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“A new gun scourge faces us – semiautomatic weapons made on 3D printers with exotic materials that are apparently effectively deadly, undetectable to metal detectors, and untraceable because they have no serial numbers.” Those aren’t the words of New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone, that’s the lede to a news report from WCBS New York. They report, they decide.

Anyway, the distinguished Congressman has a fix for this whole 3D guns kerfuffle:

“The State Department under President Trump reached a settlement with Defense Distributed, which publishes, or wants to publish the designs for people to create these 3D guns. So that means as of August 1, next week, people – they could actually hand out or, you know, give out the designs, and people could start doing this if they have a 3D machine, and as you say, it’s largely untraceable, and you know, they’re making them at home or in the business, and you know, no one’s going to know what they are,” Pallone said.

And that’s different than the current state of affairs with homemade guns…how, Congressman?

Someone could take one of the 3D-printed guns on a plane, and someone who wanted to do evil things would have an incentive to get the 3D printer and the instructions, Pallone said.

“I never doubt the ability of people that want to, you know, murder people or cause injury to find a way if it’s not traceable, frankly,” he said.

Yes, because firearms’ “traceability” has long been known to stop crimes before they’re actually committed.

This is just the latest blood-in-the-streets — and in the skies — hysteria as we get closer to Defense Distributed loosing their CAD files on the world. How does Rep. Palone see his proposed law working?

“I think we’re going to have to ban the design as well as the production of them, you know, on a machine. We might also have something about warnings, you know, that says that, you know, it’s illegal under federal law to use this machine for that purpose, so various things that we’re thinking up. But basically, it would be banned, yes,” he said.

He officially owes us a new keyboard. Will you tell him or or should we?


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    • You know, because people might, you know, do something bad, you know, if we don’t put a, you know, warning label somewhere, to, you know, stop retarded politicians and journalism majors from saying “you know” all the time. If they have to, you know, say you know all the time… who knows what could happen.

    • panic time!!!!!!!….too late….too late…that genie is already out of the bottle!……..

  1. Boy oh boy,

    What will they think of next? Oh I know, ban Bombs and any associated literature.
    Brilliant !!

    • they may aswell ban schools and education because you know you might you know learn something dangerous.

  2. Untraceable maybe. True no serial number to get yur grubby paws on. Deadly to whom?? More then likely whoever takes the 2nd shot with the barrel melting. No magnets around. You need a firing pin dumbass. A nail at the least. Very detectable by anyone. But I guess a NJ congress critter.
    Keep up the lies till you honestly believe 3D guns are going to be made by every crook who9 cant get a street gun much cheaper. And faster then you or me.

    • But it isn’t just that. As far as I know, all of these printed guns use a metal barrel, a metal firing pin, and METAL BULLETS THAT SHOW UP BRIGHT AS DAY ON AN X-RAY SCANNER AND SET OFF METAL DETECTORS. To say nothing of the fact that there isn’t a single one of them that is semiautomatic. Idiots. And then there is that part about people being allowed, in most states, to manufacture their own arms out of whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes that are a whole lot more reliable than a plastic fantastic .22 pistol.

      • Mark N.,

        I am pretty sure that you could fire .22 LR out of a nylon barrel if it was sufficiently thick. And I know that you could use a ceramic rod for a firing pin. And I am also confident that polymer casings would work for .22 LR pressure levels.

        Remember, if you are using a 3-D printer to build something, you can make everything absolutely custom. For example, if your polymer casing needs to be thicker than normal to contain detonation pressure, just make the casing thicker on your printer and make the chamber correspondingly wider.

        I think the greater challenge is making an all polymer repeating firearm. I would guess that an all polymer revolver would be much easier to manufacture and much more reliable than an all polymer semi-auto pistol.

        Oh, you probably need metal for a primer. Of course primers are tiny and I doubt many TSA screeners would ever notice or care about a tiny primer silhouette on a screen.

        • You do understand that things other than metal show up on “x-ray” machines right? You’ve never glanced at the monitors the TSA drones are watching when you go through airport security? They show way more than just the metal.

