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Donald J. Trump, the presumptive GOP Presidential candidate, revealed a list of 11 judges that he might nominate to succeed the late, great Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States. Here’s the list of the Trump 11: Steven Colloton of Iowa, Allison Eid of Colorado, Raymond Gruender of Missouri, Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, Joan Larsen of Michigan, Thomas Lee of Utah, William Pryor of Alabama, David Stras of Minnesota, Diane Sykes of Wisconsin and Don Willett of Texas. Among these eleven judges . . .

are two that should be well-known to People of the Gun and Second Amendment advocates everywhere.

Diane Sykes (above) authored the unanimous 7th Circuit opinion in Ezell v. City of Chicago, a 2011 case holding that firing ranges are protected under the Second Amendment. The panel granted a preliminary injunction against Chicago’s ban on firing ranges in a case that was considered a big 2A win.

Thomas Hardiman wrote a lengthy and highly-reasoned dissent in Drake v. Filko, a 2013 Third Circuit case involving the New Jersey law requiring residents to make a showing of “justifiable need” to receive a license to carry a handgun in public. Hardiman would have stricken the requirement as violating of the Second Amendment. We have seen his logic emulated in U.S. District Judge Richard Leon’s opinion in the recent District of Columbia “good reason” case.

So among this pack of cards there are at least two aces. The records of the other nine prospects will certainly be torn limb from limb in the months to come. Watch this space.

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    • Funny enough, Sykes is the ex-wife of one of the chief and most ardent #NeverTrumpers.

      • Exactly what he did. Trump couldn’t tell you a single thing about any of those judges. All the fed judges were on a previous list from Heritage.

        Remember, Trump said a month ago he wanted a SCOTUS nominee to investigate Hillary’s email mess. He has no clue what judges actually do.

        • “Useful idiots” don’t have to only be a tool of the left, especially when they want to work FOR us.

      • he regurgitated one list from the Heritage Foundation

        And how is that a bad thing?

        Geez, Trump could walk on warm water and some people would swear it’s ice.

        • It’s not that it is bad thing, it just isn’t reason for the never Trump folks to “eat crow”, which is what pwrserge posited.

        • It’s not what Trump believes, it’s what his political advisers are telling him he needs to do to get votes. You cannot trust anything he says.

        • I heard Hillary was paying online troll commenters. How much you getting per post D??

        • Don’t dismiss his idea so easily. It’s what worries me as well. I don’t believe he is a true conservative for one second and I’ll be voting Libertarian come November. No Hillary bucks required.

    • It’s funny Trump included Don Willett. Willett is a prolific user of twitter and often makes fun of Trumps lack of intelligence and knowledge of issues.

      Most educated people are dismissive of Trump since he’s such a dumb person.

        • No, he’s one of those moderately intelligent people who managed not to squander the many multimillion dollar business empire and vast network of mob and political connections handed to him at age 26.

          Worse than having been born on third base and thinking he hit a triple, Trump was born in the Owner’s Box and thinks he hit a grand slam.

        • Hey, there’s no doubt that The Donald is a member of the Lucky Sperm Club. But Fred Trump built low-income housing and he was worth between $200-$300 million when he died in 1999. I’d say that he was outperformed by Donald.

        • They’re hardly rare, regardless of whether Trump is amongst them or not.

          For a totalitarian state to be self sustaining, a prerequisite is that those with access to the most resources, are those who are the least likely to threaten the state apparatus. As in, are those most dependent on “The System,” rather than their own wits, to obtain and keep what they own.

          Over time, this is part of what brings the whole card house down, but in the meantime, enriching unquestioning sycophants is the name of the game. Hence The Fed, pointless over complex subjectively enforced regulations, wealth transfers to the Financial sector, asset pumping, even women’s suffrage. As well as attempts to indoctrinate the population to fall for the sham that “he has money, so he must be smart.” While in reality, “he has money, because him having so keeps the system safer than many others having it.”

        • When Trump borrowed money from Deutsche bank in ’06 in their financial analysis of trump, they pegged his net worth as no more than $600 million.

          He lies constantly about his net worth. Even in his own statements, he put the value of his name as over $3 billion. He sued a reporter who said his net worth was a fraction of what trump claims. In the lawsuit, the reporter was able to see trump’s finances. He has a gag order but he said the public would be very surprised at what’s in there.

