Bradenton Police Officer Disciplined
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A Bradenton, Florida police officer responded to a February 911 dispatch call reporting a shooting in a private residence. But it took her longer to arrive that a number of other officers in her department.

The responding officer apparently drove at normal traffic speeds to the scene (no lights, siren or urgency) because, “…it was to me an issue of getting more information to…determine the severity of the incident.” That seems to be her standard operating procedures when responding to emergency calls.

Officer Amy Schwartz told internal affairs investigators she usually doesn’t activate her lights and sirens unless “there’s an officer down.” …

Instead, Schwartz drove below the speed limit at times, stopped multiple times for traffic lights and stop signs and even pulled over as her own sergeant passed her by with his lights and sirens, according to the internal affairs report.

When confronted by her sergeant at the crime scene, Schwartz said she never responds in emergency mode unless another officer is down or asks for help, according to the report.

Reports of mere civilians in danger apparently don’t rise to the level of an emergency in Officer Schwartz’s book. It seems that, in Bradenton, more than most locations, you really are your own first responder.

Schwartz has not been terminated despite four violations of the department’s general orders being sustained against her for which she could have been fired. Instead, Bradenton police suspended Schwartz for 100 hours without pay, referred her to counseling and ordered her to undergo on-going training at the direction of Chief of Police Melanie Bevan over the course of 18 months, according to a June 14 dated memo addressed to the 15-year veteran officer.

Schwartz has since returned to work.

That must be a real comfort to Bradentonians.

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      • Has nothing to do if she is a Jew or NOT, very common German ancestry name, lots of Schwartz’s were in Hitler’s Army, what is important it happened in FLORIDA, where most of the weirdo’s from California and New York moved!

  1. At least she was actually moving towards the shooting.

    That’s more than you can count on in Broward county.

    • I’m sure her colleagues are heartened to know that, should the excrement ever hit the ventilator, the biggest slug in the department has got their back.

        • This officer’s attitude is a prime reason why the citizens have to be prepared to defend themselves. And, believe me, she is not the only one in law enforcement with this attitude.

          She gives credence to the saying that ‘When SECONDS count, the cops are MINUTES away”.

    • Somehow I doubt that she’d suddenly grow a spine just because someone was shooting cops. In fact, I imagine the opposite.

  2. Let me guess, with the union doing their song and dance, “disciplined” will mean some time off with pay then maybe worst case scenario is that she drives a desk after that?

    • In Florida, and the south in general, police unions don’t have the kind of pull like they do up north. Thats probably why she’s at least facing discipline now. In union states she could ride out her entire career like that.

  3. Of course she hasn’t been fired. Do you know how hard it is to get someone to be a cop?

  4. Based on a couple of photos of her in the public domain, I’d say she leans towards the LGBTQRSUZ world, hence, nearly impossible to effectively discipline/remove without inviting a discrimination lawsuit. Just thinkin’ out loud. I could be wrong. Probably am. Never mind.

    • All of that is probably true, plus, she may have a high up connection in the county government.

      Would love to read a psychological/ psychographic report of this dimwit.

      Reminds me of a friends ex-wife. She scheduled their sex life to be four times a year. He said that the whole time she made him feel fortunate that she would have sex with him at all. Marriage lasted a little over two years, I think. I am guessing both my friends wife and Officer Schwartz would fit into the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) diagnostic category. NPD people are C-R-A-Z-Y !

  5. “Schwartz has not been terminated despite four violations…”

    This, friends, is what happens when government employees join unions.

  6. Government job+public sector unions+diversity quotas=UNFIREABLE

    Also reminder that Broward Sheriff Israel somehow still has a job.

  7. OK, so there was a shooting. Is that an emergency now? Or was that an emergency briefly before the 9-1-1 call was made?

    If I shot a home invader and called the cops to clean up, I wouldn’t want them to kill themselves or my neighbor running code to get here. And I sure as shit wouldn’t want them to charge into my house all full of adrenaline looking for somebody to shoot.

    The real problem here is that she makes her determination of what’s an emergency by whether the people who are involved are important enough (her fellow union members) or mere taxpaying serfs.

    Anyway, Bradenton, isn’t that one of places south of Miami like Homestead where you expect your local LE to be useless?

    • “OK, so there was a shooting. Is that an emergency now?”

      Uh, yes. Yes it is, numbnuts. Someone is bleeding and may or may not bleed out before you get there to administer first aid.

