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Friday morning, Jarvis Jordan told a Ft. Lauderdale police dispatcher that he had been involved in a self-defense shooting. He had been awakened early that morning by the sound of someone breaking into his trailer.

When he stepped outside of his home and approached the trailer, he was confronted by an armed burglary suspect who took a shot at him. Jordan returned fire.

The shooter an another man took off after the exchange of gunfire, but two unidentified suspects have been taken into custody.

“I came outside to my front yard and I noticed that my trailer door was unlocked, and I saw the guy going inside the trailer,” said Jordan. “I asked him, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ He stuck his head out my trailer and he fired a shot at me, and I fired back at him. Very scary. Very scary. And I don’t know what else to do about it. I just thought about my life, so I had to fire back.”

There’s a private school located on the block where the shooting occurred.

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  1. If the school is within sight line of the incident, it will likely be termed a school shooting (and depending on whose rules, a mass shooting.

    • What this definitely is, is a Stand Your Ground self defense by a Black man.

      The SYG law is color blind, any person can defend themselves against violence under SYG.

      And of course, we’ll never hear about this case with reference to SYG because that doesn’t fit the agenda the media has.

      • Perhaps El Possum Guapo is suggesting that Mr. Jarvis should have refrained from interfering with the thief and let the thief take whatever he wanted.

        Or maybe El Possum Guapo is suggesting that Mr. Jarvis should have been wearing Wonder Woman bullet-proof bracelets and simply defected away any bullets from the thief.

      • Or even better, the burglar should have decided to go to work that morning instead of stealing stuff and then shooting at the owner.
        All shootings can be avoided. Most of them by not committing crimes.

        • That’s the response I agree with and was looking for from El Possum Guapo. Unfortunately he has not responded to his post to defend his liberal view.

  2. Mr. Jordan say’s he fired a shot back at the burglar, but the reporter mentions nothing about this, only that a shot was fired by someone in the trailer.
    So, what’s the real story?

    • I’d sooner believe the guy who was there than some editorializing journalist with an agenda.

    • @Gunr, here’s how it works:

      “The gun did it.” — The Media

      “George Bush did it.” — Barack Obama

      “The NRA did it.” — Nanashi


  3. RE Gifford post.
    National Public Radio should be honest and change it’s name to Democrat Radio Service.
    It should also be defunded by the US government.

    A democrat with a brain is also a myth.

    • Ollie,

      A democrat with a brain is also a myth.

      All democrats have brains. The problem is that they only use the feeling and fantasy sides of their brain and fail to use the thinking side of their brain.

    • “..A democrat with a brain is also a myth.”

      Jellyfish have survived as a species for millions of years and they don’t have brains. (insert your own punchline here)

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