “permitted” to have and bear guns. (Some guns. Some bearing.) Because it’s all about safety. And keeping guns out of the “wrong hands.” And they absolutely, positively, pinky-swear don’t think that every one of you deplorable clingers who wants to own a gun has the wrong hands. (Except if you are on their security detail. That’s OK.) Honest.

    So, the Ohio legislature passes a limited, qualified, measured law that … reduces the friction imposed on some trained, experienced people trying to carrying guns in Ohio. Some guns. Some carrying. Some people.

    Aaand Governor Kashmiri Spinach there can’t sign that. Because he’s having a snit. Because the legislature won’t take up his gun restriction passage. Having a snit isn’t a good look. Having your snit overridden looks worse. Just sayin. On point:

    — A shopping cart of broad, vague restrictions is not expanding access. They’re different.

    — A specific, limited measure is not a dog’s breakfast of initiatives and authorities. They’re different

    — Reducing the costs you impose for doing something isn’t “letting” anyone do anything.

    — Even Governor Kashmiri Spinach doesn’t make laws in his state. Legislatures make laws. It’s kinda not even his job to propose policies and put forward legislation for them to rubber stamp enact.

    — You wanna do more stuff? Demonstrate competence with the stuff you’ve got already. I see parts of Ohio up close from time to time. Just sayin.

    And really, in the end, his snit is just a two-fer of schadenfreudiliciousness. Nobody thinks he’s their friend on policy, and the way he did it makes him look shallow, spiteful, and weak. Winning!

  2. Radio talk show host G Gordon Liddy was correct when he called then congressman kasich a traitor, for voting to support the orginal Clinton assault weapons ban.

    Kasich has not changed in 2018

  3. I’ve said it time and time again. To hell with Kasich. God save Ohio from itself.

    And while I’m at it. Creating special considerations for ANY class of people, no matter how noble and selfless they are, is a bad idea.

    • +1. On Kasich and on the law.

      It’s possible that this could lead to free permits for everybody, but I woldn’t hold my breath.

      When LEOSA passed over my objections, some friends, mostly LE, said that it would pave the way towards 2A rights for all. I said BS at the time, and it was indeed BS.

  4. Philosophically the exercise of any right should not be burdened by a fee or test to the state.

    I have often argued the carry license fees and training class requirements are akin to unconstitutional poll taxes and literacy tests.

    If this is part of an incremental reform agenda to slowly eliminate carry fees and training requirements* then this is good. If this is just a carve out to try and quiet people then this is not good.

    *Training is good. It is even necessary. It is just not the place of any state gov’t to say what kind or how much should be required before enabling someone to exercise a natural right.

    • Before Whiny boy went all hate Trump he was good on gun rights here in Ohio. He signed the more than 31 rounds is no longer a machine gun.

      As a Vet I want the fees waived for me. But when CCW first passed in Ohio, there was the carry in the car issue. Still had to be locked up. The 2A groups pushed slowly and got it not too much too fast. This fits their slow steady push towards good times. Ohio is an Open Carry state, always has been.

  5. Governor Kasich is a Commiecrat masquerading as a supposed conservative,Veterans in some cases fought and paid the ultimate price.
    They fought for the Constitution and Bill of Rights,there is no license needed beyond that and most especially not some little petty Tyrant like Kasich.

  6. Kasich is like the biggest joke ever. And everytime I try to type kasich in my phone, it tries to correct it to masochist.

  7. We’re are screwed in FL too. Our RINOS don’t mind bending over every once in a while when it comes to “gun control”, and the Dem candidates for the Governor race are all anti 2A. The State is becoming blue, it is inevitable with the amount of leftists moving in each year from NY, Massachusetts etc. That and all the Puerto Ricans and Haitians.

    • I saw the future wave of shit moving to Florida 20 years ago when I left. It seemed like every day more northern tags were on the road. The Palm Beach Post was a liberal rag and you could see the future it predicted.

  8. I’m ashamed to say I supported him for president early on. As the campaign wore on it became increasingly clear he wasn’t the best choice or even a good choice. Now it looks like we dodged a real bullet.

  9. As a military officer, I oppose special carve-outs for anyone. I volunteered and knew the risks when I joined 30+ years ago. I prefer to see legislation that encourages law-abiding citizens to own firearms for self-protection without onerous fees. $67 seems more then the cost to process the application.

  10. Arm all true American Patriots who believe in the Constitution,Declaration of Independence & our Bill of Rights. It’s up to us to stop the liberal media, Bankers( you know what race owns them)! White Lives just don’t matter anymore, especially with communists liberals! An alleged “human “ like Maxine Waters, okra, nobama,Feinstein——ad nausea ! This race of humans needs to be done away with! Molon Labe⚔️🇸🇴

  11. I got Kasuck’s number when he voted in favor of the ” Scary Looking Weapons Act ” in the 1990’s. He’s not 2A friendly.

  12. How about reinstating the FREE hunting and fishing license that this SNAKE took away from everyone over 65 yrs. old to balance the budget in Ohio.


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