          The guy is a fraud.

        • Clinton 1 taught us “everybody lies about sex”, so Trump can lie about his money.

          In all seriousness, I doubt he’s worth 10 B, but he’s likely worth at least a few hundred M.

        • Willet seems to be a fairly strict constitutionalist who tends to have a binary view of cases…they are in keeping with the constitution or they aren’t, and doesn’t try to make something fit. He also doesn’t legislate from the bench. Plus he’s young and would be a stable, conservative voice for a long time.

        • Yup, I follow his twitter account. I’d have this gentleman on SCOTUS in a heartbeat.

    • Why? Because Trump says so and you believe him? Grow up.

      Trump’s a guy who’s breached so many business contracts he’s been sued nearly 200 times. He’s a guy who’s broken his marriage vows so many times he been married three times. He’s a guy who’s switched positions and parties so many times that now he calls his campaign positions and promises mere “suggestions.” Trump’s a guy who’s declared he doesn’t need to work with the party, elected officials or even advisors, because he has a “good brain” and is his own advisor. Trump’s a guy who has declared his desire to “open up” the libel laws and go after media who criticize him. He’ll trample their 1st amendment rights, but revere your 2nd amendment rights?

      Trump’s a guy who jokes that he could murder someone in broad day light on Fifth Avenue and his supporters wouldn’t bat an eye. Obviously, that’s hyperbole, but it speaks to the obliviousness of his supporters and the contempt with which Trump regards them.

      Trump essentially just promised that if you like your Supreme Court, you can keep it. And complete Kool-aid swilling morons are not only lapping it up, but standing around in a self-congratulatory circle jerk ridiculing other people’s intelligence? Give me an F’ing break!

      Never Trump!

        • Nah, he’s supporting Robert A. Taft, and I don’t have the heart to tell him that Taft died in 1953.

      • Sorry bud, but #nevertrump officially died today. CNN just reported your beloved Mitt Romney officially ended his 3rd party search today. The GOP chairman commanded the rest of the GOP to fall in line. And they did. The GOP hammered out a financial plan with Trump yesterday. It’s over. It’s Trumps party now. Get over it. Either vote for the GOP candidate or vote for Hillary. Those are your options now.

        • I don’t care if Romney ended his 4th party quest and GOP leadership can eat shit.

        • We don’t vote for Trump so we don’t deserve our rights? The Libertarians in the crowd (many of whom will vote Libertarian) shudder at that type of frothing at the mouth. And we’re a LOT more well armed than the leftists you think you’ll trample.

      • Listening to supposed “conservatives” lecture us about how non-conservative Trump is going to be has been hilarious. Lemme see if I can recall some promises and accomplishments from supposed “conservative” presidents and candidates the past:

        – “Read my lips! No new taxes!”
        – Medicare Part D – where Tom DeLay held open the vote far outside the rules of the Congress to twist arms
        – Chief Justice John Roberts – the gift that keeps giving. Every month I’m paying more than $1400 in “tax” for medical insurance, and I have perfect health. Thanks Justice Roberts.
        – “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” Positively Orwellian.

        Shall I go on?

  1. Encouraging, I guess.

    Trump still scares me, but not half as much as Hildebeast.

  2. Trump is a secret liberal Hillary plant who is going to ensure the USSC is leftist dominated forev — huh? Are those conservative justices?


    • Nah, he’s never lied to gain support before… I trust Trump without question because he says, “believe me.”

    • If he is a secret liberal Hillary plant, all he has to do is secure the nomination, then tank it in the general election… I wish that sounded far-fetched, but in today’s totally corrupt politics, it wouldn’t surprise me even a little.

  3. All the Trump bashing and people ignore his Federal Judge sister. Donald is no idiot, he surrounds himself with the best, brightest, and most driven, winners. Does anyone think he’s not getting SCOTUS pick advice from his sister?

    • >> Donald is no idiot, he surrounds himself with the best, brightest, and most driven, winners.

      Like Ben Carson. ~

      • Ben Carson? The guy who actually deserved to be the first black president of the United States rather than the abject embarrassment we have now.

