Pit Bull Attack Dog Bite Neighbor Shot
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Earlier this month, a pit bull escaped from its owner in Suffolk, Virginia. Neighbors Michayla Clark and Jarrett Young attempted to get the dog into a choker collar, but the dog attacked Clark. Young was armed with a .45 caliber pistol

From wavy.com:

Young, an Army veteran, says he couldn’t shoot the dog at first because it was too close to Clark. When she moved her body, he says he found an open shot.

“I took the shot. The dog stopped biting. It froze and fell over,” said Young. “I was just trying to make sure she didn’t die because she had a five month old baby in the house. I did what anybody would have did — shot it.”

Clark escaped with about a dozen bite marks and puncture wounds on her back, arm and hand. She needed stitches and is now in a cast.

Pit Bull Attack Dog Bite Neighbor Shot

The incident is still under investigation. It’s unclear whether the dog’s owner will be cited.

Young says he just did what anyone else would do. It is the classic line. But not everyone else is on the scene, armed, and capable of taking decisive action. It probably helped that Young is an army veteran.

Pit Bull Attack Dog Bite Neighbor Shot

The police didn’t take Young’s legally-owned Ruger .45. He still had it when the reporter interviewed him for the story.

There is another interesting angle to the story. Michaela Young owns pit bulls herself and loves them. She says she doesn’t blame the dog.

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      • Pits are easily the most dangerous dogs in my Texas, suburban neighborhood. Once they’re on the loose and especially if they number more than one (I’ve seen two or three traveling in a small pack) they’re incredibly dangerous.

        I’ve seen two of them attack a very large German Shepherd Dog (GSD) which was on a leash with an elderly female master simply walking the dog in the neighborhood. If you’d seen the tactics they used against that magnificent animal you’d hate them as much as I do.

        Firstly, they circle the victim with violent bites at the rear thighs and get the dog spinning to protect itself. But they’ve positioned themselves approximately 180 degrees apart so no matter where the victim spins one of them tears at his hind quarters, anus, tail and lower back. When the dog finally stops spinning and sort of sits to protect its hind quarters one of them attacks the relatively loose skin covering the neck and latches hold. At the same time the other pit charges again from the rear.

        Then the one attacking the GSD’s neck rips all the skin off the dogs neck and face leaving it dangling over the face, nose and mouth like a bloody, tight-fitting sock. So the GSD is blind and muzzled. Then they simultaneously and together attack the GSD’s throat and kill it.

        Then they immediately penetrate the belly and devour its entrails.

        From what I saw of their absolute ferocity in killing that GSD I have great fears if they were to attack a child (I live but 500 feet from an elementary school and there are man children who live on my street less than 10 years old). When I walk my GSC I carry 1) marine signaling horn (very loud), 2) mace, 3) a 5″ folder and 4) my carry pistol.

        I guarantee you that I would act if I saw any Pit and especially more than one in a small pack menacing either a child or a dog.

        Feral cats, well, not so much. Let the pits kill them. I ain’t fond of them as they kill many birds around here.

        • Hey boss, I’m not sure you know this, but the “special tactics” you saw from those pitties are standard operating procedures for all dogs. Including the small ones. Dogs are pack hunters. They urround the prey, distract the pray, attack the vitals, and then eat the nutrient-rich organs. GSD’s do this as well. Any breed of dog that is aggressive is dangerous, and that multiplies with each dog that is in the pack. Please consider not using your anecdotal experience to form opinions on an entire breed of dogs.

          It’s kind of like saying all gun owners are bad because you saw somebody shoot someone else.

        • Yep. Everyone says pits are no different from any other dog until they are attacked by one. It is funny how you hear stories of how two pitbulls were able to force their way into an elderly woman’s home and kill her, or how they have attacked so many people and left them with life altering injuries (which you don’t hear about from many other varieties of vicious canines), and yet there are still the ignorant few that insist that they are just like every other dog.

