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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
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Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday he expects lawmakers during the 2023 regular legislative session to pass a major change in Florida gun laws.

The change would allow what supporters call “constitutional carry.” …

“Basically, this was something that I’ve always supported,” DeSantis said. “The last two years, it was not necessarily a priority for the legislative leadership. But we’ve been talking about it, and he’s (Renner’s) pledged publicly that’s moving forward, and it’ll be something that will be done in the regular session.”

— News Service of Florida in DeSantis expects Florida to pass permitless carry gun law in 2023

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  1. He also needs to clean out the RINOs in his party in Florida that are pro gun control. If you accomplish that, then run for president when your term expires.

    • We need a status report from Luis Valdez (GOA’s Florida honcho). My recollection is that there are solid majorities in both houses that favor constitutional carry, but as in Texas before last session, there are a couple of RINOs in leadership positions who simply won’t let it come to the floor.

      If that’s still the situation, someone needs to ask DeSantis, publicly, that if said individuals (call them out by name) continue to obstruct constitutional carry coming up for a vote, would he call from their removal from their GOP leadership positions. Given that DeSantis is wildly popular with Florida GOP voters these days, I suspect that if he even hinted that was a possibility said RINOs will quietly fall into line.

      • That was resolved when Wilton Simpson (previous President of the Senate) moved on to Commissioner of Agriculture and opened the door to new leadership in the Senate and with Paul Renner as Speaker of the House, the bill is written, and it WILL move to the floor of BOTH houses for a vote in the next session…

        • Good to hear . . . when we finally got rid of the RINO roadblock in the Texas House in 2021, we had a tsunami of great stuff get passed.

          What would truly be ironic is for CC to pass, and thus Simpson’s control over the issuance of CHL’s effectively becomes moot. (In Florida, CHL’s are handled by the Ag Commissioner for some reason.)

        • Madmaxx, do you work for a Tallahassee lawmaker? Because there is no proposed bill published on the legislature website. I am hearing rumors the legislation will be watered down to only include permitless concealed carry with restrictions and with no open carry. Being a Floridian my whole life I highly doubt a clean bill will be passed.

  2. There’s a lot of different flavors of permitless carry. From mostly non-restrictive regarding places you can carry, to Residents only. We’ll see what flavor gets passed in FL.

        • Works until you get caught.

          There’s a guy on YouTube who calls himself the Suited Shootist. He used to carry at work, against company policy, storing his gun where no one could reasonably be expected to find it. During a conversation about work place shootings, a colleague, who knew Suited was into guns, commented that they would be safe with Suited to protect them. Management overheard the comment, did a complete search of Suited’s possessions, found his gun and fired him on the spot. It was a pretty good job (except for the gun prohibition) and it took him a long time to find one as good.

          Suited lost his job. Getting caught by the cops in the wrong jurisdiction can get you a felony conviction with more prison time than an actual violent criminal.

        • Kendall is unfortunately correct. Get caught carrying in NY, NJ, etc., and it’s very likely going to be a life-changing event. Have to use it in one of those jurisdictions and it definitely will.

          But you do you.

        • For Kendall & LKB: I’m 78 and have lived in MS for the last 23 years. Thank you for your concern, but I’m not worried about what you 2 are obviously worried about. 🙂

        • gunny, what part of MS are you in? My dad’s family is from Wayne County, but I have family from Hattiesburg to Meridian to Jonesboro. Even up in Starkville.

      • It appears some people are obedient and move to the back of the bus and some people see self defense as a choice not to be made by anyone but themselves no matter what.

    • gunnygene:
      From the USCCA reciprocity website: “In terms of reciprocity, Florida will only honor resident CCW licenses from states with which Florida has a reciprocity agreement.”

      In other words, since Florida has a reciprocity agreement with Michigan and I am a Michigan resident with a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL), I can carry a pistol in Florida.

      HOWEVER, “Open carry is not legal in Florida, except for a few limited exceptions such as when engaged in fishing, camping, lawful hunting or target practice at an indoor range.”

    • And every single time any relaxation of concealed carry laws is proposed. If the law passes, there is strangely silence by the same media on covering the blood in the streets and wild west shootouts over minor arguments as predicted. Almost as if the only people deterred by whatever current restrictions are responsible and law-abiding. Just makes no sense… /s

      • +5.