        You don’t get much more successful than a neurosurgeon who grew up in the hood born to a single mother.

      • Uh, yeah actually. Ben Carson is probably the smartest person to EVER run for president. But that’s why he didn’t win. The very smart often have horrible people and speaking skills. You’d know that if you had an once of intellegence in your inferior liberal brain.

        • There’s “people skills” and then there “freaky political skills” – Carson is a fine motivational speaker and teacher – he has people skills. He just doesn’t have the weird skills and personality necessary to political success in a our fallen age. And he’d get steamrollered as President.

        • Carson’s big brain is minuscule compared to the giant ego he revealed once people started talking him up for president after that prayer breakfast the other year.

          He was in way over his head in this race and had no business being on the same stage with half those candidates. He’s a dilettante whose immense naivete fortunately culminated in an also-ran’s endorsement of Trump, and not in a president’s misjudgment of Putin or Khamenei.

        • Nobody is perfect dude. Get over yourself and vote for Trump. What other choice do people of the gun got??

      • Yeah Ben Carson…. what a loser that guy is! After all, anyone can escape extreme poverty to become a highly successful neurosurgeon.

        Just goes to show how stupid the nevertrump people are.

        • If your definition of “best and brightest” include people who believe that Egyptian pyramids were built by ancient Hebrews to store grain, you might want to reconsider the definition.

        • @ int19h

          Still more plausible then Aliens.

          The way you say, you act like it was something more than a passing comment. I doubt that has any bearing on the direction of this country as the Commander and Chief.

        • The problem is that the entirety of Ben Carson’s contribution outside of his field of expertise is an endless string of such “passing comments”, which, taken as a whole, paint someone who is clearly not quite living in this reality.

  4. Eid would be a good pick. She’s mostly responsible for upholding the Campus Carry Laws here in CO. At least, she wrote the opinion on it. Other than FED buildings, post office, K-12 schools, and the court house, there’s nowhere in this state you can’t carry concealed.

  5. This is why I have to support Trump! While he may not have been our first choice, how can anyone stand by and watch Hillary shred the Bill of Rights?

    • Unless he is lying about this just like he lies about everything else… This is just a list of “suggestions” that he will make a “deal” on and end up with a liberal.

      • So certain of that, are you? Enough to make damn sure we wind up with Hillary in office?

        • He’s praying for the crusty old broad to get elected. His prayer will not be answered, so maybe he should hook up with some of the Hollywood slime who have promised to leave the country.

        • Yes. Put Hillary in, hold Congress and fight her liberalism for four years to a stalemate.

          Put Trump in, hold Congress and support his liberalism for four years just because he’s a “Republican”, while the country goes down in flames.

  6. I’m still buying more guns and ammo. And I’ve hardly made a dent in all the ammo I bought before the 2012 election.

      • You can have too much ammo if you’re trying to swim or on fire…
        Just sayin

    • @BLAMMO, you are a wise person. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money on guns, ammo, women and booze, and the rest I wasted.

    • I’m up to 12,000 rounds of 22 and it’s Still. Not. Enough. I can’t bring myself to actually go shooting my 22’s yet.

    • Remember his promise to self fund his campaign. He won’t be bought and influenced by all the donors.

      Yep, Trump word is solid, just ask his wives how seriously he took his marriage vows and how often he cheated on them.

      • Trump has three Ex-wives. They have all endorsed him as a man who would make a fine president. That’s a pretty impressive endorsement.

    • >>>Remember the Trump tax plan?<<<

      I'm more concerned about stuff like "I'm self-funding my campaign, I can't be bought, all these other candidates are bought and paid for, they can't buy me, I won't take their money" – flipflopped a few months later to where he's hiring Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs executive to raise money for him. Everything is negotiable, indeed, and the past campaign promises he used to dupe his supporters mean nothing to him.

      Is Trump better than Hillary? Definitely. "One of us"? No way.

      • Trump came very close to slef funding his primary campaign. But nobody is rich enough to self fund a general election. Especially since his wealth is very illiquid. He’s more in real estate than securities.

      • 1.) More Trump BS. He hasn’t donated or spent diddly squat so far. He has not needed it. Has gotten where he is due to the media circus of free/”earned” advertising. He brings eyeballs (advertising $) to Cable TV.

