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The response to TTAG’s content contest has been phenomenal. Over one-hundred writers are vying for a straight-from-the-factory, box-fresh FNS-9 handgun. And the editorial, tips and reviews are still arriving at the [email protected] inbox. (The entry deadline is midnight tonight. Click here for the official rules). As promised, TTAG Editor Frank Williams will select and announce the winner tomorrow. However . . . because there is so much great content, because we want to keep publishing entries and maintain the suspense, we’re going to award another FNS-9 to another writer next Monday. Let me be clear: the contest closes tonight. Done. But if you don’t win tomorrow, you can still win next Monday. In any case, thanks for reading and thanks for playing. It’s been our honor to publish so many new voices who share our desire to tell the truth about guns.

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      New perspectives from new authors. All of the articles have been fun to read, and the fresh perspective has shown me how normal gun owners (not gun writers) think.

      In my opinion, you should keep this type of contest going forever.

  1. This has been my all-time favorite week reading TTAG. And I’m not even a contestant! I love all the new content pouring in to the site and fresh perspectives. Really awesome! Keep up all the good work, people! Most of the political content tends to be negative at the moment unfortunately, and reading gun reviews, self-defense tips, personal stories, etc.–in a well-written, entertaining, informational capacity has been a truly pleasant experience for me.

    RF, Nick, everyone on staff–please, if you get the chance to continue this form of contest in the future, please take advantage. I would love to see TTAG continue this format on a regular basis if at all possible.

    Good luck to everyone vying for that fabulous FN FNS-9!

  2. Great contest, we have had some interesting submissions.
    Can’t see how you can choose a winner, but next time maybe narrow it down and let readers vote? Top 5, or top 10.
    I think it should be done again, but limited to keep it special, not more than twice a year, maybe early sumner and December/January.

    And you can do this in TTAK too.

  3. For the record, you guys suck. Well, your contest requirements do, but the rest has been pretty cool.

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