        But really, it’s not Constitutional Carry unless the State Constitution says that the only things governing firearms are the 2A and the state version of the 2A (if applicable) or the creation of a mirror of the 2A within the State Constitution.

        Otherwise it’s really just state law carry which can be reversed faster than you’d really like to think about.

  3. DeSantis has enough popularity and power that, if he really wants to, he can squash the opposition in the RINO legislative leadership in short order. Hopefully, the message being sent to them is “block it again and I’ll be finding / supporting someone to primary you.”

    That was how we got Constitutional Carry passed in Texas — the word went out to a couple of GOP squishes in the state Senate who had expressed opposition and who could easily have killed it that “you kill it, we kill your political career.” They fell into line.

    • “Hopefully, the message being sent to them is “block it again and I’ll be finding / supporting someone to primary you.” ”

      Smells like that to me as well.

      I’m more concerned that in their anger at being forced to do it, they drop a turd in the punch bowl with the specifics… 🙁

  4. Interesting tweet. It’s actually a request to people not living in Florida to keep kids away from Disney since it would be the single biggest reason to brings kids to that state. It does not even apply to residents of Florida as any of them that have kids living with them already have them there. If I were Disney, I’d take serious issue with so-called “moms who love their children”.

    • ‘King Rat’ has problems with very angry conservative parents not happy with what Disney is pushing on their kids.

      It’s gonna be interesting watching how this will play out. Angry Leftist Scum ™ boycotting the ‘Rat’, and conservatives doing the same.

      No wonder the retired Micheal Eisner was yanked out of retirement in desperation to try and right the sinking ship… 🙂

      • never forget Eisner was responsible for a lot of the water rising below decks in the first place. Handing the Star Wars franchise over to Little Miss RadFem was his idea, for one.

    • And of course, the most frustrating part about such drivel as the subject Tweet is the FACT that the only thing Constitutional Carry changes is to now let the law-abiding citizens ALSO carry, in a state where currently ONLY criminals carry without a permit.

      The Tweet would be just as correct if it were reworded to say, “Keep your kids away from Florida, now that there is less chance a criminal will be the ONLY one with a gun!”

  5. Desantis likes to “say” how pro2A he is but never gets anything done. He should had been working his ass off years ago to get CC passed into law in Florida. Now he “says” maybe ‘24? Bullshit! He just plays the blame game for not be able to get it done. He even blamed Marion Hammer for its failure a few months back. He hasn’t done shit to get rid of ERPO’s in Florida either. Nothing! (I don’t think there is another red state with ERPO’s) Then he just recently banned firearms from law-abiding supporters ,licensed Floridians from carrying at his own event! Just what about Desantis is pro-2A ?

    • Tex, CCW passed in Florida in 1987. Ron DeSantis was eleven years old. What would you have him do from his 6th grade classroom?

    • Besides, my understanding is that Sen. Wilton Simpson, then President of the Senate, was blocking a Constitutional Carry bill from coming to the floor for a vote. Despite the fact Gov. DeSantis said he would sign it. Simpson is no longer an obstacle.

  6. That’s all fine and dandy, win the presidency and get national reciprocity rammed through.
    I hold three concealed carry permits, Washington, Arizona and an Enhanced Idaho and it still doesn’t give me enough states. I want them ALL

    • You will never get reciprocity in NJ, NY, CT, MASS, ILL, CO or CA… FL gives me 37 state reciprocity and I can get anywhere I want to go in the country and still be legal… I never left anything in those states that would deny my Constitutional rights that I need to go back for…

      • Only way to get the leftist states to comply is by requiring all security personnel both civilian and government to be in compliance with state gun laws. As long as we keep granting exemption to the gun laws for cops and government bodyguards, you wont get them to change their ways.

        Soon as you do, it’ll change inside of 3 months.

  7. I hope that there are enough voters in the state of Florida willing to put in the blood and the sweat necessary in exercising their First Amendment civil rights for redress of grievances. I like Governor DeSantis. But he is not a dictator. He cannot just sign an executive order creating constitutional carry in Florida.

