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The antis are going to have a field day with this one. So what? Civilian disarmament advocates thought it was a great idea to limit New York state’s legal gun owners to seven rounds. [Note: legal gun owners. Criminals ain’t got time for that.] Gun control advocates see mag limits as a shining path to total disarmament. They can’t – and won’t – get their heads around the stark simplicity of the Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” mandate. In short, they will damn Magpul’s new, easy-to-clean, we-can’t-wait-to test-its-reliability PMag D60 60-round mag. They’ll shake their proverbial fists and wave the metaphorical bloody shirt, using the . . .

Gabriel Giffords shooting as proof of the “high capacity” magazine’s inherent evil. As if reloading is a mass shooter’s achilles heel. Or, indeed, that mass shootings are America’s major problem. Or that armed defenders could use this mag to stop the bad guys. Or, most importantly, that you can stop the signal.

Anyway, I’m sure Magpul gets a kick out of producing this 60-rounder after leaving Colorado. The Rocky Mountain State’s ban on “high capacity” magazines inspired the vet-led company to up-and-move their corporate HQ to The Lone Star State. Just down the road from TTAG’s heavily fortified bunker, in fact. I think we’ll pay them a visit . . .

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  1. Gotta love Colorado state legislators. The ONLY real thing that law did was drive Magpul out of the state, taking their considerable tax dollars and hundreds of skilled, well paying jobs with them. On the plus side, we got most of those traitorous bastards out of office, and politicians around the country have been reminded that, no, they can’t just do whatever they want. They go against their constituents (especially if they directly break one of the key promises on which they were elected), they get booted out of office and their political careers ruined.

  2. I’m not usually much for drums, but magpul makes some good products. If this is reliable and doesn’t cost too much (like EVERY other drum mag on the planet) then I might actually try one out. Keep us posted please!

  3. Lol. I’ll take 10.

    Hey and they also have a new Steyr mag coming this year, for you AUG guys.


      • March 23rd,2015 ,part of HB 234 ‘s passage, removed Ohio’s “anything more than 30 rounds is a machine gun” law.

        Eagerly awaiting the day.

    • Mags over 30 rounds have ALWAYS been legal in Ohio. You could buy them and use them as long as you didn’t load more than 30 rounds into a mag.

      Stupid I know but either way, people have been buying drums in Ohio for years.

  4. Saw a mag at Red’s, here in Austin looked like a 30-round AR mag from the side, but was way wide, supposedly a 60-round AR mag, for $140+. They had 3 of them, and I wondered when we were gonna see a test (hint, hint). I don’t feel like shelling out the $$ without some reason to think it would work. I mean, an AR mag is already double stack, what is this thing, 4 stack?

    • surefire makes them, they have been out for years with mixed reviews. they also make a 100rd version. do some searching and youll find plenty of info. i believe they were originally designed for the marines IAR program (won by the HK416)

      • Yeah it’s Surefire. They ARE 4-stack — it’s divided up the middle so it’s double stacked on either side of the divider and just double stacked in the part that inserts into the magwell. The follower stops on one side and continues up on the other, or it’s split and merges after the divider ends or something… I forget now. Mixed reviews like Jake said.

  5. Will it work in a Tavor? Which way does the snail go? Should I have watched the video before posting?

  6. Yep. I’ve decided the stay with 7.62×39 and an AK in addition to my trusty, dead cheap, old SKS. This just makes the choice all the more certain. If it’s actually a reliable 60 rounder, I’m in ‘fer sure. With this kind of capacity, who needs full auto? Now I just have to figure out whose AK to buy. Decisions . . . decisions . . .

  7. If Magpul wants to build these, it’s fine with me. But I have to ask myself, despite the howls of anticipation above, why the heck anyone would want one of these. But maybe it’s just me–I’ve never been all that excited about mag dumps, and my rifle is heavy enough without adding on a bunch of extra poundage.

    • Because some people don’t want me to have one (which matters to me not one whit), and are trying to pass laws so I can’t (and that’s where the Do Not Cross line is, for me anyway).

    • You must not compete in 3-Gun if you have to ask the question. These would be the bee’s knees. Except at $130, you might as well go with the BetaMag. But that is your reason…competition.

    • If you like to hunt pigs this gives you 31 rounds of .458SOCOM for all night fun. Thats why I will be throwing my money at Magpul yet again.

        • Why? My 20s hold 10 and my 30s hold 15. Is this magazine different? If so, 5 rounds isnt worth the money.

