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Daniel H. Simpson (courtesy

“Daniel Howard Simpson (born July 9, 1939 in Wheeling, West Virginia) is a former United States Ambassador to the Central African Republic (1990–92),” informs us. “[He was the] Special Envoy to Somalia and the United States Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1995–98), as well as undertaking other overseas assignments in Burundi, South Africa, Zaire (on three separate occasions), Iceland, Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He also served as the Deputy Commandant of the United States Army War College.” You’d think the ex-diplomat and current columnist for Pittsburgh’s would know a thing or two about what happens to a disarmed populace, take a pro-gun rights and thus pro-NRA stance. If so, you’d think wrong . . .

The NRA in principle represents Cody the Friendly Squirrel Hunter. In fact, it represents a major industry with deep pockets from which to provide campaign contributions to legislators and other cooperative officials.

And what it wants is not to preserve Americans’ Second Amendment rights. What it wants is to increase sales of guns, to both good guys and bad guys, and to block any regulation of gun sales and use. It wants high-capacity magazines to be freely available, surely not to gun down deer that might pose a road hazard. It wants no background checks on gun buyers, even deranged ones. It wants people to be able to buy assault rifles.

The whole concept is so far from the original American-Revolution, Lexington-and-Concord basis of the Second Amendment as to be a sick joke. Even Dodge City under Marshal Dillon didn’t normally have people toting guns into churches and schools. Miss Kitty didn’t even like them in the Long Branch Saloon.

Even Dodge City! Meanwhile, the gangs of New York. I digress. Mr. Simpson’s antipathy to Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, and the organization that’s fighting to protect that protected right, is straight out of the antis’ playbook. What amazes: Mr. Ambassador’s parting shot (so to speak):

Why can’t Mr. Obama now take on guns? He could take a stand and do what he can as president. Even if the NRA continues to block meaningful legislation, he could make an important point on a key American issue.

I hope the Secret Service hasn’t deteriorated so far that he is afraid for his life if he takes on the NRA. Then there was Martin Luther King Jr.

Seriously? Simpson is asking his readers to believe that the NRA has a hit squad, or sympathetic followers with a penchant for Presidential assassination, ready to take out the Commander in Chief if he tries to disarm Americans? And what exactly did the NRA have to do with Martin Luther King Jr.’s death?

The subtext: the NRA are domestic terrorists. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this is what proto-government tyranny looks like. And we paid this guy to represent our interests abroad?

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  1. He’s got the NRA-industry equation backwards: the NRA will jerk manufacturers around if it serves the agenda of the PR firm that runs it. The only reason La Pierre and his cronies care about gun sales is if it increases NRA revenues so Wayne can keep his million-dollar-plus salary and perks.

    • Its like they haven’t even heard of the NSSF, you know, the group that actually does represent and receive money from the manufacturers of firearms. NRA is the end users branch of the lobby. But I guess NSSF doesn’t roll off the tongue as well when trying to freeze and polarize something. More than 3 letters and you start losing people’s attention…

      • I’ve tried telling anti rights types that fact over and over again over the past few years. But they can’t see beyond their own stupidly to realize that there’s other groups than the NRA.

        • The anti-2nd amendment groups are not attacking the NRA because they think they are an arm of the gun industry, they are attacking the NRA because it has the resources and the influence to stop the left’s agenda. If the left destroys the NRA, all the other pro-2nd amendment groups will fall like dominoes.

  2. I think that Simpson has been smoking large quantities of Jimson weed, which is known to cause hallucinations and premature senility.

    Besides, Obama was already “assassinated” by the elections last November. Which is the real reason why any Congressional gun control measures are doomed. Because the last thing that Barry needs now is another b!tch-slapping.

    • You beat me to it. There is one thing you learn when you hang out with Chicago politicians is that he who has the most votes wins. The other maxim of Chicago politics is “Don’t make no waves, don’t back no losers.” Obama is smart enought to have figured out that since he doesn’t have the votes and he would make a lot waves it is best to mouth a few slogans to appease the Grubers and ignore the issue as much as possible.

  3. That guy is really out there.
    I suspect dementia has seriously set in.
    What a messed up bunch of statements. And a fantasy TV show to boot.

  4. On more than one occasion I have read that it is good if government is afraid of We the People. I have also read on more than one occasion that that was one of the main objectives of the Second Amendment.