    Just like President Trump could not use his executive powers to order National reciprocity. The executive leader must have a bill written and presented by the Legislative Branch. And it’s up to the voters of Florida to put tremendous pressure on the RINOS in that state legislative body.

    This makes the second time I believe that Governor DeSantis has spoken about getting constitutional carry for Florida. I think he’s trying to tell you that he needs help dealing with these RINOS. I think you have two years left in order to get this done. Before he runs for the presidency. Wins, becomes President, and leaves Florida without constitutional carry.

    • “I hope that there are enough voters in the state of Florida willing to put in the blood and the sweat necessary in exercising their First Amendment civil rights for redress of grievances.”

      Ask for a wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which hand gets filled first.

      Everyone on the Right wants to act like the problem is the Left. None of them seem to be willing to recognize the truth: they’re being out hustled. Badly.

      The Left puts in work while the Right doesn’t. It’s not hard to figure out why the Left wins.

      I’ll repost this:

      “What I observe with the Left, and the Left does this very well, is that they will do polling on a particular issue and find that there is very little support for it.

      So, then they go out and they advocate and they get their fellow travelers and they write columns and then they poll again. And now, the support is a little bit higher and they keep on inching up the level of support until they’ve got 50% plus one saying “yes” and then they act on it whereas Conservatives do the opposite.

      We say, “Oh, we’ve got this idea, let’s go out and poll on it. Ooo, people don’t like it, well let’s put that back on the shelf”.

      That is not what our job is if we want to win the ideas war.”

      – Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta.

        • I don’t presume to speak for anyone other than myself and see the man as a fool that believes he knows the hearts of all men… Your world is no more “real” than mine.

        • I see. Observations are garbage and there’s no such thing is truth. Data is all a lie. When the enemy tells you how they won, it’s best to ignore it.

          And I bet you wonder why the brutal utilitarians win. LOL!

        • strych9, he asked you a question and you ducked it. He asked what part of Florida do you live in?

        • @Walter:

          I don’t live in Florida and everyone here who’s been paying attention at basically any point in the past 10 years knows that.

          And he didn’t ask me where I live, he asked me what part I spoke for.

        • strych9, So what you are saying is you are relying on the media? As you should well know, the media is not very reliable when reporting.
          I am afraid MADDMAXX did in fact ask you if you live in FLA? See this: MADDMAXX December 19, 2022 At 17:46
          What part of FL do YOU speak for?


          And you did in fact deflect his question.

        • I wish that were true, but I doubt it. This sounds suspiciously like a political talking point to me.

          I’ve been watching Conservatives trip over their own shoelaces and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for my entire life. I don’t expect that to change any time soon.

          And just like the Democrats, when a court case goes their way the Conservatives act like it’s something they did. When it goes the other way they cry and say it’s unfair or cheating.

          When I start to see R’s talk about “resiliency” and “culture” I’ll start to believe that they’ve figured something out. Until then, even goldfish sometimes pick the right door.

        • strych9, It is a “political talking point”. Yes, there have been a lot of mixed messages coming from various Conservatives. Some rather “wishy-washy” and are more worried about being reelected than standing up and being counted. Guns are part of the American “culture” whether the Leftists like it or not.
          If you see a Conservative being wishy washy, call him/her on on it. Put a letter to the Editor etc

        • @Walter–“Some rather “wishy-washy” and are more worried about being reelected than standing up and being counted.”
          That’s ALL politicians. They got in the job for a reason…and generally want to keep it, or move up the line.

        • It’s not the wishy-washy ones that worry me. It’s the backstabbers that you might call “establishment”. The ones that care more about the opinions expressed in the NYT op-ed page than they do about their own constituents.

          Anyone remember Mitch pulling money from competitive Senate candidates a month before the election? Funny how he picked the ones to screw over, ain’t it?

          With friends like that you don’t need enemies. And they have openly shown that they have zero compunction about interfering in State politics. They’ve also made it pretty clear that they hate DeSantis.

        • strych9, Ah, for your information, bringing Mitch into the question of Constitutional Carry has no bearing as it has been a STATE ISSUE. While he did pull money from some candidates, which ones did he pull from? How did this become an issue as to Constitutional Carry?
          The fact is that the Republican majority did select Mitch to be their leader. but that has little or nothing to do with Constitutional Carry which is being waged at the STATE LEVEL. The FEDS should not be interfering in STATE ISSUES. See the 10th Amendment. Yep, some so hate DeSantis, but that is politics.