          I have never seen Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc., use the same type of tactics or aggression as pit bulls, and neither have the dummies that say pits are just “misunderstood.”

        • Connie, my neighbor had two Rottweilers dig under a fence to get at a small mixed breed dog in his yard. They were still playing with the bits of him when my neighbor got home.
          So I guess we have to get rid of all them too.
          Oh, and then there’s my dogs, 4 Great Pyrenees flock dogs. I have seen them kill several dogs that come in after our goats. I guess we have to get a rid of them, too. And then there’s my house dog, a Belgian Malinois. She tore the ears and most of the face right off a white lab when it showed up growling in our front yard. Sure, she was protecting my two-year-old, but I guess we have to get rid of her too .
          Between you and Mr Walters, we aren’t going to have any dogs left.

        • Mhmm, American mutt pitbulls along with rots are the only two breeds I can tolerate restrictions on. If we are going to restrict short barrels and full auto behind the NFA bullshit, in the least, we should require animals that are significantly more dangerous to require a dangerous / exotic pet license.

          Its obscene that Pits and Rots don’t require any kind of licensing or registration at all, but the fed says I can’t keep a coyote, Jackal (Great pets in Europe), or an Ethiopian wolf! The Ethiopian wolf is being pushed to outright extinction by shithole countries and everyone is hush hush about it. Nope, the pupper is $15,000 to import and thats not including all the paperwork, I.E, you aren’t really allowed import unless you are a zoo. Maybe I should build a business and open a small time private zoo.

          Its rare I ever accept someone else telling me “NO! You can’t have that!”

        • So… you’re just like the gun grabbers? A little blood and a few bad apples and you are ready to call for more government bans and regulations?

          Congratulations! You’re a hypocrite!

        • Don’t blame the damn dog. Blame the owner. Just like kids, they learn from parents and people around them. ALL dogs do as well.
          Do you think when children are born, that they are born a racist? No they learn it.

    • A dog shot with a .22 or ran over by a car may go to heaven.

      But the .45 kills the body and the soul.

      • If .45 SoulKill kills the soul, then what does 6.5 creedmoor do? My guess is travels so fast it tears the very fabric of spacetime, creating a void which sucks the target in, to where? Only God knows.

        • I heard he didn’t die, I heard in failing health he threw himself next a target at a range taking rounds from several 6.5 creedmoor shooters, and he vanished into oblivion…

        • I am retired USA and the very first side arm I was issued was the Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP, I scored 40 out of 40 center of Mass Hits on target, I now have a CCW here in the state where I live, and my personal CCW weapon is again the .45 ACP. And yes I go to the range about once a month, unlike the fixed targets used by most ranges the one I go to uses moving targets as well as simulated tactical situations and I still qualify as an expert shot. You want to learn the best way to use your CCW find a range that offers you a challenge not some fixed range targets.

    • TBH, The only place I find pitbulls are in low income, largely black communities. Had one run out of a non-fenced in yard and chase the car down the street not too long ago. Its kind of fitting.

  1. She doesn’t blame the dog? So a dog escaping and attacking the first person who tries to bring it home is behavior we should find acceptable? Nah. That dog’s owner needs to be sued. If it was the owner’s stolen gun you bet he would be sued. What’s the difference? Am I missing something here?
    Also, nice work to the guy who killed that dog.

    • Anybody know why a dog would attack the one person, but let the other alone to shoot it? I would have thought the dog would have attacked both.

      • Probably because she was the smaller/weaker of the two and the dog can only maul one person at a time.

        • Yep, it’s the way the victim demonstrates weakness or fear that triggers them.

          One of my neighbor’s daughters left her small, female pit with her parents who live near me. They’re not the best about maintenance of the fences.

          One Xmas my wife went over there to deliver a Xmas cheese cake (she make the most incredible cheese cakes for the neighbors every years). And, as no one came to the front door she ignorantly went around to the back gate fence where she heard voices.