    Apparently, then, a mechanism exists to strengthen freedom and ensure that government continues to be of the people, by the people, and for the people rather than the other way around. What’s not to like?

  5. I’d expect nothing less than tripe like this from anyone who writes in or for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. They are easily as left-leaning as the NYT, just without the clout and respect…

    • …They are easily as left-leaning as the NYT, just without the clout and respect

      Congratulations… somehow managed to say the stupidest thing on the internet today.

  6. Honest question:

    If someone steals a gun or buys a stolen gun for three bags of weed in a dark alley, how on earth do gun manufacturers profit?

    Are Hi-Point employees paid in grass?

      • Hey Ralph,
        An American manufacturer that produces the tools of self-defense and home-defense, at prices that make the 2A accessible to the people who need it most (low-income people living in low-income areas), deserves a little respect.

        Last year there was a story out of Detroit of a mother who defended her home and children, successfully, with a rusty Hi-Point that functioned flawlessly.

        … and my Hi-Point 9mm carbine eats +P ammo for lunch and hasn’t skipped a beat.

        • I bought a HI-Point 45 just because I had to use up a bunch of ammo that my EAA 45 wound not function with. The HI-Point ate all of it without any problems and precisely on target. And it cost me less than the ammo. My hat’s off to Hi-Point!

        • Yeah, far too many people shit in Hi-Points because they’re cheap. Sure, they’re extremely bare-bones and they are ugly enough to make you gouge out your eyes (at least the pistols), but they ALWAYS go boom when you pull the trigger. And at the end of the day, that’s what you really need from a gun, isn’t it?

      • Sure. And using that logic all car manufacturers are guilty as hell. Come to think of it, throw in the car dealers as well!

  7. What happens if O’bummer just waves the magical “executive order” wand around and makes “common-sense firearms legislation” a thing? What then?

      • Except they are when it comes to firearms imports.

        Tell me why I still can’t Chinese guns and ammo?

        Tell me why imported “black rifles” need to have a certain number of American parts and a different name to be legal?

        Tell me why imported “black rifles” can only take 10 round max capacity, no muzzle device, no pistol grip, no bayonet lug, no threaded barrel, no folding/collapsing/separate from pistol grin buttstock?

        Tell me why I can’t get barrels from parts kits anymore?

        These are just a few of the past president’s executive orders that do carry the weight of law that totally bypass the legislature.

        Oh that’s right it doesn’t happen to guns you like so you don’t care.

    • Nothing. He can sign all the Executive Orders he wants, but one like that wouldn’t carry the force of law. It would be repealed quickly, and before that, it would be totally ignored. Obama may fancy himself a king, but he doesn’t have ultimate power. He still needs the cooperation of those below him to enforce any laws he wants passed.

    • He already did with imports that people here keep ignoring.

      Banned repatriation of our M1 Garands and M1 Carbines from Korea not because we gave it to them but because they were weapons of war that did not belong on our streets.

      Banned 7n6 surplus, a cheap black-rifle round that could be afforded by the masses.

      Banned Russian AK’s and other firearms from Kalashnikov Concern. Nevermind the fact that 70% of their production is geared to the civilIan market that had nothing at all to do with the Ukrainian conflict considering the rebels all got their arms and ammo from Ukrainian depots not Russia. He will probably finish off the rest of steel-cased market this year that he will ban.

      Banned Steyr AUG 9mm. conversions

  8. we are winning the 2A battle. i dont really see what there is, overall, to get so concerned about. if we are only looking at small instances then that is a bias and will distort reality. Maybe Robert needs to check out io9’s “” article.

    • “we are winning the 2A battle.”

      I don’t disagree with that statement, but how do you think we got to this point? By sitting around saying “everything is fine”?

      The grabbers never quit trying to gain control. We ignore them and their efforts at our own peril.

      • I agree and this is a great example of them not stopping. Antigunners realize that they are losing, badly and are going after the NRA to “cut off the voice” of the movement. He is trying to say that the NRA is just the manufacturers and the manufacturers are wanting all these things. In reality I pay my dues and I want those same things, so does this make me a manufacturer? The manufacturers want to make money and they will go to great lengths to make the consumer happy. If we don’t buy it then we will stop making it. This is just an antigunners trying to convince the American people that they don’t want the guns that they have been buying in record numbers, it the NRA fault

    • Except if you like Russian AK’s, 7n6 ammo, and AUG conversion kits as well as the other numerous restrictions on what we can buy and how we can get them then no we are not winning. Or if you live in a slave state….