      • Multiple attempts were made in States like Arkansas, Montana, West Virginia, and Alabama. Before they managed to all pass constitutional carry in their states. People complain about having dictators. But we don’t have dictators. Which means you have to get up off you’re a$$, and go address your representatives for redress of grievances. That is how it works here. It is worked that way for well over 200 years.

        Most people have already forgotten it. But I believe 12 or 16 States passed laws allowing gay marriage. Long before The Supreme Court forced it on all 50 states. It was citizens using their first amendment rights, to address their representatives at a state level, for redress of grievances. That is how gay marriage got past in 12 or 16 States. Before The Supreme Court made their decision.

        And it was how it was done to get 25 states with constitutional carry.

        • The thousands of active voters in 25 other states got constitutional carry passed. Yes it’s not easy. And TTAG has covered the struggle since 2009, I think.
          They made elected Politians afraid of being voted out of office.

        • Except it’s not “constitutional carry” when it’s a state law. It’s “state law carry”.

          “Constitutional carry” would be the state not bothering to restrict things and, if asked why not, saying “Well, look at the 2A”. At most the state would ban municipalities from making restrictions and then call it a day.

          Asking the state to “protect” your rights is a fool’s errand. Demanding respect for your rights is another thing and not just a semantic difference.

          But either way, at the state level, this will eventually fall prey to the Left’s “long march through the institutions” if things keep going as they are. At that point, even if you manage to get a state government that is *willing* to protect you they won’t when fedgov pulls the same game they do with the DOT.

          And none of it will matter at-fucking-all if you let them establish that currency I talk about. In fact, most here will turn in their guns because the alternative is to die like a Ukrainian in 1933.

        • to strych9

          “Asking the state to “protect” your rights is a fool’s errand. Demanding respect for your rights is another thing and not just a semantic difference.”

          “In fact, most here will turn in their guns because the alternative is to die like a Ukrainian in 1933.”

          I think you are correct. It was confirmation and for me sad to watch when thousands of gun owners in the state of Connecticut lined up to willingly turn in there are guns.

          But I think it’s actually quite funny how the Libertarians Liberals in the Left complain so much about conservatives. They can focus on all the sex stuff and the drug legalization all they want. That is how the distract from the issues.

          The bottom line is conservatives have guns and lots of them. The three L’s are really afraid of conservatives.

          And it’s interesting that it happened in Connecticut. I don’t believe that would happen in Arkansas. Or Kentucky. Or any in the former Confederate States of America. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left have always derided this part of the country. I now suspect that is because the residence of these states have a history of resisting Federal Authority.

          Can you say Civil War??? Cheating in elections has caused americans in the passed to reach for the cartridge box. Instead of the the ballot box.

          The Athens TN Uprising???

          “The FBI paid twitter to CENSOR Hunter Biden Story?!” video 26 min long.
          Eric July calles himself a Libertarian Anarcho-capitalist.

        • sad to watch when thousands of gun owners in the state of Connecticut lined up to willingly turn in there are guns

          And thousands more did not..

          After Connecticut enacted one of the most draconian gun-control regimes in America, official estimates suggest that the overwhelming majority of the citizens targeted by the latest assault on gun rights failed to comply. Indeed, analysts say it appears that most people largely ignored the new statute, which purports to ban numerous non-registered “assault” weapons and standard-capacity magazines. Now, despite resistance by the governor, state lawmakers are reportedly “scrambling” to come up with a possible amnesty plan allowing gun owners to register past the deadline.
          According to news reports, some 50,000 newly mislabeled “assault weapons” and 40,000 so-called “high-capacity” magazines (10 or more rounds) targeted under the scheme were registered with state officials by the January 1 deadline. However, estimates and an official report by the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research issued before the new law suggest there are many, many more that went unregistered. Massive non-compliance with gun-registration schemes has been the norm in the United States and abroad, experts pointed out — and analysts say that is likely what happened in Connecticut.
          Noting that the real number of “large-capacity” magazines in the state was unknown, the 2011 Connecticut Office of Legislative Research report said that it “could be in the tens of millions.” Estimates on the number of guns subject to the legislation, meanwhile, indicate that there may be as many as 500,000. Based on those figures, analysts suggested that perhaps less than 10 percent — possibly even less than five percent — of the items subject to the draconian new gun-control regime were registered with authorities by the deadline.