        • Stereodude,

          Sure, other materials appear on screen as well — and those other materials would be a lot less obvious than metal objects.

          I am thinking that screeners would not notice an all-polymer firearm, especially if it was partially disassembled, in an unusual shape, and there were additional “dummy” polymer objects for “camouflage”.

  3. For over two hundred years, private citizens as well as professional gum makers and designers have been building firearms without serial numbers. So the BS that criminals will now run amok printing their own untraceable firearms is exactly that. FEAR AND BS!
    And it will not stop because idiots like the dumbassacrats and liberals continue to cry the sky is falling, the sky is falling! Truth is, dumbassocrats and liberals should be banned from owning any firearm. All the presidents were assassinated by democrats. Over 90% of mass shootings, discounting islamics, were conducted by democrats. Even attempts to murder republican senators were carried out by democrats. Kaine called for the streets to run red with republican blood.

  4. Man! Die hard was right. Those “”fully-fully, semi-fully, semi-full-full semi automatic “Glock 7’s” that cost more than your annual income are hitting the streets!

  5. A printable semi-automatic firearm that contains no metal parts, and can pass through a magnetometer undetected??? Where can I find the files to print this weapon of mass Armageddon?

    Even for an anti-gun politician, his word salad is completely indigestible.

  6. This ass clown isn’t alone! I just got an email from Senator Bill Nelson who says he too is going to file a bill tomorrow to ban the publication of these documents because some evil person could get them and made an absolutely undetectable gun and kill people. Unless they start making firing pins and bolt carrier groups out of something other than metal and the bullets are plastic too then these morons are just that! So both the first and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution have to go! What is it with these Democrats??? They despise the Constitution because it forces Government to recognize our God Given rights!! They don’t even recognize God! It is always Democrats and it should tell you something about a Democrat’s mindset. “We want total control over everything you can see say and do and we won’t be happy until we achieve that”!!

  7. These legislators truly are some of the dullest shovels in the garden shed, aren’t they?

  8. Statists gonna State. This traitor needs to pull his head out his third point of contact and realize that you can’t stop the signal.

  9. So, even in the HIGHLY unlikely possibility that legislation like this passes, won’t it go to the courts and be declared unconstitutional on First and Second Amendment grounds – Just like the settlement that was just reached…?

  10. A, “It’s illegal to kill people.”
    B, “People won’t follow that law. So we’ll make another. We’ll make printed guns illegal.”
    A, “So the people who don’t follow the old law will follow the new one?”

    • Yes. The would be murderers and airline hijackers will be deterred by the knowledge that, if they’re caught, a federal charge for unauthorized manufacturing will be tacked onto their murder/skyjacking charges.

      Just as every other gun law serves as an effective deterrent to criminals….

  11. I have to wonder, not that it matters now, if there would have been a lot of interest in the whole concept/implementation of 80% lowers/receivers or 3D printed guns if they had left us law-abiding POTG alone and not threatened us in the first place. Have the antis advanced the proliferation of firearms in the USA themselves with their bans and new laws? Yep! 3D printed guns will catch on, because the antis don’t want us to have that capability. My new motto, don’t tell me I can’t, because I will…just to piss you off!

    • EGG-Zactly! Never in my life have I had one iota of interest in collecting guns. What I own I shoot and are either for handling situations with critters around the homestead or to take to my local club and participate in organized shooting events.

      No more. On Aug 1st I start being a collector. Simply because “they” don’t want me to have them.

  12. “Exotic materials”

    Oh no! People will make guns out of nylon, the same material the shirt he’s wearing in that picture is made out of. The horror!

    Also the NRA already banned 3D printed firearms. Wonderful job preventing future bans that did Wayne!

  13. “undetectable to metal detectors”

    Seriously? This guy is seriously dusting off the 1980s era “plastic gun” talking point?


  14. If you d-rat d-suckers had a 3d printer, you could crank out enough depends to last, instead of having to make those annoying trips to walmart when that scary 2a news comes out. Alternatively, you might consider buying just brown pants, which will match the color of that stuff coming out of your pie-holes.

