Ronald Fleet Home Invasion
Ronald Fleet (courtesy Pasco County Sheriff)
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[Ronald] Fleet, armed with a handgun, was able to kick the door open and enter the house. The homeowner and Fleet exchanged gunfire which initially caused Fleet to leave, though a short time later he charged back inside. At that point, the homeowner fired again, killing Fleet.

Sheriff Nocco says he is thankful that the victim was in a position to defend himself.

“Any loss of life is tragic, but the victim was utilizing his Second Amendment right to protect himself and his family form the fear of Ronald who was carrying a gun and kicking in the door. I can’t imagine the fear they were going through.”.

Pasco Sheriff: Homeowner shoots, kills armed man trying to break into Land O’Lakes home 

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    • “Yes, gun controllers, sh$t like this really does happen.”

      Why didn’t the resident call 911, and ask that a social worker be dispatched to the scene to deescalate the situation? After that, the resident could have calmly explained to the intruder that help was on the way, and the intruder should wait to discuss his intentions with a disinterested party whose only concern would be to amicably negotiate a satisfactory settlement.

  1. Proof positive that crooks are stupid. This maroon breaks in and gets shot at and then goes back for more, after he has discovered that the resident is 1 awake, 2 armed, 3 willing to shoot!

  2. “A Pasco County man is dead after breaking into the home of a family who was supporting his estranged wife during their divorce proceedings”

    That explains it. One of these guys who figures he owns his woman and will either force her to love him or punish her for failing to do so. Along with killing anyone who got in his way or challenged his authority.

    Glad he’s dead, hope he never had the opportunity to breed.

    Good shoot, exactly why decent people should be armed.

        • haven’t heard that term in decades. I wonder if millennials or younger generations have an idea what it means?

        • “Addlepated twit!”

          “haven’t heard that term in decades. I wonder if millennials or younger generations have an idea what it means?”

          What a real “blast from the past”. The phrase* was most often heard from my grandparents. Always made me laugh. We need to bring back more of those kinds of declarations.

          *Actually, the phrase was mostly, “addlepated ninny”, or addlepated ninconpoop”.

      • #metoo. I fully support Kamala for President after Joe dies. When I was in that 4-some with Kamala, Nancy, and Dianne, Kamala was the toothiest of the bunch and scraped a little more than I liked, but she’s alright. She’s alright. I do prefer them toothless with dentures removed, but ya, she’s alright.

        Eric Swalwell 2020

      • “Yeah well I supported Kamala Harris first, before anybody else knew she was great, I was there for her in a big way. Gave her $6,000 for her races in California. Nobody saw how big she would be until I came in and backed her. Me and Ivanka did it together, back when we were pretending to be Democrats, before we began pretending to be Republicans. I was for Kamala Harris in the biggest way, before I was against her. Just like that Kerry guy”

        • Still another reason to support Trump. He’s a big enough man to admit when he’s made a mistake. Very refreshing honesty compared to his opponents.

        • “The media can use this information to prove Trump is a racist.”

          Exactly. Sounds just like what a racist white supremacist would do. /sarc

        • True story. Jay Rockefeller had just won election to governor of WV. I followed a group of ANG onto the local rifle range. They were doing their quals.

          Their targets were campaign posters of jay and his wife sharon. The shots were concentrated on his face and her boobs.

    • enuf…If your head was not up your behind you’d see the perp and you have a lot in common. Both of you self serving a-holes assume you know what is best and cannot possibly be wrong. Unlike the deceased you have been told by the vast majority of this forum, in one way or another, that you have democRat Poop on your shoes and you are the only one who cannot smell it. Either shape up or gfy.

      • Get a room already. You are almost as bad with Enuf as the All Hail person is with Haz. As Shakespeare said “Methinks the lady doth protest overmuch.”

        Enuf has some valid points and legitimate grievances, and his desire to write in a different republican is not the same as supporting a gun hating democrat.

        • “his desire to write in a different republican is not the same as supporting a gun hating democrat.”

          I get where you’re coming from, but by supporting the Lincoln Project, enuf is absolutely supporting gun hating democrats. The Lincoln Project isn’t just anti-Trump. They’re trying to give democrats control of the senate which will install 2A despising judges. Remember when enuf said he was going to support the 2A by supporting the court? Do you see how little sense that makes now? He’s either a useful idiot or a left wing shill.

    • I get that you’re anti-Trump, but did you know that the Lincoln Project, which you support, is trying to flip the senate? They’re targeting all of the republican senators in tight races. They say they’re only going after pro Trump senators, but that isn’t true. It’s just dressing to fool rabid NeverTrumpers. They’re targeting moderate Susan Collins who has voted against Trump. With your help, maybe Arizona will finally turn blue. McSally’s going to lose isn’t she?