          The gate wasn’t properly latched and when she called out to the neighbor that she had a holiday cheese cake to deliver it charged through the fence at her. My wife’s a tough cookie and she dumped the cheese cake and charged the pit.

          It backed down and set its sights on another neighbor who just happened to be walking down the street, an ex-Army Sgt, exercising. The pit got the same treatment from him but worse and turned again to my wife who again stood her ground.

          Right next door to this family is a Latin family with three of the most beautiful Latin elementary school children you’d ever imagine. And, all I could think of is what if my wife or the other walking neighbor had run and how badly mauled she or he both might have been.

          So, I warned the neighbor with the kids to be on alert for this menace. Regrettably, I’m not sure they took me seriously.

          I also banned my wife from approaching their property without me accompanying her. She needed little convincing on that.

        • Or, just bad luck. Pit bulls bite and kill, that’s what they do. Bloodhounds smell stuff. Terriers hunt rats. Pits attack dogs and people.

          My mixed poodle has been attacked twice, by two different pits. The first was before my CCW- the owner pulled the dog off and beat it for a good five minutes while yelling “bad dog.” Like that did any good.

          The second time my 14 year old daughter was walking him alone- he needed $750 in treatment and my daughter was traumatized (thankfully that’s all). The owners cut a quick check, and got rid of the dog before I could have it impounded.

          A friend of mine was attacked out of the blue by a pit and got his finger bitten clean off. They never found the finger, and now he dials his phone with a little nub.

          I don’t know anyone who was ever attacked by a mixed poodle. Eff pit bulls, and their owners too.

      • Perhaps she was the one trying to put a chain on it. Perhaps the pit bull has very bad memories of having chains put around its neck.

        • Exactly. Pit-bulls are popular in the underclass because they’re seen as bad-ass dogs which lend street-cred to their scum-bag owners. The homies, being largely ignorant of just about everything, encourage aggression in their dogs. Talking to these idiots about their dogs reveals much about just why pit-bulls are often aggressive. Like all terriers, pit-bulls are aggressive. But, also like terriers, they are highly intelligent dogs. With proper ownership and training, they are no more dangerous than any other dog. That, however, won’t stop people who have a neurotic fear of dogs from irrationally fearing pit-bulls.

  2. Pretty sure this puts .45 back over weak 9mm in the caliber wars. .45 stopped a pit bull cold in one shot. A 9mm would’ve just deflected off the pit harmlessly.

  3. Our Chihuahua would attack a stranger if it was allowed to run free of its leash , my pitbull is the exact opposite , a big teddy bear. Still she is kept on a leash. I do not Why people Blame these dogs for their owners lack of common sense ? There are leash laws for a reason , to keep vicious dogs under control. Thing is any dog can be made vicious by its owner. Hate on people that don’t raise their dogs properly. After all , are people not more intelligent than dogs ? Pit bulls go to hell ? So do uneducated idiots.

    • We blame them precisely because of all the breeds of which I’ve aware they seem most susceptible of common breeds found in the U.S. to reverting instantly to the most primitive predatory and murderous instincts precisely because they’re IN THE HOUSEHOLD OF THE INCREDIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE MASTERS THAT YOU INCORRECTLY CITE AS BEING NEGLIGENT IN THEIR UPBRINGING AND TRAINING.

      I’d say that at least 50% of dog owners don’t know a flip about how to train a potentially dangerous dog (I own multiple German Shepherd Dogs). So, if there are 25 pit owners in your neighborhood who each owns just one Pit and if they’re as irresponsible as you posit then that means that the neighborhood is plagued by at least a dozen murderous, marauding pit bulls that might take down anyone, any child or any other dog.

      Multiply that by 2, 3 or 4 as they tend to run in packs and you have a public menace of enormous danger.

      They should be banned in the U.S.

      • David Walters,

        Using your criteria (personal experience), German shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are the most dangerous dog breeds since both breeds have tried or succeeded to bite me many more times than any other breed.