        2). I will take a Billion $ to win the presidency this year. Trump doesn’t have this or would spend it if he did. But the Never Hilldabeast will get it for the cause.

  7. These are great picks. I like that he’s speaking to Henry Kissinger now too.

  8. Whoever wins the election will probably carry their party into control of Congress.

    I have little doubt a GOP Congress would reign in anything too outlandish that Trump tried to do.

    I have absolutely NO doubt that a democrat Congress would give Hillary everything she wanted and more. They would completely shred the 2nd Amendment. It would be their showcase legislation. Her SCOTUS would uphold whatever laws they passed.

    • The Republicans currently hold 54 seats in the Senate, and 246 in the House (vs. 46 and 188 for the Democrats). The system is strongly rigged to favor incumbents (hence the 90%+ re-election rate in most congressional elections, despite less than 20% approval ratings for the Congress as a whole), and I don’t think Hillary’s coattails are long enough to make up that gap. In 2008, Obama only brought a net change of 21 seats to the Democrats. It seems really unlikely that they’ll flip 30 seats with Hillary at the top of the ticket. She’s just not that popular, even among Democrats. Maybe there’s a slim chance, but it’s hardly a foregone conclusion, unless Trump implodes and she gets a free walk to the win.

      “I have little doubt a GOP Congress would reign in anything too outlandish that Trump tried to do.”

      A GOP congress will rubber-stamp anything a Republican president puts in front of them, just like a Democrat congress will do so for a (D) president. Very, very few of these shitheads are willing to put what’s best for the country ahead of the interests of their party.

      • A GOP congress will rubber-stamp anything a Republican president puts in front of them

        The Establishment does not consider Trump to be a “Republican,” at least not an Establishment Republican, so no, they won’t rubber-stamp anything.

      • The current GOP congress rubberstamp nearly everything Obumer has demanded of them.

        This week they approved an unqualified flaming queer to run the damn Army. Allowed him to put girls into and in command of combat arms units (where they a worse than useless).

        The only thing they have stood up to Bammer on is the SCOTUS nomination. When they decided he was not competent, as well demonstrated, to intelligently nominate it should have been a permanent rule. No more Obama nominees will be approved.

    • Yep. This is why I’m going to have to vote for Trump (assuming the nomination is a fait accompli by now).

      He’s a loathsome toad, but at least he hasn’t campaigned on an explicit promise to trash part of the Bill of Rights. And let’s not forget that the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, despite its undesirable consequences, was made in response to Clinton’s claim that the government could censor political speech during election season — a direct attack on the First Amendment.

      So that’s 20% of the Bill of Rights that Clinton has publicly attacked and tried to destroy. She’s a career corruptocrat who sold policy favors to foreign nations while Secretary of State, which also makes her a traitor.

      It’s our patriotic duty to keep people like her out of the Oval Office. Even if it means voting for Tronald Dump and that wolverine that lives on his head.

      • >> He’s a loathsome toad, but at least he hasn’t campaigned on an explicit promise to trash part of the Bill of Rights.

        He’s made at least two such promises explicitly – the Muslim ban and surveillance, and tightening libel laws.


    Screw these good judges, I want Hillary to put 3 communists on the court to prove a point!!!!!!

    I had no problem with McCain or anti-gun Romney….. But NEVERTRUMP!!!! WAAAAA

      • More likely, they want the Establishment to win so they can preserve their status and perks. They’d prefer a Republican member, sure, but in a pinch they’ll take the crusty old broad over any non-Establishment nominee.

        • Bingo.

          The establishment hacks are really frothing at the mouths, because they can see their time in control coming to an end.

  10. This list is meaningless to me. Yet, despite my abject and utter contempt for the man and inability to believe a word he says, I’ll vote for Trump because I don’t see him being any worse than another dyed-in-the-wool Alinski-ite.

    • That’s pretty much where I sit as of this moment. I suspect something big will happen between now and then to upset all calculations.

      The Trumprrhoids need to understand that pointing out that he’s a shit sandwich is NOT an endorsement of Klinton.