        • That’s my point. She isn’t some major Trump ally. They’re going after all republicans in an effort to flip the senate to democrat control.

        • It is really very simple. Martha McSally would win if she campaigned as herself, speaking her own views and her own intentions. She miscalculated, she has been parroting Trump something awful and doing rather a poor job of it. As such she is only attracting the hard core Trumpists. To non-Trumpistas, she saounds false, like she doesn’t believe what she is saying. This has hurt her badly and handed the edge to Mark Kelly, who otherwise would not have stood a snowball’s chance in Yuma.

          It really is a sad shit show, McSally had so very much going for her until she submerged her character beneath the trump flag.

          Hell of a shame.

          Will still vote for her.

    • After you called Trump a coward because he avoided military service I asked you when did you serve. You did not reply. An oversight on your part?

      • Being a close and dear friend of enuf, I can personally attest to enuf’s military gallantry and itrepidity. When we fought together in the Vietnam war as members of the 54th Massachusetts we stormed the ramparts of Battery Wagner which protected Haipong harbor outside of Hanoi. Despite being wounded over two dozen times, the death of the Regimental commander, and the repulsed attack, enuf carried me and the Regimental colors back to friendly lines. He then hopped in a Huey helicopter and flew more dustoff missions than any other pilot in world history, thus single-handedly winning the Vietnam war. As a matter of fact, enuf so thoroughly won the Vietnam War that North Korea surrendered to him personally, laying down their arms at his naked feet and worshipping him as an Earthbound god. Afterword I went on a whirlwind tour of America regaling the heroics of enuf thus launching my political career; the most successful political career in American history…. So, ya, enuf is an American hero my friend, or my name isn’t Eric Swalwell!

        Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Your’re an ass.

          No, I have never been in the military and have previously said so. You missed it, poor baby.

          My public service has been in EMS/ SAR and Fire-Rescue. I left all that behind due to injuries and moved into my other career, as I have always had more than one. The past roughly twenty years in the Defense industry, engineering and manufacturing.

          Yes, Trump is a coward and a traitor to the Constitution and the rule of law upon which this nation was founded. He has no respect for service of any sort save that which aids him personally, and only for as long as giving that respect is to his advantage. He is a Democrat turned fake news Republican, an amoral scumbag with no loyalty to wife or child.

          The man is excrement and a stain upon our Republic.

          Fuck yes I oppose him. If the polls say he’s no chance in Arizona I’ll breathe a sigh of relief and vote a Republican write-in. If it’s close, I’ll hold my nose and vote the other side.

          We have fought gun control for generations and shall continue to do so.

          Unless you think that in some magical mystical way Biden will wave his magic wand and all the hurdles, the checks, the balances, the endless factional fighting even in his own party will simply evaporate?

          Not that I think he’ll win, I simply watch the shifting odds. Beyond that, no predictions from me.

          Fuck all party politics, what matters now is defending the Republic from the madman in the Oval Office!

        • “If it’s close, I’ll hold my nose and vote the other side.

          We have fought gun control for generations and shall continue to do so.

          Unless you think that in some magical mystical way Biden will wave his magic wand and all the hurdles, the checks, the balances, the endless factional fighting even in his own party will simply evaporate?”

          It’s called flipping the senate to democrat control so they can install 2A despising judges. This isn’t complicated.

        • “…a traitor to the Constitution and the rule of law upon which this nation was founded. He has no respect for service of any sort save that which aids him personally, and only for as long as giving that respect is to his advantage.”

          So no different than anybody else in Washington DC, then. They’re all shitty human beings, and they’re all corrupt. Trump is just more open than most about what he’s up to — and unlike so many others, the media won’t cover for him.

          The way I see it, there are two major differences between Trump and the rest of the scumbags inside the DC beltway: One, he’s hitched his political wagon to *us*, not to the administrative state; and two, he’s doing important parts of the president’s job that nobody else will. Even if all he does is continue to build the wall and appoint more judges who actually rule on the text of the law, that’s well worth voting for.

        • enuf. lincoln project? So you’re deeply mired in the swamp and are pissed because Trump wants to drain it. ems,sar, fire rescue? Injured? Let me guess. A ‘bad’ back and 110% retirement bennies.

          Not too disabled to work in the swamp.

