Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.
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Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies rescued a family, including a seven-year-old girl hiding in her bedroom, from a trio of armed, violent home invaders Saturday night in Deltona, Florida.  Now, the department has released dramatic bodycam footage from the responding officers.

The video and circumstances show why gun owners should carry at home just as they do when they’re out in public.


The three alleged bad boys came to the home armed to the teeth. Unfortunately for them, a seven-year-old girl in the home heard the commotion as the trio of thugs stormed into the home. She hid in her bedroom and called 9-1-1.

Meanwhile, the bad guys tied up four adult family members and took them into the garage. What the bad guys didn’t know: responding deputies had arrived to rescue the family and apprehend the bad guys (who are probably extremely happy they don’t live in Broward County).

It was a classic cops and robbers situation.

Screencap by Boch via YouTube

The crying seven-year-old girl certainly made the video quite dramatic. Once the deputies found her hiding under a chair in her bedroom, she begged the officers to save her family and to be reunited with them.

The Daytona Beach News Journal reported on the incident:

Three armed suspects, including one with a rifle, broke into the Deltona home in the 1400 block of Eden Drive at 10:05 p.m. Saturday and tied up a family while a small child hid in a bedroom, Volusia County sheriff’s officials said.

Investigators do not believe the home invasion was random. The victims suffered minor injuries in the incident, said sheriff’s spokeswoman Laura Williams.

When deputies got to the scene, the suspects tried to run but were caught by deputies who had the home surrounded, Williams said.

Two suspects, Jermaine Oliver, 30, and Derrick Mathis, were each was charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm, five counts of kidnapping with a firearm, one count of kidnapping of a child under 13 with a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

A third suspect, John Anderson, 39, was charged with principal to home invasion robbery with a firearm, five counts of principal to kidnapping whole armed with a firearm, and one count of principal to kidnapping of a child under 13 with a firearm.

All three were being held Sunday at the Volusia County Branch Jail, Williams said.

The bad guys made entry by confronting two of the residents at gunpoint in their garage while the overhead door was open.

Image by Boch via YouTube.

Here at TTAG, we have encouraged gun owners to remain armed in their homes in stories here, here, here and here to list a few. After all, bad guys don’t make appointments for when and where they will attack.


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  1. Two comments:

    1. The commies in Texas want to criminalize using a firearm for home defense, and are going to introduce a bill to that effect for the spring session. There was a quote: “Homeowners are too quick to the trigger during home invasions.” It probably won’t pass, but these f*ers, don’t ever give up.

    2. The usual suspects.

    • Butthead Beano can steal poor Hispanics houses to build a mall and make money. It’s no wonder he’s on the side of the thiefs. Liberals totally suck and the world would be a heck of a lot better without the dirty commies, I mean liberals.

  2. There is a reason why the difference between the Volusia and Broward Sheriff’s offices. Leadership. Chitwood is a leader that believes in doing the right thing in Volusia county. Broward is a huge mess.

    • Chitwood makes the most red flag orders in the state and got in legal trouble for illegal gun grabbing when he was in charge of Daytona Beach. He’s not to be trusted.

  3. No way. Black Lives Matter told me that systemic racism equaled murdered black people that have run ins with the acabs. Those guys are clearly black and the cops are definitely white/ish. 🤔

  4. Bless the Deputy’s for doing their duty in a timely and responsible manner.

    Three dirt-swilling former members of the community will (hopefully) spend a couple of decades in the Graybar Hotel.

    PS: Deputy Richardson needs to work on her command voice.

    PPS: G_d bless the 7-yo girl for her presence of mind.

  5. My answer to BLM mouthies is “Black FATHERS Matter!” What does it tell us that single Black moms are the common factor in Black male criminality? It tells me that they are incompetent as mothers to their unruly children. Statistically, in the general population, fathers are more likely than mothers to turn their children in for crimes. I’m not sure if those statistics apply in the Black culture, but I know that Black families with fathers living at home have normal children.

    • I think modetn mothers in general are more likely to enable their criminally inclined kids. I have a friend (white) who had a drug addict for a son and he steals from her all the time and she does nothing.

        • i just edited one of mine, TD, since the change happened.

          One plus is that it appears the “save your name” part seems to be working, for once…

          This is edit number 2, right now.

          You may have a browser configuration issue, TD…

    • Mother’s are incapable of raising boys into men. That’s why so many men without a father figure in their life turn to crime.

  6. How come it’s always a lily white bigot who assumes the boogie man’s face is always, “Black?” Such self defense incompetence can quickly turn a pompous bigot into a good bitch for a lily white perp.