  11. Thomas Lee is a very constitutional conservative. He’s the brother of Senator Mike Lee.

  12. I’d be impressed if donnie mentioned ”lyin’ Ted”…although a decent gal would be fine with me. No crow to eat YET…

  13. For those that think there is no difference between Trump and Hillary, ask yourself would Hillary ever even remotely consider even one of those judges? Never……..that list is the only reason you need, unless of course you think there is no consequence to who is selected for SCOTUS.

    • Ask yourself why you trust the judgement of Trump when he endorsed Hillary in ’08 and said she would be an excellent POTUS and is very smart. He also said in ’12 she did an excellent job as secretary of state (I believe that statement was after Bengahzi too.)

      Trump lies about everything and does so with such ease. You need to be crazy to believe a thing he says.

      • Why would Donald Trump spend millions of dollars of his own money to run against Hillary just so he can ultimately pick the same Justices as her? Seems to be an inefficient use of money. He obviously has his own agenda. I cannot think of an agenda worse than Hillary’s.

        • Trump didn’t spend his own money, he has a donate button on his website and 1/5 of the money the campaign used was from donors.

          Secondly, Trump “loaned” his campaign about $36 million, he did not give his campaign the money. So once he starts getting money from donors in the general, he can take that money and repay the “loans” and he will not have spent a single dime running for POTUS.

          He’s conning everyone. He’s in this for himself, not the country, certainly not conservatives.

      • You’re right — I don’t believe a word Trump says. But I do believe what Hillary says about her goals, and I know what she’s done with government in the past. Which is why I’m going to have to vote for The Donald if (when) it comes down to the two of them.

      • Trump did not endorse Hillary in 2008. While he had supportive things to say about her (take that as you may), his actual endorsement was for Senator John McCain when he appeared on Larry King’s September 17th program, or thereabouts. If you wish to be concerned about something, you ought to be concerned about the praise he had for Hillary–but you should at least be honest and forthcoming about his endorsements.

        The alleged endorsement for Hillary appears to be tied to the Rubio and/or Cruz campaigns and began surfacing around December 2015 based off the positive things he said about the former secretary of state. Like most things in politics, it was centered around a kernel of truth and stretched into a believable lie.

        Are you posting on behalf of the GOP establishment or the DNC?

  14. 2nd amendment-wise this list is pretty golden… I am voting for Trump unless someone can show me irrefutable evidence of a super secret bait and switch plan.

  15. Trump might screw us – who knows? He’s so random, I don’t think he knows.

    Hillary WILL screw us. We all know that.

    Guess we roll the dice.

    • But I think Hillary has some limitations I think she will follow in how to screw us. Trump is such a wild card that I don’t trust him to not succeed at becoming a dictator. If Hillary tried she would fail.

  16. This election is not about who will be the next president. We are voting to fill the SCOTUS vacancy, which is far more important.

    • Y’all do realize that Scalia’s vacancy doesn’t EVER need to be filled, right? There’s nothing in the Constitution that declares that there must be an odd number of justices, nor is there anything that says that there must be nine of ’em. Congress sets the number, and Congress can (and has) changed the number before.

      The Supreme Court was first established with six justices. Just because the number’s grown to 9, doesn’t mean it has to stay there. In fact, it’s shrunk before; in 1863 there were 10 justices; in 1866 Congress shrunk that number back down to 7. It’s been at 9 since 1869, but there’s nothing that says it has to stay there; Congress could change the size again.

      • It doesn’t have to be filled, but it will be. The question is, who gets to fill it?

        • Exactly what Ralph said. We don’t need a Surgeon General, either. Unless for the people who are too stupid to realize that cigarettes are bad for you or you shouldn’t drink whilst pregnant.

      • Sounds like we need to make it 19 and appoint the entire damn list. Then watch the liberals go into apoplectic fits for the rest of the century.

        • Oooooh, packing the Supreme Court!

          If it’s good enough for FDR….

          By the way the justices at the time simply folded, rather than see a bunch of people who truly didn’t support constitutional imitations be put in.

  17. Typical Trump, and typical Tump sheep. Go read his statement. He never even said that these were the people he would nominate. He said these were the kinds of people he would nominate and that he would use that list as a guide. Not that his commitments are worth anything, but he didn’t even commit to these.
    Hey, remember when he said his sister would make a great Supreme Court justice?
    How do you people keep falling for this. He is Lucy. You are Charlie Brown.