      Is that hard to comprehend?

      • It wasn’t to her. One of the calls on which she slowed her roll was in fact a shooting. That wasn’t cause for her to go into emergency mode.

        • All they had to do was to replace the word “shooting” over the communication line with “free donuts” – then sit back and watch how the entire pd shows up to the scene.

      • Curtis: I didn’t realize she was a paramedic.
        I assumed she was one of the people who draw sidearms, prone everybody out and handcuff them while they bleed.

        • Police are trained in first aid, CPR, drug overdose interdiction and related skills. They carry first aid supplies and Narcan with them because they are often the first on scene and need to save lives. Even if the paramedics get there first, they won’t enter a violent situation until the police secure the scene.

          So, yeah, when there are life-threatening injuries, it’s an emergency and the police should respond with haste.

    • “Anyway, Bradenton, isn’t that one of places south of Miami like Homestead…”


      Bradenton is on the west coast, 30 miles south of Tampa, just north of Sarasota…

  8. This is the first time reading an article where a cop is brave (or arrogant) enough to tell the truth about priorities of the blue line. Anyone know of another incident of the same?

    • Yes. Years ago in LA County – in 1990 – I was told by LAPD that “we’ll get there when we get there, and civilians can just sit tight until we get there.” When I made complaints about response times of LAPD officers and their attitudes, I’d get an eye roll from their supervising cops.

      People often ask why I’m so cynical about law enforcement. Well, I’ve had to deal with law enforcement, both as a citizen/taxpayer and as a first responder, that’s why.

      • You can even see that attitude with their referring to the rest of us as “civilians”, as though they themselves are not. Oh, I’m sorry officer, is your behavior dictated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice? And can you quit your job whenever you want?

      • This attitude is often directly proportioned to the amount of civilians who happen to throw shit at police cars every time they drive through a neighborhood, which I’m sure the LAPD was familiar with in the 90s.

    • A couple of decades ago a dispatcher up the road from me made headlines by hanging up on a caller mid-emergency because the caller (who was, IIRC, watching her husband die of a heart attack at the time) used some very mild profanity .
      Ms. Delicate ended up costing the municipality a bunch of digits in lawsuit and attorney fees. I do not remember if she was fired. I do remember hoping that, for the rest of her unnatural life, people would follow her around cursing at her.

  9. B!tch should lateral over to the Broward Sheriff’s Department. In an organization where everybody takes their own sweet time responding to any emergency, she’d be a star.

  10. Soooo…..been on the job for 15 years and they are addressing the issue just now ???

  11. It’s not just beat cops. I’ve been on EMS calls where the dispatcher has taken their sweet time calling out EMS.

    So now, when I call for our times on a run, I’m very particular about asking for the PSAP time from dispatch.

  12. She probably never gets involved with high speed chases due to almost never using lights and sirens.

    • No pursuits and no emergency vehicle operations will definitely lessen your chances of a motor vehicle accident….

  13. in my little town (8k people) theyn wait till 2 cops can respond, first one waits up the street till another gets there

    • This is SOP for dealing with certain situations, like domestics.

      One cop showing up can be worse than none.

    • reminds of an incident where I called for the cops and they never came at all!…we were shooting that motel scene for “Kingpin” and had shut down for the night…leaving me all alone to keep an eye on things…turns out the place was a known site for drug trafficers…the whole force showed up in the morning for their free breakfast though..when I asked them why they never came… they gave me some lame excuse about the chief not allowing them to enter this place without back-up…yeah, right….

  14. The Police always cover for their own and try to keep everything away from the eyes of the taxpayers. Their arrogance is breathtaking.

  15. I don’t know what all of you are complaining about. She never turns on her lights and sirens. I just hope they put her in a special colored car that way I don’t have to try to determine if it is her or not when I speed past her on a double yellow trying to make it to Wendy’s before they close. Lol

    • Deliberately murder another cop? Maybe? Not murder in general, not rape, not lying, not theft, not incompetence or cowardice, not preventing aid from being rendered….