  7. I was ok with this vid until they found the little girl. Hearing her broke me.


    Cops did a good job all things considered. This vid is a good tool to use for explaining situational confusion and tactical awareness.

    • I’m quite certain the “ODCs” will give the perps a very hard time. Kidnappers are regarded only slightly above child molesters.

  8. Dogs, big dogs, big mean ass foaming at the mouth tearing the window screens out to get to you dogs,If you can have them where you live. Firearms are nice too but not near as affectionate.
    That little girl needs to man up, what a wuss.

    • There’s a reason its called ‘crying like a 7yo girl’.

      I rolled a car once and I swear to this day I heard a 7yo girl screaming in that car. Turn out I was alone.

  9. Laws no Laws I keep my guns loaded and I’ll take my chances in court.

    What’s that ole saying, Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6.

    Felons with guns, who’d a thought?

  10. C’mon man! Cops picking on a couple of poor black men just turning their lives around. Day mamas say day good boys. Dreaming about going to college and what not.

    • They’re lucky to be alive. I’ve learned this year that black people are hunted by the cops and that black people are paranoid about being targeted…so much so that they don’t commit any crimes for fear of an encounter sure to be their last.

    • “Those cops sure sound panicky.”

      Most cops go through their entire career without drawing a weapon in sheer terror. They get a pass from me…

    • The only way to not be panicky in a life-threatening situation like this is to have sufficient training or experience to inoculate from it. Most cops do not have enough. They’re not navy seals. They don’t fight one day and train every other. 99.x% of what they do is nothing like this.

      It would be great if cops were all trained to the point of being able to go into this sort of situation like cool hand luke but the reality is that they aren’t and we aren’t willing to pay for that. Every day training is a day they’re not patrolling. If they’re not patrolling someone else has to do it. If someone else has to do it, that means you need more cops. That means more budget. And so on.

  11. From the perspective of the deputies who responded, that was an extremely chaotic and uncertain event. I am not criticizing the deputies — rather I am pointing out how difficult it had to be for the deputies to determine who were victims and who were perpetrators.

    I give those deputies high marks for correctly separating the perpetrators from the victims and not harming any of the victims in the process. Well done.

  12. John, you have to get with the BLM program. They weren’t “armed, violent home invaders.” They were simply “unexpected guests.” They may have been offering the homeowners free copies of “The Watchtower” or “Liahona” or selling subscriptions to the Encyclopedia Britannica. And things just, you know, devolved.

  13. Too bad they didn’t execute these three right there. It would of saved so much money and send a message at the same time.

  14. About a mile from front door, ALWAYS carry in home, out in the shop or on the street… every gun in my house is loaded AND ready to fire… Everyone in my home CAN use a gun and is well aware of their fire ready condition… Rule #ONE if you touch it “understand” (don’t just assume) that it’s loaded….

  15. Overall excellent work responding to an unknown situation with multiple armed suspects. Utilizing a ballistic shield for entry was a sound decision given the circumstances and information.

    Ripoff crews increase their level of violence with each job, at some point a family like this would have been executed in their home.

    I’m open to comments regarding sentencing reform because 30 years to life seems appropriate here.

  16. According to AOC the ONLY reason they are engaging in crime is because they are hungry! I say give them unlimited EBT cards and set them free…with their hunger sated they will not engage in predatory crime anymore…problem solved.

    (do I really need to add the /sarc tag?)

    • AOC is currently selling assorted SJ T-shirts and coffee mugs for 27/28 bucks each, but the KILLER is the $67.00 sweatshirt that says “TAX THE RICH” that ONLY the wealthy could afford and with a net worth of around 100 grand and an annual salary of 175,000 I guess that excludes her, however her “SQUAD” buddy Ilhan Omar (you recall her as the poor little Somali Muslim refugee) is closer to 32 mil some of which came from washing campaign cash through her NEWEST husbands political consultant firm… And these people are advocating for the downfall of America and the end to the Capitalism that put them where they are….


    Yea, “married” her brother to get him into the USA. Prima facie case of marriage fraud…a Federal felony offense which carries a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000, and applies to both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens who perpetrate this crime. By US law, she should be tried, convicted, serve the time, de-naturalized and deported back to her country of origin.

    Considering that she appears frequently in person, and in social media, actively supporting anti-Israel and anti-USA terror groups, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that much of her laundered money finds it’s way to those same terror organizations.

    …and no one in authority seems to give a rat’s patootie. The Rule of Law in the USA has become corrupted and very one-sided.

  18. damn shame they all lived but I guess I’m glad that poor family didn’t have to deal with sizable bloodstains on the carpet, walls, and ceiling.


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