    • Oh god really the sheep argument. Just come out of the closet and say your Ready for Hillary already.

      • Because, as Dr Brainwash repeatedly reminds us, there are only two ways you can possibly feel — either you’re 100% for Trump, or you’re an active Hillary supporter. Anyone who doesn’t gleefully suckle at the teat of the great orange toupee, must automatically worship at the feet of the Hildabeast.

        Seriously – is that how limited your thinking is?

        • At this point, it’s one or the other. Snap the f out of it and stop bitching and deal with reality.

        • I see other names on the ballot every year. Guess if the republicans wanted my vote this year they should have picked a different choice of their own.

    • If he’s Lucy and I’m Charlie Brown, what does that make someone who would dump the crusty old broad in the White House and turn all our lives into a cesspool?

      You don’t like Trump? Fine. But if you can’t offer us an alternative that can win, maybe you need to reassess your choices in comic books.

      • Why? Pointing out that Nixon was a dirty corrupt bastard doesn’t automatically make one a McGovern supporter, does it?

        If the vote today was Nixon (and all that we know about him) vs. Hillary, would you be upset if people pointed out that Nixon was a power-mad lying scoundrel who was impeached out of office? I mean, he’d STILL be better than Hillary, but — just because he isn’t Hillary, doesn’t automatically whitewash him of his behavior.

        • Sorry, but that didn’t seem to be the thrust of jwt’s angry tirade.

          He didn’t say “I hate Trump but I’m voting for him because I think the crusty old broad is worse.”

          He said we’re . . . what were his words again? Oh, yeah. I remember now. We are “typical Trump sheep.” And just to put a finer point on it, he said “He is Lucy. You are Charlie Brown.”

        • Ralph, you nailed it. There are no good alternatives. The people who bought into this lying huckster Democrats continual bullshit made sure of that.
          Now you want me to buy into it too? Can’t. There is no difference between Trump and Hillary.

        • Bullshit jwt. You and Tipton are the weakest links around here. By far. Deal with reality. Trump or Hillary.

        • JWT,

          What happened to you, man? Are you not seeing the difference between virulently anti-gun Hillary and possibly pro-gun Trump? I don’t see Hillary doing anything other than supporting gun control, and I see Trump at least saying he will support the 2nd Amendment and wants to appoint mostly pro-freedom justices. Hillary or Bernie will probably appoint Obama for SCOTUS. Any Hillary appointee will be anti-gun.

          You could always vote for someone other than the party leaders, buy they have no chance of winning. Saying that Hillary and Trump are the same is literally the most irrational thing I’ve heard today.

        • Your Billy Bad Ass schtik may work in Austin and with at least a portion of the TTAG team. As for me, not impressive.

          Forget guns, are you not seeing the long term plan to turn Texas blue through illegal immigration? Your state?? Trump will at least hold a discussion about curtailing this BS. Hillary will swing the gates even wider open than Obama.

        • Accur81, If you were interviewing a suspect and they kept changing their story, would you believe them when they told you they didn’t do anything? Me either. So I’m not judging Trump on what he says. Because he’s lied over and over again, or at least that’s what I would characterize his position changes and reversals as. So I’m judging him on what he’s done. And based on that, I see no significant differences between Trump and Clinton. They’ve both been caught in lie after lie, they’ve both proven to hold their own interests over anything else, they’ve both proven to be completely amoral, and they’ve proven to be statists.

    • You’ve got a point. Are you suggesting Hitlerey instead?

      • “are you suggesting Hillary instead”? Not no but hell no. Hillary is a proven amoral statist liar. And so is Trump. And that’s my point. Two sides of the same coin.
        So what’s the alternative? For president, there is none. There is such a thing as a no-win situation, and when it comes to American civil liberties, that’s where we are now with our presidential choices. What we have to do now is first, to treat both of these people with suspicion and not believe a word either of them say. They’ve both earned that. Second, we have to focus on the down ballot races to make sure that we have real conservatives, especially real fiscal conservatives, to keep whoever the president is in check. We also need to support organizations that have proven to not back down to political and media pressure. Finally, withdraw attention and support from Trump until he takes definitive actions to support conservative causes. For instance, in this case, he should say “these are my nominees”, not “these are the kinds of people I will use as a guide” and then he should ask members of the senate to begin the vetting process with these nominees. That’s the kind of action we can force him into, but not if we just keep playing his game.