  16. Don’t worry folks…She did her re-training in The People’s Republic of M-Assachusetts…This way she’ll engage in proper “Statist Police Work…” Her new mission perimeters. To neutralize the Threat: The Citizen/Home owner…Take the Civilian into custody by deadly force if necessary! And Arrest the offending Firearm/weapon…Provide immediate medical aid to the poor “disadvantaged undocumented immigrant /,or lower class citizen…” Remove Citizen/Homeowner for processing and Dangerousness hearing….” Welcome to your new left-wing socialist police department…With one more gun removed from the streets! Yeah……

  17. First let me say she is probably a coward. I worked with few of them during my career. It is the one unforgivable character flaw an L.E.O. can have. Second, running 10-18 is a double edged sword. That same citizen that you are risking your life to render aid to today will be the first to sue you when they refuse to yield to your emergency equipment and there is a crash. Every traffic crash I had in a patrol car I had my lights and siren on and an idiot with his head up his ass violated my right of way. Don’t get me started on those that simply wouldn’t yield delaying response time.

    • I would have no problem driving the speed limit (makes almost no difference in urban areas and endangers people much more to speed) and even avoiding lights\sirens for the reasons you pointed out… except at stop lights. If you’re waiting at a stop light when you could clear and proceed through them, you’re making a point or are just one of those guys\gals that somehow always manages to avoid being the 1st officer on scene, even if a call comes out the next block over.

  18. It may be a matter of not having the guts to do the job or she might have decided that the current climate of hating the police for everything they do means she should do as little humanly possible.

    Either way, at some point you should look at yourself and decide you need to find another career. It’s one thing to not go around looking for shit and another to slow-walk emergency calls.

  19. Remember, you don’t need a gun because the police will “protect” you.

    My family learned better in Chicago in 1919.

  20. I really don’t know why this shocks people. The Supreme Court has ruled on many occasions that Police bear no responsibility to “protect” anyone. They must respond, and this lazyass, femi-ignoramous was responding. She was responding in her own sweet time. Look at how public rage at cops in Baltimore resulted in law enforcement taking their sweet time to respond…. and the crime rate increasing as a direct result. Political correctness, public scorn and racial hiring quotas have given America the Police we asked for. Now sit back and enjoy…..

    • The term “civilian” seems to bother a lot of people. Is it because POTG are hyper sensitive to nomenclature accuracy as a means of diminishing the anti-gun narrative? Or are we just looking for something to be offended about?

      Going back a coupla generations, the term “civilian” (when not used to separate people in military uniform from the rest of civilization) was useful…to people in the military. At the same time, the term “civilian”, when not used by people in uniform, was an identification of people not a part of a particular organization, as in “There’s us, and everybody else.” Or, more simply, “Others”; “others” not involved in the organization. Thus, it is understandable that police would use “civilians” to identify that large body of people not involved in LE activity (I have heard “civilian” used to describe anybody not part of an elite LE agency).

      Should POTG continue to aggravate ourselves over the use of “civilian” in a non-military context?

  21. She is endangering fellow cops and sadly it may require a cop’s death due to her driving habits for her to be fired.

  22. Before criticizing her, I would have to read the departments policy and procedure manual. Many departments will not allow you to respond to calls and break the speed limit and if you get in a collision, they will hang you out to dry. Admin policies have made it this way. I’ll bet that the department response policy is very restrictive.

    She is probably just practicing the first three rules of L.E. : #1 Never solve a crime before overtime, #2 Always use the bathroom on company time., #3 Payday is on Friday.

    She will probably win this one.

  23. Actions like this would get normal people fired from their job, but because of police unions, this basically being treated like a training issues.

  24. “Officer Amy Schwartz told internal affairs investigators she usually doesn’t activate her lights and sirens unless “there’s an officer down.”

    I’m puzzled. It seems that Officer Schwartz is able to make up her own departmental policy. Is this typical of the Bradenton PD, or just an isolated incident? Apparently, not an isolated one, since according to the article it is the fourth time the officer has been disciplined for various violations.

    One must ask the question: How many times must public employees be “disciplined” with nothing more than wrist-slaps for refusing to do the job they are paid to do before job termination takes place? Citizens of Bradenton should be outraged and demand a full investigation of the PD, including the leadership record of the Chief of Police. If I were the Chief, Schwartz would have been ousted long ago, and if I were a Bradenton citizen, I would be demanding the ouster of the Chief.

  25. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that police owe no legal duty to protect individual citizens from harm. That means you are on your own in an emergency, and you have no legal recourse if the police show up after an emergency, or never show up at all.

  26. Wow, this is one of the many reasons why people have issues with cops. That and because when they’re called out to “help” someone, the victim is treated as a suspect. There is NO REASON she should have a job as an officer still. But that’s BPD for ya.

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