      Oh but it doesn’t happen to guns you like so you don’t care.

      All we have won are small crumbs on our ability to carry.

      Nothing else. Don’t give me Heller and McDonald as victories when states continually ignore them as if they don’t exist.

  9. Mr. Simpson’s qualifications as ambassador to a number of failed states in Africa are exactly what makes him so against the citizens. He is part of the establishment that keeps the citizens at the bottom, disarmed and powerless, while he and his ilk enjoy all the trappings of power. It was specifically due to the helplessness of the citizens that he had a good life. Everything is just where it is supposed to be…

  10. Is it just me or is the N.R.A. the most misrepresented organization of all time? It’s simply a gun rights union, we pay dues, elect officers and they work to the agenda we approve of. To hear what anti-gunners think it’s some kinda shadow cartel or something.

    • The antis bash the NRA because they need a bogey man to be responsible for the ground they’ve lost. It can’t be that the citizenry has turned against them and has embraced the Second Amendment and the firearms culture of self reliance that goes with it. It must be that Evil NRA that is bullying those poor lawmakers. The Antis need the NRA to explain why a majority of states went from having no concealed carry in the 1980s to every single state in the Union having some form of concealed carry, even if there is a defacto ban in some states. (Looking at you New Jersey and New York, and Illinois)

      What the antis don’t get, and can’t seem to comprehend, is the fact that the surest way of getting the American people to want something is to tell them they can’t have it. When the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban was signed into law, the most popular semi auto rifle in America was the SKS. The AKM and its variants were a curiosity. The AR-15 was made solely by Colt and Armalite and would set you back a cool $1500 in 1994 dollars. By the time the 1994 AWB had sunsetted in 2004, the AR-15 had replaced the SKS as the nation’s most popular semi auto rifle and was being made by a slew of manufacturers who simply deleted two of the AWB’s Evil Features, (the flash hider and bayonet lug) and kept right on making them through the years of the AWB, to the howl of the antis, who had to admit that the AWB was basically a ban of cosmetic features. States that were already anti gun enforced the AWB and even added restrictions of their own, while most states simply ignored it. I know I was able to find “preban” magazines for my Mini 14 through the entirety of the AWB years.

      The Antis actually made the problem worse for themselves, because as Boss Steerman from Open Range said, “A man will tell you his intentions if you listen to him.” They loudly announced that an outright national ban on handguns was coming. Diane Fienstien gave her infamous 60 Minutes interview where she said if she had the votes she would have told the American people, “Mr and Mrs America, turn them in, every bullet, every gun.”

      The people turned against them, and they were bewildered. They finally figured out that talking openly about stripping a Constitutionally protected Right from the American people was was galvanizing a large part of the US population to fight for the Second Amendment. They decided to tone it down. Handgun Control Inc was renamed. Al Gore and later John Kerry posed with shot guns while talking about the “Firearms and hunting traditions of the American People” without understanding that there was a whole generation that had embraced the firearms they were trying to vilify and ban. They were confused and bewildered and realized that Getting another AWB passed was as likely as a snowball surviving the depths of Hell.

      So they waited, thinking that if they had a Dunblane or a Port Arthur, they could ride the wave of emotion and get something passed. When Sandy Hook happened, they said “This is it, this is our time! There is no way they can stand against us now!”

      And nothing happened. Go find the video of the press conference after Manchin-Toomey failed. There is anger and frustration on the president’s face. But there is also bewilderment. And that bewilderment stems from the fact that they simply can’t comprehend that most of the country has rejected their agenda and is actually moving toward a more gun friendly society, where the right to Keep And Bare Arms is becoming more and more socially acceptable. It can’t be that the People themselves have turned away from their proselytizing. There must be some Out Side, Evil, All Powerful Force unleashed on Earth by Satan Himself to bedevil them.

      That’s what the NRA is to them. It’s a way to tell themselves that they are Right, that the majority of Americans haven’t rejected them, and that if it weren’t for the NRA, the American People would happily embrace the Gun Free Utopia they are offering.

