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Lana Rea and Randy Meisner (courtesy

“Lana Rae Meisner, the wife of Eagles co-founder and former bassist Randy Meisner, was shot and killed Sunday at the Studio City, California house the couple shared. The LAPD confirmed to Rolling Stone that a ‘death investigation’ was being conducted at the 3700 block of Eureka Ave.” And for good reason . . .

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, investigators believe that a rifle accidentally discharged while being moved in a closet. “As she lifted the rifle in the case, another item within the case shifted and hit the trigger of the rifle causing it to fire and fatally injure Mrs. Meisner,” the LAPD said in a statement, adding that Meisner “was cooperative throughout the investigation.”

Leaving a rifle in a case with an unsecured item is one thing. Leaving a loaded rifle with the safety off in a case with an unsecured item is another. Removing said rifle with the muzzle pointed in your direction another again. Doing so while under the influence, or with another person who isn’t in their right mind, another again, again.

Lana Rae Meisner, 63, called the cops around 5:30 p.m. to report a drunken man in their Studio City house. Police took a domestic violence report and left without incident.

But Randy Meisner, 69, called police about 90 minutes later, saying his wife had been shot, police said.

In case you have doubts about the official story, there’s history here . . .

Meisner was placed under court-ordered 24-hour supervision following a January 2015 incident where he allegedly threatened murder-suicide with an AK-47 and pills. In July 2015, Meisner’s friend James Newton filed documents necessary to attain a temporary conservatorship over the former Eagles member, with Newton claiming Meisner was diagnosed as bipolar and suffered from “suicidal ideations.”

Newton’s lawyer also argued that Lana Rae Meisner had been in denial of her husband’s mental condition for more than two decades; Lana Meisner stormed out of the court after the temporary conservator was appointed and later “attacked” Newton’s lawyer verbally after the court date, with the lawyer requesting a sheriff’s escort as he left the courthouse.

Meisner’s lawyer called Newton’s claims “widely overblown.” At the time of the January 2015 incident, Meisner was being treated for alcoholism and was being medicated for a “mood disorder.”

Assuming that the official story is accurate, Ms. Meisner violated at least two of the Four Rules of Guns Safety. That’s irresponsible and, in this case, lethal. All that said, our condolences to her family and friends.

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  1. I assume her Darwin Award will be in the mail as well? Who the hell stores a rifle in condition 1?

    • Assuming there isn’t some final destination style movements going on in the case, the rifle was stored loaded with the safety off, which would be condition 0.

      • Meh, I wasn’t even going to question the condition 0 possibility. That would be outright pants on head retarded.

        The only time my guns are in condition zero is either because it’s a pistol with no manual safety that I’m carrying or it’s a rifle that’s on target.

        • And that is why you haven’t shot yourself in the face. The inverse of your situation seems to be what happened here.

      • Trust me, I know, but I nearly had my head ripped off for trying to explain that to some folks here…

    • Krazy people married to wack-o people, then stupid sh!t happens. Investigation continues…..

    • What else was in the gun case. Sounds stinky to me. Maybe it was a weight attached to the trigger with a string. Or what, a pile of fish hoods attached to a heavy reel? Or a ball of lead in the trigger housing?

      Not sure anyone is that stupid. Is murder a violation of the gun safety rules?

    • What else was in the gun case. Sounds stinky to me. Maybe it was a weight attached to the trigger with a string. Or what, a pile of fish hooks attached to a heavy reel? Or a ball of lead in the trigger housing?

      Not sure anyone is that stupid. Is murder a violation of the gun safety rules?

    • If Rokurota guessed the gun correctly, it certainly will be. Again.

      Though storing guns in a case, with a round chambered is not exactly a good idea.

  2. Leaving a LOADED rifle with a CHAMBERED round, with the safety off, with an unsecured item, in an unsecured case… etc, etc… is THE thing here.

    So many failures here! This should be a textbook case.

  3. I’ve read the quoted part of the article twice, and I’m still confused. It says she was moving the rifle when she was shot. Was it Mrs. Meisner who was moving the rifle shot herself, or was the she that was moving the rifle somebody else? It also seems to state that Mrs. Meisner was the person who called the police to report the shooting…apparently of herself? It then goes on to imply (really more of a plane statement than an implication) that Danny Miesner was bi-polar, and suicidal…are we supposed to deduce that he maybe shot her? Nowhere does it say that though…its been a long day though, maybe I’ll read it again and I’ll be better able to plug identities into the vague pronouns.

    • According to the police description the weapon discharged while in its case. The only way this would happen is if something else in the case moved against the trigger. The chances of foul play are pretty low with this one. Who would put a loaded rifle in a case with a bunch of junk, leave the safety off and hope a specific someone would move it while it was pointed right at them and cause a negligent discharge?

      • Unless it was a Remington 700, in which case you do not need another object, and the safety could have been on. All you need is to drop the rifle or bump it “just right.”

  4. don henly, paul mccartney, mick jagger and roger daltry will be the last to die in their respective bands.
    life is not fair.

  5. The tragic conclusion to a life in the fast lane. My understanding was that he called the doctor, who said he was coming, but you gotta pay in cash.

  6. Should have had the bong instead of a GUN in that guncase. Shulda had the guncase full of the best Purple Nurple AK indica cross that money could buy. Mean green sticky skunk smellin rippen trippen token chokin heavy on the jokin cant find my gun the closet or my ass, shit man yeah

  7. I’ve always thought the number of ‘Accidental’ deaths was attributed to the lack of dedication on the parts of law enforcement and District Attorneys in investigating these incidents.
    Cops accidentally getting killed while ‘cleaning’ their guns has become such a cliche.
    The social stigma attached to suicide and the financial incentives to classify deaths as ‘accidental’ are quite strong in this society.

    This particular case is not really a reflection of my hypothesis. Seems like drugs and guns don’t mix very well.

  8. “Former Eagles bassist Randy Meisner was cleared in the shooting death of his wife, Lana Rae Meisner, that took place on Sunday night, but the cofounder of the pioneering rock group has now been placed on psychiatric hold. According to TMZ, Meisner — who has a history with substance abuse — was reportedly ‘distraught and unstable’ when police arrived on the scene and he made suicide threats. Authorities placed him on a 72-hour psych hold in response.”


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