        Case in point: today my neighbors’ two very large and psychotic German shepherds were on the loose for about the fifth time in three years. And as all the other times, those two German shepherds only stopped their charge at me when I stepped forward to shoot them. (Note: I did not pull the trigger because they stopped their charge.) There is ZERO doubt in my mind that those dogs will promptly kill any child which crosses their path.

        Does that mean we should ban German shepherds? Or does that mean we should promptly euthanize such dogs and sanction their owners for failing to properly manage their dog’s behavior regardless of breed? I support the latter (second) solution.

      • Pits have more strength in their jaws than any other canine. They are designed to kill and rip apart a prey. Mother nature gave them the same demon personality that is also present in their jaws. Most dogs will simply bite and then retreat from their enemy, not the Pit. These dogs were made to be killers by Mother nature, it relates to their ancestors from many many eons ago. This is a bad breed! Kill ’em all and let God sort them out.

    • After all, are people not more intelligent than dogs?

      My dog is more intelligent than some pit bull owners, I’m pretty sure.

      • My dog is NEVER off the leash in public. This dog was off leash.

        They’re completely different animals off leash.

        I’m not on the fence about this situation or this breed.

        Ban it.

      • El Possum Guapo,

        As I have stated on this forum before, I have a pit bull which is a fantastic dog. Two different veterinarians recommended that we make her a therapy dog.

        And notice her behavior the four times that she escaped from our home:
        — Two of those times she happily let herself into our neighbor’s home since their door was open: and proceeded to elicit lots of petting and treats because she was so darned friendly and happy.
        — One of those times a neighbor took her inside and showered her with pets and treats because she was so darned friendly and happy.
        — And the last time the neighbor simply walked her over to our home — and did not need a leash because she was so darned friendly and happy to walk beside the neighbor who she had never before encountered.

        Why is our pit bull so fantastic?
        (1) Her innate disposition which we specifically chose at the shelter
        (2) Our INTENSIVE efforts to reinforce positive behavior
        (3) Our INTENSIVE efforts to punish negative behavior
        (4) Our INTENSIVE efforts to socialize her
        (5) Our INTENSIVE efforts to exercise and stimulate her

        In other words we are responsible dog owners who do what every owner should do for every dog and every breed.

        Ban bad dog owners, not breeds.

        • Pit bulls are a very low percentage of the US dog population yet they commit over 60% of fatal dog attacks. I’m sure poor training by their owners has something to do with it, but you have to admit there’s something going on there. Maybe if they looked at attacks in general instead of fatal attacks the numbers would even out some, but that would stilltell us that pit bulls are much more likely than other breeds to kill once they do attack.


  4. Not sure I’m okay with this. The dog wasn’t attacking other dogs or people and only attacked when strangers tried to put a collar on it. Of course, it shouldn’t have continued to attack, assuming it made multiple attempts to bite instead of a bite, then trying to get away. I’m on the fence on this one.

    • Once, some time ago, I had to secure a Pit who was in the company of a small schnauzer which, together, were menacing children on the way to the elementary school near my home (500′). I took sliced hot dog bits that I use to train my GSD and, a 14′ diameter cast net that I use to catch bait when fishing the Texas coast, and a pistol.

      I was accompanied by two other men who lived on my street as they’d also become concerned. Basically, it took me some time to assemble what I thought was necessary to confront these animals and the others were well down the street away from my home when I finally got my s*it together and proceeded down the street waiving away mom’s in their cars delivering their children to the nearby school by dropping them off in my home’s area and asking them to walk to school.

      The treats worked on the schnauzer and we quickly netted him and put him in the back seat of a truck and slammed the door.

      Apparently, the pit felt alone and became much less aggressive. He (maybe she, I didn’t sex the dog) also came to the bait snarling like a lion and I dropped a dozen or so hot dog bits in front of him as I moved behind him. I successfully also ensnared the Pit and he became entangled in the net as we continued to put pressure on the line to keep him in the net.

      Deputies took him away after using a taser on him and disabling his legs by hog tying them and then cited the owners with multiple violations.