  11. All power the government uses is derived from the people. Why is it getting elected causes people to forget this? It was the Citizen/Soldiers who over threw the army of the tyrannical rulers. The Bill of Rights protects the power of the people. From that beginning we now enjoy living in the greatest country in history. Why change that simple balance now. People are the source of all government power, and The Bill of Rights protects it.

    • It changed because they don’t care about the ideals that found this country.


      They just see independence from Britain all those years ago as a way to govern our affairs their way without outside interference. Their own elite ruling class that rules instead of an outside nation-state. That also means embracing tyranny and government nationalism that they try to disguise as American nationalism because ‘Merica.

      They and their useful idiots today only see our country as the government in that it can control it’s own affairs. Not liberty, not freedom, not self-reliance, just the sovereignty of a nation-state like any other is what they see here.

  12. As long as Joe Biden is the vice president, Mr Obama is safe from any domestic assassination plots. Hell, I’m pretty sure it’s the reason he chose Biden in the first place.

    As for Mr Simpson’s insinuations, he has an official invitation to kiss my ass. Yet another anti-gun leftie equating legal gun ownership with violent tendencies, regardless of any evidence or reason. Let’s see, action movies in the 80s often featured murderers and drug smugglers who used diplomatic immunity to escape punishment for their crimes. By his own logic, I’d say there’s a good chance Daniel Howard Simpson is a drug-smuggling murderer. We should alert the authorities.

      • Want to hear a really scary thought? At one time, we were two heartbeats away from having “President Pelosi” foist upon us.

        • It is yet to be determined in Bohnehead is any improvement. Keep him out bars/countryclubs may help.

  13. I’m surprised no anti politician has manufactured their own Reichstag yet to drum up support for the cause. They don’t even need to actually get shot. Just be shot at. It’d have to be somebody people actually liked though. Not a McCain or a Pelosi.

    What surprised me was that when bullets hit the White House it was downplayed and ignored. I thought for sure that was going to be trumpeted by the press and anti’s for months to come. Guess that means nobody on either side likes Obama enough to care whether or not he gets shot at?

  14. Most Foreign Service Officers are flaming anti-gunners. These people pee themselves when in the vicinity of firearms. The Foreign Service has an armed component that protects them in dangerous areas and yet they view their protectors as impediments to diplomacy and as an incarnation of their collective failure to rid the world of firearms.

    • Yes, that seems to have been the sentiment of that guy in Bengazi. Too bad good people were wasted to save that scum.

    • “and yet they view their protectors as impediments to diplomacy and as an incarnation of their collective failure to rid the world of firearms”

      that is, until their diplomatic compound is being overrun by jihadists who will kill you, strip you naked, sodomize you with the end of an AK-47 and then parade your naked, battered and bruised and sodomized body around the dusty streets while young children cheer and old woman laugh. . . yep, memories of the foreign service

  15. I think if the president takes one in the dome, the person pulling the trigger wont have “infringing on the 2nd” as his ultimate motive and be a disgruntled NRA member.

    The line of people who hate the guy is pretty long, his entire administration has been a farce, and if he keeps pissing off the military the magic bullet might be govt. issued.

  16. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the NRA pretty much sponsor/lobby for/support/whatever the “instant check” background check system that is in use now?

    • Not just wrong, but 100% wrong.

      The NRA fought the Brady bill in Congress as unconstitutional. It couldn’t stop the bill but did manage to get some concessions in the final law. Then, the NRA funded lawsuits in nine states that sought to strike down the Brady Act as unconstitutional.

      The cases wound up in SCOTUS. In the Printz case, SCOTUS threw out part of the Brady law while the NRA argued that SCOTUS should void the entire thing.

  17. “The whole concept is so far from the original American-Revolution, Lexington-and-Concord basis of the Second Amendment as to be a sick joke.”

    Typical statist-Progressive agitprop. Transport Simpson back to the American Revolution and he’d be a perfect, loyal, Torry.

    • Yep.

      To him you should only take up arms for the state.

      To him Lexington and Concord was for the establishment of the American government to manage it’s affairs separate from Britain not for the ideals of liberty and freedom for the people unless they are for liberty and freedom from the government of another nation-state.