        • Well said Ing. Remember when the dems lost their mind because we didn’t go to war with Turkey? Yes, that really happened. Trump has managed to not start any wars or topple any governments, unlike the previous administrations. In 2016, the State Department was pushing for going to war in Syria. What do you think Hillary would have done? 2,000 U.S. military fatalities under Obama, about 100 under Trump. How many American citizens has Trump murdered with drone strikes? How many weddings has he bombed? The dems were fine with that but upset with taking out a terrorist responsible for American deaths. Remember Libya? All the press can talk about is useless distractions like Trump complimented a dictator. The don’t want you to notice the massive difference between the actions taken by the administrations.

        • jwm says:
          August 12, 2020 at 12:55
          enuf. lincoln project? So you’re deeply mired in the swamp and are pissed because Trump wants to drain it. ems,sar, fire rescue? Injured? Let me guess. A ‘bad’ back and 110% retirement bennies.
          Not too disabled to work in the swamp.

          Your insults and lack of respect are typical of what has gone so fucking wrong and off the rails in the GOP.

          Mired in the swamp? Trump has not been draining it, he has been adding sewage and alligators to the swamp.

          No disability benefits here and no retirement either. I had a Disabled parking permit for a year, used an adapted car that I paid for until I had two working feet under me. Gave up using the permit after the PT advised to park further away and push against the pain. Sold many possessions to pay the bills, fought with the insurance company to get treated, this was not like being in some big city agency back East. There sure as hell wasn’t any union.

          And no, the back is fine, broken bones were not in the back.

          The only outfits I donate to are the GOA and SAF. If the NRA reforms, they will get something from me too, as they used to.

          The Lincoln Project has well heeled conservatives behind it, they do not need my money.

        • “The Lincoln Project has well heeled conservatives behind it”

          Like I said, either a shill or a useful idiot. Which conservative policies do you think they’re hoping for by flipping the senate in favor of democrats? There’s a sucker born every minute…

      • Umm. . . Well, conversations like this tend to overlook an important point. Early in the ’16 election, a new insurgent conservative demographic emerged. It was quite different from the customary main-street, Rotary-Club Republicans, many of whom were quite happy to be remain a RINO “loyal opposition” political class. Trump recognized the insurgency for what it was at about the same time the insurgency recognized Trump. At his Tulsa rally a deal was made. The kick-ass insurgency had gone looking for an assassin and had passed on Curz and the usual RINO choices. In Trump, the insurgency found its assassin. Essentially, he was hired to do a job. He doesn’t have to like us and we don’t have to particularly like him. Both he and we know that. He was hired to do a job—-and, like a good assassin, damn if he isn’t doing it.

        • I eouldn’t describe in such organized, well planned out terms. But your assassin analogy carries a lot of truth. Trump has caused immense damage to the Republican party and the Conservative Movement. The singular benefit has been the influence of the Federalist Society on judicial nominations. And yet, even there he has done damage as some of his appointees have been called unacceptable by many Republicans, conservative legal scholars and the American Bar Association.

          But the greatest negative mipact on this election has been building for months, and it is all solidly on Trump’s shoulders. While his inability to lead is not the cause of 167,361 deaths (and counting), his failures have added many tens of thousands to the toll who would not otherwise have died.

          And there are many, many other websites tallying up the cost of Trump being in charge and doing all the wrong things during this pandemic.

          Aside from all the dead people, it is the Republican Party that is paying the electoral cost.

        • Quoting bing and CNN…speaking of propaganda mouthpieces.

          It’s interesting to read the “new” enuf…for a TDS afflicted commenter you try to appear “reasonable” in your undermining efforts here on TTAG.

          The truth appears to be that you are an anonymous poster (like the rest of us) who claims to be a POTG…yet, your comments, taken over time, are pretty much firearm-restrictive and anti-conservative…you keep harping back to pro-DNC policies (not in name, but, in substance). Your attacks are insidious (like most Progressive attacks).

          Occasionally, you post a comment or argument that has merit…when taken at face value…then you insert your “slant”…that last finishing bit of propaganda designed to “sway the vote”.

          It will be interesting to watch your “evolving changes” as the election nears…calm, rational, sympathetic…yet, delightfully, virulently, always anti-Trump.

          Your approach is highly reminiscent of a Media Matters actor employee.

          …as for me, I’m headed to the range.



      • No political party holds any advantage on violent asshole wife beaters. Scumbags come in every political flavor.

        Remember that certain Democrat VP candidate who pretended his great love as his wife was dying of cancer? But all the while he was impregnating his mistress?

        C’mon now … you remember his name? Don’t pretend you do not.

    • ya, but the problem is that black on black crime is a major Democrat problem. If you have one black person kill an other black person and that black person goes to jail, then that’s two Democrat voters down the tube. Same for crime in general since a vast majority of criminals (and crime victims) are Democrat voters. We’re literally losing voters at twice the rate of Republicans.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

    • Attention derpsht!!! Sounds exactly like the sicko behavior of destructive scumbags in democRat city strongholds that are doing the looting, arson, bullying and thumbing their noses at the police…Fits the mold of a deranged, slanderous democRat gutless wonder like you.