      They need to be banned.

      • Mr. Walters, you seem to be very irrational in your fear of these dogs. By your criteria, and based on my experience, we need to put down every single German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever, as those are the dogs that I have seen attack other dogs and that consistently go after our farm animals.
        The pits that I was raised with? I never had a problem with them. Even with kids coming over and pulling on their ears and grabbing their tails, they were nothing but playful.

        • They must’ve been Canadian Pit Bulls. Very mellow and respond to Geddy Lee octave vocal commands. The rest of Pits are certainly the dogs Lucifer himself would choose.

        • Mr. Taylor,

          You posted nearly the exact same comment that I posted below. In fact your comment is so identical that I thought you were quoting my comment in your comment.

          And as I indicated in my comment, two psychotic German shepherds on the loose in my neighborhood nearly met their demise yesterday afternoon. The home owner left the front door wide open. By happenstance, those shepherds wandered back inside their home and made their way to their outdoor kennel (always accessible through a “doggy door” between the home and the kennel) all of two minutes before Animal Control showed up.

  5. To all dog defenders: if your dog attacks me or someone else, I will shoot it. And it does not matter to me when you weep and wail how “he was a good boy” who “didn’t do nuffin” and who was just turning his life around.

    If that thing threatens me or my kids or grandkids, it’s getting shot. Don’t want your “baby” shot? Keep the vicious little bastard controlled on a leash and locked in your yard.

    Them’s the rules.

    • It sounds fair to me, and I would do the same. I am not really a dog lover but I am respectful, fortunately most dog owners seem to be responsible persons but you always have the few idiots.

    • TexTed,

      … if your dog attacks me or someone else, I will shoot it.

      If that thing threatens me or my kids or grandkids, it’s getting shot.

      I think of myself as a “dog defender” and I am totally cool with your position. As much as I love good dogs, humans ALWAYS COME FIRST and any dog that threatens/attacks (without provocation) humans should be put down.

      My neighbor’s yellow lab bit his hand HARD and would not let go. If that had been me and my dog, I would have beat the dog to death right on the spot.

  6. I do not know much about dogs so I could be 100% wrong. Pit bulls are probably the only pets I have an extremely low level of trust for. I am not a dog lover but I don’t feel uncomfortable around most breeds, pit bulls are the exception I feel they can snap at any time for any reason.

    • Fox,

      You need to learn very basic dog behavior/instinct and dog body language. That is the key to being able to trust any dog breed — as well as being able to recognize when any dog breed is not trustworthy.

      • Why would he need to learn about dog behavior/instinct and body language. Is he required to do that somewhere? I’ve got a million things to do for work and home everyday. Educating myself on the idiosyncrasies of that various breeds and dog behavior is not high up on the list. To me that seems more the responsibility of the dog owner to take measures that ensures it doesn’t become a danger to anyone. NOt the other way around. I’ll just EDC in case the owner fails to do their due diligence rather than risk wrongly assessing a dog’s behavior and have it attack my kids (or anyone else for that matter). Your dog makes an aggressive move towards me or one of my family, it’s dead.

        • The Original Brad,

          By and large I agree with you. I recommend that everyone learn basic dog instinct/behavior from a pragmatic perspective. First of all, dogs are almost as common as people and it would be a good idea to have a simple understanding of dogs. Second of all, knowing basic dog instinct/behavior could save your life when dog owners have failed their responsibilities. Third, understanding dog instinct/behavior could help you avoid physical injury without having to shoot a dog which is desirable since you take on personal, civil, and legal risks if you shoot an animal in public. (Personal risk entails unrighteous retribution from the deceased dog’s owner that could span anything from vandalism of your property, to killing your pets, to physical assault/battery on you.)

    • yep. and if you can somehow combine that post with caliber wars, you just may break the site. Combine this with police somehow, and you break the internet.