  18. So it’s not the lack of legal authority of the federal .gov to enact such policies? It’s not the constitutional prohibition of such actions that were created with more wisdom that his entire education and ideology?

  19. Yeah, just like he didn’t bother to show up in France?

    If a President can’t do things he should because he’s afraid of someone shooting him maybe he needs to find another line of work…

  20. That kind of fear could mean a need for counseling.

    And . . . (wait for it)

    Obtaining that kind of counseling could prevent him from owning, possessing, or transferring firearms.

    Imagine, a Commander in Chief that can’t own firearms. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Nigerian.

      • I know, certainty is not a given with this one. Unless of course you mean retraction in every parameter of Americana:
        1) Space Program
        2) Military
        3) Economy
        4) Security
        5) World Stature
        6) U.S. Territories (yes, he even gave Alaskan Islands (that they didn’t ask for) away to Russia [thank you too Hillary])
        7) Sovereignty (thank you too puissant mayor Oblosio in NY, if America is yours to give away it’s mine to take away from you)
        8) Health Care – Coverage for ALL!!! and Ebola ’cause we’re not special.
        9) Safety in the worst of the worst released from Gitmo – 5 more today !!! (yay)
        10) Protection of the American family and what defines it.
        11) Division of balanced governing powers.
        12) War on Drugs
        13) War against Terrorism
        14) War against Communism
        15) Protection of the Innocent
        16) Protection of our Allies . . .

  21. “Even Dodge City under Marshal Dillon didn’t normally have people toting guns into churches and schools. Miss Kitty didn’t even like them in the Long Branch Saloon.”

    Yeah, on a TV show where the writers really DID have complete control over how the characters behaved.

    Then there’s the real world…

    Is a TV show with fictional characters the best example he could devise?

    But the inclusion of that “even” shows the purpose of the statement: EVEN in the “wild wild west” where men were men and women owned the saloons…gun control was a good idea.

    • Not that his statement has any bearing on our assertion of rights but he is not wrong about “Wild West” towns in general. They were often gun free zones by local law. The shoot out at the O.K. Corral was actually an attempt at enforcing a law against bearing firearms in town. It was a misdemeanor and the heroes in the movies we watch were trying to enforce that law when the shootout went down. Of course this matters not one bit as a violation of civil rights in the past dose not justify violations today or in the future.

      • Which was my point. With real examples of gun grabbers that can be factually verified history, why the reference to Hollywood fiction?

        Also, as you rightfully point out…there was a consequence to the gun grabbing by the Earps and others. People pushed back; they resisted that law and that level of control.

        This guy brings up a TV show when real, nonfiction history exists. It just struck me as…kinda batcrap, actually, to bring up “Gunsmoke” like that in such a serious discussion.

  22. You’d think the ex-diplomat…would know a thing or two about what happens to a disarmed populace, take a pro-gun rights and thus pro-NRA stance

    I’d think an ex-diplomat would know how easy it is to control a disarmed population, and, since people who lack the desire to control others don’t become diplomats, would want to disarm people here to implement a strong centralized government.

    And what exactly did the NRA have to do with Martin Luther King Jr.’s death?

    All white gun owners are racist, duh! And all black gun owners are uncle Toms. (Didn’t MLK own a significant collection of guns…oh wait…let’s just gloss over that fact.)

    And we paid this guy to represent our interests abroad?
    Is he any worse than the people who pretend to represent our interests domestically?

    “The whole concept is so far from the original American-Revolution, Lexington-and-Concord basis of the Second Amendment as to be a sick joke.”

    It wouldn’t be a proper gun control screed without a claim that the Second Amendment somehow means something other than what it clearly means, and that the amendment’s authors envisioned something completely different than what they said in supporting documents such as the Federalist Papers and at the thirteen ratification conventions.

  23. My heavens! (I was actually thinking something a lot worse, but you get the drift).

    I guess since it really can’t be Bush’s fault anymore it is the NRA’s fault.

  24. Though I’m glad it hasn’t happened for a variety of reasons, I’m frankly surprised someone hasn’t tried already. But gun control is so far down on the list of things Obama has done to piss people off, I can’t imagine it would have any effect one way or another. Regardless, as the article suggests, the former ambassador’s concerns have nothing to do with reality and everything to do with civilian disarmament agitprop.

