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“‘You kind of wonder what kind of glasses some of the Democrats are wearing as they look at that horrible tragedy,’ Ridge said on ‘The Cats Roundtable’ radio show with John Catsimatidis.'” That’s former DHS honcho Tom Ridge wondering aloud at the rabid anti-gun push of Capitol Hill Dems after the Orlando terrorist attack. “The notion that somehow gun control would have eliminated that is just an absolute disconnect.”

Silly Tom! Surely he can’t really be confused about any of this. Can he? It should be as plain as the blue gloves on a TSA agent that the administration and their congressional water carriers have done a masterful job redirecting the post-Orlando narrative from a failed foreign policy and the impotent fight we’ve waged against ISIS to…guns! The NRA! Homophobia!

They’ve also made the poll-based calculation — yet again — that the American electorate really is behind them. This time. Finally! Which is how we wound up with a momentary Senate filibuster and a House floor sit-in Periscoped live for maximum effect.

“But (no fly, no buy) is totally unrelated to the incident in Orlando where the murderer pledged allegiance to [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] and was probably inspired and converted by the virtue of the internet and some of his travels.”

All true, Tom. But inconveniently and assuredly counter to the misdirection of voters’ attention that’s required this election season.

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  1. It seems we have one party that wants to take the threats to this country serious, and another party that is pushing an agenda. All conspiracy theories aside, I wonder what the real end game is?

    • I have to wonder, though, whether that would still be true if we had a Republican in the White House. As time goes on I see less and less air between D and R in terms of their actions; or rather there is an air gap, but they seem to me to be more intent on scoring points off each other in some absurd game, rather than even making an attempt to serve the interests of the nation.

      This is a bit off-topic, but I am continually amazed at how internally inconsistent the party platforms are. It’s as if there’s a “Plank Deck” that the Rs and Ds drew from in back-room deals 40 or so years ago.

      • The GOP has to give a little as enough seats are in jeopardy to risk a democrat Congress and every card must be played.
        MAKE NO MISTAKE, a Hillary president + a democrat Congress = Australian Style Gun Control, or worse, much worse. Hillary’s SCOTUS will uphold every democrat gun law no matter how ridiculous.

        Guns will be slowly rounded up by Report & Reward — burglars, maids, in-laws, neighbors, kid’s friends, etc will all get big rewards for turning in gun possessors. Insurance and mortgage companies will be on board too, regs will allow cancellations and foreclosure on gun containing properties and vehicles.

        • No they don’t. The Democrats need to “give a little” and agree that a person is innocent until proven guilty before they are put on a list that denies them their rights!

    • As somebody once said, “What do people with power want? More power!”

      There is no conspiracy when the end goal is openly stated. Which is total world power and control. And like always, just as they have created the environment to achieve their goal, it all collapses. But this time, it will be world wide.

      So those that live by the laws of nature, otherwise known as the laws of G-d, will prosper; those that live by the laws of man, will be consumed. The challenge, as always, is to figure out which those are. “For even the elect will be deceived”.

      It’s called evolution, or the survival of the fittest.

      So while I’m not looking forward to the coming challenge, especially when so many of the children will suffer; the outcome will be wondrous!

    • The real end game for the Demorats is to support their flawed candidate by using gun control as a smoke screen to ignore the daming evidence that is stacked against her.

      • Yep. Remember, it is shameful to fly an American flag as a sign of being a proud American. It interferes with the whole world domination/globalization thing.

  2. Speaking truth to power (or to the press) can be dangerous for one’s career, if you’re working for said power at the time. Doubly so if said power has a reputation of valuing narrative over truth.

    Given that, I’d be surprised if we were hearing almost anything different than we are.

  3. Points to Demorcrats…they want to give special interest everything you have while taking away your armaments.

  4. I am not sure there is a very clear cut end game, but there are some clear themes. The Democrat party, in its current form, is the anti-Constitutional party. They see the document as an outdated structure that no longer applies to the current world. As Woodrow Wilson style Progressives, they see the Presidency as the most important branch of the government and if they are in the majority see the various supermajority requirements of Congress as quaint and obstructive. They are in effect in favor of an elected dictator, when it is one of their own. They also are believers in regulation of all aspects of citizens’ lives, and do not agree with the concept of natural rights. This is why they are not actually happy with first, second and fifth amendments, all of which put limits on what the government can do. What many of their supporters don’t realize is that just like Progressives were big fans of Mussolini back in the beginning of the 20th century, the current Democrat party is very similar to the Fascist party. This is not meant to be inflammatory, but all one needs to do is read the Fascist manifesto in Wikipedia and the resemblance becomes striking.

    • This is pretty much the same conclusion I’ve come to. The Republicans aren’t our friends (hello, Patriot Act), but at least they’re not openly campaigning against the Constitution and the very idea of natural individual rights.

      The Democratic party itself has morphed into fascism-lite. They’re always saying we should be more like Europe; unfortunately, they seem to have chosen Italy and Germany circa 1938 as their model.

      • We can fault W and the Republicans for panicking in the aftermath of 9-11 and cramming that Patriot Act monstrosity into law. However, the Patriot Act was originally passed with a sunset provision. Twice on Obama’s watch, he’s signed its extension.

