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Shooting a machine gun without looking at the target (2:36) may not be the most irresponsible shooting practice I’ve ever seen, but it’s on the list. And I sure would like to know what’s two miles downrange from that water. (Bullets can skip off H20 like a flat stone.) Sorry FPS fans. As long as he’s going to garner millions of hits whilst demonstrating unsafe gun practices TTAG will call him to account. Again, I urge FPS’ weapons supplier to INSIST on eye and ears for our faux Russian friend. It’s only a matter of time before this ends badly; either years down the line (when his hearing is gone) or sooner. His armorer will bear blame.

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    • Good point. He’s claimed that he has a special ability to block off sound. As I’ve pointed out previously, it’s called “hearing loss.”

      • Not that I agree that his ability to close his ears is helping protect his hearing, but I can do something similar with my ears. I don’t necessarily think that he doesn’t need hearing protection, but his claims aren’t actually that ridiculous.

  1. At 1:53 he actually said, “as always, safety first”. If he is serious I’d hate to see his version of unsafe.

  2. Stop picking on FPSRussia. I SAID STOP PICKING ON FPSRUSSIA. Ah, screw it. Just read my lips.

  3. why ralph? everytime TTAG calls FPS out they are right on they money. FPS provides no real information in his videos, just unsafe gun porno. his videos are about as sophisticated as a tractor pull.

    • +1 and I felt just a tinge of jealously watching him shoot the Gimpy without a bunch of rangemasters crawling up your ass. Shooting MGs in the military was fun, but they obviously run their ranges pretty strictly, so there would be no hip shooting, no long bursts, and no zombie targets, etc. They would have some pop ups and maybe some old vehicles. A few times I got to take some M-60s and M-2s to an otherwise closed range with just a few NCOs ostensibly for some function “checking” – those were always the best times. We called it going “Hollywood.” But that was pretty rare. Mostly, it was shooting in Kevlar and full body armor on a highly controlled range under lots of watchful “eyes.”

  4. With every one of these articles, I become more and more likely to end my visits to TTAG. Give me reviews. Give me news. Give me up to the minute tech advances. I in no way come here to see one pro-gun site bash another pro-gun site, regardless of how each goes about it.

  5. This guy may not be a complete moron (yet), but he’s almost there. TTAG isn’t bashing this fool’s site, they’re just showing how unsafe and stupid his demo’s can be.

  6. Jealous Much??? Here at TTAG we rally for more individual rights for some, while criticizing those who use them in the same breath. You guys have mastered talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  7. I appreciate the eye/ear protection but if you’re going to keep using him as an example then point out some of his worse blatantly irresponsible habits. Like swinging his loaded gun around like an idiot and endangering his cameraman or anybody else with him. How about how he usually has his finger on the trigger when he’s not even aiming down range? He loves shooting things at close range and sometimes shooting without even looking which are both terrible ideas. There is even a video of him shooting an arrow out of his shotgun which I commented on how unsafe it was but he deleted my comment. Most responsible gun owners have a good laugh at his videos because they know its basically just “gun porn” but the guy has stated before that the majority of his audience are adolescents who like to play video games aka children who have probably never handled a gun before. So he’s pretty much setting a terrible example to millions of viewers who don’t know any better. I’ve enjoyed some of the videos myself but I definitely think he needs to put up some disclaimer saying he isn’t practicing good safety.

    • You should watch more of his videos. If you’ve never heard him say “I do this because I am an asshole,” you haven’t seen enough of his vieos to pass this sort of judgement.

  8. You all realize that this guy has had experience with shooting skeet right? He knows how to handle a gun so for those saying he’s dumb for shooting without looking down the sights, you’re just stupid. He’s very knowledgeable about guns too so saying that he doesn’t provide information, just watch his video on the Thompson and Grease Gun. And I’ve seen comments by his viewers about certain information on a gun and he responds to them with correct info. This post was obviously made out of envy of FPSRussia.

    • None of your points make him any more responsible. It is done for dumb fun and entertainment value. To make it out to be anything more than that is just foolish.

      For the record: I could care less if he blew his foot off. But don’t make him out to be a source of valuable information.