        • Actually, I doubt you’d get more than 10, as the internal drum storage area is single-stacked, not double-stacked (the width of the double-stacked area is required to hold the fatter .458s). If so, the wider .458s wouldn’t even be able to enter the drum portion. Check the video at 27 seconds in (when the mag is disassembled), you can clearly see the single-.223-cartridge-width guides in the front of the drum shell. The follower looks to be a linked string of .223 dummy-type rounds, which will feed through the drum portion of the mag as a single-column of fake shells while pushing the live rounds. If the single-column feedway is maintained all the way up through the main body of the mag (as was done in some older drum mags), the mag will not be able to handle .458s at all.

        • 0 rounds of anything but 5.56×45. I started loading.300blk and while it will start to load them it WILL jam. You will NOT be able to load the mag and you WILL have one hell of a time getting the rounds back out as they will get off kilter and not feed up. The problem is in the drum portion of the mag is not designed to accept ANYTHING but the .223/5.56 rounds. No problem loading and cycling with 5.56.

  8. My mag release finger still works and duct tape is cheap if you tape 2 30 rounders together. Other than a huge profit margin for Magpul, I don’t see any other benefit.

      • I doubt Gabby can do much more than blow bubbles in her glass of milk these days, though I find the idea of the man controlling the puppet strings scowling impotently at gun buyers delightful.

  9. I’d be interested in one, if only to balance out the woe of our oppressed fellow law-abiding keepers and bearers who have to live by especially idiotic mandates regarding the design of guns they have permission to own.

    I’m going to have a bipod anyway…

    • They barely show the Tavor firing in the video. I think the drum would come in contact with the strong arm unless you chicken wing it (no views of the Tavor from the strong side in the video, hrm…)

      • I have short arms and a barrel chest. I couldn’t hold the Tavor the way it was intended even if I wanted to. It’s physically impossible for me. Another bonus of this drum, it’s shorter than a 30rd stick. Ever try to fire a Tavor prone?

    • Thats what I saw but I noticed they just showed it inserting. No shooting. So it really doesn’t tell you much

  10. sigh, again, out of 3 paragraphs its 90% conspiracy rhetoric and fear mongering. can you not just pitch the product and get off your soapbox for 30 secs?

    • No kidding. I’m getting tired of this fear-mongering about government officials wanting to restrict magazine capacity. It’s so far fetched. It’ll never happen here in America.

  11. It’s a lot of weight to add to a rifle/carbine, yes, but at the same time, if the price is right, why not get one? I look at magazine purchases of 40+ rounds as a nice “f–k you” to Cuomo, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Watts, Hickenlooper, the Bradys, etc…

    If I ran an online retailer of said things, my discount codes would all be anti-gun politician names.

    • Oooh, I like the way you think! Some company should DEFINITELY do that!

      “Enter ‘Hickenlooper’ in the code box for 10% off!”

    • Yeah, I’m thinking of the fun after loading 60 .300 blk 220 subs. My calculator says that would be a 20 lb magazine, even if you can shoot for a week. And, hell, who can afford 60 220 subs at one time, anyhow.

  12. Ok then!! Now where are they for my Ruger SR-762??? Gotta have one that’ll hold at least 50 .308’s!!

      • Shoot, I’m an old M-60 and M-249 SAW gunner….50 rounds is a walk in the park! All I know is that they have to be cheaper than X-Products’ drums (hopefully)!

          • We had just transitioned to the M240B when I got out. Our old 60’s were just slap worn out and spent more time deadlined than in service. Take 6 to the range for the company and be lucky to have 2 running by the time night firing took place. All that said, I’d take a good running pig over a 240 any day, the 240’s had no “personality”. I’m ‘old school’ I guess LOL!

  13. Perfect timing. I just picked up a slidefire as a late Christmas present (to self) for 100 bucks, and ammo prices are better than they have been in quite some time. Coincidence? I think not.

  14. Yes please, if the price is right! (which for me would be about 4x the cost of a standard 30 rounder, after which I’d rather just buy a bunch more standard mags).

  15. I’ll spend 130 on THAT.. But not 165 for the thingy to load the 25- 30 rnd mags that I have.. and my wife just shakes her head at my perfect logic.

  16. I know this puts me in a similar category as “grammar nazi” but as a native of Colorado, I have to point out an error I’ve seen several times on TTAG. The nickname for Colorado is “The Centennial State” not “The Rocky Mountain State”.

    P.s. Love me some magpul.

  17. This could be a revolution in drum technology. Most of the durable ones are made mostly of metal and are heavy, and most of the plastic ones are prone to failure/easy to break.

    If they release this with Magpul’s strong polymer at the competitive price point they already announced (MSRP $130) I think they will get plenty of sales.

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