        • @Chris:

          What bothers me about Conservatives isn’t their position on this or that. Those are policy preferences that reasonable people can argue about all day. Realistically, most of it isn’t government’s business in the first place. Why was gay marriage a court case in the first place? I thought marriage was a religious institution?

          Oh, right, licenses and fees.

          What bothers me is that Conservatives believe that everything will be fine if the government has more power than it should, so long as Conservatives control it. It’s like saying they’re the ones that should have the “one ring” in LOTR.

          No, the answer is that the ring needs to be destroyed. No one can be trusted with it. Our problems don’t come from the wrong people in charge of government, they come from the fact that government is too big and too powerful. The idea that your average American pays 55% (2021 stat) of their yearly income to the government in taxes and fees is insane.

          IMHO, smaller government is needed, not just a change of leadership for the current system. 55 cents of your dollar does not belong to the government and they have no business even asking for half that.

          “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have” probably wasn’t said by Jefferson but it’s still true.

        • strych9, BEing Conservative does not mean you support each and every tenant of Conservatism. Or what you define as Conservative. We can argue about gay marriage but in fact there are “civil marriages” and that issue has little or nothing to do with firearms. Conservatives do not march in lockstep with one another. I would love to see Congress make law which makes Constitutional Carry the law of the land, but it is not going to happen with the make up of both houses of Congress. To get such would require a CONCERTED EFFORT to gain just a majority in the House and a “super majority” in the Senate. I’d love to see it, but it is not going to happen in our life time.

  8. Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday he EXPECTS lawmakers during the 2023 regular legislative session to pass a major change in Florida gun laws.

    So do I…

    • Why do you expect this? Every time open carry comes up in Florida the GOP kills it. In fact the only thing they have done is pass more gun control for about 20 years.

        • He was only one obstacle. He was protecting other senators by not broaching it. There’s no bill on the website yet btw.

        • And it won’t be til the next session starts in mid-March 23, not on the website because it never got to the floor, don’t care about his motives, Simpson was in charge of the Senate and could have brought it up at anytime, he chose not too, he’s harmless now, Shall issue is still a thing so he can’t stop OR unreasonably delay applications for CCL…

        • A bill has to be filed before the start of a session, and the next one starts on March 7th. And this is a short session. I hope it’s time has come but you sound new to the fight here. Brace yourself for disappointment lol. This is a surprisingly antigun “red” state. And you will see the retail federation and every police union testifying vehemently against it and almost nobody of importance testifying for it.

        • I been in the fight all my life and brought it with me to FL IN 1980 at the tender young age of 31. I am aware of the length of this upcoming session that runs from Mar 7 (since it is an odd numbered year) through April 30, I also know if they screw the pooch DeSantis can and will call them back for “special session”… That leaves at least eight weeks to file a bill that has been ready to go for over two years… Anyway, let me help YOU get up to speed…

          HB 103: Carrying of Firearms Without Licenses

          GENERAL BILL by Sabatini ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Borrero ; Fischer ; Roach
          Carrying of Firearms Without Licenses; Removes requirement that license to carry concealed firearm is required in order to carry such firearm; limits areas in which concealed carrying of firearm is prohibited; revises criminal penalties; revises provisions relating to carrying of concealed weapons or firearms by nonresidents; provides for issuance of concealed carry licenses for reciprocity purposes; specifies person not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing firearm or other weapon may own, possess, & lawfully use firearms & other weapons, ammunition, & supplies for lawful purposes.
          Effective Date: upon becoming a law
          Last Action: 3/14/2022 House – Died in Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee
          Bill Text: PDF

        • The thing you’re not considering here is that Ron DeSantis isn’t just the governor and he’s not going to necessarily be going up against in-state only interests.

          There are major portions of both parties that would like to see him get destroyed because the word “president” appears too close to Ron’s name on a regular basis and he’s openly positioned himself as a threat to the current power structure.