  7. I have 2 goofy pugs. Step daughter moved back in with a young “harmless” pit. Was great with the pugs for about a month. One day the wife was giving each a treat and that pit just clamped down on one pugs head. Besides the obvious puncture wounds, it popped out one eye. I would have shot it if I had my gun. Pit was gone in the hour. Every time I see my 1-eyed pug, it reminds me, you cant trust pits.

    • They’re always harmless until they’re not. Google – “Pit bull attacks” and you see something almost weekly. You’ll also see just about every story ends with some variation of the phrase, ” The dog was never violent before.” It’s why in many countries, states and cities, pit bulls are banned.

  8. Stray dogs are yet another reason that people taking walks need to carry at least Mace if not comfortable with a handgun. Our neighbor carries a golf club (iron) although that would only work on one dog, not a pair or pack. A pair of pits killed a woman on a walk in NC just a few days ago. I am not against pits, just stray dogs that are large enough to do damage. My sister as a kid was bitten by a German Shepherd when she rang the doorbell of a stranger’s house selling Girl Scout Cookies or some other charity thing. Many years later her husband was bitten by their own dog, a large hound type that they had rescued, when he tried to discipline it and put it in the crate. Our own dog, which is maybe 20% pit, as well as our daughter’s dog, mostly Aussie, both have to be managed firmly and can snap. When they are walked on leashes this is good because strangers stay away. I love dogs but any of them can become aggressive and you need to have an alternative to firm words when that happens.

  9. Typo:

    “There is another interesting angle to the story. Michaela Young owns pit bulls herself and loves them. She says she doesn’t blame the dog.”

    I believe the name here should be “Michayla Clark.”

  10. Pit Bulls are shitty dogs, owned by shitty people who make shitty excuses for them. The world would be a better place if we shot those dogs into extinction.

    • Are pit bulls inherently shitty, or are they just the dog of choice for shitty owners?
      I mean the really shitty, habitual felon owners, don’t they overwhelmingly own pitties?

  11. I’m nearly 71 years old and this ranting and bashing Pits reminds me of stuff I heard when I was a kid. We were told they were bigger and stronger because they were bred to be that way. We were told that they were meaner and prone to attack people for no reason. We were told that we needed to get rid of them because they were dangerous and would attach those that weren’t like them. They were talking about African-American men and we were afraid of them. Like African-Americans, Pits are the product of their environment. Both people and dogs act based on prior experiences and the way they have been treated throughout their life. My personal experiences with all breeds of dogs and kinds of people make me think that discrimination based on the way someone looks is wrong and unfair. I might have a different opinion if I had been viciously attacked.

    • Genetics. How many more have to die? Pit bulls are not “mean”, “vicious”, nor “aggressive” when they maim and kill any more than labs are mean or aggressive when they retrieve, pits simply maul and kill because of genetics. Denying the truth won’t reduce the killings and maimings by these purpose bred blood sport animals. Spay and neuter pit bulls to extinction.
      #GeneticsMatters #BreedMatters #WontBackDown #SpayNeuterPitsToExtinction #PittersHateChildren

  12. Good job by the armed citizen. All loose dogs in residential areas are dangerous, but Pit Bulls are the worst of the lot. We had a 12 year girl mauled while waiting for a school bus this past spring. she was just standing there when a loose Pit Bull attacked her. I also had the experience of walking in a wooded park with my (then) wife and step-daughter when two Pit Bulls came after us. We went back-to-back with our terrified daughter between us and drew our guns. The owner hustled and got the dogs under control once he saw how close we were to shooting them. Nasty dogs bred for fighting and with unpredictable attitudes. So, all you Pit Bull lovers can call me names and tell me how stupid I am, but facts are facts.

    An 8 year study conducted by DogBite.org from 2005-2016 (February 2017) indicated that Pit Bulls were responsible for 64.8% of all reported dog attacks with 254 deaths (of 392 total). Rottweilers were next with 11% of all attacks (43 deaths). When I see a Pit Bull anywhere near me or my family, I ensure I can deploy my weapon quickly just like I would if I saw a group of thugs heading my way. They are the sweet, loving dogs their owners claim they are just like radical Islam is the religion of peace.