    • As has been pointed out countless times before Obama is the best gun salesman in American history, why would the NRA or industry folks want to kill him? I bet NRA memberships and donations skyrocketed right along with gun sales as well

      • I love pointing that out to the gun haters. Diane Fienstein (or however you spell it, frankly I don’t care) single handedly made the AR platform what it is today. Before the AWB nobody I knew had an AR. I know I never wanted an AR. That is until they told me I can’t have one. Now, everybody I know has one, and I have more than I want.

  25. “At least half of the NRA’s budget comes from some 16 U.S.-based weapons manufacturers or marketers, including the ubiquitous, profitable Walmart.”

    [citation needed]

    This is objectively false. Where are the editors? They’re just gonna let this shit through? God forbid they mention that pretty much every gun control group out there is basically single-handedly funded by Michael Bloomberg and a few other billionaires…

    • I love how they say “just 16 companies,” as though that implies some kind of evil undue influence on the market. If they were intellectually honest with themselves, they would realize that their entire hipster douchebag lives were orchestrated by about that many companies.

  26. Wow, talk about desperate.. they dig this guy out of retirement, pull him away from watching his METV and ask him for some infinite words of wisdom, and all he can come up with is a worn out episode of gun smoke?.. This is the best they got?

  27. Using a TV show as some sort of altruistic example just shows how far off the deep end the author is. Then he proceeds to dig further.

  28. – I find no information that Simpson served in the military – I’ll conclude that he was a civilian instructor at War College (under the reign of Bill Fing Clinton). His bio looks to me as an attempt to lay as a vet (Stolen Valor).

    – Is an Ivy leaguer (useless libtards) – Yale

    – Ambassador to nowheresville for Bill Pedophile Clinton.

    In all a sterotype of the useless libtard git.

    No one is going to shoot Obuma. The only smart thing Obuma has done is making/keeping Joe veep. What is better protection? a dozen Secret Security agents, an armored limo or Uncle Joe as VP?

  29. So let me get this straight. NRA members are so dangerous that they might shoot the president who is guarded at all times by a team of highly-trained professionals. But he–with no security detail–publishes aspersions against them in the newspaper.

    And Muslims are so sensitive about their prophet that this same media withholds images that might damage their delicate sensibilities. But the media is definitely not afraid of Islamists. Did you hear that? They’re NOT AFRAID of ISLAMISTS.

    There you have it folks: Progressive courage.

  30. The last article I read written by him extolled the virtues of house to house confiscation. He throws the whole Bill of Rights out the window…kinda makes me want to pull the tinfoil cap out and buy into the whole one world order conspiracy.

  31. Which is it?
    Either the NRA is just a lobby for a bunch of fat cat factory owners with no teeth.
    …or its a nation sized hit squad ready to put down any tyrant that crosses it’s path.

    If your argument is that the former is far removed from the purpose of the the second amendment, you can’t imply the latter is the consequence.

  32. ( I remember the time that firearms were normal, and the people that owned them were too). That was before socialism and leaving anything unlocked was seen as making a good kid go bad. Most anti firearm laws come from socialist city states (my view only). They want to punish the entire country for their problems. Make anyone that owns a firearm a criminal, easier than enforcing laws against the few that use firearms for criminal purpose. I sometimes wonder, are the anti firearm advocates out to protect the public at large? Or, to make it safer for those that would do us harm? Laws do not stop anyone that chooses to ignore them. The law only comes in after the fact.

  33. Central African Republic, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, South Africa, Zaire, Iceland, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ….I think I’m detecting a theme here. Someone was posting this guy to places where he had a good chance of getting on the news*, and sent him to Iceland when he began to catch on.

    *the same way our guy in Behghazi did.

    • No one will read this comment, but I will tell you about Chris Stevens, our man in Benghazi. Buried deep down here in the interwebs is what happened. Chris Stevens was a true believer. Very much like this Ambassador. I guarantee his security personnel hated him. Chris was the kind of FSO to always push the boundries. If it was off limits he wanted to go there. He died doing what he loved to do. Pushing the limits. He was a crusader (not the christian type). A true believer in that he thought he could change the world. Like Anne Smedinghoff in Afghanistan delievering books to school children. Or Laurence Foley in Jordan who, after being warned he was vulnerable, walked to work the same way, at the same time every day. Stevens, Foley or Smedinfhoff and here Simpson, are the same. They believe that what they are doing will change the world. For the better. Because, they know better. Your State Department is run by screaming liberals. Some hate America. They’ve learned nothing being overseas because they live a privaledged lifestyle. Oh, all the flour left is only used for baking? Well then, let them eat cake.