          The national level GOP and DNC are watching. So are PACs, the media, activist groups etc. The question isn’t how big the governor’s balls are. It’s if the members of the legislature have balls the same size and consistency if this fight goes national behind the scenes.

        • It’s unfortunate that the rest of us can’t be as enlightened as you apparently think you are… Too bad you can’t see how condescending you sound, almost as bad as a dacian or a Miner… But hey, you know it all, so I won’t waste any more of your time, good luck with that…

        • Has it occurred to you that I don’t care how “condescending” you think I sound?

          I mean, you’re the one repeatedly bragging about how you own a specific brand of motorcycle and then getting super dickbent whenever someone has questioned your preference. That did generate an amusing little sub-thread though.

          You’re also the one who previously got heated with me and, completely apropos of nothing under discussion, tried to brag about other possessions, also including motorcycles, not-so-subtly suggesting that this somehow makes you better than me because you have stuff which you seem to assume I can’t afford.

          Which is to say that you calling someone else “condescending” is rather rich.

          Richer still is the idea that you think someone would take you as a serious adult given your previous behavior which could, very charitably, be referred to as “beclowning yourself”.

        • That’s last session’s bill. I’m encouraged by their public comments but get ready for a watered down bill with limitations and no open carry in the end.

        • I don’t care how “condescending” you think I sound?

          And I’m sure in your self imagined greatness it would never occur to you that I really don’t plan my life based on what YOU think… As usual the rest of that drivel is amusing but boring and as usual you leap right over the context that started those “conversations” and your participation in said previous dust-up. When I am attacked I fight back, if you spent as much time working to fix the problems you are crying about as you do trying to convince everybody how much more knowledgeable you are and how much smarter you are maybe you could help make a difference… I’m not impressed, you want to see the definition of “beclowning” you should read some of the crap you post, I try not to… Maybe NEXT time you decide to read my mind and inform me of what I am not considering you’ll just move on to someone who gives a fuk what you have to say.

        • There’s something deliciously ironic about you threatening to ignore me in a comment posted 18 hours after you threatened to ignore.

          It’s an amazing demonstration of self-control on your part. Really, it’s truly impressive.

          The rest of it is… interesting, since you might even believe it.

          Next time, at least try paragraph structure though. It makes it easier to read and makes insults directed at someone else’s intelligence at least somewhat believable.

          Oh, and feel free to spell “fuck” correctly too.

          You know, spice it up with something like this:

          “Hey, fuck you strych9!

          You’re an arrogant fucking jackass and I don’t like you because you try too hard to pose as some sort of intellectual who knows some shit but in reality you’re just a stupid millennial who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground! Now, stop trying to compensate for a small IQ and smaller penis with bullshit and use your time in a constructive manner responding to Dacian the way the people who actually are smart do!

          Also, I have more money than you and better motorcycles because that’s what’s really important in life and I know this because I’m wise and shit!

          And, check it out, fuckin’ paragraph structure!”

          See, looks a lot better and, here’s the secret that I’m only going to let you know; It cuts me right to the bone.

          Seriously, I might go engage in some heavy drinking and self harm if I saw something like that. Just something about the way the letters are positioned on the screen hurts me to the core and makes me want to cut myself.

    • Lots of folks in red FL spell “commie” with three k’s. The blue part is effectively NYC South.

      That is simplistic and overstated, but makes the point.

  9. I predict they pass some watered down POS bill that’s really complicated. Open carry remains nearly banned too I bet.

  10. I generally like DeSantis but I’ll believe this when I see it.

    Pols hate the fact that the people say “What have you done for me lately?” but the truth is that this is what EVERY employer asks every day and we’re the employer when it comes to public servants.

    Maybe it’s time to start acting like we’re the ones in charge?

  11. Yeah, for a SUPPOSEDLY conservative governor of a SUPPOSEDLY “deep red” state, DeSantis is all talk, and no action. (Or as my Tejas relatives might say, “That boy is all hat and no cattle!”)

    They’ve been “debating” constitutional carry in FLA for years. And every time it comes up for a vote, a large number of RINOs vote ‘no’.

    The 2A doesn’t require a government permission slip. Ron DeSantis can suck start my shotgun.


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