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Or his baby maker. Or his left hand. Or his left foot.

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  1. No way I’m shoving either a 1911 style cocked and locked or a glock style with one in the chamber into the front of my pants like that. Murphy has a way of showing up and I don’t want RF sending me the Johnson version of the IGOTD award.

  2. At least what he was saying in this one was, to me, a valid point on the subject. Most of his vids are just him showing off guns, and blowing shit up.

  3. Come on. His handling was safe and he reluctantly re-holstered after visually checking AIWB. I am not a fan of the guy, but I can not fault his gun handling in this video.

    • At 1:50 he uses his left hand to guide the Glock back into his holster. Not good.

      At 1:55 FPS’ right hand is dangerously close to the muzzle of the gun.

      At 1:58 the gun is aimed at his left foot.

      At 2:08 his left hand is a fraction of an inch from the gun.


      • BFD.

        He had good trigger discipline at all of those points you reference. Modern guns in good condition don’t “go off” by themselves, they require something to push the trigger.

        If this is THAT big of a deal for you, then why not talk about how his guns might go off while stationary inside their holsters? After all, most of us CCW types have our muzzles pointing at limbs, or worse– arteries in those limbs, at any given point in time while holstered, yet we’re fine every single day.

        This Safety Susie nonsense sounds like something an anti-gunner would say.

        • That’s MISS Safety Susie to you Bub.

          I carry and my gun is not pointing at a major artery. I do not put my support hand anywhere near the muzzle of a firearm when drawing, aiming, holstering or schmoozing for YouTube. You?

        • No to the schmoozing on YouTube.

          I *GUARANTEE YOU* that at some point during your day your pistol is covering some part of your body.

      • Oh, for Christ’s sake, RF. Sometimes I think you are one of those “scared grandmothers” he refers to in the video. The main reason your offhand doesn’t come that close to the muzzle of your gun is you’re too busy using it to clutch your pearls.

      • It’s a 1911:)

        I muzzle myself and others with my HOLSTERED weapon all the time in both AIWB and pocket carry.

        The key: Protect the trigger.

        It’s not a big deal.

  4. I’d give this guy more than 2 seconds of my time if he would just, once and for all, drop the horribly stupid accent.

    • Not sure how much he exaggerates his accent for dramatic effect, but two of the people who work for me have Russian accents that sound exactly like his. It’s not impossible that he sounds like that all of the time.

      • Actually, it’s quite impossible. It’s an act. But I can’t knock him too hard for it, because we wouldn’t know who he was if it wasn’t for this schtick.

        • Heh. Totally willing to believe that, but now I’m going to have to tell Val and Lyudmila (my team members of Russian origin) that there’s a jackhole on YouTube doing a bad impression of their accents.

  5. I doubt he carries the 1911 in that position all the time. He had the OWB taking up the usual space, so for the video he most likely wanted to have both in frame. I dont see where he misshandled anything either. He waved the thing around a bit more than would be advised but not in the direction of bystanders. I dont see the fault?

  6. When he finally shoots himself, then go ahead and post it here, I’ll watch (I’ll even point my finger at the screen and laugh). It’s only a matter of time before he hurts himself. But until then, I’m not sure why you even bother posting his nonsense. In the youtube world of gun videos, there are your Hickok45s and then there’s this moron. No thanks.

  7. Robert you tease, I read the post title and watched the entire video thinking he was gonna shoot himself in the hand…

  8. There is noting wrong with apex carry – proper holster, trigger discipline and you’ll be fine. It’s a valid carry method, one which has been promoted here in fact. So why the criticism?

    • That was what I was thinking too … Then I remembered how reckless Kyle, er, FPSRussia is. So it’s not the method that he’s using to carry the gun that has Farago concerned; it’s that he’s carrying the gun at all.

  9. Everyone give him a hard time. I will agree that he doesn’t follow the same safety practises and most americans. Though if you had bothered to pay attention, you would have also noticed he didn’t have his finger on the trigger except when he was ready to fire, instead it was on the slide. For both guns also you can hear the safety on the 1911 as he safes it and sets it to fire. For those who have seen combat you are not as squeamish on gun safety and don’t treat it like and egg that already has a crack in it. Besides, you also forget it’s his range, his rules. So get off his back and let him enjoy his 2A, like you and I enjoy ours.

    • And I agree with your point about those who have seen combat not being as “safety susie” around firearms. I know if I don’t pull the trigger, there is no way that weapon will fire so as long as my finger isn’t on the trigger the weapon can be pointed at my hand, foot, thigh, chest, head, a kitten, a puppy, a kitten cuddling with a puppy or my girlfriend and they are just as safe as if the firearm were in a holster. Good point!

      OIF – March 2006-Nov. 2006, Nov. 2007-Nov. 2009
      1/8 INF BAT, 3/4 INF DIV

  10. (Channel your best Yakov Schmirnoff)

    “Only zing eediot knows about Georgia eez Atlanta. How can zis moron geet guns ven he can barely zhoot zem? Vat a fvcking eeediot pretending to be Russian. Vould be keeled in days and body fed to dogs…”

    – Buddy from Ukraine who left via Israel and IDF, then came to US ending up as one of my favorite car/gun people…

  11. FPS Russia is the “firearmed” version of the Kardashian clan. They both hurt my brain, ERGO, simply will not watch .

  12. Seriously, guys!

    I watched the vid several times trying to see ANY kind of dangerous action….couldn’t find one…

    He drew correctly, had good trigger discipline, placed his finger on the trigger when the target was in sight, fired and hit the target, returned to good trigger discipline and re-holstered his weapon with his finger off the trigger still.

    So you guys that got personally offended by the “lack” of safety: How do you shoot? Draw by the grip only and then move your hands up to the proper position? Carry unloaded and load after you draw? You’re the same guys that jump all over someone’s ass on youtube when they don’t safety check their weapon on video for you, right?

    I’m no fan of that idiot, but you’re grasping at this one TTAG and people who agree with TTAG. To everyone else, good job!

    • You were watching his support hand? And the muzzle direction at all times?

      Also, was that a 1911? Something about a safety . . .

      • First, love your writing sir!

        All I was watching for was trigger discipline which he maintained properly at all times so there was 0 chance he would have shot himself or anyone else present.

        I do remember him clicking the safety ‘off’ after he drew and ‘on’ when he was about to re-holster.

        I just think you took the whole safety thing too far on this one, man. If I don’t pull the trigger my weapon is not going to fire, period. He did not have his finger on or near the trigger at any point unless he was firing the weapon.

        It is inevitable at some point when handling a weapon that the muzzle will sweep your person or someone else, as long as a finger isn’t inside the trigger guard I still feel safe.

        Of course if I loaded a video of me shooting on youtube you would probably not be a fan either…

      • When Saint Browning designed that which became the 1911, it didn’t have a manual safety, only the grip safety. He believed it didn’t need one. One was added because the cavalry insisted, fearing that mounted troopers on moving horses might shoot themselves when reholstering.

  13. OMG he muzzled his body parts! Gasp!!!

    C’mon, when handling firearms we will at somepoint muzzle our hands, legs, groin, and other body parts. As long as you use common sense you will be fine.

    If you pull the trigger while doing so, thats a different story…

  14. I guess I am an @%&hole. Nothing I didnt already know.

    I have a true born and raised, Russian co-worker. I should have him call me am @%&hole just so it sounds cool.


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