      • Nobody ever said that all of his videos are extrememly informative, but that doesn’t mean that he’s never put in any nice little tidbits of information.

  9. Whoever runs this site, you are an idiot.

    1) He owns a 10km^2 section of land that he uses for his shooting videos. There is no possible way any civilian damage can occur. IT IS ALL HIS OWN PROPERTY. If some idiot walks in to the private property, it’s his own fault. He should have heard the numerous explosions going on anyway.

    2) FPSRussia is a CHARACTER portrayed by FPSKyle, his real account that he goes by when talking on the podcast with fellow gamers WingsOfRedemption and WoodysGamerTag. He is NOT trying to pretend he is Russian. THAT IS HIS CHARACTER! The more you say “faux” the more I cringe.

    3) The idea that teenagers are going to be influenced to do this kind of stuff is obvious to me that whoever shares this opinion is WAY out of their time. Being 17 years old myself, I am entertained by what Kyle posts to his viewers, myself included. I enjoy the stereotypical Russian that he portays, and find his various methods of destruction (IN AN ISOLATED, SAFE ENVIRONMENT) quite amusing. However, I know that this is dangerous to an untrained professional, as does every other sane teenager on the face of this planet. If a stupid 14-15 year old thinks “DURR THIS LOOKS FUN” and tries to get hold of a gun and then grows up to be an unstable moron with a gun and no proper training, it’s the kid’s own mental instability and lack of grounding in reality that is the problem, not FPSRussia.

    Kyle has been working with weapons with many years, and knows how to handle weapons, down to technicalities. Have you even seen him dismantling his golden AK-47, showing how each individual component operates?

    There is NO danger of him causing bad influences. You know why? Because he’s an ENTERTAINER, not some kind of false gun guru. His FPSRussia character is designed to provide mayhem as a medium of entertainment, while occasionally giving some interesting factoids about the tools he is using.

    This entire website stinks of jealousy.

  10. TTAG is getting lame.
    Found this site, and it actually pointed me TO this FPSrussia guy.
    It is HIS privet land, it is HIS money, it is HIS hearing loss.

    There aint no laws about making yourself lose your hearing.
    Or shooting your gun into a lake without looking at it.
    Yeah 2mile skip, i am sure he is very aware of it. And i am sure he is very safe to others, may not care for himself so much but i have yet to see him do anything that could endanger someone else.

    This guy was doing this crap long before he got on youtube, he is kinda rich from what i can tell, well before his youtube came about.

  11. So I’m sure this guy knows a lot about guns, but I certainly can’t tell that by what he does with firearms in his videos… Most of the time he isn’t wearing eye or ear protection… something Chris or Josh failed to mention in their comments. That’s pretty BASIC gun safety that anyone who cares about flying shrapnel or hearing loss would follow. You know, the same way one wears gloves and goggles in a machine shop.

    Josh is also wrong in that teenagers won’t be influenced (by the way numbering your points of argument may make your argument more organized, but certainly not more potent)…. Irresponsible gun use might not leave an impression on you, but there are a LOT of stupid people out there who do stupid things everyday, and teenagers have an even higher ratio of immature practices due to their incomplete frontal lobe development (the invincibility syndrome most teenagers have). It’s really funny to read a comment suggesting that teenagers aren’t that impressionable today, HA HA HA HA, teenagers will always be impressionable unless you can increase the speed at which brain development occurs.

    For the most part people today do not behave much differently than the people of the last two centuries, the only difference is how our technology has changed, and thus how easily it is to interact with one another like we are doing now. So yeah with many of FPSRussia’s videos having over 20 million hits, someone in that crowd is going to play copy-cat because they lack judgment. I’m not saying YOU personally lack judgment, but some of the young videogame and airsoft players that will turn into adults using this obnoxious asshole as a reference will not be known as responsible firearm operators.

    BTW this is not me defending TTAG here. (Also, you do know that FPSRussia has already injured his cameraman with flying shrapnel right? Wonder what happens next.)

    Now I just can’t wait to see what your rebuttal is going to be. Every responsible gun owner knows to wear hearing and eye protection… it’s fucking BASIC!

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