  15. Frankie Pallone, the professional politician who has never worked anything but a government job his entire life.

  16. Oh look… A mafia thug taking time away from extorting protection money, and assaulting under-performing prostitutes…. How quaint…

  17. he clearly doesnt know anything about this issue

    so it begs the question:

    what else in his role as a legislator does he know nothing about

    probably everything

  18. “semiautomatic weapons made on 3D printers with exotic materials ”

    I’m going to make mine from dragon scale!

  19. Now if Congressman Pallone could first manage to get the gang bangers and “drive-up” gun peddlers infesting his district in jail, I”d give his proposal the thought it deserves. That’s the trouble with millenials and politicians . They all think no one can build a workable firearm in their basement with common tools !

    • Totally agree, but for the folks not truly familiar with the People’s Demokratik Republik of NJ, this is a state that does not allow the sale of sling shots and regulates BB and pellet guns as if they were firearms. I am surprised that this nitwit hasn’t proposed a law making it a felony to even think about making your own gun. Because as we all know, thinking about stuff is dangerous. He is a prime example.

  20. False Flag Alert!

    Get ready for the FBI STAGED Mass “Shooting”, using so-called “Ghost Guns”, to Try and create a pretext to ram through legislation Trying to Ban them.

    • LOL, the “shooting” would be finished after the first round. Barrel deforms/melts, now you have a big plastic paperweight to beat people with.

  21. I can easily see NJ registering, licensing and restricting the 3D printers at some point. The good thing is it’s impossible to bring a shitty plastic single shot .380 pistol into NJ from anywhere else.
    Because that would be against the law.

  22. Gray suited thug demanding yet more and more control of the unwashed serfs. After all, LEGAL LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS are NEVER, EVER to be trusted.
    Now criminals and nut jobs are shaking in their boots.

  23. Time to ban NJ and any other Nut-Punch-Needing MFr out there that makes the ASSININE AND WRONGFUL claim that they are protecting anyone.

    That is 2A Violation #1 and all such communistic fucks got to go.

  24. undetectable so long as the machine is not plugged in and the attendant is a complete idiot..face it, the genie is out of the bottle and you are not going to put it back… i have access to hundreds of thousands of acres of wooded fields full of sharp pointy sticks that could easily cause harm if shaped the right way and used in an unfriendly gonna ban those next? the problem that liberals constantly do not understand or choose to ignore is that it is human nature that’s the problem not the inanimate objects used to cause harm… unless the want to put everyone in a medically induced coma for our own protection you are going to have members of this society who insist on harming others…deal with them as they should be dealt with and leave the rest of use alone to defend ourselves and families from those threats foreign and domestic

    • Ya gotta throw all the weapons away so that hugs and love can reign supreme. Unless you are a fugly white guy, then it’s sexual harassment.

  25. It’s apparent that even the U.S. Congress has its illiterates and mentally challenged.

  26. Maybe New Jersey and California should become separate countries that way only the residents who live there will be enslaved.

    Then they can have a slave revolt and hang their leaders from lamp posts, and start over fresh!!!

  27. If that wasn’t the most lucid, succinct, intelligent, erudite, knowledgeable, and well-informed speech EVER! Congressman, I can’t wait to hear you speak again! Please, give up your waste of time day job, and go on the lecture circuit so I may once again be charmed by your dulcet tones, and your cavernous depth of knowledge.
    I’m so excited, I think I just peed on myself!
    FALSE ALARM! It was just condensation from my Supersized Big Gulp Mountain Stupid Slurpy!

  28. Seems a crying shame that technically ignorant individuals worm their way into elective, law making offices, such as this N.J. Congress Critter has managed to do.

  29. The media fans the flames and the political hacks jump on their personal fire trucks to save the day so the clueless will reelect them.

  30. Criminals do not need 3D guns, the can get all the conventional firearms they want.

    His head will explode when he finds out about the 3D ammo files soon to be released.

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