  13. 5 fatal maulings in August… so far;

    August 2018, Hamilton County, OH
    Della Riley, 42
    Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2018, Edgecombe County, NC
    Gurney Walker, 75
    Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2018, Montgomery County, NC
    Jane Doe, 66
    Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2018, Cook County, IL
    Karen Brown, 57
    Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2018, Philadelphia County, PA
    Jaevon Torres, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack

    July 2018, Duval County, FL
    Jaelah Smith, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2018, Broward County, FL
    Liana Valino, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2018, Blair County, PA
    Gauge Eckenrode, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2018, Harrison County, MS
    Georgia Morgan, 75
    Fatal pit bull attack

    March 2018, Milwaukee County, WI
    Hong Saengsamly, 49
    Fatal pit bull attack

    March 2018, Bexar County, TX
    Noah Trevino, 4
    Fatal pit bull attack

    February 2018, Daviess County, KY
    David Brown, 46
    Fatal pit bull attack

    January 2018, Stephens County, OK
    Rylee Marie Dodge, 3
    Fatal pit bull attack

    January 2018, Ouachita Parish, LA
    Laura Ray, 53
    Fatal pit bull attack

    December 2017, Stanislaus County, CA
    Deborah Onsurez, 56
    Fatal pack attack involving pit bull(s)

    December 2017, Bell County, KY
    Lorraine Saylor, 66
    Fatal pit bull attack

    December 2017, Goochland County, VA
    Bethany Stephens, 22
    Fatal pit bull attack

    December 2017, Cook County, IL
    Dorothy Ford, 77
    Fatal pit bull attack

    December 2017, Jackson County, AL
    Emily Mae Colvin, 24
    Fatal pit bull attack

    November 2017, Marshall County, AL
    Tracy Cornelius, 46
    Fatal pack attack involving pit bull(s)

    November 2017, Richmond County, NC
    David Baber, 65
    Fatal pit bull attack

    October 2017, Johnson County, AR
    Sharon Lindemann, 75
    Fatal pit bull attack – Pending

    October 2017, Middlesex County, MA
    Javien Candelario, 7
    Fatal pit bull attack

    September 2017, Gilmer County, GA
    Kathy Sue Nichelson, 61
    Fatal pit bull attack

    September 2017, Knox County, OH
    Barrett Hagans, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

    September 2017, Neshoba County, MS
    Connie Storey, 61
    Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2017, Palm Beach County, FL
    Grace Walks, 41-years old
    Fatal attack involving pit bull

    August 2017, Calhound County, FL
    Alicia Malagon, 76
    Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2017, Hart County, GA
    Paris Adams, 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

    July 2017, El Paso County, TX
    Jacob Brooks, 4
    Fatal pack attack involving pit bull(s)

    July 2017, Seneca County, OH
    Michael Parks, 60
    Fatal pit bull attack

    July 2017, McCreary County, KY
    Vinson Tucker, 79
    Fatal pit bull attack

    June 2017, Gallatin County, MT
    Melissa Barnes, 65
    Fatal pit bull attack

    June 2017, Virginia Beach, VA
    Margaret Colvin, 90
    Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2017, Kent County, MI
    Susannah Murray, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2017, Clark County, NV
    Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

    April 2017, Lehigh County, PA
    Lisa Green, 32
    Fatal pit bull attack

    April 2017, Montgomery County, OH
    Maurice Brown, 60
    Fatal pit bull attack

    April 2017, Oklahoma County, OK
    Cecille Short, 82
    Fatal pit bull attack

    March 2017, Calvert County, MD
    Jase Patrick Fohs, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

    February 2017, Los Angeles County, CA
    Valentine Herrera, 76
    Fatal pit bull attack

    February 2017, Adams County, IL
    Jamie Owsley, 21
    Fatal pit bull attack

    January 2017, Fulton County, GA
    Logan Braatz, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack

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