        The Democrats whooped and hollered about the Patriot Act for eight years under Bush. Yet, when they had the chance to do something about it under Obama, they extended it, twice. Then they illegally expanded federal intrusion even further than that with absurdly accommodating interpretations of the law.

  5. The Republicans aren’t much better than the Dems. Paul Ryan is every bit as bad as Obama on immigration, just for different reasons. Obama sees potential votes and Ryan sees payoffs to big business who want to suppress wages with cheap imported labor.

    Bottom line, almost none of them give a damn about what they are doing to this country.

    • “The Republicans aren’t much better than the Dems.”

      If any better at all. What we need is someone from outside government, who is not afraid to take apparently nutty positions and then explains them and reasons for them (how can I put this?) *leading* people to intelligent decisions and actions, rather than using really silly poll numbers to attempt to deceive voters into believing that they agree with each one of them. Where could we find such a person to vote for?

      • Hmmm……how about at the Heritage Foundation and its president Jim DeMint? He’s led the most important conservative institution in America for three years now.

        Before that, he did serve three terms in the House and one and a half terms in the Senate, which I consider valuable experience without drinking the D.C. Kool-aid.

        Before all that, though, he had a very successful 25 year business career.

  6. Right now, the Dems are focusing on so-called “weapons of war.” In other words, firearms that would prove most useful to we the people in resistance to governmental tyranny.

    Once they remove our best ability to resist government, a lot of the current agitation will stop even with the Crusty Old Crook in the White House. Because the G only cares about the G, politicians only care about politicians and Hillary only cares about Hillary.

    • Once they remove our best ability to resist government, a lot of the current agitation will stop even with the Crusty Old Crook in the White House.
      Think so? Look at Europe with gobs of gun control. Heck, they clamour for more.

      • 1. This ain’t Urup
        2. The demtards are so stupid they don’t import millions of Eurowussy libtards who would stupidly vote dem. The demtards decide to import a butt load of useless 3rd world scum thinking they will be easier to control (with welfare) and get to mindlessly vote dem. Not smart.

  7. Yes, more gun laws would not have stopped Orlando. The real answer to the last few shootings is to profile. Pause for the knee jerk cries of “racism” etc. that’s not going to happen.
    What is interesting is the enforcement of the current gun laws. A examination shows that gun crimes get dropped or plea bargained away. The NICS in 2010 did over 6 million background checks. About 76 thousand were denied. What happened with the denials? The overwhelming majority (90% as I recall) were dropped. In the end there were 13 guilty.

    • Interesting. Now tell us the *COST* of those 13 convictions! The system to handle millions of applications, the records keeping costs, the costs of equipment for FFLs to check NICS, the increased costs per gun purchase. The buildings, the personnel, the bandwidth, the wasted time? All together, how much do we pay for each conviction, instead of dumping the whole joke and telling the people to carry a gun and take care of their own business? A billion dollars each? It seems to be some sort of secret.

  8. Funny how Ridge is sooooo clueless as to his culpability after Bush et all pushed us into a police-state. Anyone feel “safer” being disarmed in GFZ’s?

  9. This falls into the category of “have to do something” (more gun control) knee jerk reaction. The Gay community is a large voting block for democrats, only reason legislators give a rat’s ass. Only thing that should have been done was for cops to put an end to shooter first hour, not the three hours until all the victims were dead or seriously injured. WHAT new gun law could have prevented this? None! .

  10. Senator Casey , ( d ) uh.. Pa. Has introduced S – 3053 , because this was not terrorism , but a ‘ hate crime ‘ …. you know …. like ‘ workplace violence ‘ . The Casey bill seeks to strip gun rights for ( certain ) misdemeanors. Sounds innocent right ? But who decides and Defines ‘ hate crime ‘ ? …….HMmmm……? If this gets passed it WILL be EXPANDED and WIDENED to include ALL misdemeanors in short order , and you just KNOW ” Conservative Hate Speech ” ) will be added next ….. Bet on it.

  11. T Ridge (DHS): Gun control initiatives after Orlando are ignorant.
    J Johnson (DHS): Gun control is a national security issue.

    Many frustrated interwebbers: there are no differences between Republicans and Democrats.

  12. you have the Rhino’s and the Treasonous Democrats all practicing willful illegal activities against the non PC American population! take our back country from those who give away our country to people who do not deserve it, all the while destroying our country’s values and trying to rewrite our History and screwing true American citizens of the USA by birth and naturalization, allowing illegal immigrants in this country is a slap in the face for all those who had to do the naturalization process! I’m tired of my f*****g politicians apologizing for the supposed sins of our grand father’s, It’s time for people nullification of those asshole laws passed by corrupt people, like Hillery not using a secure server so the Chinese who gave Hubby Millions of Dollars could then read all the secret transmissions of the State Dept! or was so concerned with reelection she didn’t have time to defend our Ambassador!

  13. Tommy Boy, are you trying to get your old job back maybe? You helped create this mess, so STFU already. You have nothing to add, nothing you can improve, so just go away. Don’t you have some color codes to make up? Or a few taxpayer funded stadiums to give away, or some runaway public pension plans to cook up?


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