        • You’re just infuriated a real woman like Deborah would never allow a twerp like you to mount her, Incel.

          She would flip you around like a two-minute steak.

          And you’ll never get to experience that.

          Keep whacking it, maybe it will grow a millimeter… 😉

  3. And this event serves as an important reminder:

    Thieves are lazy. If a lazy thief is breaking into your home and you start shooting, the only uncertainty is whether or not the thief sustains any self-inflicted injuries from trying to run faster than his/her legs will carry him/her. Thus, any firearm in any caliber will, “stop the threat,” immediately and admirably. For these situations rimfire rifles and small handguns are excellent choices.

    Rejected boyfriends and husbands are a different kettle of fish. If a rejected boyfriend/husband is breaking into the home where the ex-girlfriend/wife is holed-up, there is a significant probability that the ex-boyfriend/husband will maim/kill the home occupants if he is physically able to do so. Thus, rimfire rifles and handguns will often fail to stop the attacker before he maims/kills home occupants. For these situations shotguns (loaded with slugs) and rifles (loaded with softpoint or hollowpoint bullets) are the only solution that are likely to stop the attacker before he maims/kills home occupants.

    Moral of the story: if you are providing shelter for someone’s estranged girlfriend or wife, keep a shotgun (loaded with slugs) or rifle (loaded with softpoint or hollowpoint bullets) at the ready. Pro-tip: that shotgun or rifle should be pump-action or semi-auto.

    • I would expect the moral of the story would be not to provide shelter for someone’s estranged girlfriend or wife. These things tend not to end well. For those that do end well, they can do so just as easily at an actual women’s shelter or at her own new apartment; not in my quiet cul-de-sac.

      • Jonathan-Houston,

        With significant potential for an unpleasant encounter, I can certainly appreciate that many people would choose to not provide shelter for an estranged girlfriend/wife.

        If a family member or close friend left an abusive relationship, I would be inclined to provide shelter for that family member or close friend.

      • What enuf left out was that the wife was sheltering with family. She fled to family for protection from an (apparent) abusive spouse.

      • I once provided shelter for my best friend’s wife. She called the police and then called what I quickly apprised was her boyfriend and I hung up the phone. When the police showed up I went to his home and I requested a little time to settle him down as he was agitated as I would expect. No one got hurt hurt and he got custody of the kids. Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.

  4. Gonna save a lot of money/time/trouble on those expensive divorce lawyers now.
    I guess that’s one way to get it done.
    Let’s hope she’s not going to be out child support money and that he had a decent life insurance policy with her still listed as the beneficiary.

  5. Ya’ll sure he wasn’t shot for that muskrat on his face, missing the muskrat?

    Did Kamala know Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell? Only wikileaks knows!

    She let Joe sniff more than her hair, according to “Q”.

  6. The purpose of gun control is to discourage self defense. In a home invasion, you are supposed to call 911 and request police. If they don’t arrive in time to save you from serious injury or death, sucks to be you. If the Democrat’s wet dream of gun confiscation comes to pass, which means self defense becomes pretty much impossible unless you are big, strong and young, bombard lawmakers, especially Democrats, with, “Crime has gotten worse, not better. This is your fault! Fix it or your successor in office will.” Repeat as necessary.

    • Officer, I do not know who shot this man dead on my doorstep! He was trying to break down my door and some guy (average height, average weight, couldn’t see his eye color, sort of dark tan) rode past and shot him several times with one of those nasty gun-things. I guess it must have been a cop, all the others were banned, right? Me? I was on the phone trying to reach 911.

  7. It’s nice to hear when criminals value other peoples possessions more then their owns lives get what they need with no harm to said possessions!!!!

  8. The resident is very lucky. The intruder could have been the first cop through the door on a “no knock raid”.

  9. “Sheriff Nocco” must have a fairly dangerous county, this is the second time in as many months I’ve seen his name pop up about a home owner shooting an intruder.

  10. More platitudes from enuf whos a libby and brainwashed by the main stream media. I love it when people think the Democrats or RINOs are the answer. Shows me how programmed and brainwashed they are. He likes lockdowns, communism, antifa, destroyed business, dead cops and riots. He likes that all the libby governors and mayors who destroy their own cities. Hes silent when people like Obama and Michael are in office because his snowflake interface says obama perfect for sainthood and media approved. People like enuf will watch America burn and say, “what me worry?”


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