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Governor Bentley AL

In Alabama, Governor Robert Bentley signed HB98, which provides for retired veterans who qualify to obtain free pistol permits. The bill was popular with the legislature, passing nearly unanimously. HB98 passed the House 93 to 4 with 3 abstentions. It passed the Senate 30 to 2 with no abstentions on May 3, and was signed into law by Governor Bentley on May 13 . . .

The bill applies to retired military veterans who are non-disability retirees from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard or Marines, or any reserve component thereof. From the HB98(pdf):

24  (b) Any retired military veteran who meets the
25  conditions for issuance of a pistol permit pursuant to Section      1    13A-11-75, Code of Alabama 1975, shall be eligible to obtain
2   the pistol permit without paying a fee for the permit. Upon
3   approval of the pistol permit application, the pistol permit
4   shall be issued by the sheriff of the county in which the
5   veteran resides upon presentation by the retired military
6   veteran of the United States government issued Veteran
7   Identification Card or a DD-214 Proof of Military Service form
8   and sufficient proof that the person is a military retiree.
9   The retired military veteran shall apply for renewal as
10 required by law, but shall be eligible to obtain renewed
11 pistol permits without paying a fee as long as he or she meets
12 the conditions for renewal of the permit.

A number of states make special provisions for verterans, allowing their military service to be sufficient proof of training to obtain a carry permit. Alabama doesn’t issue permits to non-residents, so the free permits are only available to military retirees who maintain a residence in Alabama.

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      • I consider this worse than the general permit. Creating special classes undermines the idea that Constitutional rights apply to all.

        What of the disabled man or woman, who wasn’t permitted to enlist? What of the homosexual who was tossed out because somebody learned a secret, exposing someone who wasn’t directly asked and never directly told?

        • In my day you were asked repeatedly, even on the enlistment forms, if you were a homosexual. A standing joke in basic was if you wanted out, kiss the guy next to you. If he liked it he’d get out too.

          But yes, carve outs for a basic civil right should not exist.

        • @Katy, the people you mentioned can get a permit, but it will cost between $5 and $20 a year. Veterans will still need a permit, but it will be free.

          The real problem isn’t the cost. The problem is that nobody should need a permit in the first place, free or otherwise.

          Alabama wanted to give veterans a perk. But the Second Amendment doesn’t enumerate a perk. It enumerates a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitutional.

        • I agree that no permit should be needed. But, if a permit is required, they should be made available to all on equal footing.

          i admit that I make one exception to that blanket position. The only one I support is a reduced rate for lower income folks, because denial of a right because of inability to pay irks me in all the wrong ways. That also includes any filing fees to run for office, poll taxes, passport fees, etc.

        • Katy, therein lies one of the problems with the government forcing its citizens to pay for the privilege of exercising a fundamental right.

        • Katy, allow me to point out that progressive (not Progressive) tax rates, that is tax rates lower for low income persons and higher by degrees as prosperity increases, are a standard plank in every socialist and communist political program.

          The point is that any fee charged by any government institution before being allowed to exercise a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right is a tax, a POLL TAX, if you will, and is unconstitutional. It should never be a question of should poor people pay less of a tax on their rights, but should ANYONE have to pay such a tax.

        • You complete moron. If it wasnt for us veterans fighting for your rights you would even have the right to THINK freely let alone flap your ignorant gums. This bill is stating that we dont have to take the required firearms safety classes because we are already trained in the safe and proper use of a fire arm, it also gives us a permit at no cost because we have already paid the ultimate cost’s of freedom for you while you sat comfortable at home running your mouth safe and secure. We have earned this and the fact that you dont like that is just too damn bad for you.

  1. I’m a vet and also active LEO. Carve outs are wrong. Just as wrong as obtaining permission and paying to exercise a right.

  2. Oklahoma is next to do this for Vets and Active. Should pass soon. It’s a step towards the goal for everyone. Eating that steak one bite at a time

    • Hah, the police unions will line up against the civilians intruding on their special government privileges. Watch it happen.

  3. And the good bills sb14 and 441 looks dead for 2016 ………
    This here is so little, fight for constitunal carry !!

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