        • I would agree, but at this stage of the game he’s going to do what whatever it takes. Lie… and lie again? Hell yes if it suits his narrative.
          He’s got the POTG bent over the barrel.
          If you think about it for a moment, people don’t want to hear his Truth..they just know that they don’t want Hitlerey.
          I hope and pray both sides of the isle will keep the doughboy in check!

        • Coherent, thoughtful, and accurate. Well said, jwtaylor.

          This is exactly what needs to be done. Anyone who TRUSTS Trump is either blissfully or willfully ignorant. He will absolutely, unquestionably, without a doubt, stab you in the back. We need as solid a Senate and as solid a House as we can possibly get, to tie his hands and prevent him from making the kind of “deals” that will deal away our rights.

          Better than Hillary? Yes. Then again, so is rabies. But “all in” for Trump? Hell no. I do not support him, I do not want him, I cannot imagine actively supporting him, and I’m flabbergasted at anyone who does. He is the hand we’ve been dealt, yes. He is the choice that was forced upon us, and he is the only viable anti-Hillary out there. But that does not make him a good choice, and I would be sickened to see him bear the title of President. I’d just be more sickened to see Hillary get it.

  18. Where’s Andrew Napolitano? Oh, he’s not here. Bring on Hitlery. Let’s start the 2nd american revolution.

    • And Ted Cruz. He nominates one of those 2 THEN I’ll believe he isn’t a world class BS artist/jackwagon.

      Interesting point we arrive at in 2016. The devil we DON”T know is better than the (she)devil we do know.

      • I was looking for Cruz on there too… would have been a very smart political move. But instead he just cribbed some names off an article.

      • neiowa,

        He’s more a third rate BS artist/jackwagon!
        JWT has a valid point laid out above.

  19. A vote for a lesser evil is still evil. Trump is what used to be called a “carnie.” You might be able to look yourselves in the mirror after voting for him but I (and millions of us truly conservative) never will. Count me out on either Trump or Hillary. What a shit sandwich, and what a terrible sign of the state of our country if they are our only choices.

    • Understood. Just don’t stay home on election day, you’re still needed to vote where it counts – House and Senate. A strong conservative Senate and House can tie either Trump’s or Hillary’s hands and keep them from advancing their agenda.

  20. Ted Cruz was annoinTED by G-D to lead America into the end times, err, Constitutional times. Y’all need to vote for Hillary to prevent Doland Turnip from ascending to the throne. If not, some heretic might put America first! America always comes second to tha Promised Land.

  21. ‘…a list of 11 judges that he might nominate to succeed the late, great Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States.’

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about who Thedonald MIGHT nominate, I want to know just who the hell he IS nominating. In the meantime, I MIGHT vote for Thedonald. Or I MIGHT write in the Zodiac Killer. I guess he’ll have to wait until November to find out, and if he wins I’ll have to wait until January to find out IF he nominates any of these justices.

  22. Tom Lee is an awesome awesome guy. Brother of Mike Lee, the senator.

    That’s an appointment I’d love to see.

  23. For those of you who actually follow court cases. Those people on his list are better than anyone GW put on SCOTUS.

    But who needs logic. I’d rather Killary win and put Eric Holder, Van Jones, and Barack Obama on the Supreme Court. That way I can complain to Rob on TTAG that they are coming for our guns.

    Many Gun owners = worst enemy of the 2A

    • The fundamental problem with your logic is that you’re expecting Trump to actually follow through on that list. Rather than making a deal and nominating Eric Holder, Van Jones, or Barack Obama himself.

      He’s already qualifying his remarks and stepping away from this list.

      That having been said, we know what Hitlary will do. So we have someone who we can’t trust to do the right thing, vs. someone we can trust to do the wrong thing. That’s a clear enough choice, honestly. Pretending that trump will do the right thing is unnecessary.

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