      The point is – they will never see the world as we see it. It doesn’t matter if it’s staring them in the face, they will see it differently.

      9/11 anniversary? Everyone else in the world is on lockdown? Not for me, we’ll go to Benghazi? Road lined with IED’s and ambushes? Not to worry, I have a security detail, let’s go deliver books – because, for the children. I am being surveilled and targeted? Nonsense, these people love me, I am here to help them. I’ll go to work as I always do. And now this Ambo. A man who’s been to every shithole in Africa (I’ve been there too). Guns are the problem, not people. Not human nature – in Rwanda they used machetes to kill, possibly a million people, but I can tell you, it’s the guns that are bad.

      This is a class war, a culture war. We will lose it if we don’t stop it sometime soon.

  34. What the hell is going on with those last two sentences?

    “…if he takes on the NRA. Then there was Martin Luther King, Jr.”

    Was he doing a segue into a movie review?

    “(‘Selma’ is a bravura performance with deft direction and cinematography.) Then there was (the stellar performance by all the cast, including a delightful David Oyelowo as) Martin Luther King, Jr.”

  35. Another asshat who wants to make gun policy based on A TELEVISION SHOW! Seriously, these people think every damn thing they see from Hollywood is reality. The real Dodge City on its WORST day was safer than Chicago on any day.

  36. Every single government official wants to disarm. Why would any government person be pro-gun? A true government employee craves government power and control. Why would anyone trust this cat?

    • Change that to elected government official and you can make that blanket statement. But I assure, most assuradely, we are not all of us want to disarm.

  37. It appears Mr Simpson is one of those on the left who is angry that Mr Obama hasnt gone far enough on gun laws. Simpson starts out suspecting the PBS Frontline producers to be in some sort of conspiracy NOT to investigate the REAL reasons the NRA is evil.

    Then he imagines the gun companies all colluded to spread out and locate their operations to distribute their evil influence on the NRA, more geographically efficiently.

    Then he advocates for Mr Obama to take multiple Executive Actions, apparently forgetting that little entity called Congress, that writes the laws.

    This is a grumpy old liberal, who cant stand he isnt getting his way. Typical of leftist and elitist State Department senior management in the 80s, 90s, and who constantly sabotaged GW Bush.

    He finally got the Savior, in the O, and now he’s pissed, that he isnt living up to his promises.

    Reminds me of old Jimmah Carter. Just getting nuttier and more bitter as time goes by.

  38. Typically, don’t tyrants fear assassination the most? I guess in Mr. Simpson’s mind, Barry as a tyrant is a foregone conclusion.

    (That would probably be the only one of his conclusions I could agree with.)

  39. Ambassador Simpson was an idiot bully when he was chief of mission in Zaire (now DRC) in 1995 and 1996. I was the US Defense Attache in neighboring Rwanda and he tried to use an inspector general to silence our reporting which said that a larger war was coming. History proved us correct. Simpson remains in love with his own ramblings as is shown in the full article.

    • LOL, Tom – if you look at my comment above, I totally can see that. Thank you for your service in Rwanda – I enjoyed Kigali a lot when I was there in 2007. You are a great American.

  40. “[He was the] Special Envoy to Somalia and the United States Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1995–98), as well as undertaking other overseas assignments in Burundi, South Africa, Zaire (on three separate occasions), Iceland, Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

    And every one of those countries have “reasonable” gun control laws (aka, bans on civilian gun ownership), and every single one (except Iceland) has a history of massacres of thousands of unarmed victims by people with machetes and guns. The stupid POS apparently didn’t learn anything from his years overseas watching genocide in the countries he was ambassador-ing. Of course, as a State Department employee, he is a dyed-in-the wool “progressive” Marxist.

    • My Gawd Pete, if you only knew how right on you were on this comment. If you only really, truely knew how accurate your assesment is. Sadly, he’s not alone in his thinking and there are lots and lots of his kind very much alive and well and working in your State Department today.


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